Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Obama sworn in as ‘World President’

The stars have aligned for radical liberals worldwide. America’s Barack Obama is positioning himself to become the world’s first de facto president. Just a short time ago he was a mere college professor opining on important issues such as health care, education and poverty in the United States. Now, he is taking on more daunting issues such as a “new world order” in the form of foreign appeasement and the surrender of the United States currency to foreign dictators.

Didn’t he look comfy this week in the big chair with the gavel? It was frighteningly emperor-esque.

Obama’s latest dysfunctional escapade came this week in front of a worldwide audience at the U.N. General Assembly Hall in New York City. As Obama proudly proclaimed that “America will no longer be looked at as a go at it alone nation” world leaders sat and chuckled. Certainly this was a hoorah moment for every anti-Israeli in the crowd.

The truth is Obama’s message was the same song sung over and over again by liberal Democrats who view America as the world’s problem. This was America’s apology tour part deux again on display in front of the world, only this time in a more condescending and arrogant persona.

Since taking office, Barack Obama has surrendered much of America’s national security in the form of weak foreign policies and radical appeasement. Recent headlines have even shown us that Afghanistan is on the verge of total collapse. This week was no different. The U.N. Security Council passed a resolution professing the end of a world with nuclear weapons. Yea, right.

Obama and the “do-gooders” honestly feel the world will sit idly by and hope that Iran’s despot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will comfortably abide by any resolutions or sanctions from Western leaders. Do Obama and the rest of the naïve world believe that tough words work against psychopath’s intent on destroying entire countries? The majority of Americans who still remember 9-11 don’t. Again, the purpose of Obama’s presidency is not to change how the world looks at America, but how Americans look at America. He needs a badly divided nation.

With the Obama administration open to a new world currency, Americans can start pinning a date on their calendars when it is official; America will end its global power. In fact, a lot of financial and economic experts are already warming up the engines for the first plane ride out of town.

CNN calls Obama 'President of the World'

Within the last few days Americans have been witnessing more radical initiatives by the United Nations aimed at solving world issues. Take for instance that Obama adviser and former Carter Administration Security Adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski has suggested that the U.S. shoot down Israeli jets should they take action against Iran’s nuclear build-up. The biblical and prophecy scholars have to be jumping up and down in disgust as the Bible clearly spells out that “all nations” will turn on Israel in the final days. Even if you are not one who follows religion all of this translates into a real mess not only for America, but for the rest of the world.

Something extremely bad is brewing here at home, and at a rapid pace. Most Americans can’t really put their fingers on it at this point; however the rest of the world is anxiously watching how fast the United States of America becomes the next Roman Empire.

Maybe the world will not have to wait too long after the recent swearing in of New World President Barack Obama.

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...basks in role of world savior

Something is really going on over the last few days. You can smell it in the air like springtime. There is hope of Global Communism. The two Presidents are dueling for prime time television spots, and romancing the American public. A-ha ha ha, these two are showing the Reptilians in the media how snake charming should be done.
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Obama did the grand slam last Sunday shows from Meet the Press to Face the Nation and This Week attempting to defuse the acrimony over his health care agenda, and it went very well. Good going! And if that were not enough now former President Clinton waltzed through the television networks with his global message for the opening of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City held during the convening of the United Nations.

Read more at:

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Obama Nation G20 Pittsburgh Summit Closing Comments

US Dollar under scrutiny at G20 summit as calls made for new Global currency

Toward the end of the press conference, Obama was asked what he thought about the estimated 5,000 or so protesters marching Downtown. He quickly praised Pittsburgh and noted that the number of protesters was far greater at other summits of this type. The last one, in London, he said, had protesters in the hundreds of thousands.

Obama called it "a very tranquil summit."

As for the causes of the protesters, Obama said the unruly ones are "directed generically at capitalism," and found it ironic that the main goal of the G-20 Summit is to help the average person.

"It is important to make sure the market is working for regular people," he said.

The summit's end result was an agreement to work together to "generate strong, sustainable and balanced global growth."

