Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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The Day the Obamanation Becomes `King of the World'

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Obama: King of the World?

NBC New York - Robert A. George - ‎7 hours ago‎
"King of the world!!!!" is a title he doesn't want from this group -- and one charge that his domestic critics will only be too quick to lay on his head. ...

First Person: King of the World

Jerusalem Post - Steve Linde - ‎Sep 15, 2009‎
I could not help notice how they screamed when he sang "King of the World," the Hebrew version of the Plains White hit "When you are a king," how they ...

Pres. Obama's Address To The General Assembly

Pittsburgh, Pa will become the window of the `New World’ this Thursday, when Barack Hussein Obama completes the circle by stepping out from the dark shadows where he’s been lurking since Jan. 20 onto the world stage. It is on Thursday when Obama meets his destiny as `King of the World’.

That he’s ravaged the United States of America in his climb to the top will be totally missed by the mainstream media.

We can only hope that Reuters writers got it right when they predicted it is doubtful that national governments will bow to external advice from the launch of a New World Order.

Thursday is Red Letter Day for Obama’s long-touted “Change”.

The omnipresent abilities of President Everywhere will be made manifest on that day as Thursday kicks off both the opening day of the Group of 20 Summit, and Obama’s precedent-breaking U.S. President chairmanship of the UN Security Council summit.

The ghosts, which have risen from the cemetery to pave the way for this chapter in history, which could be chronicled as “Make Way for the King of the World”, include the recently resurrected Maurice Strong.

Americans suffering loss of jobs, homes and savings in ObamaNation have been officially categorized as the “new poor” by the Canadian wizard who has been leading the call for One World Government from cushy chambers for decades.

The Day the Obamanation called for a New World Order

“The economic crisis which began in the United States and now extends to virtually all countries has exacerbated the poverty of millions of people, mainly in the developing world, who have long been suffering from economic crisis beyond anything experienced by the “new” poor in the more developed countries,” says Strong. (, June, 2009). “There is universal recognition of the need to reform and remake our economy. The poor and disadvantaged must be fully and equitably engaged in this process and their interests a primary motivator and beneficiary of the new economy.”

It is the fault of the Americans as they have “exacerbated” the poverty of “millions of people in the developing world”, according to this UN carpetbagger.

What a crock! No people have been more generous to the poor in developing countries than the Americans.

But in order to finish their final chapter, Chairman Mo and King Hussein are going to save the world poor on the backs of the newly-made poor in America.

Strong, who has been lobbing metaphoric bombs at the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave from distant shores ever since disappearing from the International scene in the aftermath of the UN Oil-for-Food scandal, speaks the same language as `The Messiah’.

Strong, a Canadian, is top Pooh-Bah among the world’s leading proponents for global environmental cooperation. An architect of the Kyoto Protocol, he was Secretary General of the Stockholm Conference, the first major intergovernmental conference on the environment, and was elected as the first head of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). Although his intentions were not recognized by the masses back then, in 1992 Strong was Secretary General of the UN Conference on Environment and Development—the oft-cited Rio Environmental Summit. This landmark event, led by Strong, and drummed to success by his then wife, Hanne calling on the energy of Mother Earth, was attended by more heads of government than had ever met together before, and resulted in the first-ever global cooperation on so-called climate change.

Now that climate change had been tabled, Strong could go on with former US Vice President Al Gore could to profit through carbon “credits” courtesy of the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Though New Worlders never admit to their work behind the stage, Strong is one of the three puppet masters who pulls the strings of Zombie-in-a-suit Barack Obama. He and Obama bagman George Soros were business partners in a company that promoted the Chinese Chery car, which they boasted in 2006 would outsell General Motors. Number three in the Obama King of the World chapter in world history is former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who worked with Maurice Strong on replacing the Ten Commandments with the Earth Charter.

But until the crown is placed on King Obama’s head, the language describing what is about to take place is being kept safely temperate.

A document outlining the U.S. position ahead of the September 24-25 Group of 20 summit in Pittsburgh said exporters, which include China, Germany and Japan, should consume more, while debtors like the United States ought to boost savings.

“The world will face anemic growth if adjustments in one part of the global economy are not matched by offsetting adjustments in other parts,” said the document, which was obtained by Reuters on Monday.

“The framework drafted by U.S. policy makers foresaw analysis of G20 members’ economic policies by the International Monetary Fund to figure out if they were consistent with better balanced growth.

“We call on our finance ministers to launch the new framework by November,” the document said, signaling a determined effort to maintain momentum for change created by last year’s global financial crisis.

“The United States envisages the IMF playing a central role in a process of “mutual assessment” by making policy recommendations to the G20 every six months.

“Finance ministers and central bankers from the G20 countries are due to meet November 7-8 in Scotland.

