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11:11 Vatican Holds Conference on Extraterrestrial Life

Goto first unread Vatican hosts conference on possible alien life

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Though it may seem an unlikely location to happen upon a conference on astrobiology, the Vatican recently held a "study week" of over 30 astronomers, biologists, geologists and religious leaders to discuss the question of the existence of extraterrestrials. This follows the statement made last year by the Pope's chief astronomer, Father Gabriel Funes, that the existence of extraterrestrials does not preclude a belief in God, and that it's a question to be explored by the Catholic Church. The event, put on by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, took place at the Casina Pio IV on the Vatican grounds from November 6-11. Click to continue…

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One World Government? Globe may not be big enough.

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A sculpture by Chinese artist Liu Bolin titled "Burning Man Obama" is tested at a workshop in Beijing November 11, 2009. The sculpture represents U.S. President Barack Obama's impact on the world.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The New World Order came into being at 4:25 Tuesday afternoon.

It arrived at the Capitol, until that moment the seat of American government, in the form of the stooped and bespectacled figure of Ban Ki-moon, who as U.N. secretary general is the de facto leader of what conspiracy theorists call the One World Government. One floor beneath the Senate chamber, Ban, a South Korean national, took his place behind a lectern bearing the Senate seal and spelled out his demands.

"I would certainly expect the Senate to take the necessary action; that's what I have encouraged the senators," he told reporters as a trio of lawmakers stood at his side. He added an admonition for the chamber to deliver "as soon as possible."

The One World Government has specific requirements, Ban added, namely a "legally binding" commitment to "25 to 40 percent greenhouse gas reduction . . . as recommended by the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change."

Uh-oh. A U.N. official standing in the Capitol telling U.S. lawmakers what binding commitments intergovernmental authorities expect from them? Glenn Beck was going to burst a blood vessel.

But the man who orchestrated this putsch by the New World Order, Senate Foreign Relations Chairman John Kerry (D-Switzerland) , did not appear concerned by the imagery. He called the secretary general "Your Excellency." Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana (a Republican, but he drives a Prius) was equally deferential as he spoke of "the privilege of this distinguished visitor."

And Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) hailed Ban for "the accelerated leadership role" that the United Nations has taken. "Your vision, that in Copenhagen there can be a politically binding agreement that will lead to a legally binding agreement to follow . . . is a very reasonable, sensible and hopeful course."


Somewhere in Manhattan, Sean Hannity was tearing up his script for the night's broadcast.

Kerry invited Ban to lecture the Foreign Relations Committee, but it's not clear what the chairman hoped to gain from the photos of him standing with Ban in the Capitol's Brumidi Corridors. Indeed, it seemed quite possible that a U.N. endorsement of Kerry's climate efforts would embolden its foes, who like the world body even less than they like cap-and-trade. In the pantheon of conspiracy theories, the United Nations is right up there with the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, the Federal Reserve and the Council on Foreign Relations -- which, as it happens, Kerry addressed a couple of weeks ago.

Even Americans who don't come from the grassy-knoll tradition tend not to regard the United Nations with great confidence. A Gallup poll earlier this year found that 65 percent of respondents thought it was doing a bad job, compared with 26 percent who think it is doing a good job. Ban himself is not terribly nefarious, if only because he is unknown. A Wall Street Journal poll found that 81 percent of those surveyed didn't know who he was. The others may have confused him with the Unification Church's Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Ban's profile could become much higher, and not in a good way, if Americans start to perceive him as meddling in Senate consideration of climate legislation. Even before he stormed the Capitol, Fox News was drawing a connection between global warming talks in Copenhagen next month and One World Government.

"America, if you believe this country is great but you're not really into that whole One World Government thing, watch out," Fox News Channel's Beck warned a couple of weeks ago. His guest, Lord Christopher Monckton of Britain, told Beck that "at Copenhagen, a treaty will be signed that will, for the first time, create a world government with powers to intervene directly in the economy and in the environmental affairs of individual nations." Earlier on Fox News, Dick Morris informed Hannity that President Obama "believes in One World Government." And author Jerome Corsi went on Hannity's show to warn about a One World Government in which "our sovereignty would be subject to the dictates" of the United Nations and other international organizations.

The One World Government was on open display at the Capitol on Tuesday, as international U.N. staffers waited outside the room where Ban spoke to the senators. The secretary general had come with his own world government (armed?) security detail, who stood alongside the Capitol police.

Ban, wearing a gold U.N. lapel pin, unfolded his speech. "Less than a month from now, the leaders of the world will gather in Copenhagen," he said. "They must conclude a robust global agreement," that is "comprehensive, binding, equitable and fair."

Speaking softly but firmly, the South Korean cautioned the Americans that "the world is not standing still," and that "all the eyes of the world are looking to the United States."

After a few minutes, Kerry cut off questioning. "Folks, the secretary general has to get to the airport."

Ban needed to catch the U.S. Airways shuttle to New York. The One World Government Air Force isn't what it's cracked up to be.

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WTO Chief Hails Architecture Of Global Governance

Source: Space Daily

Twenty years after the Berlin Wall fell, World Trade Organisation chief Pascal Lamy called Monday for world governance to be strengthened around the G20, international organisations and the UN.

"The fall of the Berlin Wall was indeed a turning point in globalisation, the end of the Cold War led to an unprecedented era of economic openness," Lamy said in a speech at Bocconi University in Milan, northern Italy.

"And 20 years later the world is in a state of serious distress," he added, citing the "worst economic crisis", global warming and nuclear proliferation.

"Global challenges need global solutions and these can only come with the right global governance which today, 20 years later, remains too weak," he said.

"The global economic crisis... has accelerated towards a sort of new architecture of global governance which I called a triangle of coherence," he said.

This triangle is composed of the G20 group of wealthy and emerging economies as well as international agencies which report to what Lamy called the "parliament" of the United Nations.

Lamy said that "among the many regional integration attempts, the European Union remains the laboratory of international governance."

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Apocalypse now: 'Collapse' and the end of the world as we know it

America has a bad case of the doomsday jitters. You don't have to be a Glenn Beck follower to know that whenever things go wrong in this country, you can always find all the anger, bitterness and fear-mongering bubbling up and over into our popular culture. As Shakespeare's witches exulted in "Macbeth," when things go wrong, it's time to stir the pot: "double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble."

With Wall Street fat cats still cashing in while the rest of the country still suffers from double-digit unemployment, with partisan bickering at an all-time high and a war in Afghanistan threatening to suck up another 40,000 more troops, the country is in a sour mood, full of nasty, dark suspicions about the future. It's as good an explanation as any for why Beck is the hottest guy on TV right now, trumpeting his fears of one-world government, assailing corrupt politicians and worrying that Barack Obama, with "his deep-seated hatred for white people," could be angling to subvert our constitutional government.

Peril is around every corner -- even Beck's Fox News colleague, Shepard Smith, jokingly dubbed Beck's studio "the fear chamber." It's telling that Hollywood also has a batch of scary, post-apocalyptic films coming our way, filled with even more doomsday imagery. Roland Emmerich's "2012" takes off this weekend, promising a vivid, special-effects-filled look at the Earth's possible demise. There are more bad vibes in the air. John Hillcoat's brooding adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" opens later this month, offering a bleak view of a father and son attempting to survive in an ash-covered America where nothing grows. Denzel Washington returns, "Road Warrior" style, in January, starring in "The Book of Eli," another stark, days-end vision of the future. Pessimists can also rush out in January to see "Legion," a Dennis Quaid-starring horror thriller about how God, having lost faith in humanity, sends a legion of angels to wipe out the human race.

But what is surely the strangest film about our doomsday fantasies arrives this Friday. Called "Collapse," it features a spellbindingly weird one-man monologue by Michael Ruppert, a former LAPD officer and investigative journalist who believes that we are about to run out of oil, an event sure to plunge the world into a state of collapse since Ruppert is convinced that our entire world economy is built on an unsustainable addiction to petrol. If you ever thought it was impossible to top Beck's over-the-top fantasies, listen to Ruppert, who says that "what I see now is the end of a paradigm that is as cataclysmic as the asteroid event that killed almost all the life on Earth, and certainly the dinosaurs."

The film is directed by Chris Smith, who has made a number of documentaries about oddball characters pursuing impossible dreams -- his 1999 film "American Movie" chronicled the story of a hapless slacker trying to make a $3,000 homemade horror film. But what makes "Collapse" so sneakily compelling is that we have no inkling of what Smith thinks of his subject. Filmed with one camera over the course of two days in the basement of an abandoned meatpacking plant in downtown L.A., "Collapse" is a hermetically sealed package, open to whatever interpretation we might bring to it. It allows us the same freedom we have in watching Beck's show -- we can take it as gospel, be appalled by its wild, undocumented claims or simply watch bemused, appreciating Ruppert's gifts as a performer.

"I think there is something quintessentially American about Michael," says Smith, who financed the film himself, using the money he's made as a successful commercial director. "He comes out of the culture of the moment, in the same way that we foster all these high-flying entrepreneurs and self-help gurus. When you look at his upbringing, to have gone from being a police officer to someone who questions authority, it fits into a storyline that could only happen in this country."

"Collapse" opens Friday in theaters in New York and L.A. while also debuting this weekend on the Film Buff video-on-demand channel. Smith admits that he has "very conflicted feelings" about Ruppert. "A lot of what he says is incredibly thought-provoking, with lots of historical support, but there are things that you'd probably get a lot of criticism for believing," he says. "So I wanted to give the audience the experience of living inside his world for 85 minutes. Even if you can't prove all of his ideas, his passion and belief is definitely concrete."

I got hooked on "Collapse" for much the same reason that millions of viewers have fallen for Beck. Every time I'd start to think that Ruppert was a deluded crackpot, he'd reel me back in, grabbing me by the throat with a burst of seemingly persuasive analysis. He poses his oil-collapse scenario in simple, hard-to-refute logic. "Saudi Arabia has 25% of the oil reserves on the planet," he explains in a soothing, almost hypnotic voice. "Why, if Saudi Arabia has all these untapped reserves on shore, are they moving heavily into offshore drilling? If it's 5, 10 or 15 times more expensive to drill offshore than land, doesn't that tell you that Saudi Arabia knows that they've no more oil to find?"

Why are we so fascinated by doomsday theorists like Ruppert and Beck? Keep reading:

To say that Ruppert is Beck's psychic twin would be an understatement. Beck comes from the right and Ruppert seems to live on the left -- he believes, for example, that we invaded Iraq for its oil reserves, arguing that we have no intention of ever leaving the country since "we built an embassy compound in Baghdad that's bigger than Vatican City." But both men transcend politics, since no amount of partisan posturing could justify their gloomy certainty about the future.

