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Three (3) Mayan Prophecies Appear Set to Unfold
How the Mayan Calendar is related to the Perseid meteor shower, and how the Maya learned to predict lunar eclipses. Vincent H. Malmström's book Cycles of the Sun, Mysteries of the Moon is available online.

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

As noted in my most recent interview with Carlos Barrios, Mayan elder of the 'Clan de Aguila' (the Eagle clan) in Guatemala, a list of Mayan prophecies were disclosed. Three (3) of them appear perched to unleash there ancient predictions any day (or minute).

For those who are unaware of the recently disclosed events told by Mayan elders, you can go to the following two articles to become informed. Because of the sensitive nature of coming events that could affect many, we have extended our 50% discount special to join allowing you to access all Earth Changes Media headlines and services.

1) Part I - August 2009 Interview With Mayan Elder Carlos Barrios

2) Part II - August 2009 Interview With Mayan Elder Carlos Barrios

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**Three (3) Mayan Prophecies Appear Set to Unfold

1) Single Strike Nuclear Exchange Between Pakistan and India Predicted by Mayan Elders

It appears we are closer to this real scenario than most people would like to believe. Just a few months ago, any such event was not on anyone's radar screen. Today, it has the attention of the world. Maya elders disclosed this ancient prophecy two years ago. No one seemed to understand this undeniable possibility at the time. Today, everyone does. Inside see three current articles from highly credible sources which suggest this frightful event could unfold any minute.

- Pakistan Militants Tried to Capture Country's Nuke Facilities at Least Three Times

(ANI) Asian News International - Pakistan's nuclear facilities have already been attacked at least three times by its home-grown extremists and terrorists.

- Pakistan Nuclear Sites May Be Vulnerable

REUTERS - Pakistan's nuclear facilities have come under attack from the Taliban and other groups and there is a "genuine" risk militants could seize weapons or bomb-making material,

- Risk Of Pakistan's Nukes Falling Into Terrorists' Hands Is 'Genuine'

NPR (National Public Radio) - "Empirical evidence points to a clear set of weaknesses and vulnerabilities in Pakistan's nuclear safety and security arrangements" and militants have already tried to attack that nation's nuclear facilities, says a new paper published by the Combating Terrorism Center at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The paper's author also warns that there is a "genuine" threat of Pakistan's nuclear weapons falling into terrorists' hands.



2) Earthquake Swarm Picks Up at Puerto Rico Subduction Zone

Mayan elder Carlos Barrios listed a few places to watch for massive earthquake and volcano activity. One area is the Puerto Rico Subduction Zone (or Trench). This fault where two continental plates slide under each other is on the west side of Puerto Rico facing the United States East Coast. A massive mega event occurring in this region could send off a tsunami which would it many islands of the Carribean and the US east coast. Computer scenario's show up to 20 million people could be affected by such an event.

Puerto Rico EQ List:
Today, the USGS shows the Puerto Rico Subduction Zone has increased its activity
with earthquake magnitudes going beyond the 4.0 range with todays largest hitting 4.7 mag. Not a good sign as it shows an increased potential for a larger eruption.



3) Krakatoa Volcano Ready to Unleash

Krakatoa Supervolcano is similar to Yellowstone in that they are both supervolcano "calderas". The last Krakatoa eruption was in 1883 killing 36,000 people. In today's numbers, it could very well be 360,000 or more. The volcano has started to spew lava again and thousands of farmers, who stay close to the volcano even today, may be in jeopardy.

The impact of the first eruption was 13,000 times that of the atom bomb which rocked Hiroshima. Not only did it kill people, it changed the course of the weather for many years. The only comparison to match the devastating ability of this volcano is Yellowstone. Yellowstone supervolcano last large explosion was around 150,000 years ago when it blew creating the West Thumb of Lake Yellowstone.

It is Lake Yellowstone where the current "bulge" is growing and is the most monitored area of the park. Not in modern times can the eruptions of Mount St Helens 1980, Mount Pinatubo 1991, and Popocatépetl 2000, come close to comparing with Krakatoa.

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Exposed "Vibrant Response" Ends Early!
* * * * * * * * *

By Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast


HOUSTON VA Hospital -- A handful of leading 9/11 Truth luminaries decided to publish an alert about what they saw as the dangers of "Vibrant Response." Going by the dictum that every terror exercise has an optional plan to become a terror attack, they investigated and published the Vibrant Response game plan, which contained a disturbing plan to stimulate a nuke in Kansas City. They added a list of the top five U.S. target cities, based upon their experience in monitoring -- and sometimes interdicting -- false flag terror exercises.

The military announcement of Vibrant Response, scheduled for July 31 - August 14, was published on July 27. In it, there was nothing about the Kansas City nuke:

'Vibrant Response' to train troops for disasters, Army News Service, 7/27/2009, mil/-news/ 2009/07/27/ 24983-vibrant- response- to-train- troops-for- disasters/

The 9/11 Truth article was published on Monday, August 31, and made the Kansas City nuke claim:

Nuclear Obama's "Vibrant Response," The Lone Star Iconoclast, 8/3/2009,
http://tinyurl. com/kmov75

Two days later, Leavenworth Times, a military publication in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, where Vibrant Response was headquartered, casually inserted crucial information that there was to be a simulated nuke in Kansas City:

Exercise focuses on emergencies, Leavenworth Times, 8/5/2009,
http://www.leavenwo rthtimes. com/news/ x2098088102/ Exercise- focuses-on- emergencies

The next day still another Ft. Leavenworth publication also casually inserted crucial information -- that Vibrant Response was in name five days early. They offered no explanation for this unheard of curtailing of a major military exercise:

Joint task force trains for disaster response, The Fort Leavenworth Lamp, 8/6/2009,
http://www.ftleaven worthlamp. com/articles/ 2009/08/06/ news/news3. txt

The articles above -- three out of four of them official military sources -- suggest that a false flag terror attack was indeed being prepared, and that the revelation of key exercise information in the 9/11 Truth article forestalled it. Events in our top five target areas strongly corroborate this analysis. Four out of five of them experienced unusual and potentially disastrous events, which we believe were local adjunct exercises under the control of Vibrant Response. For more details, refer to our

Vibrant Response Update, The Price of Liberty, 8/10/2009,
http://www.theprice ofliberty. org/09/08/ 10/may.html
* * * * * * * * *

The four co-authors of the Vibrant Response alerts are:
-- Dr. James H. Fetzer, founder, Scholars for 9/11 Truth
-- W. Leon Smith, publisher, The Lone Star Iconoclast
-- Major William B. Fox, publisher, America First Books
-- Captain Eric H. May, commander, Ghost Troop Cyber Militia

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