Friday, September 18, 2009

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"The Synagogue of Satan"
RiverCrest Publishing | 2007 | ISBN: 1930004451 | 320 pages | PDF | 1,1 MB

The Synagogue of Satan is the first book ever to document the secret history of the evil conspirators responsible for wars, revolutions, and financial debacles around the world. It is a virtual encyclopedia of fresh new information and facts unmasking the Jewish Illuminati elite and their sinister goals and hidden influence. Here is just a part of the secrets you will discover in this eye-opening 320 page book.

Summary: A Must Read...Explains History to Current Manipulation of ALL You Think You Know
Rating: 5

by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

"The Synagogue Of Satan," now containing a 20 page index is available direct from my publisher Texe Marrs or alternatively from Amazon. You can also read the entire book on this site, and download the accompanying interviews with Daryl Bradford Smith of The French Connection. Special thanks to Daryl for hosting both the book and the accompanying interviews for free. I do not accept donations but I encourage you all to support Daryl by making a donation to help support his excellent website and show.


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This should be mandatory reading in all schools and ALL homes by every person in the world, jew and gentile alike. I'm amazed,not by the whole truths throughout this great work, but that it got published considering that like almost all media today, publishing is almost a monopoly of the zionist bad guys mentioned in the book.
Just type in google, (if it still shows) white house staff dual citizenship and be amazed that most are Israeli/U.S. citizens, this has been true for at least the last several presidents. It's more than sad when the mere mention of the word Israel in any sentence gets one called anti semitic and if they get their bill through congress you and I will go to prison for "hate speech" on anything they choose, just like historians who dare to even question anything they find researching the holocaust. It may be too late already, but we must deny one group from taking away all of our rights as a so called free people. You can bet that those that don't want the truths in this book known will contact their groups to fill up the reviews with 1 star lies as they've already begun.

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What do you think these strange stamps on $100 dollar bills might be?

Marked Bills by taopauly.

This note was in the middle east. Most likely Saudi Arabia.

Notice the chop over an existing one.

Just a little explanation: I worked at a small country bank and started noticing these strange ink stamps which appeared mostly on the back of 100 dollar US notes. Since I thought they were interesting I decided to draw them (very roughly, sorry for the quality) so I could figure out what they meant later. The problem is I can't find any information on what they may be. The only one that seemed to have a direct meaning was a stamp for a casino, which leads me to believe that might be what they are, but I'd love to know anything else anyone has to say about it.

To add I also made notes: -Almost all stamps appear on $100 dollar notes -They are nearly always on the back (I tried to note in the drawings stamps that appeared on the front) -The stamps appear mostly in black, blue, and red -In the drawing the stamps are separated into little bubbles to show the stamps on each bill. I also tried to record the serial number, issue date, and the series

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Anonymous said...

About the stamps on the 100 dollar bills, I recently obtained one of these. The stamp looks like pagan symbolism, it's an owl with a three pronged antler on its head, standing over an upside down crown. It appears to have a falic symbol protruding from between its legs. Very odd.. I don't quite know what to make of it.

nickvet419 said...

Also Found a few. blue stamps, looks like Arabic writing.

Anonymous said...

I received one today. its the three pyramids of Giza and the biggest one (also the closest one) has a cursive, capital "E". the only thing about it is that the "E" is emphasized, so you know it is modern Egyptian writing.

DiMoS said...

Lol, I have exactly the same banknote, as was mentioned by anonymous