Asked by Smith at one point in the film if he's ever been called a conspiracy theorist, Ruppert offers the kind of answer you'd expect from Beck. "Of course," he says triumphantly. "But I don't deal in conspiracy theory. I deal in conspiracy fact." Once you get past his brisk dismissals of every form of alternative energy ("Ethanol is an absolute joke -- it takes more energy to make ethanol than you can make burning it"), Ruppert's view of the future isn't so different from Beck's. Neither man is an optimist. If they were optimists, they'd be out of business. What fuels them is a chronic pessimism that is surely born out of years of personal anxieties and career setbacks. Beck is a recovering alcoholic with ADHD while Ruppert, even though Smith offers us little personal biographical information, is clearly a man without family ties who appears to live alone with his dog.

Even though these guys aren't artists, they share something in common with people who make movies about doomsday events -- they are consummate storytellers. And our best storytellers are not naive optimists. In fact, even though it is too soon to understand what today's films might have to say about our grim times, if you look back to the last era when things were falling part, you can see how in sync filmmakers were with the spirit of the times.

By the mid-1970s, America was at least as unsettled and pessimistic as it is today. After Watergate, the agony of Vietnam, the 1973 oil crisis and a 1973-74 stock market crash where the Dow Jones industrial average lost more than 45% of its value, the country was in a foul, defeatist mood. And the movies of the mid-'70s cannily captured all of the hard feelings in people's heads. They were full of angry zealots, including Charles Bronson's brutish vigilante in "Death Wish" and "Network's" Howard Beale, who famously bellowed "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore." (Needless to say, Beck has often cited that film as an inspiration for his own shtick).

The movies were also full of unhinged, paranoia-steeped loners like "Taxi Driver's" Travis Bickle or the cranky surveillance expert played by Gene Hackman in "The Conversation." Audiences witnessed the dark fantasies of "The Parallax View," where Warren Beatty found himself up against a vast conspiracy involving a giant power-hungry multinational corporation.

It turns out that when things go bad, America's full-throated patriotism often devolves into rampant paranoia. Long before Beck and a host of Republican political leaders were accusing Obama of turning the country into a socialist paradise, conservatives in the 1960s were saying they had secret documents proving that the entire concept for a civil rights movement had been hatched decades earlier in the Soviet Union. It was Richard Nixon, when he took office, who claimed the new arrivals to the White House had "found in the files a blueprint for socializing America."

Paranoia has always been an integral part of American politics -- one of the best history books ever written is Richard Hofstadter's "The Paranoid Style in American Politics." But paranoia, as we can see from generations of films taking us right up to "Collapse," is an integral ingredient in the artistic playbook too. Writers and filmmakers get a huge lungful of artistic oxygen from confronting their worst secret fears, instinctively knowing that facing up to anxiety and dread often produces great drama.

It may be small consolation for those of us today, but bad times often make for wonderful art, since peril and uncertainty are more stimulating than safety and contentment. We get a thrill out of imagining the prospect of doom and gloom. When I was watching "Collapse," it struck me how reminiscent Ruppert's disaster scenario was of Orson Welles' 1938 radio production of "War of the Worlds," which briefly had the country persuaded that we'd somehow been invaded by Martians, eager to wipe us out. Like Welles' radio broadcast, "Collapse" reminds us that while the world is a scary place, what we find lurking in our imaginations is often even scarier still.

Photo of Michael Ruppert in "Collapse" from Vitagraph Films

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Fake Stephen Fielding: PMS and a One World Government

As you all know I’ve been following the climate change and emissions trading scheme debate very closely. Earlier this year I travelled to the USA to consult widely with the Heartland Institute and they gave me a nifty graph to show to all my friends at Parliament. Nick Xzennophone asked if I made it myself in crayon but he shut his mouth quick smart after I showed him the quality of the laminate and the superb laser printing.

I like to make sure that I look at both sides of the story, and the ETS debate is no different. I’ve looked at the government’s side (anthropomorphic climate change is definitely real and we need an EMS right now) and the opposition’s side (anthrophomorphic climate change is possibly real and we might need an LMS some time in the short or medium term), but Family First’s side of the story is quite different again: anhtro antro antrhop man-made climate change is a myth and the PMS is completely unnecessary and will destroy man’s way of life.

But you wouldn’t believe the trouble I’ve had in getting my view heard! Penny Wong and Ian Macfarlane meet regularly to thrash out a version of the government Bill that the coalition might support, but the way they’ve dismissed Family First’s role in these crucial negotiations is a disgrace to Australian democracy. Imagine a democratically elected Senator being manhandled and ejected from meetings inside Parliament House! It’s not like they didn’t know I was coming; each time I’ve told Xzennophone to tell Barnaby to tell Macfarlane, and Xzennophone to tell Conroy to tell Wong.

Some nights I’ve been in tears at home, burning up with the indignity of the way the other MPs treat me. I tried telling David Hawker about the teasing and bullying but he didn’t seem to care. Even my son, when he got home from school the other day and found me on the lounge with Blanky, told me to “harden the fuck up”. I told him that’s not very Christian language but he just mumbled something about wishing he was adopted.

So when I heard some people this week start talking about a One World Government that might be formed in Copenhagen soon, I got very excited. Maybe I could run for election to a government that is kinder and more accepting. A government that is inclusive and considerate. A government that looks at all of my sides of the story. I mentioned to Susan that this new government will add significantly to the Pope’s workload given that he’s the head of the world, but Susan told me he’s only the head of the Catholic Church. And you could’ve blown me right there and then when Susan dropped the bombshell that the Pentecostal Church is not part of the Catholic Church so the Pope isn’t even the head of me! A lifetime of delusion, it seems.

Anyway, I’ve started doing some research into how one would go about running a campaign for the One World Government, and I’m trying to book a flight to the Hungarian capital to be at the centre of the action at its inception. Given that Australia is part of the world, and the One World Government will be the world’s boss, I will be able to have much more influence over Australia’s PMT policy from the OWG Parliament than from the chamber of Australia’s Senate.

Until next time.

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One World Government The Real Aim of Environmentalism

By Barry Napier Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I’m not very good at being hustled and rushed into insane situations. I like to think for myself. Which is why I originally began to investigate the fast-rising green movement. Only a while ago, greenies were people with woollen hats, gumboots and long hair. They hugged trees, drooled over flowers, and generally messed about on the very edge of polite society. They were on the fringe, like weird cults and folks who love to be frightened by conspiracies.

Now, in the space of less than a decade, these same weird people have become the major, if not only, force driving society in every country in the West, though what they say is really insane and off the wall! Why is this? Why have the inmates taken over the asylum? And why do people follow?

Green Hotels

For the past few years I have enjoyed a sideline, writing about hotels and tourism destinations for the industry. I quickly found out that hotels were suddenly ‘going green’ and wondered what was going on. I discovered that hotels, always watching the bottom-line, latched-on to the green movement immediately following the release of Al Gore’s infamous film, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.

At the same time, the UK and US governments were harassing citizens to ‘act fast’, ‘do it now’ before ‘it is too late’! Suspicious, I began to look deeper. I used to teach research methodology; and now my whole day is spent on research. That is how I recognised the tell-take signs of propaganda. What I was hearing wasn’t science, but pseudo-science. The words gave it all away… general terms of supposed certainty were built upon guesswork and absurdity. Indeed, what was being said was so absurd, I could not believe that intelligent leaders of industry or thinking people could possibly fall for the hype. But they did, big time.

It was more profitable for hotels to rebuild their premises along ‘green’ lines, at a cost of millions, than to remain as they were, giving good service. Now, the same hotels, riding on the wave of green, rake in massive money just for pretending to be environmentally friendly. If the next fashion turned out to be the exact opposite, the hotels would change again, because they care about profit, not green.

But, it is going well beyond mere profiteering. Now, supposedly ‘green’ hotels will not do business with suppliers who do not themselves become green. Hotels and suppliers must now pass a pseudo-test to obtain a licence proving they have reached green standards… like teenagers who do something stupid to become a member of an insignificant gang. And people who have been duped by environmentalism pay big bucks to stay at these havens of Gaia.

No, I am not quite telling the truth – most people who follow the green mantra do it because it is the latest ‘in thing’; it is fashionable to ‘save the planet’ even when they know nothing about what green is talking about. (In my book, I relate how two famed TV magicians sent a girl to a greenie festival. She got attendees, and even the organiser, to sign a petition against an awful liquid found everywhere on the planet. What they signed was a petition to get rid of ordinary water, but it was disguised by its scientific name! That’s how much greenies know about their own movement! The event was filmed – follow the link in the book – it is hilarious).

When I pointed out that when hotels go green they are not environmentalists at all, but simply practising good management, the dogs of war were unleashed and irate greenists wanted my articles to be erased from all of humanity for all time! The underbelly of green is fascist, you see. And even the best of scientists simply assume green ‘science’ is genuine, without checking the facts; lemmings chasing lemmings.

What’s Going On?

That was just the start. I never give in to threats and blackmail, and decided to do more research, this time on a wider scale. That was when the really interesting stuff came out!

As far as the public is concerned a number of things are going on that have no apparent link. The trouble is, they are ALL linked. For example, the so-called ‘credit crunch’ came along, when banks failed. At the same time, costs of electricity, natural gas, and oil rose dramatically. At the beginning of this year, my household gas and electricity bill shot up to over £600 for just three months. The bill before that was just over £100! Same supplier, same energy. Plenty of oil, coal and gas in the ground, with no shortages!

Blame for bank failures was put on the shoulders of banks themselves. This was fair… but how many people know why the banks got to that position? (No, I’m not talking about those TV programs that came up with superficial answers). We know bankers are greedy and unscrupulous… but that isn’t why they failed.

Both the Democrats in the USA and the Labour Party in Britain are outright socialistic. So are most governments in Europe, and that is how the EU gets its own way. Obama is the epitome of Marxist pride. So, his running-mates, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair (egged-on by the French tin-pot dictator, Sarkozy), are well suited to each other. Each is a consummate liar intent on ruining their respective countries. The one thing that alerted me to all three’s danger to the public is their glaringly obvious arrogance. It comes from knowing they will get away with it, because a great lumbering socialist machine is behind their every move.

Clever Brown

In Britain, ten years ago, Brown thought he was being clever. He gave personal assurances to a new breed of venture capitalists (they have a variety of namesnowadays) that they would not be taxed if they kept business in the UK. So, they went ahead and borrowed massive amounts of money, running into billions. Because Brown had stupidly okayed it all, big banks simply agreed money over the telephone, with no guarantees whatever!

Very soon the banks had massive unpaid debts based on giving to venture capitalists. These were called ‘toxic debts’ by Brown last year, who blamed it all on ordinary folks who were now unable to pay their mortgages because they had lost their jobs (because of his taxation used to pay for green policies and to give billions to the EU’s wothless green plans). In other words, he was transferring blame from banks to the tax-payer, but the real blame was with himself for being so fiscally stupid. This, though, was covered-up by sympathetic journalists.