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Obamanation doesn't understand what fasism is

Nazi imagery has baffled the Obamanation at the G20 summit

Obama Quotes Anon. World Leader: 'We Don't Understand' Hitler Comparisons
Black Caucus Foundation dinner last night, discussing false claims made about the health care reform bill, told a little anecdote. "I was up at the G20 -- just a little aside -- I was up at the G20, and some of you saw those big flags and all the world leaders come in and Michelle and I are shaking hands with them," the president said. "One of the leaders -- I won't mention who it was -- he comes up to me. We take the picture, we go behind. "He says, 'Barack, explain to me this health care debate.' "He says, 'We don't understand it. You're trying to make sure everybody has health care and they're putting a Hitler mustache on you -- I don't -- that doesn't make sense to me. Explain that to me.'" Asked who this was, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs would say only "a world leader."

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FBI Releases Long Secret Tapes Of Oklahoma City Bombing

Oklahoma City bombing tapes erased - ‎18 hours ago‎
Security tapes of the Oklahoma City bombing just released had key sections erased. Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue obtained the security camera ...

None show the actual explosion outside the at 9:02 a.m. on April 19, 1995.

The soundless recordings do show people rushing from nearby buildings in the minutes after the fertilizer bomb went off.

In some, people flee their buildings through corridors cluttered with fallen debris.

The FBI this summer released more than 20 recordings made from surveillance camera tapes recovered in downtown Oklahoma City.

A attorney, , obtained the recordings through the federal . He is performing his own inquiry into the bombing.

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Bill Clinton warns vast right-wing conspiracy is targeting Obama

US Federal Judges Flee As “Nazi” Dirty Bomb Plot Unravels\

Russian Military Analysts are reporting to Prime Minister Putin today that American forces loyal to President Obama are continuing to unravel the plot to detonate a number of nuclear weaponized “dirty bombs” within the United States by rogue CIA-al Qaeda terrorists in order to bring down the US leader, and as we had previously reported on in our September 21st report US Fears “Nazi” Dirty Bomb Explosion Imminent.

According to these reports, at least two of these dirty bombs have been defused and their “suicide handlers” apprehended, one being a Jordanian man named Hosam Maher Husein Smad planning to detonate his dirty bombs in Dallas, Texas, and the other named Michael Finton (also known as Talib Islam) planning to detonate his dirty bomb in Springfield, Illinois.

These GRU reports further state that loyal Obama forces have increased the charges against two Blackwater private army forces members, Daniel Patrick Boyd and Hysen Sherifi, who it was discovered in the unraveling of the dirty bomb plot were also targeting the US Marine Base located in Quantico, Virginia.

The unraveling of this plot began with an attempt to assassinate President Obama and the uncovering of the rogue CIA-Mossad terror cell in New York City behind it, and as we had previously reported on in our September 15th report Russia Reports Obama ‘Hit Team’ Taken Down In New York, Top Leader Suicided, and which led to apprehension of the Mossad plot “controller” named Najibullah Zazi

Upon Zazi being brought back to New York City from his “base of operations” at the mysterious and secretive Denver International Airport, these reports continue, he was brought into a US Federal Court by loyal Obama forces intending to level terrorism charges against him, but were “immediately thwarted” after 3 US Federal Judges (Nina Gershon, Carol Amon and Sandra Townes), after being [DELETE FROM US-UK REPORT] by [DELETE FROM US-UK REPORT] refused to have Zazi brought into their courtrooms.

After a series of what these reports call “tense and high-level” negotiations between US Homeland Security Forces and top agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Zazi was finally brought for charges before Raymond Dearie, Chief Judge of the Eastern District of New York who was appointed by President Reagan and known to be a supporter of the Obama faction of the American government.

Important to note about the factions currently at war within the power corridors of Washington are the fears of the Obama loyal FBI against what they describe as the “growing and fearful tentacles” intent upon the militarization of the United States emanating from that countries Homeland Security Department that was thrust upon the American people in the aftermath of 9/11 and modeled after the dreaded Nazi German Schutzstaffel (SS), even to having the exact same phrase emblazoned upon their seal the Latin words “Coniuncti Perstabimus”, meaning “Yoked Together to Endure.”

Also interesting to note from these reports was that upon Obama learning of the plots against him, he began a series of “negotiations” with factions loyal to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, who then dispatched with “utmost speed” British Chief of Defense Staff, Air Chief Marshall Sir Jock Stirrup to Israel to meet in secret with his Israeli counterpart Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of General Staff Lieutenant.-General Gabi Ashkenazi where the Mossad was “put on notice” to end their terror links with the CIA or face “complete destruction”.