“European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said persuading Europe, the United States and China to accept IMF advice on economic policy may be difficult. In the past, many countries have ignored suggestions the IMF dished out in regular reviews.

“Trichet told French newspaper Le Monde the G20 had made progress on reforms to make the financial system more stable after the crisis.

“The most difficult question is still open: Europe, America, China, are they ready to modify their macroeconomic policies in the future—by following the advice of the IMF and under pressure from their peers, for the common good, and world economic stability?” he said in the piece on Monday.

“G7 sources told Reuters there was a renewed determination to cooperate because the crisis had driven home the interconnected nature of the global system. That said, governments would not allow themselves to be told what to do.

“We can’t get to a situation where any country is giving up its own decision-making,” said one source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

“Germany, a major exporter to the United States, was singled out on Sunday by U.S. President Barack Obama as a country that, like China, exports a lot but does not buy much back.

“But a top European Union official said that the euro zone, where 16 countries share a common currency, had to act as a collective.

“It is difficult to think about one country without taking into consideration what is the impact in the euro area,” European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso told reporters in New York.

“Taxpayer money to the tune of $5 trillion has been pumped into the world economy to keep it from seizing up since the beginning of the crisis last September.

“G20 leaders will maintain that pace of stimulus while acknowledging that at some point it will have to be wound down, the document said.

“But, mindful of how a disorderly rush to raise interest rates could roil world markets again, they will also ask finance ministers to thrash out a “transparent and credible” exit strategy.”

Meanwhile, The President of the US has morphed into the mists making way for the new mantra: “Long live the King of the World”.

The G-20 summit in Pittsburgh - a new chapter in world ...

Deutsche Welle - Sam Edmonds - ‎7 hours ago‎
One thing that is sure to emerge at the Pittsburgh summit - as in the cases of Washington and London - is the sketchy outline of a new world order. ...

Quick fix or start of a new world order?

Embassy - John Sinclair - ‎9 hours ago‎
President Obama has become too distracted by the struggle over his domestic agendas, notably health reform. On the global financial crisis, he is failing. ...

Obama Plans Stern Speech to World's Leaders at UN

Obama warns Netanyahu and Abbas that he is losing patience

Obama pushed by war hawks for more troops in Afghanistan

Obama says wants to continue Bush surveillance law on Americans

Obama star power faces new test at UN meeting

Pittsburgh becomes "steel city" of security for G20 summit

Alerts across US intensify in terror probe

US releases new letter from 9/11 defendants

FEMA Orders 67,000 Mobile Homes In $6.2 Billion Deal With Builder

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Iran hopes for a new world order

GulfNews - Amir Taheri - ‎Sep 15, 2009‎
Even before being elected, US President Barack Obama had promised "direct and unconditional talks" with Iran. However, what he ends up getting next month ...
Dep FM Ayalon interview on Fox News "On the Record" Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs (press release)

What Americans Want from the United Nations

Council on Foreign Relations - ‎18 hours ago‎
Contrary to common assumptions, Americans have been consistently internationalist in outlook--and see the UN as a cornerstone of world order. ...

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Feds looking for 9-12 suspects...

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to add to the mix, this little scoop that caught my eye and I wanted to share that the Feds are worried about that False Flag Staged Terrorism Bombing intel I have been following. It's just keeps getting more ironic day by day...

Coincedence or Conspiracy?


"We are investigating a wide range of leads related to this alleged conspiracy, and we will continue to work around the clock to ensure that anyone involved is brought to justice," Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement. "We believe any imminent threat arising from this case has been disrupted, but as always, we remind the American public to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to law enforcement."

Breaking: NYC Terror Plot Suspect Charged with Conspiracy to Detonate Bombs --Americans Urged to Remain 'Vigilant' and 'Report Any Suspicious Activity' 24 Sep 2009 Najibullah Zazi, the 24-year-old airport shuttle driver from Denver, Colorado who officials say was the ringleader of an alleged terror plot against New York City, was charged with conspiracy to use explosive bombs Thursday morning -- the latest indication that authorities still believe the alleged attack plan was "the real deal." The one-count indictment returned by a federal grand jury alleges that Zazi "conspired with others to use explosive devices against persons or property in the United States," Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement.

'Al-Qaeda group' escape Iraq jail 24 Sep 2009 Sixteen members of 'al-Qaeda' in Iraq have escaped from a prison north of Baghdad, Iraqi security officials say. Reports said five of the group, who were being held at a facility in Tikrit, had been sentenced to death for involvement in attacks. One of the men has since been caught, but the rest remain at large.