The venture capitalists (now joined by Al Gore by the way) freely bought and sold huge, household name, established companies, but the effect was catastrophic. All they did was strip the companies of their assets, to sell them off on the open market, keeping the difference for themselves. This involved making thousands and thousands unemployed and closing down premises. Then they sold the companies on as ‘profitable’, lean and hungry. Unfortunately, they also ran into trouble. That is why there was a ‘credit crunch’ and that is why those who are most vulnerable – ordinary taxpayers – had to bear the brunt through even greater taxation. Meanwhile Brown and MPs voted themselves even higher salaries, pretending they are ‘professionals’… such as bankers! Hm.

To pay for windpower schemes and other unfeasible power generation, Brown then told the power companies to charge higher prices to customers, most of whom are at breaking-point anyway through personal taxation. The money could then be used to research and build wind and alternative power grids. Yeah, right!

That these schemes actually do not deliver the goods does not bother Brown or Blair. Meanwhile, a people made poorer by increasing taxation on all sides cannot afford to buy electricity and gas to heat their homes; small businesses are priced out of the market; costs of UK goods rise dramatically to compensate for ridiculously high taxes. This is all to do with forcing green policies onto an enfeebled country. Obama is doing exactly the same in the USA, costing the people trillions in 2009 alone, not counting loss of jobs and security.

Airlines are adding carbon charges to their flights. This is just another form of taxation. Local councils are adding ‘green’ taxes to already exorbitant council taxes. Car fuel prices have risen sharply and will continue to do so, even though there is more oil in the ground than can be used over the next 500 years!

Then we have a double-attack on our freedoms from the UN and the EU. Between them they are destroying all vestiges of freedom and imposing draconian laws and demands on a people who have no idea what is going on. So, what IS going on? That is simple to answer – the socialistic take-over of the world, using environmentalism as a front-man, a bit like getting Al Capone to ‘persuade’ shopkeepers they needed protection… from himself!

The Reality Behind Green

Al Gore and his sycophants (includes nearly all Democrats, Pelosi, state governors, big business, and Obama) huddle together to make mighty money at our expense. Behind the whole charade, as always, is money and power.

Gore and his pals hate it when that rare breed, a free press, accuse him of being a Nazi. But, as I have discovered in my researches, Al Gore is true-brownshirt-Fascist. Yet, he is also true-red-flag Marxist! How can this be?

Both can exist at the same time because both are from the same family - socialism. One concentrates on national domination, and the other concentrates on the world. So, there is no real difference between the two. They are just two sides of the same socialist coin. And both are playing their hand at the same time. This is why Obama turned down an invite to attend celebrations that the Berlin Wall came down. He doesn’t want freedom – he only wants to impose Marxism full-blast! That socialism has failed every time it has been imposed on slave-like people, is irrelevant. What matters is the power a socialist state gives to leaders. And if that state is worldwide, it is absolute power.

Environmentalism began in the 1800s. Idealistic Germans put on their leather short pants and ventured up mountains and down into vales, extolling the virtues of the simple peasant life, calling for a return to it. Early Marxists did the same thing. Today, the same stupid idea is reflected in the fast-growing ‘Transition Town’ movement, with bases in the USA and the UK. They want to literally go back to medieval days of self-sufficiency. I have pointed out that if they knew anything about medieval days, they would know that the last thing peasants wanted was to live as they did! They were starving, extremely poor, died young, and had a variety if ailments. Ask them if they would like to live as peasants! Significantly the Transition Town movement in the UK has been adopted by subversive Marxist organisations to front their activities… which include those much-publicised blocking of airports under the guise of environmental issues. Some honest organisers admitted it had nothing to do with green issues, but with underlying advancement of Marxism.

Both Stalin and Hitler majored on environmentalism (until their money ran out – then they siphoned it all into military campaigns. So, be warned). Now, these same shadowy figures from the past have re-emerged in the current green movement.

You might think I am inventing things just to get my point across. Look in my book (‘The Global Green Agenda’) and you will find I am giving you the sobre and chilling truth. The Sierra Club, friend of extreme greens and Gore, is a leading campaigner against the whole world. I give examples of its extreme position, which includes genocide. If you think I am being extreme myself, then look for yourself. Prince Philip, husband of the Queen of England, says similar things. So do all leading environmentalists – they want world population to go down by four fifths!! How do you think this can be done? Easy – let them starve. Kill them in local wars – the UN is very good at that. Make sure their vital foods and goods to bring in income do not reach the West (because of the carbon it takes to convey them), and so on. Genocide is part of the UN Charter. The EU has admitted that its ‘green’ policies have already killed thousands in undeveloped countries.

Copenhagen and Other Lying Tactics

The coming Copenhagen Summit is all about fixing the fate of the world in stone. Or, to put it more aptly, tying one’s legs to a concrete block before throwing you into the river.

Obama has already promised to hand over the USA to the UN, for heavy taxing and overt imposition of UN laws. Both Obama and Tony Blair are waiting to drive citizens hard into the arms of Marxis-Fascist rule. Once this is achieved – and it won’t be long – the rest of the world can wait with bated breath as they are subsumed into the greater Marxist-Fascist world order. Brown has already talked about it and Obama has agreed to it. Sarkozy, Napoleon’s son, strides the EU like a totalitarian dictator… because that is what he is. And even the hapless president of the Czech Republic has recently, sadly, caved in to EU domination of Europe, which includes the things he hates the most – green policies and communistic laws that ruin freedom and democracy.

Many of the world’s leaders are now very nasty pieces of work. Even opposition party leaders are marrying into green advocacy, because they know this is the way everything is going. Vote for whoever you like – it won’t make much difference. Even so, we must stand against this tyranny.

Save the World? Marketing Drivel!

Everything we see happening is the result of overwhelming Marxist-Fascist machinations to bring about world rule. ‘Saving the World’ is just a cute marketing ploy used to hide the reality of political violence against the people. The tools of Marxism-Fascism include loss of freedoms – which is why most western countries are now snowed-under by PC laws and demands; loss of choice of energy supplies and types; genocide, especially of Third World peoples – hence the refusal of greens to allow Africa to use coal and gas; increasingly crippling taxation (The UK has over 20 different taxes paid by every soul, and more are on the way); enforced acceptance of sexual lifestyles once known to be horrendous and dangerous; the dumbing-down of intellect, which is why students can no longer speak truth or seek it; loss of work for any who fight the system (I know!); reduced industrial life and output; enforced anti-CO2 laws for no reason, and so on.

So, what some think are disparate and unlinked elements, are actually all signs and symptoms of a well-planned communist-fascist takeover of the world, beginning with the West. This is what the history of the green movement, right up to now, reveals.

Pseudo-Science and Paganism

The whole movement is being pushed as a need for ‘security’. What nonsense! The UK has never been so threatened since the EU demanded that it take in any and all immigrants. Why? Because, by mixing all races together, claims to national pride will disappear. By mixing, no one nation can say it is truly a nation. But, the price is an invasion of Muslim terrorists, inter-racial tensions, violence, massive loss of taxation used to give state benefits immigrants who enter the UK without jobs (and so the need for even more taxation of British workers). This, however, does not matter to the politicians, who have already divided up Europe into smaller regions. No countries, just regions, of a mighty EU state.

The UN is also about mixing nationals. That is why both the UK and US governments are removing all boundaries, allowing illegal immigrants to flood both countries, destroying their economic bases, social cohesion, religious freedom and ability to live a decent life. Now, the immigrants demand obedience to their religions and politics!

Massive money is being paid out to countries that have no real income of their own, because this is big-scale communism at work, ‘redistributing wealth’! That is, hedonistic and terroristic world leaders drain their own countries dry by taking all the money for themselves. They then get huge money from the UN et al, for nothing. The people remain poor and dying and the leaders rake it in. And imposition of green policies means they can never rise above the mud. Note how the UN’s Secretary general paid out billions to Iraq. Guess who took most of the money? The Secretary General’s son and Saddam Hussein! This ties-in with the aims of the totalitarian, Marxist UN.

Pseudo-Science, the Fall Guy

The front for all this is pseudo-science, the supposed science of environmentalism. That is, tree-huggers are trying to make their insanity into a living, breathing system! Only it doesn’t work. If we truly had windpower turbines to provide every amount of electricity needed, the planet would look like a pin-cushion… or, more accurately, an ugly prison! So many turbines are needed that the oceans around every coastal country would bristle like brushes, and available green areas on land would be covered with these whooshing, gargantuan, Martian-like invaders. But, even if we had enough in number, they still need wind. No wind – no power. And only certain kinds of wind can be accepted – too high and the turbines will explode and fracture, sending bits flying around the countryside like mortar shells!

As for sun power, no home can expect to get back what it pays for solar-powered panels in the owner’s lifetime! In other words, what you pay out for equipment may as well be used to remain as you are, with fossil fuels. Yet, the British government is so eager to bamboozle the public, it is now vastly increasing its ‘green’ advertising on TV, deliberately targeting kids with frightening tales of dark black clouds of CO2 (though it is invisible), pet puppies drowning in a fast-rising sea outside their own homes, and scary storms. Needless to say I have (again) complained bitterly to the advertising watchdogs… but I know little will be done.

Over 32,000 scientists signed the Oregon Petition. 160 physicists recently wrote to every US Congressman, blatantly telling them that global warming is a farce. There is even a counter-IPCC, such is the lying deception of the UN body that causes all the trouble. There is no global warming. In fact, even when it was said to be rampant, warming figures only applied to the northern hemisphere anyway! And, of course, there has been cooling for the past ten years! Climate changes are within normal ranges. CO2 is not a pollutant, and claims that humans create too much is absurd. There is no science to support such claims, only political agendas. And the ‘greenhouse effect’ is built on a fairy-tale story that the world is covered with a greenhouse-type cover! Seriously! Why not go back to ancient Jewish stories, that the world was covered by an iron dome?

The various theories supposed to ‘prove’ green science have been debunked, time and again – but the media refuse to publish this fact. Scientists who rely on government funding refuse to act properly and rationally, preferring to be dupes so long as they keep getting their salaries. But, more and more of them have had enough and are speaking out, including IPCC scientists.

The biggest problem, however, is the intransigency of the media, who love a good doom story! That is why they ignored the debunking of Mann’s ‘hockey stick’. In fact, it was represented a second time by Mann, and again debunked! Basically, he ignored basic history and also tried to mix actual and proxy measurements. Any researcher knows that you can only compare like with like. You can’t have actual temperature measurements (with thermometers) mixed with proxy (such as tree rings). It doesn’t work! Yet, this kind of scientific claptrap goes on all the time.

As for carbon trading, well… how do you describe what is absolute deception? The buying and selling of carbon units is nothing but a money scam. It makes carbon traders and investors very rich and the rest of us poorer. It makes no difference at all to the amount of carbon doing supposedly evil things to mother earth. So, what’s the point? Ask Gore and pals! They have already been made super-rich by everything green. I explain more about this in the book.