[Note: Queen Elizabeth II is said to share Obama’s “deep hatred” of the Vatican (ingrained in her since birth by her namesake ancestor, Queen Elizabeth I who, likewise, battled to the death against Rome) and had become particularly enraged after former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s “surprise” resignation only to show up the next day at the feet of the Pope to “seal” his conversion to Catholicism to begin his campaign to become the first European President upon the final passage of the dreaded Lisbon Treaty.]

To which of those factions will gain supremacy in the United States over its government and people it is not in our knowing, other than to note the deadly seriousness of their actions. Including the shocking new law introduced in America that according to the World Net Daily News Service calls for the Secretary of Homeland Security “to establish no fewer than six national emergency centers for corralling civilians on military installations.”, and which it is now being reported in the US that their Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA, an agency of the Homeland Security Department) has just awarded a $3.2 Billion contract for the building of 67,000 mobile homes to place in these new American Concentration Camps.

Unfortunately, and as always, the true state of affairs ongoing in the United States is being kept from its people by both its propaganda media and government which is leaving these peoples totally defenseless against the greater horrors to come, and which one of their most celebrated writers, Naomi Wolf, has now joined the valiant effort to educate these witless souls by warning them that “the end of America” is upon them.

The courageous Wolf joins another American, prominent trend forecaster Gerald Celente, who in his recent interview with Russia Today has, also, issued a warning to the American people that their Nation is already in the early stages of a new revolutionary war and is further stating that an “Economic Armageddon” is upon them all.

What remains to be seen is if ours, and others, true warnings of these things will be heard by the masses of these Americans before all is lost. We can only pray that our efforts have not been in vain.

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Obama Facebook Poll Asks "Should Obama Be Killed?" (PHOTOS)

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Nazi survivor arrested over Obamanation Hitler poster

Hitler victim blames LaRouche sign for assault

EDMONDS, Wash. -- It was just a sign featuring President Barack Obama with a Hitler mustache.

But one man says what it represents got his blood boiling. And now the 70 year old is facing assault charges.

Supporters of Lyndon LaRouche often stand on sidewalks, passing out brochures outlining their beliefs. One of their latest campaigns involve their accusation against President Obama, whom they believe is trying to revive Adolf Hitler's genocide programs.

When Henry Gasparian saw the LaRouche supporters handing out pictures of the mustachioed president, his anger boiled over.

"I asked them, 'Do you know who Hitler was?' Do you know why you're standing here?'" he said.

But all he got was a casual rebuff, he said.

Coulter suspects liberals behind Obama-as-Hitler posters

Raw Story - David Edwards, Daniel Tencer - ‎Sep 27, 2009‎
Coulter says she suspects that posters of President Barack Obama with a Hitler mustache that appeared at Tea Party rallies are the work of “liberal ...

Obama's Hitler mustache

Seattle Times - ‎Sep 21, 2009‎
I read with astonishment Dwight Davis' letter “Hitler poster out of line,” regarding the inappropriate defacing of an Obama poster, and the resulting ...

Hitler poster provokes Edmonds incident

Seattle Times - Lynn Thompson - ‎Sep 17, 2009‎
So when Gasparian, 70, saw a poster of President Obama with a Hitler mustache... near the entrance to the Edmonds Farmers Market on Sept.

Protesters Compare Obama to Hitler

CBS News - Jeff Greenfield - ‎Sep 18, 2009‎
The more posters we see of our president with a Hitler mustache, the less credibility the right has. They are showing their true colors, are turning off ...

Nazi imagery has baffled a German guest

Philadelphia Inquirer - Roman Deininger - ‎Sep 24, 2009‎
Photoshopped images of President Obama sporting a Hitler mustache or a Nazi uniform seemed to be a required accessory at town-hall meetings across the ...

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Here is how a POLICE STATE looks:

Can you trust your news sources it they do not show you this?
Armed Police Seize University of Pittsburgh Campus, Fire Tear Gas On Students
Pittsburgh University, students gassed and beaten
G20 2009: Police Attack Students at University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh G20 - Riot Police at Towers Patio
Police line advances at G20 protest near University of Pittsburgh

police advance on g20 pittsburgh protesters

Military Making Arrest at G-20 -
Military Police Kidnap G20 Protester, Shove Him Into Unmarked Car
g20 protests! pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Police deny the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech. Call them and tell them how you feel about jackbooted thugs:
Police Chief Nathan Harper 412 323 7800
Mayor's Luke Ravenstahl: 412 255 2626
Emergency Mgmt agency 412 255 2633
Citizens Police Review Board 412 765 8023
Word of these police state tactics may also effect the old pocketbook:

General Information email:

phone: 412.281.7711 toll free: 800.359.0758

Perhaps we should ask: Why would anyone would want to come to Pittsburgh? Is it safe? Is there freedom there? Are civil liberties respected? Is the Constitution in effect?


