Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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Secret US spontaneous human combustion beam tested


Silent deathray in first blast from the skies

American death-tech goliath Boeing has announced a long-delayed in-flight firing for the smaller of its two aeroplane raygun-cannon prototypes, the Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL). The ATL blaster, mounted in a Hercules transport aircraft, apparently "defeated" an unoccupied stationary vehicle.

"This milestone demonstrates that directed energy weapon systems will transform the battlespace and save lives," said Boeing exec Greg Hyslop. "The ATL team has earned a distinguished place in the history of weapon system development."

Boeing Advanced Tactical Lasers - Future Weapons From Boeing ATL ...

"The bottom line is that ATL works, and works very well," added corporate raygun honcho Gary Fitzmire.

The ATL is much smaller than Boeing's headlining laser weapon, the jumbo-jet-mounted Airborne Laser (ABL), intended to blast enemy ICBMs as they soar upward from pad or silo. Rather the ATL is intended to pick off individual ground targets, somewhat in the fashion of existing Hercules-based side-firing AC-130 gunships. Indeed Boeing has referred to the ATL in the past as its "Laser Gunship".

ATL does resemble the ABL in some important respects, however. Like the bigger weapon, it is a chemically-fuelled laser rather than a solid-state electrically powered one, meaning that it can fire only a limited number of blasts before its sealed, six-ton laser module must be maintained and refuelled with hazardous toxic chemicals.

Just how many shots the ATL can fire before being rearmed is unclear, but hints dropped by Pentagon sources suggest it could be as few as six. This compares poorly with the firepower available aboard a normal AC-130, leading some analysts to wonder what the point of the ATL really is.

Boeing say that it will offer "ultra-precision" and "dramatically reduce collateral damage", though so far nothing of this sort has really been shown. A 40mm cannon aboard a normal AC-130 could "defeat" a stationary ground vehicle without damaging its surroundings: a .50-cal sniper rifle fired from a helicopter could do the same to a moving one.

It hasn't escaped notice, however, that neither of those things could strike silently - perhaps from so far off that the carrying aircraft wouldn't be noticed either - and without leaving any solid evidence of US military presence. Nor have observers failed to note that the US military agency in charge of ATL is the secretive Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

Boeing have evidently had some problems with the ATL - airborne test firings were expected last year, but this success didn't happen until last Sunday. However it would seem that the system may soon be as ready for frontline use as it will ever be, at least until electric lasers without fuel limitations are weaponised.

In years to come, the secret supertroopers of SOCOM may be able to cause a cell tower to stop working, a vehicle's fuel tank to suddenly explode, or a single person to inexplicably be incinerated - all completely silently and tracelessly, without anyone knowing they were ever there and not so much as a spent bullet left behind.

US boasts of laser weapon's 'plausible deniability'

An airborne laser weapon dubbed the "long-range blowtorch" has the added benefit that the US could convincingly deny any involvement with the destruction it causes, say senior officials of the US Air Force (USAF).

The Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL) is to be mounted on a Hercules military transport plane. Boeing announced the first test firing of the laser, from a plane on the ground, earlier this summer.

Cynthia Kaiser, chief engineer of the US Air Force Research Laboratory's Directed Energy Directorate, used the phrase "plausible deniability" to describe the weapon's benefits in a briefing (powerpoint format) on laser weapons to the New Mexico Optics Industry Association in June.

Plausibly deniable

John Corley, director of USAF's Capabilities Integration Directorate, used the same phrase to describe the weapon's benefits at an Air Armament Symposium in Florida in October 2007 (see page 15, pdf format).

As the term suggests, "plausible deniability" is used to describe situations where those responsible for an event could plausibly claim to have had no involvement in it.

Corley and Kaiser did not respond to requests from New Scientist to expand on their comments. But John Pike, analyst with defence think-tank Global Security, based in Virginia, says the implications are clear.

"The target would never know what hit them," says Pike. "Further, there would be no munition fragments that could be used to identify the source of the strike."

Silent strike

A laser beam is silent and invisible. An ATL can deliver the heat of a blowtorch with a range of 20 kilometres, depending on conditions. That range is great enough that the aircraft carrying it might not be seen, especially at night.

With no previous examples for comparison, it may be difficult to discern whether damage to a vehicle or person was the result of a laser strike.

The 5.5-tonne ATL combines chlorine and hydrogen peroxide molecules to release energy, which is used in turn to stimulate iodine into releasing intense infra-red light.

The US uses Hercules aircraft for accurate cannon strikes on moving vehicles. The ATL is touted as bringing a new level of accuracy to such attacks, for example being able to pinpoint a vehicle's tyres to disable it safely.