One of the best bits of sleight-of-hand is the ‘new capitalism’ being foisted on us by greens. It is nothing but the old capitalism under a new name! Even socialists must concede that the world goes round with money, because money pays for everything, including the salaries and profits of greens. So, they’ve fiddled and doodled on the backs of cigarette packets in academic common rooms and come up with a drunken version of capitalism. Well, really, it is just socialism with cash attached… only socialists don’t like to admit they are just as greedy as British MPs, so they avoid use of as many capitalist terms as possible. But, as Russian moguls discovered, they know that they can’t get rid of capitalistic enterprise, because it pays for their opulent lifestyles and plans – hence ‘new capitalism’ with socialist words thrown in to make Marxists happier.

Where’s Truth?

Lord Monkton put the cat amongst the pigeons, when he gave a talk at Bethel College, London, on October 14th. He is a special target of the greens, who mercilessly attack him for not bowing to their pagan whims. He read the wording of the coming Copenhagen Climate Treaty, which is something few have done. And he told the world what it contained.

The Treaty aims to regulate (that means ‘totally control’) economic activity under the guise of ‘climate security’. I ask the question: how do you secure climate, which changes as it will, whenever it pleases? Part of this ‘security’ is to give undeveloped countries billions for no reason. The obvious effect of this will be to induce a continuous and growing taxation for the purpose, forced upon people in the West.

A global carbon budget is planned to stop carbon affecting global warming – even though there has been no warming for ten years, and carbon does not affect temperature of the world anyway!

Now, remember I was talking about apparently diverse things happening with no obvious link? This is where those strands are all being pulled together, for the Treaty would have governing bodies that will have the legal right to control production and sale of manufacturing, mining, transportation, travel, energy, agriculture and anything that emits carbon – just about everything. Now, look at Solzhenitsyn’s ‘Gulag’ series (Yes, I actually read all three volumes of this mighty work). It describes in detail how communism works (or, rather, does not work), and it is a mirror-image of the proposed Treaty laws!

Then look at the UN’s ‘Treaty of the Sea’, which is standing in the wings until Obama has handed his country over to this evil Marxist group. It describes exactly the same kinds of control. Interestingly, even for those who have no interest whatever in religion, the Christian Bible prophesies exactly this kind of thing happening, where life and death, who will eat and who will starve, will be controlled by a world government. The EU is but a minion that will serve the aims of the UN.

Then look at what arrogant Tony Blair did to Britain, and what Gordon Brown is perpetuating. See how Obama and Europe are doing the same things. Look at how China, whose communist businessmen are quietly buying up large companies worldwide, is becoming a prominent force. Observe the multitude of socialist projects and regimes sprouting throughout the world. Then you will see that the strands are not loose or unconnected. They have been kept apart so that the world does not see the iron fist of Marxist-Fascism until it hits them in the face!

What we have is a raw scramble for power. ‘Saving the planet’ is a farce, unattainable and unscientific. What is really coming is a one-world government… half of it, the West, is nearly there. This involves removing individual freedom; loss of voice before rulers; imposition of immorality by ‘protecting’ what is immoral and promoting it in schools; increasing and crippling taxation; loss of choice of energy; abominable PC laws that cripple intellectual progress, truth and morality; removal of Christianity – essential to Gore’s and Obama’s plans, and the ‘re-educating’ of society towards paganism via Gaia worship and all things mystical; a world rule over finances and availability of money; reduction of industries; globalisation of people and things; totalitarian political power, and more. Saving the planet is on the lowest floor of this tower of Babel and does not feature in the full plan, because it is more about fairy-tales than reality.

As for the sea rising uncontrollably – that’s a lie. Those South Sea Islanders who fled their island that was submerged (according to Gore’s film)… the New Zealand government issued a note to say it was false – Gore lied; the islanders are still on their island! Carbon causes temperature to rise? No, temperature rise precedes carbon rise! And, carbon in the atmosphere has a very short half-life anyway – what was there ten years ago is gone, replaced by fresh CO2! Better than that, the more CO2 increases, the faster it disappears! Everything in Gore’s film was proved to be a lie, by a UK Court. Yet, his ideas rumble on, and governments don’t care, so long as they get their power. This takes deliberate deception and continuous propaganda.

All of this is NOT news to the people, because the media refuses to pass it on! The media is now so besotted with mighty Obama - who has yet to show his mettle as a serious politician, but who has already proved he can lie and deceive – they approve of him pushing his green laws through Congress without a reading, or approval by the people. His rule is as ‘transparent’ as a lead coffin! This has noting to do with his racial background – it’s to do with his gross Marxism ruining the USA.

Beat the System!

Marxism and Fascism are solidifying everywhere, and gains momentum over relatively short periods of time. That is why we MUST, as a priority, stop the current race towards our own obliteration by politicians, none of whom will lose out when this insanity becomes our task-master. How? We do it by constantly organising groups to voice our displeasure (before Obama and others put a stop to it). We do it by passing on articles like this, and by expert such as Tim Ball, to as many people as we can, from friends to politicians, council leaders to businesses, churches to schools. Tell everyone! Do not give to green causes… which, it may surprise you to know, include the WWF, PETA, and other animal care groups. It also includes charities such as Oxfam, who carry on dubious green work under different guises, such as giving goats to poor African villages that actually ruin their farm crops! And don’t support ‘Transition Town’ schemes. Do not vote-in politicians and parties that are ardently green; tell them you want none of it. Write to hotels that are green and complain they are only making things worse. Do the same whenever ‘green’ emerges… and write to your political leaders, newspapers, radio and TV stations… until the weight of public opinion takes over. You can even hold local meetings for anti-greens.

I am not calling for the same fascist techniques used by our leaders, but simply to open-up everything to debate and honest science. The fact that they refuse to allow it proves just how bogus their claims and aims really are. Genuine science invites falsification and discussion. It doesn’t batten down the hatches to hide the cargo.

‘The Global Green Agenda’, Barry Napier. Published, Petra Press, 2009.
Foreword by Dr Tim Ball.
ISBN 978-0-9559908-1-6 Available Amazon and book stores.

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A Group of Satanic Trillionaires have Created the Goldilocks Matrix

Bob Chapman
The International Forecaster
Wednesday, Nov 11th, 2009

Our usurping, non-citizen, spendthrift President, together with our corrupt, elitist-bootlicking Congress of money-grabbing Dumbos and Jackasses, are spending us into a multi-trillion dollar hyperinflationary oblivion as their ratings by their constituents drop into the toilet bowl, ratings which are disgracefully the lowest in all of US history. With a diabolical “Robin Hood in Reverse” plan in place since 1913 for the extortion of money from the US middle class to reduce their serfs to poverty and abject slavery, the Illuminati have managed to use the Federal Reserve Act and US income tax, together with the Social Security Ponzi Scheme, phony, orchestrated wars for profit, socialization of bankster-gangster losses, the globalism/free trade/off-shoring/outsourcing/legal-illegal immigration agendas, and a totally bought-and-paid-for President, Congress, judiciary and regulatory agencies, to reduce US citizens to consumerist credit addicts, living pay check to pay check like narcissistic hedonists.

The future, dumbed-down serfs of the future “masters of the universe” (so-called), now watch completely meaningless sports games and trash-TV instead of getting informed and taking action to save their country from the group of satanic trillionaires who have created the Goldilocks Matrix which they now occupy. We ask our fellow citizens in the matrix: Do you want the blue pill, or do you want the red pill? So far, most Americans have unfortunately opted for the blue pill. As always, those who have opted for the red pill are going to have to save the blue pill idiots from the consequences of their own pitiful ignorance. People who take the red pill are subscribing to the IF to get the truth and are buying gold and silver like there is no tomorrow so they can live to fight another day when the worldwide financial system collapses, as planned, to pave the way for a one world police state. The bold people who took the red pills are going to be all over the Illuminati like flies on rice when that happens, and you can take that to the bank, if there is still a single bank left standing after the Quadrillion Dollar Derivative Death Star goes supernova.

After watching most of our manufacturing industries shipped overseas, we have been reduced to tapping on keyboards, greeting people at department stores, flipping burgers, providing menial healthcare services for pitiful wages and shoving stacks of paper to and fro, while producing little that has any lasting value. Our financial industry, which by and large is run by Illuminist crooks, are using insider trading information from the PPT, led by Goldman Sachs and their government-gifted, front-running trade algorithm, to gun for the fast and easy buck, thereby transforming our capital markets from places where we can invest in our future into gambling casinos complete with craps tables and roulette wheels. When they profit, they get outrageous bonuses, but when they have gambling losses, they pass them on to taxpayers via the sewer slime and pond scum in Congress and in the Executive Branch who are attached to marionette strings, with the Puppet Masters in our shadow government holding the sticks to which those strings are attached, causing them to bob and weave like the wooden dummies that they are.

While our financial industry pushes a lot of paper around, most of the paper produced is rife with fraud and deceitful schemes meant to enrich the evil Illuminati, as well as their henchmen on Wall Street, at Goldman Sachs North, aka the Treasury Department employment pool, and at Goldman Sachs South where money and employees from Goldman Sachs North are shared for a while, all at the expense of just about everyone else around the globe.

The bankster-gangsters are already in the process of creating the next subprime derivative bubble through Fannie and Freddie, the FHA (Federal Housing Administration), the FHLB (Federal Home Loan Bank) and the USDA (US Department of Agriculture), to the tune of many hundreds of billions of dollars. The new subprime real estate bubble, powered by artificially low interest rates, little or no down payment requirements and lax credit standards, together with an $8,000 first time home buyers credit, will be popped later as the next round of inevitable defaults gets underway, probably one to two years from now. This fraudulent subprime loan origination and securitization not only adds nothing to our economy, it will eventually help destroy our economy. The bankster-gangsters and their henchmen will get the goldmine of commissions, fees, spreads, salaries and bonuses, and you will get the shaft.

GS, which sometimes stands for Goldman Sachs, but which always stands for Gold Suppression, is having some public relations issues, and no wonder. The Vampire Squid marches on, continuing to suck the life blood out of all the “useless eaters,” helping to prepare the way for a one world police state by assisting in the collapse of the world financial system while they make a filthy fortune along the way. Some day, they are going to choke on all the filthy lucre they have purloined from the public. Ahoy there, Captain Obama. There’s a Vampire Squid swimming along the port side of the USS Banana Republic. Well then, what are you waiting for First Mate Geithner, hoist up the Jolly Roger in acknowledgement!