Regional Enterprise Tower, 30th Floor
425 Sixth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

No pancakes for Obama at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh on fri.

Obama also mentioned the great food in the city, and said he was disappointed he was unable to try the pancakes at Pamela's Diner. However, he noted Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama was "somehow" able to eat them and "found them tasty."

Pittsburgh's Pamela's Diner open for business following G-20 ... - Kim Lyons - ‎Sep 25, 2009‎
Pamela's Diner, a longtime fixture on the Pittsburgh dining scene, reopened for breakfast Friday morning, hours after its windows were smashed during a G-20 ...

Pancake anarchy difficult to digest

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Eric Heyl - ‎Sep 26, 2009‎
It can't be proven, but trust me on that. Were it not for the delectable, airy pancakes served at the six Pamela's Diners in Pittsburgh, ...

First lady makes surprise visit to restaurant

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Jon Schmitz - ‎Sep 25, 2009‎
The first hint that it wasn't going to be a normal morning for waitress Flo Silbach came when an unfamiliar couple ...

Pancakes with the first lady

GlobalPost - ‎Sep 25, 2009‎
The first lady's motorcade, flanked by Secret Service agents and police, arrived in a flurry early Friday morning to the neighborhood of Millvale, ...

The sociopathic police personality: Is it a product of the “Rotten Apple” or the “Rotten Barrel?”
The “Rotten Apple” theory states that deviant police officers are those who psychological testing fails to screen out. This concept is favored by police administrators because it offers a quick and easy solution to police deviant behavior. However, there is a growing body of literature that suggests that it is the stressful occupation that is policing that is the fertile soil from which police deviant behavior springs otherwise known as the “Rotten Barrel” theory. This article shall explore police deviant behavior from the perspective that it is the “Rotten Barrel” that leads to police deviant behavior.
What we are now seeing appears to indicate that psychological testing is being used to locate and hire sociopathic deviants rather than to screen them out. Are the people, who ought to be in prisons or mental institutions, now being given guns and badges? Are the prisons or mental institutions now for religious, or freedom loving people? Sociopathic deviants are the first line of enforcement in every dictatorship.

Watch our Police State with your own eyes.

Speaking about health care reform at the Congressional Black Caucus gala Saturday night, President Obama relayed an anecdote from the G-20 Summit, in which an anonymous world leader said he was dumbfounded over the health care debate -- especially the comparisons to Hitler.

"One of the leaders, I won't mention who it was, he comes up to me and ... he says, 'Barack, explain to me this health care debate.' He says, 'We don't understand it. You're trying to make sure everyone has health care and they're putting a Hitler moustache on you. That doesn't make sense to me, explain that to me,'" Obama said. "He didn't understand."

Signs of Obama sporting a Hitler moustache, mostly from supporters of fringe figure Lyndon LaRouche, have popped up at town halls and anti-reform rallies. Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) famously took one such LaRouchie to task, asking her what planet she was from.

This is where the term "police state" originates

California police use a Taser on an unarmed, legless man in a wheelchair?

Cops Stop Ambulance On Way To Hospital And Fight With EMT
Cell phone video shows highway patrol grabbing paramedic by the throat
Full story:

DHS Office has Issued a "Glossary of Domestic Extremist Groups".
The Office of Intelligence and Analysis uses a broad brush to define
dozens of supposedly extremist ideologies inside the United States, in a
report called "Domestic Extremism Lexicon":
Read the entire document here:
The document covers a broad range of extremist causes, including anti-
abortion, anti-immigration, animal rights, black separatism, anti-technology
extremism, Cuban independence activism, tax resistors, and religious
extremism of various faiths.
A few examples:
Tax resistance extremists are people who "vehemently believe taxes
violate their constitutional rights.
There are broad descriptions of extremists as “mainly antigovernment,
rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority
”; “may include groups
and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to
abortion or immigration”.
Why will Obama need foreign troops to impose martial law?
Military and law enforcement personnel are organizing to resist illegal orders
to impose tyranny.
Below is a link to a story on an Army reservist who challenged orders from President Obama to deploy to Afghanistan. He wants to know Obama has the legal authority to be President by seeing his birth certificate, not just the short form. The Army REVOKED HIS ORDERS.
But does Obama even have the support of the rest of the world?

