Saturday, December 5, 2009

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Nothing is as it seems apparently.
The Universe of universes is NOT infinite. Time and space are created phenomena so have beginnings and endings. I had a friend who developed the tech whereby one could unlocate from the center of the head of one's humanoid mammalian life form, and step back and view the entire universe of universes as a gigantic jelly-bean shaped thing with layer upon layer of shimmering lights, which I imagine could be us. If one can move from this density to a less-dense one, one becomes seemingly larger, at each step until one is larger than all of creation. Of course as we compulsively grab onto another meat body every time we lose one, we compress self into a pea sized spec of consciousness within the head. This makes the appellation "Pea Brained" hugely appropriate. This is also why primitive societies on primitive mudballs must have religious structures to give such societies imaginary Creator-Gods to stand in for our sublimated selves. Very few embodied in the here and now have the slightest notion that they had a major role in putting the universe of universes into its present form. So they just irresponsibly proclaim that "GOD" did it all.

At least our earlier religious philosophies had the awareness to name their basic Gods after the obvious activities of creation. They had a Creator God, a Destroyer God, and a Preserver God (or Saver God) in the middle to keep the game going. The Hindus have their Brahma who creates, Shiva who destroys, and Vishnu who keeps the game going, whose 100th embodiment we know as Krishna. The Persians have Ahura Mazda who creates, Auriman who destroys, and Mithras who preserves. And what do you know? The Christians have plain old God the creator, Satan the Destroyer, and Jesus in the middle. This is not to say that these several pantheons of our Gods are wrong. Primitive societies who have lost their own God-Sense need this crutch. It is interesting though that one very powerful group has never acknowledged a Preserver God of their own. Perhaps this is why they have been and still are a plague upon more stable societies wherever they set down their degenerate roots: Jewry! Professional Religionists may find all this disturbing, but it's not my intention to offend. May all seek enlightenment. Best regards,. Bob Taft The Taft Ranch Upton, Wyoming (307) 465-2447 "We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office." Aesop http://www.freedomc the_tun http://www.rumormil cgi-bin/archive. cgi?read= 74897

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Letter to the National Security Administration

Wed at 5:19pm |
NSA, Gentlemen:

My name is Emily Cragg, and in my working life I was a digital image technician for Xerox Corporation from 1973 to 1978. My job was to "correct" the copies of my customers so they would reflect the original documents' pixels.

Since I retired on disability, I became suspicious of NASA's photo process due to absolutely strange photo characteristics they openly publish. For the past two years I have isolated, and informed NASA of, defects in their photo processing department, relative to resolution, skew, scale, hue and contrast. I have sent NASA literally hundreds of samples of faulty photos; I have called and written their managers. Silence has been the outcome.

The fact is, NASA's photos tell a false story. I am high-lighting and articulating the falseness of NASA's story on FACEBOOK, because Mr. Michael Cabbage, NASA HQ, and Guy Webster, NASA/JPL, tell me I should publicize these errors anywhich way I can, including putting their reprocessed photos into newspapers, on web-pages, anywhere that will accept same.

I have called these NASA managers time-after-time and pleaded with them to come to some negotiable agreement about telling the truth in their photos; but the only response I get is microwave bursts in the middle of the night, to silence me in my bed.

When is the US Coverment going to stop lying to the scientific community and the people? The Moon is not 2000 miles in diameter; it is not a quarter of a million miles out. Copernicus Crater is the size of a football field, not 92 kilometers, the distance from San Jose to Sacramento.

What rationale is there for absolutely fabricating and confabulating the truth about our Moon and the planets in this solar system? Why can't our children know there are humans all over this solar system? Why are we still pre-Copernican demogogues?

I will not stop telling people the truth that NASA is lying. And you are the guys who own NASA. When are you going to get real?

Emily Cragg, B.S., M.A., webmaster
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