By the way, when is GS going to pay back the tens of billions that were given to AIG by taxpayers so that Goldman would not go under as the insured counterparty to credit default swaps guaranteed by AIG that had gone sour? They have a lot of nerve issuing bonuses when they still owe the government big-time from the AIG bailout! And they would not have been able to pay the bailout money back if their totally bogus mark-to-model balance sheets were to show true mark-to-market figures. They are just as bankrupt as all the rest of the “anointed” legacy banks and investment banks, with a lot of their toxic waste still off balance sheet and offshore in SIV’s, structured investment vehicles, in VIE’s, variable interest entities, and in OTC derivatives, which taken together expose them to tens of billions in losses if not hundreds of billions. And who knows what their credit default swap portfolio looks like even after the AIG bailouts. We wonder how much of their toxic waste has been pawned off on the Fed in exchange for treasuries under the Term Securities Lending Facility? And how much of this GS toxic waste has been pledged as collateral at face value for near zero interest Fed loan money which they have parked with the Fed at 3% or which they have used to buy equities on insider trading information as the leading PPT operative with their front-running trade algorithms as the stock markets have rocketed 60% in six months for the first time in history despite the fact that we face the worst economic scenario in our history? Of course, we can’t tell, because GS won’t disclose it and the Fed says it’s a state secret. GS is simply ignoring the new Basel II and Basel III mark-to-market rules which now apply to them because they opted to become a bank to get Fed bailout largesse. Who is going to make them comply? The BIS? The Fed? The Treasury? The SEC? The CFTC? The FASB? The President? The Congress? The Supreme Court?

GS either owns, or is in cahoots with, all of the above. The whole system is laughable. We are now the laughing stock of world finance.

GS would have had to keep the bailout money from the TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program), and the salary and bonus restrictions that go with them, in order to shore up their awful balance sheets if the terrible truth about their financial condition were made known. In addition, their profits are all totally illegal based on insider trading and government black box front-running algorithms, a gift from our government’s bogus so-called regulatory agencies who sit on their fat duffs and do nothing about blatant financial scams like Madoff Ponzi schemes and the naked shorting of stocks. That is because GS and all of the regulatory agencies themselves are in on virtually all of these financial scams as silent partners. Trust us when we tell you, our regulatory criminals profit greatly from their inaction, whether from bribes, insider trading profits, shares in criminal booty and/or very lucrative jobs they just happen to fall into when they leave government service.

Incidentally, the Basel II rules were part of the overall plan to destroy our economy, much like the repeal of Glass-Steagall that allowed banks to get into investment banking activities again and the passage of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act which deregulated the OTC derivatives market. All these legislative machinations were put in place in order to create a new, less regulated, much larger and far more vulnerable and out-of-control (i.e. highly leveraged) financial system which, when broken, would accelerate the current financial crisis, making the implosion louder and the dive steeper.

The purpose in doing so was to destroy the old nation-state financial system and replace it with a satanic global financial system that would make the Vampire Squid look like a Shrimp or a Sea Horse by comparison. The current financial crisis in the US and around the world was not a failure of capitalism, but an intentional looting of the world financial system by Illuminist crony fascism sheep-dipped in capitalism. The old British Mercantilist System that has been surreptitiously adopted in the US via both the Federal Reserve Act (stealth tax on the masses by inflation of the money supply) and the US income tax (direct taxation of the masses) is a freedom-choking system of financial bondage which allows a nation’s economic system to be hijacked by the wealthy and powerful. It is anything but free market capitalism. This is the very system of financial bondage that our Founding Fathers fought a very bloody and costly war to rid themselves of. They are rolling over in their graves.

Basel II, which was implemented by the ultimate Illuminist financial institution, the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) in Basel, Switzerland, is like an adjuvant to the crisis, preventing banks from lending again for fear that they may have to comply with mark-to-market rules, thus choking off our economy to pave the way for an Orwellian one world police state of feudality. Basel II is the perfect excuse for the legacy banks to stand on the sidelines while they gobble up government TARP money and refuse to lend to anyone but the “anointed.” But remember, there is one system for the “anointed,” and another system for everyone else. Thus, the Fed and corrupt US regulators will allow the anointed legacy banks to essentially blow off Basel II, and will only hold the feet of the non-anointed small fry to the Basel II fire. Thus, the big will get bigger, and the small will fail and get eaten by the larger. No wonder Obama and Geithner want the Fed to become the new super regulator, with even more power to decide which banks and corporations will live, and which will die. All the more reason to audit and get rid of the Fed. We do not need a drooling Head Fox guarding the henhouse.

While the resulting credit crunch was ongoing, the Fed “convinced” Congress to allow them to pay interest on member bank reserves held by the Fed. Credit, at near zero rates, is now being extended by the Fed to its “anointed” in exchange for their toxic waste as collateral, which proceeds are then being deposited with the Fed as reserves at a 3% rate of interest instead of being re-loaned, and we’ll give you three guesses as to who gets to pay for this interest on reserves. That is a very profitable and risk free spread, but only for the “anointed,” as the Fed can open and shut its discount loan window to whomever it darn well pleases, being a privately owned bank. The small fry can go scratch, and many have already succumbed. This will continue until the number of banks in our banking system is cut in half. The FDIC is beyond broke. They don’t even have enough to cover but a tiny fraction of potential losses, much less to cover the losses from the failure of half of the banks in the entire system. Either the claims for lost deposits will not be paid, or so much money will be printed to pay those claims that the money received in payment will be virtually worthless, along with any and all remaining dollar-denominated assets. This is going to become a very big problem indeed in the not-too-distant future. The solution: Empty your bank accounts of all but one to three months of necessary household operating expenses, and buy gold and silver related assets with the rest, along with freeze-dried food, a water filter, and the means to defend your family from malefactors, both public and private.

This 3% interest on reserves is one of the primary reasons the Fed won’t say which banks are getting the zero interest loans, because that would identify the Illuminist institutions who are scamming US taxpayers despite being bankrupt. These insolvent institutions should be liquidated in bankruptcy court, but instead public largesse is being used to keep them alive so they can feed their henchmen with salaries and bonuses, which would not otherwise be possible. In addition, these greedy Illuminist institutions are making a risk-free 3%, are hoarding their monetary reserves to sterilize them from having an inflationary impact on the economy in order to suppress gold and silver, and are cutting off the public from acquiring credit even though the public has bailed them out and is guaranteeing their loans from the Fed. Talk about moral hazard!

The near zero rates, and the huge spread on reserve deposits with the Fed, is being protected by currency swaps which the Fed and other foreign central banks have been exchanging with one another. This keeps foreign banks out of US credit markets so their demand for dollars won’t bid up loan rates in the US. These swaps are also being used as conduits by the Fed to feed dollars to foreign banks so they can purchase treasuries, thus keeping treasury rates, and the mortgage rates that are tied into them, on the lower end of the spectrum, while at the same time the Fed uses its foreign currencies from the swap arrangements to weaken those foreign currencies by dumping them on the currency exchanges, thus strengthening the dollar and putting pressure on gold and silver. Needless to say, all the dollars and other foreign currencies used in these swap arrangements are being created out of thin air via monetization, which means that all major currencies are being debauched simultaneously, thus paving the way for a one world currency, while at the same time inexorably driving gold and silver to new heights against all currencies.

By giving the legacy banks the excuse not to continue lending due to the threat of Basel II mark-to-market rules, which rules were temporarily delayed by the FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) to delay recognition of losses so the Illuminists could continue to milk the system by originating and packaging their fraudulent loans and securitizations for profits to fund outrageous salaries and bonuses, the recovery of the US economy has been choked off for everyone except the Illuminists and their corrupt, “anointed,” financial institutions. This choking off of credit also sterilizes the inflationary effect that would result if banks started lending again, because the fractional reserve banking multiplier would create a boatload of money out of thin air. In this manner, the Fed is able to feed money exclusively to its cronies in the financial system without stoking inflation to dizzying levels, while everyone else floats off into financial oblivion.]

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Do not be alarmed by Black Hawk helicopters swooping over the Valley ...

Taliban Still Working for the CIA?

Prison - ‎Nov 8, 2009‎
The human race is caught in a hologram controlled by the Illuminati Rothschild central bankers. War are necessary to keep the human race divided, ...

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With the movie version of Jon Ronson's The Men Who Stare at Goats hitting cinemas, there are plenty of news stories floating about focusing on the U.S. Army's 'Stargate' psychic-spying program and other similar 'woo-woo' ventures. 'Skeptics' have often referenced the book in the past, with its satirical look at psi-related research - Richard Dawkins has mentioned it in his lectures, and in his best-selling The God Delusion - but how much skeptical thinking did they apply to Ronson's tales? With the new public attention on the story, a number of the individuals involved have thrown some doubts on the veracity of Ronson's account.

John Alexander has long disputed a number of the claims in The Men Who Stare at Goats, and in a recent article ("They Stared at Goats Because...") states that even the title is incorrect, as the goat in question actually died after being struck using a martial arts move. Meanwhile, Stargate remote viewer Paul Smith, in an Amazon review of the book, says that while Goats is an entertaining read, it is not an accurate summation of the actual history - and at times, uses plenty of 'artistic license' in presenting material. And Jim Channon, whose 'First Earth Battalion' idea is central to much of Goats (and who has been very sporting and good-humoured about his treatment in the book), has a press release on his website which says that "Ronson’s tongue-in-cheek account is classified as a work of ‘non-fiction,’ but it is so loaded with speculation and inaccuracy, it sets the stage for much of the confusion."

If all that didn't put the Goats story under enough of a spotlight, the Monroe Institute has now come to the party with a little poke in the ribs courtesy of an audio file recorded during Jon Ronson's visit there while researching the book (and accompanying documentary). The Monroe Institute's Fred 'Skip' Atwater - who was also involved in the Stargate program - tells how the Goats author took part in a remote viewing experiment while at the Monroe Institute. And, funnily enough, given the satirical and skeptical edge to the book, was fairly successful in describing the 'target'. It's a 6-part YouTube video, with the first part being the introduction and then the rest being most of the audio recorded during Jon's session (it should all autoplay, but if not head to YouTube and search for Monroe and Ronson):

Regardless of the Goats context, I found it very interesting just to hear the process of relaxation and guided visualisation that leads up to the remote viewing test - so if you've got the time, then it's worth listening right through for an insight into the techniques used. If you want the super-concise version though, click here.

The audio won't convince any remote viewing skeptics, but it does have to be admitted that in this particular case, Jon Ronson was pretty close to the mark (it would have been interesting to see his choice if given 4 images to choose from). There is some minor 'leading' by Skip Atwater, but nothing that gives too much away. For his part, Ronson has said that in his recollection "the out-of-body portion of the day worked a treat. I really had some kind of OBE at The Monroe Institute. But I was less sure about the success of the remote-viewing section. It took me a long time to identify the target, and though I got there in the end, I had some wrong guesses along the way."

But just to put a nasty edge on what has mostly been just good-humoured "he-said, she-said" between people involved, journalist and author Jim Schnabel has this week raised questions about the origin of the material in Ronson's bestseller. Schnabel - one of the first to write about 'Stargate' in his book Remote Viewers - claims that Ronson 'borrowed' material from his book without giving due credit:

Sorry — do I sound bitter?