Obama Handshake Snub in Russia

LOCAL GOVERNMENT can be a defense against central tyranny.

Alert your local representatives and police.
Ask them to protect your civil liberties.
Our county Sheriff's have the same obligation, and we all need to contact our local departments and remind them of their duties and the oath they are sworn to uphold.
For details visit:

The incident occurred on Highway 62 near Boley in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma.

EMT Could Face Charges After Incident With Trooper:

Full Dash Cam Video of Oklahoma Highway Patrol vs EMT
Beware of traveling in Oklahoma
Write to the Oklahoma Tourism Centers and ask them why anyone would want to come to their state or feel safe on its highways.
Write to the Oklahoma Governor, Brad Henry. He ought to try to recover some prestige: He tried to veto his State's Sovereignty Resolution, and the Legislature overrode him.
Telephone: (405) 521-2342
Perhaps we should ask:
Why would do you think anyone would want to come to Oklahoma or travel on it's highways? Is it safe? Is there freedom there? Are civil liberties respected? Is the Constitution in effect?

Who will protect us from our Protectors?


More Cops Gone Wild

Even More Reporters getting arrested filming cops!


Sociopaths are taking command in all areas

This contains inappropriate language. Do not watch if this offends you:

Col. Ralph Peters - "Kill Em All".

How does a sociopath get to be a Colonel in the Army? He gets promoted by a sociopathic GENERAL Sociopaths are our leaders now, as they are in every dictatorship. Hail Caesar! How long will it be before have a coliseum for burning, crucifying, and feeding people to lions for amusement?


Grandmother Tasered at Traffic Stop

This was done by a CONSTABLE in Precinct 3 to a 72 year old woman during a TRAFFIC STOP because she didn't want to sign the ticket. Constable McCain approves it.

Read the story, The constable who stopped her must be quite a MAN.

This has made Lew Rockwell:

Call Constable McCain and tell him what you think of a wuss who feels compelled to use a taser against an old lady.

Phone: (512) 854-2100
Fax: (512) 854-2116


First amendment is gone: Journalists arrested


Video Caught On Tape: cop arrests reporter for filming traffic in Arizona... (hmmm) Beware of traveling in Arizona.
Is Arizona still a part of the United States? Or is this what is happening everywhere now?
UPDATE TO Baptist Pastor Beaten and Tazed by Border patrol - 11 stitches
Further info:

Story might be on local (Phoenix) late news tonight:
The "straw grabbing" contrivance is now to claim that he blocked traffic. The jack boots chose to block traffic by illegally detaining a law abiding citizen. Anderson just wanted to leave, but he was not allowed to do so.

First they tortured him for refusing to answer questions. THEN they told him that he had the right to remain silent. How can there be a duty to answer questions if there is a right to remain silent?
His rights did not just appear when they advised him of them. HE ALREADY KNEW that he had the right to remain silent, and he did so.
They claimed that a DOG gave them "probable cause", and then they claimed that "probable cause" gave them the right to search. "Probable cause" is not the right to search. "Probable cause" is the right to ASK a judge for a search warrant:

Amendment IV - Search and seizure.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

How can law enforcement uphold the law if they violate the laws to govern law enforcement?
The names of the jack booted thugs are in the video. Where are they now?
Real terrorists and smugglers (of either illegal aliens or contraband) know where these "check points" are, and take another route. The only real effect of these "check points" is to condition the American people to accepting the standard practices of tyranny, and to destroy the Bill of Rights. A law that violates the constitution has no authority as much as if it never existed.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Theme Song for the Tea Party Movement

Mr. Jefferson -The Mike Church Show Band

Why is this happening?
Watch the "training" of your police, by your federal government:

Feds Slander Christians, founding fathers and homeschoolers as terrorists.

Federal government training seminar says founding fathers, Christians and homeschoolers are terrorists.
The lecturer identifies George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers as “terrorists”.
Sit in on an actual FEMA Gestapo training class:
(Click the rectangle in the lower right to go to full screen)


Nineteen Eighty-four (Paperback) by George Orwell

Nineteen Eighty-four First Plume Printing 1983

We might want to contact the Arizona Hospitality Authority and let them know what is happening in their state. They should be quite concerned that the "law enforcement" activities will most certainly curtail travel and tourism.

in the lower right side, select "tourism and hospitality".