A second, larger version of the laser is also nearing initial testing. The much larger Airborne Laser is intended for missile defence and will be carried by a Boeing 747.

Weapons Technology - Keep up with the latest innovations in our cutting edge special report.

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Mock (Cardboard) Town Hall Exclusive


Since our distinguished Senators will not have a town hall meeting, we will have one with or with out them...We had some "stand ins" in attendance if they didn't not show up. So please watch this most interesting event.

Town Hall event with over an Estimated attendance of 400, Ric Runestad explains why HR 1207 and S 604 are needed legislation

Good press is hard to find

... but our coalition did find it yesterday.

Channel 21 put us on at 5, 5:50, 6 & 11, filing this on their website.

And channel 15 came to our event as well.

It is strange that the Fox affiliate did not. Their reporter at U.S. Congressman Mark Souder's town hall was invited and guaranteed that he would ask his assignment editor to come. Must be they were too busy filing a report on New Haven's swimming pool plans for next summer. No joke, click here.

Oh, check out this link for the Left's recent town hall much like ours in the Fort. Looks like our patriots outnumber then a good 12 to 1, probably more. (And notice that the Senators were not present -- albeit in cardboard -- at their event.)

The Journal Gazette did not file a story on our meeting of 500 constitutional loving patriots that is culminating in a video of town hall questions for Senators Bayh and Lugar. Guess it was not newsworthy to them. We wonder how they would have responded had it been 500 getting together to demand more power to the Executive Branch rather than less? Of course that could not happen in Fort Wayne, so the hypothetical does not quite work.

Waiting to see what the News Sentinel has to say.

Finally, we are updating the previous post as things are brought to our attention. If you have something you want posted, add it to the comments.


Here is a news clip footage of the event we were at tonight we are still waiting for the whole actual event but there were some amazing speakers and am so glad I attended.

Ric Runestad spoke so wonderfully about the Federal Reserve and more specifically HR 1207 and S 604. I also got hundreds of signatures for S 604 and stacking them up to deliver on September 15th as neither of our Congressmen are Co- Sponsor's of S 604 . Anita (mom) did camera so wonderfully for public access who has the whole thing on film.

Melissa Lineberry

Indiana Interim State Coordinator


I will have more video up as I get it.


Our Coalition is Launched!!!

Thanks to the more than 500 patriots who showed up at Don Hall's for our coalition's successful launch. It was a great event, with more than 50 taking to the stage to share many fine insights. At least two 912's were represented, 412 was represented, Resistnet was represented, Freedom Riders were there, as was The ArchAngel Institute. And many great ideas were presented.

The committee that put on this event voted Emery McClendon as the best You Tube moment for his electrifying call to constitutional arms. Here is Emery's cyberplace. Enjoy your $25 gift cert to Hall's, sir -- you earned it!

Audrey Queckboerner, who is running against incumbent State Rep Phyllis Pond, nominated another for this prize. Her is Audrey's nomination:

"Marlin Stutzman speak (wish he could have talked more). I think the You Tube moment of the night was when he announced he was running to unseat Bayh that the crowd immediately erupted on their feet with applause! That was awesome!"

Audrey has a great point. Most in attendance would like to see both Senator's return to Indiana rather than the beltway next time around. Here is Audrey's website: www.aq4sr.com

This email was just sent to all on the committee that planned last night's event:

Congratulations on a well attended and exciting event. Top Story on the news too, you all did a phenomenal job and ought to be commended not only for your hard work and dedication, but more importantly your sincere Patriotism.

Your fellow patriot,

Chris McCalley

Ft. Wayne 912-Project

Stay tuned for more events and info on another bus to Washington DC next week. And contact us if you are interested in having Senator Evan Bayh or Richard Lugar at your next event. They were a big hit at ours.

Special thanks to Dawn at the Guest House. Constitutionalists could not ask for a better team to work with than the team at the Guest House!

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Panama City Florida Rep. Allen Boyd Protest: 03-28-09 (Part - 1).
P.C. Rep. Allen Boyd Protest: 03-28-09 (Part - 2)
P.C. Rep. Allen Boyd Protest: 03-28-09 (Part - 3)

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The Patriots' Project News
Dear neverknwo,

Thanks to all of you who attended the debut meeting with the 2nd Amendment Patriots in Wakarusa! I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that we are going to be pulling another meeting together at the end of September to organize/strategize a local group. I will be looking for people who want to be involved at all levels: leadership, local issues, state, federal, etc. Please be thinking about where you fit in...it's a team effort and we have to watch each others' backs on the issue of the protection of the 2nd Amendment with the Obama Administration just waiting for the right moment to begin curtailing our rights.