I found The Men Who Stare at Goats at the library recently after someone tipped me off about the forthcoming Goats movie and its connection to my book, Remote Viewers. I went through Ronson’s book in amazement at his extensive borrowings - of stories from which he built up some of the major themes in his book, starting on page one with the adventures of General Stubblebine as head of Army intelligence.

I don’t deny that Ronson’s book contains a considerable amount of original reporting. But when it comes to the paranormal/government angle, too much of it is derivative, in my view, and I wonder whether Ronson could have sold his project in any of its forms, if his sources had been fully specified.

Personally I think a lot of authors over-react to what is pretty standard fair-use of information previously made public (and is something they themselves did in writing their own books), but to his credit Schnabel does go on to detail some particular instances which he claims are evidence of plagiarism of his material. I can't say either way (e.g. perhaps the similarities come from referencing the same earlier resource), but it will be interesting to see if anything further results from Schnabel's attack. In Jon Ronson's defence, I did see in the Acknowledgements at the end of Goats that he mentioned Remote Viewers, saying that "this book gave me invaluable background information for chapters 5 and 6." Schnabel though addresses this point in his article and also in this letter to the Guardian).

Edit: As Kamarling mentions in the comments, Alex Tsakiris has posted an excellent interview with Jon Ronson over at Skeptiko discussing Goats and various elements of psi research and skepticism.

Edit #2: Jim Schnabel has also pointed out to me this story about John Sargeant, who did much of the research leg-work for Goats and is unhappy with the lack of credit he has received.

Previously on TDG:

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Asteroid scrapes past Earth just 8,700miles away

Nasa's Near Earth Object Programme plotted the orbit of the object and determined that although it would fly extremely close to our planet it wouldn't hit us.

It was the third-closest known (non-impacting) Earth approach on record for a cataloged asteroid.

The Nasa NEO programme aims to detect and track at least 90 per cent of the 1,000 asteroids and comets that approach Earth and are larger than 0.6miles in diameter, by 2020.

They monitored a 100ft asteroid that whizzed 45,000 miles above the Earth's surface on March 2 this year. A similar sized object slammed into Tunguska, Siberia in 1908. The impact created a blast so powerful it levelled 1,200 square miles of forest.

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Rapper Jay-Z has been rejected by the New York dance band MGMT.

He requested to collaborate with them on a song for his new album The Blueprint 3, which allegedly commemorates his ascent to Third Degree Master Freemason.

Sean “Jay-Z” Carter told Gotham magazine, “MGMT turned me down.”

Maybe MGMT did not like his lyrics and Illuminati and devilish references in his music and performances. The funny thing is that they work for Sony Music, and their website uses similar occult symbolism: a pyramid; black and white Masonic-inspired floor. They are sell-outs too.

See our articles in the Occult section for more information:

When the journalist asked Jay-Z what else he wants to accomplish, he said, “Go to the moon.”

Jay-Z is the creative director of Rocawear and majority owner of Roc Apparel, Rocawear’s men’s licensee. He and his business partners sold the company in 2007 for $204 million to Iconix Brand Group. Also, he is a part owner of the NBA’s New Jersey Nets and owner of NY 40/40 Club.

The photo is from the “Run This Town” “making-of” music video with Jay-Z wearing the famous saying of occultist Devil-worshipper Aleister Crowley: “Do what thou wilt.”

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Jay-Z Brainwashes People with Rihanna's Help Allegedly

Our correspondent Kobi Duran was in attendance at Jay-Z’s concert on Sunday Nov. 8 at the Pauley Pavilion at UCLA.

The concert included surprise guest Rihanna.

Together they not only entertained the thousands of people in the crowd but were also seemingly incorporating mind control reinforcement techniques and pledging allegiance to secret societies, such as the Illuminati cult.

Rihanna performed “Run This Town” with Jay-Z and sang her new song “Hard.”

“I considered myself a very big Jay-Z fan since 2003 when basketball teammates in college introduced me to his music. I didn’t like rap much, mostly because my parents were very much against it. But when I heard Jay, and his use of classical instruments, intelligent lyrics, and he was very ambitious and had a seemingly inspirational theme to his message, I found my one link to hip hop. It was easier to identify with my peers as well,” said Kobi.

“I once thought it was harmless music with catchy phrases from an intelligent rap artist. Unlike the trash that is coming out now from these guys like T-Payne, Drake, and whatever. I thought Jay-Z was the best thing poppin’ in modern music since 2003. I am repulsed to my core at how wrong I was.

“After at least five songs he chanted from ‘Run This Town:’ ‘We are; Yeah I said it we are; This is Roc Nation; Pledge your allegiance.’”

“It was horrible. He is brainwashing us, the youth of this nation and the world. The only thing anyone should be pledging allegiance to is their country and the Lord. For him to repeatedly have the audience chant those words is direct and not any type of innocent play on words.

“The devotion people had for him live was like pagan worship. Rhianna looked like a witch up there with her slicked up hair and black clothing. They are resembling the Death Metal rock bands that people think is so grotesque. But if you put a catchy tune, and Rhianna’s hypnotic voice on top, all of a sudden its not demonic in nature? It’s cool?

“Of course this is all fun and games to people who do not believe or are ‘unsure’ of the presence of a true and living God. We can all rest assured that Jay-Z is not uncertain at all. He knows for a fact the presence of God, and he is in direct opposition to Him. You cannot serve two masters. Jigga is on one side, and our Lord, Jesus is on the other.

Kobi reports, “This was my second concert seeing him. I went to his concert at the Grand Re-Opening of the Palladium in Hollywood last November. This time around, my father urged me to watch not as a fan, but an outside observer. Some of the things I saw last year came back again this time, but certain behaviors from him and the audience were a bit more extreme and scared me. Probably because I didn’t allow myself to get swept up in the emotion of the event.

“There were images of black crosses on red background for a song called ‘Lucifer.’ That happened last year too. I was irked by it last year, but I gave it a pass before because the song sounds like he is praying to God asking him to forgive him for the bad things he does: drug dealing; murder; gangster things; etc.”

Kobi further explains the alleged brainwashing: “The Roc Nation pledge thing was new. He didn’t do that last year, but the song ‘Run This Town’ wasn’t out November of 2008 either. It was very scary. A blatant and outright demand for people’s loyalty. The easiest and catchiest part of the top single of the album. Talk about a “Blueprint” for destruction.

“The Roc symbol is a standard at the concerts, of course. I don’t recall them putting it up to their eye, though.

“Memphis Bleek, a sub-par rapper in his crew that rides his coattails, would often invoke the crowd to ‘throw up the Roc’ in tribute to Jay. Almost like a a herald for him. I could be reaching for that one, as every rapper has a lesser guy(s) with them that pumps the crowd up for him.

“As for other things, he had the WEIRDEST t-shirt ever. I could not for the life of me figure out what the hell it was. All I can say about it is the shirt had thin alternating black an white lines with a weird coiled rope symbol on it. Not Greek – I know my math symbols – so could be Egyptian. It was very hypnotic because you can’t focus on it. It looked like the letter C with a small bulb/circle/ball connected to the top inside of the arc of the symbol. I can’t find it anywhere on the Internet.

Upon later examination of Jay-Z’s shirt, we found that it seems to be a version of the Eye of Horus Egyptian Lucifer/Devil symbol that is used by groups such as the Illuminati and the Freemasons. It looks similar to the Time Warner Cable symbol.

One can see his shirt in the video below.

Jay-Z has worn the Eye of Horus before on clothing, and his Roc hand symbol is a version of the Eye of Horus pledging his allegiance to the spirit, allegedly. He has demonstrated his alleged allegiance to these groups repeatedly and has expressed his admiration of occultist Devil-worshiper Aleister Crowley.

Even rapper Prodigy said in 2008 that Jay-Z sold-out and “chose sides with evil to be accepted in the corporate world” and “promotes the lifestyle of the Beast [Devil].”

See our Prodigy article here:

One can read more about Jay-Z’s alleged dealings in our other articles here:

“His concerts are visual “treats” with lots of flashing colors and subliminal messages. Some obvious, others not so. This concert did incorporate small red pyramid symbols flashing across the screen. they were so awkward and out of place that they must have a purpose. I have never seen a pyramid in any of the logos or albums, but this little red triangle was all over the big screen for a whole entire song. I could not think of any innocent reason to flash that symbol for that long,” said Kobi.

The pyramids are symbols also used by the cult of the Illuminati and the brotherhood of the Freemasons because they symbolize their ownership of ancient knowledge from the ancient Egyptian and Sumerian mystery schools and alien gods the Anunnaki.

Also, the structure of these modern-day groups are set-up so that knowledge is only passed down from the elite members at the top to several members below them. Those members then educate the people below them in a pyramid scheme, but certain secret knowledge is never passed down to the lowest level members until they earn their way in the elite class according to Freemason authors and leaders, such as Albert Pike and Manly P. Hall and modern author Jim Marrs.

“One last thing. If Jay-z ever stands idle and doesn’t say anything, the crowd will chant ‘Ho-va, Ho-va’ until he speaks again to mimic the ‘Encore’ song from the Black Album. It happens everywhere and every time without provocation,” Kobi said about the concert.

He also described how he used to feel about Jay-Z: “I felt safe. That is wrong. No one is safe from influences of this nature, especially because his words carry such an inspirational vibe. He is attractive to both poor and rich, strong and weak, achiever and slacker.

“I was a fan yesterday of Jay-Z. He was the only rapper I liked. His swag is appealing and attractive. But he is wrong. I am sad today, but nothing is going to keep me from my Lord. And he is trying to do just that. Sorry Jigga. I am emptying out my iPhone, my CD player of his material. His musical genius, however he received it, is not worth my soul.

“Ask yourself this. Who or what is your god? And is it truly worth the devotion and attention you give it?”

The concert was marketed by Live Nation that has a new joint venture with Jay-Z as Roc Nation. The event held on UCLA’s campus gave substantial discounts to students.

Jay-Z will also be performing at other colleges around the U.S. targeting the very desirable 18-25 audience. One stop is Vanderbilt University, which was established by CNN newscaster Anderson Cooper’s family.

Other celebrities attending the UCLA concert included: Jamie Foxx; Justin Timberlake; Jessica Beil; James Blunt; Nicole Richie; Lindsay Lohan’s girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

Here is a YouTube video of Sunday’s concert:

The photo is of Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West in NYC in September.

The second is Rihanna making the alleged Eye of Horus occult sign of allegiance on her new Rated R album cover, and the third is a screen shot from the “Umbrella” music video with Rihanna bowing seemingly inside a Freemason Illuminati triangle/pyramid creating the head and horns of the Devil with her body.