For updates visit:

Is Freedom Failing? by Geb Sommer

Is Freedom Failing?

This is a PATTERN, not an isolated incident:

Video Caught On Tape: cop arrests reporter for filming traffic in Arizona... (hmmm) Beware of traveling in Arizona.
Is Arizona still a part of the United States? Or is this what is happening everywhere now? Is Arizona giving a "storm trooper of the month" award?

Ron Paul Campaign For Liberty worker detained at Missouri Airport

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September 26, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

We are working hard to pass historic legislation like Dr. Paul's Audit the Fed bill (HR 1207/S 604), but our legislative efforts are just one part of our fight to reclaim the Republic and restore the Constitution. Campaign for Liberty's mission includes educating and informing the populace on the ideas and reasoning behind individual liberty, free markets, sound money, limited government, and a noninterventionist foreign policy. If we are to be successful in our endeavors, we must work to instill the philosophy of Liberty in the hearts and minds of as many men and women as possible.

Nowhere else is that philosophy and the discussion of America's future more alive than on the internet.

We believe that a great way to gently introduce friends and family to the message of Liberty is through social networks, and with that in mind, we are very active on the most popular of these networks to bring these essential ideas to an audience that may not otherwise be familiar with us. The ever-expanding list of Featured Article authors and bloggers at has given us tremendous content with which to introduce many to the concepts of liberty and to reinforce what our members have learned.

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John Tate


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'Web-bot project' makes prophecy of 2012 apocalypse

Conspiracy theorists on the web have claimed that the bots accurately predicted the September 11 attacks and the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, and that they say a cataclysm of some sort will devastate the planet on 21 December, 2012.

The software, similar to the “spiders” that search engines use to index web pages, were originally developed in the 1990s to predict stock market movements.

The bots crawl through relevant web pages, noting keywords and examining the text around them. The theory is that this gives an insight into the “wisdom of crowds”, as the thoughts of thousands of people are aggregated.

However, the technology was later appropriated for another, more controversial – some say nonsensical – use: predicting the future.

Its study of “web chatter” is said to give advance warnings of terrorist attacks, and proponents claim that it successfully did so ahead of 11 September 2001. George Ure, one of two men behind the project, says that his system predicted a “world-changing event” in the 60 to 90 days after June 2001.

Despite the vagueness of this prediction, many believed it to be genuine. Now its makers claim that the technology can predict natural disasters, and that it foresaw the earthquake that triggered the 2004 tsunami, as well as Hurricane Katrina and the devastation that followed.

Its latest and most sweeping prediction is that 21 December 2012 signals the end of the world, possibly through a “polar shift” – when the polarity of the Earth’s magnetic field is reversed. Believers claim that as well as the bots, the 2012 apocalypse is predicted by the ancient Mayan calendar, the Book of Revelations, and the Chinese text I Ching.

Sceptics have pointed out several major flaws in the theory. First, the internet might plausibly reveal group knowledge about the stock market or, conceivably, terror attacks, as these are human-caused events. But, say critics, it would be no more capable of predicting a natural disaster than would a Google search.

Second, the predictions are so vague as to be meaningless, allowing believers to fit facts to predictions after the event: a blogger at compares them to Nostradamus’s quatrains. They give the September 11 prediction as a case in point.

Third, the prophecies become self-distorting. “The more people publish about 2012 and the end of the world,” says the same blogger, “the more data web bots get pointing towards 2012.”

The polar shift theory is based on a genuine scientific theory, “geomagnetic reversal”, which suggests the Earth’s polarity shifts every few hundred thousand years. However, the theory in its current form is not reconcilable with the web-bot predictions of it taking place on a particular day in 2012: best estimates suggest each shift takes around 5,000 years to complete.

A film based on the predicted apocalypse, by The Day After Tomorrow director Roland Emmerich and starring John Cusack and Danny Glover, is due to come out in November, called 2012.

“Web-bot” technology has moved apocalyptic prophecy into the internet age, predicting that the world will end on December 21, 2012. Related: Apocalyptic Films Explore 2012 End of World Prediction
— The Telegraph

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