I have attached a link with an article from Northwest Indiana that ran last week. It, again, highlights how former Ft. Wayne Mayor, Paul Helmke, now President of the Brady Commission is after Indiana gun laws again. There is not rest for this guy! He will never understand that, "guns don't kill people, people kill people". He will again be attempting to change Indiana's gun laws and take guns away from law-abiding citizens so that the only people that will have them are thugs and criminals.
Northwest Indiana Article

I have also attached a copy of HR 45, it's been introduced in Congress but hasn't moved into action but is worthy of keeping our eyes on. Given the attention Indiana always receives from Helmke, this Chicago Congressman is trying to usher in, yet another attempt, of gun sale registrations. I spoke with the NRA this week they said they consider this bill "unlikely" to move but they, too, are keeping it on their radar screen.
Copy of HR 45

I'll be back in touch on a date and location for our first meeting. If you have any questions or need to reach me, do so by email at jackiewalorski@gmail.com or call my home phone at 574-293-6622 and I'll be back in touch.

Staying Vigilant!


Jackie Walorski
State Representative

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L'Etoile du Nord
Translation:Star of the North


I inherited this medallion pasted below and have been trying to find out more . perhaps one in your works might know ?
I wonder what my departed father in law was into .
Thank you sincerely for any help or guidance .
I've been told they were a quite hush hush organization. hmmm.


Looks like a combination of the Knights of the White Cross, Cross and Crown, Skull and Bones as a rank held by the Knights Templar.


Thank you so very much for your time and information.
its a start and very interesting to find of what the medallion meant . The man that owned it was a very strange character indeed . although that was all I inherited as such it has been interesting to find any information in the definitions an meaning behind it .
PLUS thank you for allowing me into the site . it is very interesting , A fellow blogger my profile stats are here > http://www.blogger.com/profile/17420780266615900056
Thank you once again .
Financially a few add clicks to your page is all I can offer at this time for financial life is very doubtful at this time . If anything changes I will definitely contribute to your site . If anything I will paste a reference and or link to your , if I can figure out how . and possibly embed your active live monitor as well in time .
Sincerely Dirtdog

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Cornerstones show connection with Masons

Gary Post Tribune - Diane Krieger Spivak - ‎11 hours ago‎
Colfax Lodge No 378 of the Free and Accepted Masons, an organization that has roots in the guilds of European stonemasons in the Middle Ages, did the honors ...

Local Beat 9/2/09

Corsicana Daily Sun - ‎2 hours ago‎
118, Order of Eastern Star, will hold a stated meeting at 7:30 pm at Corsicana Masonic Lodge. A potluck supper will be served at 6:30 pm All area OES ...

Masonic Lodges Open Those Mysterious Doors

New York Times - Eve M. Kahn - ‎Aug 20, 2009‎
Now open to the public, the Chamber of Reflection at the Grand Lodge of Masons... of Massachusetts, in Boston. The latest on the arts, coverage of live events,
Wiltshire Masons' gift to lifesavers This is Wiltshire.co.uk
The mysterious world of a Freemason's wife Norfolk Eastern Daily Press

BY: The Record Delta 8-31-09

Record Delta - ‎7 hours ago‎
He was a Past District Deputy Grand Master of the 2nd Masonic District and was the Grand Lodge Representative to the Grand Lodge of India. ...

Calendar of Events

Russellville Courier - ‎3 hours ago‎
Russellville Masonic Lodge 274, 7 pm, Russellville Masonic Hall, 802 S. Boulder Ave. People For A Better Atkins, 7 pm, depot in Atkins. ...

Masonic mysteries

Examiner.com - ‎Aug 24, 2009‎
A famous philosopher once said, "Bees will not work except in silence; neither will virtue work except in secrecy." The Masons (also known as the ...

Masonic secrets

Examiner.com - ‎Aug 24, 2009‎
Captain William Morgan's disappearance is at the center of a controversy surrounding the Masonic organization and the secrets of Freemasonry. ...

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Webster Groves Masonic Temple In Need Of Major Renovations

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August 28, 2009
The historic Webster Groves Masonic Temple, one of the grandest temple buildings in the St. Louis area, has been a landmark at 12 E. Lockwood Ave. for 90 years.

But time has taken its toll on this ailing, grand ol' lady. Repairs are desperately needed, maintenance that includes tuckpointing and a costly new roof. Rising utility costs are also a problem.

Faced with the reality of selling its building or saving its building, the Webster Groves Masonic Lodge is currently in the throes of a campaign to raise $125,000 over the next three years to fund needed repairs.

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