One can read more about Jay-Z and Rihanna’s alleged occult and devilish dealings in our other articles here:

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Population Earth: 500 Million. Reexamining the Illuminati's Master Plan

Despite its inherent madness and insanity, one has to admit that from a certain perspective, the Illuminati's supposed intent to eliminate a large portion of human beings from the Earth through economic, biological, psychological, and spiritual warfare actually makes sense.

Whoa - back up!

Have I lost it?

Well, no. I haven't.

For the record, allow me to state that as of yet, I have not received the vaccine injection - (and neither do I intend to, after having performed extensive research). No person has contacted or bribed or coerced me. No mind-altering substances course my veins. Rather, I'm simply looking at our current predicament as a species through a bird's eye view.

You see, when one is in the air at 55,000 feet and looking down from a window towards our glorious planet Earth, it becomes ridiculously easy to let the mind wander and start thinking about our existence through a deity's mindset. So please indulge my temporary delusion and jump on with me for the ride, will you? I promise it will be interesting.

Earth's population currently sits at nearly 6.8 billion human beings. If the Georgia Guidestones are correctly interpreted, then what may be setting itself up to take place soon is a culling of the human herd - to the tune of 500 million people being spared from death. Obviously, that means a lot of people will soon be having a very bad day - if the supposed plan works out.

But is such a plan even likely to exist? And if so, is it feasible?

Any rational mind would conclude upon looking at our state of being upon planet Earth that we stand on thin ice in terms of whether or not our kind is sure to exist and evolve within the next few years. With ever increasing numbers of people gobbling up an ever shrinking pool of natural resources, we are headed down a treacherous path. And if the natural world is anything to go by these days, what usually happens in such scenarios is one of two things:

1) We will continue to multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and we die off in huge numbers from malnutrition and disease, leaving behind a scarred and damaged planet.

2) We will somehow 'wake up' and undergo a paradigm shift and collectively reduce our numbers just in time before calamity strikes through a self imposed moratorium or slowing down of our birth rate.

The bottom line is that we are in deep trouble. And if something is not done soon to help or force us to reverse course or change direction, most of us will die prematurely.

Now, the sheer genius and practicality of the way that the world is set up makes it easy for an elite group of wealthy and influential individuals to kill us off. How? Well, for one, you need to be smart enough to realize that you shouldn't participate in the massacre yourself. You need henchmen and proxies for that. Your only role is to guide and direct them and to make certain they know their pay and livelihood depends upon their loyalty. As scary as it sounds, it is perfectly reasonable to assume that even if law enforcement and military personnel bring us into concentration camps during a pandemic, that they themselves will not be tuned in to the atrocities that might take place soon after. In fact, they would think they are doing the right and just thing for everyone involved. The compartmentalization of information and duties so often found within the military industrial complex serves perfectly here as well: maintain a strong and secure chain of command while making sure no one possesses the big picture. Especially do not let anyone know that the virus or element responsible for killing off the masses was artificially created. The average soldier or officer would simply see people being killed by a naturally occurring virus and the bodies needing to be disposed of efficiently and quickly. And if several thousand people become infected and need to be quarantined, then at least they can live in relative comfort until their symptoms worsen or improve. No violence, no guilt. Easy.

Insidious, isn't it?

Okay, so why do it in the first place? I mean, why would anyone in their right mind actually set this scenario up to begin with?

There are many reasons. The first one is economics. At the risk of highlighting the obvious, many people love money and power so much that everything else in their life has become eclipsed. We're not talking about mere millionaire bosses and foremen. We're referring to multinationals. People who are so rich and influential that they no longer consider themselves to be part of any country or group aside their own. Heck, these people probably don't even consider themselves to be human. Sex with anyone they want, the power to purchase anything their heart desires, employees and associates that scramble to give them attention whenever they walk into a room - they like to believe they have it all. That kind of presence and power tends to scramble and distort one's thinking. Such individuals might easily coalesce and put together a series of events leading up towards the currently unfolding nightmarish scenarios. Whatever big happening or event you see taking place now, you can almost bet it was thought up decades ago. Chaos might happen in an instant, but it takes time to set the pieces.

The second reason these twisted souls might wish to cleanse the Earth is that they actually believe they're doing something good. They think it is both just and righteous to take matters into their own hands by guiding and influencing human destiny - even if that path leads towards the annihilation of many. They have the time, interest, money, influence, and resources, so why not do it? In the end, they reason to themselves, future generations will be thankful for actions taken now.

The third (and scariest) reason has to do with religion. As crazy as it sounds, there are people out there (and probably right within your own neighborhood) who would kill to be able to force or flush out a Messiah to return to fix Earth's problems. The power of prophecy and sainthood (even in its most perverted sense) has a powerful pull upon many. And if a crisis can be generated to achieve this surreal goal, then people involved in such schemes will do anything it takes to do so. Nothing (and I don't say this lightly) can stand in their way.

But in the end, crises, whether artificially created or not, always have a way of sorting themselves out. The big problem I have with this entire Illuminati operation isn't its evilness or insanity. It's the logistics. Both Rome and Germany proved that spreading yourself too thin is the best way to lose your power and influence. Sooner or later, you'll get found out. And as the saying goes; ' once the people lose it all, they lose it'. The 'powers that be' had better rethink their strategy if they think that a mandatory vaccination program will find the masses willingly showing up at clinics or moving into camps. Instead, I strongly and confidently predict worldwide rioting and resistance at levels the world has not seen before. No military or law enforcement force anywhere will be able to cope and deal adequately with the unrest such decision making will create. Heads would roll from the top down, trust in that.

In terms of the Swine Flu pandemic, I am reminded of a certain crop circle formation that took place in June 2009. The formation resembled the international biological hazard symbol. Did ETs or interdimensionals know of the trials and plight we would find ourselves in later this year? My bet is that they did.

I'd like to propose another exit strategy for our kind, one that although it does not seem responsible or likely to occur, might still be possible: direct intervention and guidance by an outside element (the famed Deus Ex Machina scenario). Angels? Spirits? Extraterrestrials or interdimensionals? Take your pick. When one is knee deep in manure as we are at this time, any thrown line is grabbed onto. The straws ran out a long time ago, that's for sure.

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Madonna's Illuminati Evil Eye Performance & The Occult

Here is a video from Madonna’s recent Sticky and Sweet Tour that makes Madonna look like the devil savior of her minions engulfed in hellish flames. Madonna is performing “Like a Prayer” in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She is such a deranged person her tour is named after the Sticky and Sweet tour of the overly sexualized, religiously-disrespectful pop-tart Cora in the Drew Barrymore movie Music and Lyrics. She must think it was funny that the movie was mocking her.

On the video screens, she has the Illuminati Eye of Horus shown almost the whole time. That single left eye has never been considered a good thing. It has represented the Egyptian Lucifer Horus, the Evil Eye, etc.

At the concert various names for God are displayed, and by the end of the song, a Matrix-like light screen descends with some words on it saying, “We have…[cannot discern] Light…To it we shall Return.”

The screen envelops her, it shows a cross and then the cross disappears, the white words become red with black, and Madonna is engulfed in flames.

Is the light really a good thing? At the very least, one should not be burning an image of a cross; i.e. Romans burning Christians; the KKK. It seems like the “light” of Lucifer touted by the elite Mason Albert Pike who revised and invented the modern Freemason rituals in his texts, such as Morals and Dogma. He was also he founder of the KKK. Many of Pike’s revisions of the Masonic rituals have roots from Kabbalah that has roots from ancient Egyptian and Sumerian mystery schools. Madonna famously practices Kabbalah.

As you can see in the old picture, Madonna is wearing a jacket with the Freemason pyramid and the illuminated Eye of Horus/Providence/the Great Architect on it and the Latin phrase “Novus Ordo Seclorum” below the symbols that means New Secret Order. A similar image is on the U.S. dollar bill because many founding fathers of the U.S. were Masons.

Former elite Freemason William Schnoebelen stated in Masonry: Beyond the Light, p. 197 referring to Pike: “Anyone who knows their Scripture and thinks of themselves as ‘Christian’ should feel right now like they have been slapped alongside their head with a two-by-four! This Masonic author has just told you that the Light to which Masons constantly refer, and toward which they are to constantly move, is the Religion of Horus! This is damning, because in Egyptian Mythology, Horus IS Lucifer.”

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Reptilians, Gila monsters, UFOs and politicians

It has long been rumored and joked about that politicians are reptiles. Both metaphorically and literally presidents, newscasters and senators have been believed to be reptilians. Rumors and conspiracies have flown around websites, forums and Youtube. The said giveaways of a disguised reptilian are frequent tongue licking, strange blinking eyes (sometimes blinking from the sides, i.e. Larry King) and appearance of morphing and/or shape-shifting in appearance. The Bush family has been accused of being reptilians as well as Larry King and John McCain. Conspiracy theorist David Icke even wrote about how President Clinton was once being mind controlled by a reptilian extraterrestrial.

We have all seen the show “V”, with the shape shifting extraterrestrials. How about Odo from Deep Space Nine? The theory of a race of reptilian looking extraterrestrials is an age old story that is in some African folklore. Statues and ancient art show depictions of bi-pedal reptilian looking creatures as well. The mythological name for this reptilian race is typically referred to as the Anunnaki. Quetzalcoatl is a very well known reptilian looking myth as well. There are rumors that these races of reptilian extraterrestrial come from the Planet Nibiru that passes by Earth every 3,500 years. The Anunnaki appear in the Babylonian creation myth and in religious texts ranging from Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

David Icke and other radical thinkers believe that reptilian reptoids originate from the Alpha Draconis star system. David Icke also explains how reptilian humanoids feed off of negative energy, this is why they are politicians who rule the world and keep war a constant entity on earth. Author Zecharia Sitchin who wrote about the Anunnaki, UFOs, and ancient astronauts had much to say on this theory. However, Sitchin usually referred to these reptilians as looking perfectly humanoid in his book 12th Planet. Timothy Leary and others did experiments where people took LSD and various hallucinogenics. They noticed that during their experience the members all saw the same people as looking like reptiles.

There are plenty of rumors, websites and writings on the topic of reptilian shape-shifters who prefer the occupation of being a politician. Reports of reptilians have come in all over the world including Netherlands and the Dolce military base in New Mexico. There is not any empirical evidence that a race of reptoids is controlling planet earth. Nevertheless it is a popular rumor that has been used to tie into the whole apocalypse-new-world-order-illuminati-doomsday-2012 fiasco. So don’t be surprised if President Obama, Denver’s Governor Bill Ritter or your local mayor is dressed up as reptoids, alligators, snakes or Reptile from Mortal Kombat this Halloween.

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Sinister Sites - Illuminati Pyramid in Blagnac, France

Located in a suburb of Toulouse, the “Place de la Révolution” is probably one of the most blatant displays of Illuminati designs in existence: a huge pyramid hovering atop a map of the world. Located in a suburb of Toulouse, the "Place de la Revolution" is probably one of the most blatant displays of Illuminati designs in existence: a huge pyramid hovering atop a map of the world. The symbolical meaning of this structure reveals a rather grim and elitist ideology and seems to confirm the conspiracy theorist's claims: [...] Symbolical The meaning of this structure reveals a rather grim and Elitist Ideology and seems to confirm the conspiracy theorist's claims: [...]