Report: Census Worker In Kentucky Had Been Warned to Be Careful 24 Sep 2009 ...Much still isn't known about the death of Census field worker Bill Sparkman in Clay County, Ky. Yesterday, it was reported that he was found hanged and that the word "fed" had been written on his chest. Today on Federal News Radio, news director Ted Werbin of WHAS-radio in Louisville reported that Sparkman had told others he had been warned by a retired state trooper to be careful in rural Clay County because some people there aren't fond of anyone from the federal government.

Former Kennedy Aide Is Appointed to Fill His Senate Seat 24 Sep 2009 Gov. Deval Patrick today named Paul G. Kirk Jr., a former aide and longtime confidant of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy, to Mr. Kennedy’s seat. "He shares the sense of service that so distinguished Senator Kennedy," Governor Patrick, a Democrat, said at a news conference in Boston. Mr. Kirk, a longtime friend of the Kennedy family and onetime special assistant to Senator Kennedy, is scheduled to take the oath of office on Friday and serve until a special election on Jan. 19; he has pledged not to run in the election.

"Oh, what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive".


FBI False-Flag Goes Bust in NYC
By: Richard on: 21.09.2009 [20:25 ] (4288 reads)

NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly disrupts FBI's False-Flag Operation and there is now a war between the FBI and the NYPD.

(4333 bytes) [c]


This is unfolding as we speak. Here is what happened:

The FBI on 9/10 alerts the NYPD to an upcoming "terrorist attack." But they went too far with their hype. They tell the NYPD that they are on the trail of something really big, "on the scale of September 11th" or something to that effect. They describe to the NYPD a Denver-based al Qaeda terrorist cell of Afghanis and Pashtuns in the employ of Osama bin Laden who are about to strike, providing some details about the men but little in the way of what they are planning. The important element is the timing and the hype. BIG BIG TERROR ATTACK BY OSAMA BIN LADEN AND AL QAEDA ON 9/11 ANNIVERSARY!!!

The purpose of this false-flag was to stampede public opinion in favor of the disastrous war in Afghanistan, which now requires 40,000 more troops according to General McChrystal. This is why all of the patsies are reported as being Afghanis and Pashtuns.

The NYPD naturally becomes very alarmed by the FBI's information and tells the FBI "we're gonna move on these guys", but the FBI says it wants to wait and gather more evidence, telling the NYPD they know where the men are and have them under around-the-clock surveillance. Here we want to be mindful of the terms "mole", "patsy" and "false-flag," intelligence parlance for an operative burrowed within a law enforcement agency, an innocent dupe, and an intelligence operation masqueradring itself as a terrorist event, respectively. The FBI moles instruct the NYPD to wait because they are protecting their patsies. If the patsies are in jail they can't be scapegoated after the false-flag is carried out.

NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly decides to ignore the FBI and gives an order, raiding three apartments in Queens on 9/14, but they don't find anything and no arrests are made.

The FBI is stunned and enraged that Commissioner Kelly ignored their authority and ruined their big false-flag operation. FBI goes ballistic. The tension between the two law enforcement agencies shoots through the roof.

Shortly afterward, the New York Daily News reports some kind of conflict between the NYPD and the FBI because of Commissioner Kelly's decision. Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne says "It is an utter fabrication that the FBI is furious with Kelly or that Kelly fought to shut down the action early", denying that there is any problem. Pay close attention to Browne's words, the truth always surfaces....

The FBI becomes frantic. Their false-flag operation has been blown after they ran all of this BIG HYPE. They have to come up with something and THEY ARE FURIOUS WITH COMMISSIONER KELLY AND THE NYPD...

Amazingly, as these developments are unfolding the New York Daily News somehow became aware of a "confidential five-page FBI document on police corruption" allegedly based upon statements made by John Alite, a Mafia turncoat who is cooperating with the government in it's prosecution of John Gotti Jr. Alite is said by the FBI to have named some very high profile NY police detectives - including the well-known and highly decorated Bo Dietl, whose storied career was made into the film "One Tough Cop" - as corrupt cops who fed information to the NY Mafia. A driver for Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau was also accused, along with Suffolk County police officer Nicholas Tobia, was once honored as "cop-of-the-month" for busting a rapist and another well-known NYPD Detective named Joe Coffey.

So who told the New York Daily News about this "confidential" FBI report?

What the FBI has done to the NYPD here is something similar to what Karl Rove did to John Kerry during the 2004 US presidential race. Rove attacks Kerry's military background, right, his most formidable quality as a candidate. The FBI is doing the same thing in slandering these highly decorated and high-profile NYC/Suffolk County cops.

The FBI moles must have had a bout of temporary insanity or suffered some kind of emotional breakdown. Should we now expect Bo Dietl and all of these other accused gentlemen to face some kind of federal prosecution? Wow.

As of now the FBI is scrambling to produce something, anything for the sake of salvaging their blown operation.

I'm working on this story as it unfolds.

Richard Kurdt

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