This article is the second part of Lady Gaga, the Illuminati Puppet. This article is the second part of Lady Gaga, The Illuminati Puppet. The first article, published in August 2009, analyzed the occult meaning behind Gaga's photo shoots and videos. The first article, published in August 2009, analyzed the occult meaning behind Gaga's photo shoots and videos. We've seen that a great deal of her symbolism revolves around occultism, secret societies and references to mind control. We've seen that a great deal of symbolism revolves around her occultism, secret societies and references to mind control. This article analyzes Gaga's latest media and [...] This article Analyzes Gaga's latest media and [...]

Although most world leaders are not Jewish, Hebrew principles and symbolism are of great importance in elite circles. Although most world leaders are not Jewish, Hebrew principles and symbolism are of great importance in elite circles. The teachings of the Kabalah (esoteric Judaism) are at the core of Freemasonry, a brotherhood which held within its ranks most of the Founding Fathers of the United States. The teachings of the Kabalah (esoteric Judaism) are at the core of Freemasonry, A brotherhood Which held within its ranks most of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Did this influence have a great impact on [...] Did this influence have a great impact on [...]

Has the course of History been directed by a small group of people with common interests? The Course of History has been directed by a small group of people with common interests? The paintings and pictures of the great men of the past centuries reveal a common thread which links them together. The paintings and pictures of the great men of the past centuries Which reveal a common thread links them together. Is it a coincidence that many of them hid one of their hands when posing for a portrait? Is it a coincidence that many of them hid one of their hands When posing for a portrait? It [...] It [...]

With its memorable story and its cast of colorful characters, the Wizard of Oz quickly became an American classic. With its memorable story and its cast of colorful characters, The Wizard of Oz quickly became an American classic. More than a hundred years after the release of this book, kids everywhere are still enchanted by Oz's world of wonder. More than a hundred years after the release of this book, kids everywhere are still enchanted by Oz's world of wonder. Few, however, recognize that, under its deceptive simplicity, the story of the Wizard of Oz [...] Few, however, recognize that, under its deceptive simplicity, the story of the Wizard of Oz [...]

The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

From unexpected drama to shocking performances, MTV's 2009 Video Music Awards managed once again to raise eyebrows and get people talking. From unexpected drama to shocking performances, MTV's 2009 Video Music Awards once again managed to raise eyebrows and get people talking. What most people missed, however, were the occult meanings encoded in the VMAs. What most people missed, however, were the occult meanings encoded in the VMAs. The TV event was in fact a large scale occult ceremony, complete with an initiation, a prayer and even a blood sacrifice. The TV event was in fact a large scale occult ceremony, complete with an initiation, a prayer and even a blood sacrifice. [...] [...]

Beyonce's “Sweet Dreams” video is viewed by most people as being merely “sexy” or “fashion” but not many get its occult meaning. Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams" video is viewed by most people as Merely being "sexy" or "fashion" but not many get its occult meaning. Hidden in the symbolism of the video and in the song's lyrics are references to dark themes: possession and mind control. Hidden in the symbolism of the video and in the song's lyrics are references to dark themes: possession and mind control.

If you read my other article on Beyonce called “Beyonce to Sasha Fierce [...] If you read my other article on Beyonce called "Beyonce to Sasha Fierce [...]

Jay-Z's latest video called “Run This Town” (featuring Rihanna and Kanye West) contains occult symbolism relating to secret societies. Jay-Z's latest video called "Run This Town" (featuring Rihanna And Kanye West) contains occult symbolism Relating to secret societies. It has been long rumored that Jay-Z is part of some sort of occult order (probably Freemasonry) due to the hints slipped in his songs and his imagery. ”Run This Town” certainly adds fuel to the fire. It has been long rumored that Jay-Z is part of some sort of occult order (probably Freemasonry) due to the hints slipped into his songs and his imagery. "Run This Town" certainly adds fuel to the fire. We'll look at the symbolism in this song [...] We'll look at the symbolism in this song [...]

9/11 has inspired a myriad of memorials who are scattered all across America. 9 / 11 has inspired a myriad of memorials who are scattered all across America. Some of them are of questionable taste, others contain strange occult symbolism while others simply piss people off. Some of them are of questionable taste, others contain strange occult symbolism while others simply piss people off. Here's the five most offensive. Here's the five most offensive.

9/11 was a terrible tragedy, no matter who made it happen **cough** Rumsfeld **cough cough ** False flag terror ** [...] 9 / 11 was a terrible tragedy, no matter who made it happen Rumsfeld ** cough ** ** cough cough ** ** False flag terror [...]

The movie industry is a tightly knit oligarchy, owned by a very limited number of media companies. The movie industry is a tightly knit oligarchy, owned by a very limited number of media companies. It has produced a constant flow of films promoting specific agendas or encouraging certain behaviors. It has produced a constant flow of films promoting specific agendas or encouraging certain behaviors. Transformers 2 is a movie thoroughly adapted to today's context, where a New World Order is being sold to the people. Transformers 2 movie is a thoroughly adapted to today's context, where a New World Order is being sold to the people. Here's an [...] Here's an [...]

During the last years, a new trend appeared in Hollywood: secret societies being at the center of movie intrigues. Some might find this surprising since secret societies are supposed to be…well…secret. During the last years, a new trend appeared in Hollywood: secret societies being at the center of movie intrigues. "Some might find this surprising since secret societies are supposed to be ... well ... secret. Many people in the movie industry are part of those Brotherhoods so what is the reasoning behind this? Many people in the movie industry are part of those Brotherhoods so what is the reasoning behind this? We'll look at the myth Hollywood is trying [...] We'll look at the Hollywood myth is trying [...]

Big corporations pay millions in public relations to make customers associate their brand with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Big corporations pay millions in public relations to make customers their brand associated with a warm and fuzzy feeling. It is imperative that the soulless and inherently greedy nature of the corporation be hidden behind a family-friendly facade. It is imperative that the inherently soulless and greedy nature of the Corporation be hidden behind a family-friendly facade. But some companies just don't give a hoot. But some companies just do not give a hoot. They hate you, your family and especially your cat and [...] They hate you, your family and especially your cat and [...]

Pyramid and All-Seeing Eye – Their Occult Meaning and Use in Corporate Logos Pyramid and All-Seeing Eye - Occult Meaning and Their Use in Corporate Logos

The Pyramid and the All-Seeing Eye on the American dollar bill are the ultimate “conspiracy theory” symbol. The Pyramid and the All-Seeing Eye on the American dollar bill are the ultimate "conspiracy theory" symbol. And there's a good reason for that. And there's a good reason for that. They reveal at the same time who the conspirators are, where they're from and where they want to go. At the same time they reveal who the conspirators are, where they're from and where they want to go. The fact that the Great Seal is an occult and Masonic is a [...] The fact that the Great Seal is an occult and Masonic is a [...]

You might not know it, but the entire world has been worshiping Saturn for thousands of years. You might not know it, but the entire world has been worshiping Saturn for thousands of years. The cult has never stopped and its rites are still present to this day. The cult has never stopped and its rites are still present to this day. Saturn, dubbed the “Lord of the Rings”, is the reason why we exchange rings at weddings or put halos on the heads of godly [...] Saturn, dubbed the "Lord of the Rings", is the reason why we exchange rings at weddings or put halos on the heads of godly [...]

During the 20th century, urban environments got taken over by corporate logos. During the 20th century, urban environments got taken over by corporate logos. Studies have reported that an average person is exposed to about a thousand logos a day. Studies have reported that an average person is exposed to about a thousand a day logos. Few people however ponder on the symbolic meaning of these marketing tools and their occult origins. Few people however ponder on the symbolic meaning of these marketing tools and their occult origins. This article analyzes the esoteric origin of some well known corporate logos. This article Analyzes The Esoteric origin of some well known corporate logos.

Logo overkill Logo overkill

Think about where [...] Think about where [...]

Omarion's Icebox is a dark song with a compelling melody but some critics did not appreciate the strangeness of the video. Omarion's Icebox is a dark song with a compelling melody but some critics did not appreciate the strangeness of the video. The general opinion is that the visuals had nothing to do with the song's lyrics, they were too dark or totally incomprehensible. The general opinion is that the visuals had nothing to do with the song's lyrics, they were too dark or totally incomprehensible. Other people simply stated that the video disturbed them. Other people simply stated that the video disturbed them. Their gut feeling was right because [...] Their gut feeling was right Because [...]

Along with her new album, Beyonce has presented her fans to a new alter-ego named Sasha Fierce. The singer affirms that this new persona is the fun, more sexual and more aggressive side of her. Along with her new album, Beyonce has presented her fans to a new alter-ego named Sasha Fierce. The singer affirms that this new person is the fun, more sexual and more aggressive side of her. This is however the “general public” version of the story. This is however the "general public" version of the story. The esoteric meaning revealed by the symbols surrounding this new persona is [...] The esoteric meaning revealed by the symbols surrounding this new person is [...]

Rihanna's “Disturbia” is a catchy pop song getting played on the radio, TV and by DJs around the world. Do people realize that this song is about being possessed by Evil? Rihanna's "Disturbia" is a catchy pop song getting played on the radio, TV and by DJs around the world. Do people realize that this song is about being possessed by Evil? Why are those messages being hammered into the minds of young people? Why are those messages being hammered into the minds of young people? This is an analysis of the song's lyrics and visuals. This is an analysis of the song's lyrics and visuals.
Note: This article is the second part of Occult [...] Note: This article is the second part of Occult [...]

Why did Elton John dub Lady Di “England's Rose”? Why did Elton John Lady Di dub "England's Rose"? Was it because she was beautiful or because the rose has a deep occult meaning? Was it Because she was beautiful or Because the rose has a deep occult meaning? This article explores the numerous occult symbols used in the memorials to Diana's memory. This article explores the numerous occult symbols used in the memorials to Diana's memory. To occultists, Diana wasn't simply a princess, she represents the Sacred Feminine. To occultists, Diana was not simply a princess, she represents the Sacred Feminine.

Lady Diana was often considered by [...] Lady Diana was often considered by [...]

Warning: the analysis of this song deals with very disturbing subject matters. Warning: the analysis of this song deals with very disturbing subject matters.
What is Rihanna's Umbrella song about? What is Rihanna's song Umbrella about? First times I've heard this song, I was confused. First times I've heard this song, I was confused. Is it about a woman's unconditional friendship for her man? Is it about a woman's unconditional friendship for her man? Is it a “sexy song”? Is it a "sexy song? At face value, it seems so. At face value, it seems so. However, if you listen closely to Rihanna and [...] However, if you listen closely to Rihanna and [...]

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