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Goshen Indiana Masonic Temple




Location: 301 S. Fifth Street at Jefferson, SW corner, Goshen. (Elkhart County, Indiana)

Erected 1998 Indiana Historical Bureau, Elkhart County Historical Society, and Goshen Historical Society.

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Born 1896 in house on this site into locally prominent family. Moved with parents to Neenah, Wisconsin 1899 and to Pasadena, California 1906. Hawks - director, producer, screenwriter - is recognized as one of Hollywood's greatest filmmakers. His more than forty-six movies include fine examples of traditional film genres, both comedy and drama. Died 1977.
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Pharaohic Relic Shop

I have always been interested in knowing what was on the inside of the little relic shop in town, so I stopped by to get some footage and chat with the guy who lived next door

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Delighted antiques dealer discovers 1,300-year-old Knights Templar relic at car boot sale

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Health Care Heat

Once again our local Campaign for Liberty and the 912 Project meetup group surrounded supporters of Obonga's Universal Healthcare System.

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Indiana’s NewsCenter) - Hundreds of concerned citizens filled the Allen County Courthouse lawn Friday rallying for and against healthcare reform.

“Hoosiers for Commonsense Health Plan" rallied for a publicly financed, privately delivered, single-payer universal plan that would look very similar to Medicare.

Organizers say they're appalled that millions of Americans are without health coverage and want the government to help its citizens.

“What kind of a system do we have that leaves 50 million people uninsured,” asked Edith Kenna a member of Hoosiers for a Commonsense Health Plan. “And the majority of bankruptcies are medical bankruptcies, it's obscene.”

But hundreds of Hoosiers who say they want the government to stay out of health care held signs protesting reform.

They say they think the government will dictate which hospitals patients can go to, and that, they say, could hurt Americans.

“Everywhere socialized medicine has been tried it leads to decreased quality, decreased access, and ultimately rationing,” said Fort Wayne physician John Crawford. “It is a mistake. We should stick with our current system to stick with doctors working with their patients rather than the government controlling everything.”

President Obama argued in his weekly radio and Internet address Friday that health insurance reform is key to laying what he called a "new foundation for future growth and prosperity" for the nation.

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Teabaggers Bring Guns to Cohen Health Care Event
By Jane Hamsher 08 Aug 2009 According to accounts from the Steve Cohen health care event in Memphis, Tennessee, the teabaggers are showing up armed. Steve Steffens wrote, "Randy Wade is to be complimented as well; he arranged for security. There were actually idiots who brought guns (legally, it seems they had carry permits, but why did they feel they needed them?). Yes, you read that right, and Randy made them all check in with the Sheriff's Deputies on hand." [In that case--like I said: What's good for the right-wing goose is good for the left-wing gander.
Arming the Left: Is the time now? By Charles Southwell 21 Oct 2003 --Lori Price]
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RACHEL4CONGRESS 2010 Townhall Meeting in Goshen,IN

While some memebers were taking part in the Healthcare protests in Fort Wayne Sat. morning, I took a drive to Goshen, Ind. to tape the N.E.IN. Regional Campaign meeting for Rachel Grubb who we are promoting in our campaign for Liberty group as our 3rd District Congressesional Representative of the USA for 2010.
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From Greta Van Sustern's show Thursday night after the mess at Russ Carnahan's town hall meeting. Dana Loesch claims she's just an ordinary person showing up at these town halls to speak her mind and no one told her or any of the rest of them to show up. Just one problem with that. She's one of the ones telling others to show up, actively promoting these protests on her web site, on her Twitter page, and she works for 97.1 FM Talk in St. Louis, Mo., which has a big flashing banner across the front of its web site right now on how to get more info on town hall meetings.

And no one has ever said that the majority of the people showing up at these protests are not really genuinely angry Americans. We've just pointed out who the ones are whipping them into a frenzy with misinformation, like you, your radio station, Fox News, right wing blogs, and your Tea Bagger organization.

VAN SUSTEREN: The mob. Is that true? Joining us live is Dana Loesch. She's a radio host and works with the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition. Dana went to a health care town hall held by Senator Claire McCaskill's office.

Good evening, Dana. You're part of the angry mob, apparently. Your reaction to being called that?

DANA LOESCH, RADIO HOST 97.1 FM TALK: I want to know who this "they" is. Who is this they, Republicans? Because I'm not a Republican and not every single person associated with the tea party movement is a Republican, just like everyone who went out to protest Bush was a Democrat or anything else. It's -- it's just -- you know, and I'm tired of all these accusation that are just being leveled at us, like, oh, well, we're paid GOP hacks. Honestly, if I were in this for the money, I would have gone and worked with ACORN because, I mean, even though they paid their people late, still, at least they paid their people.

But these are just -- you know, these are moms, these are dads, grandparents, senior citizens, kids, college kids. All of these people are coming out just to voice their concerns. And it kind of makes me sad that we live in an era where the president of the United States and his political party would try to sort of, like, wash off people by saying that their valid concerns are just echoes of an angry mob. It doesn't maybe make any sense and it's really sad.

VAN SUSTEREN: Are you part of any group, or did you go to this meeting, this town hall meeting yourself? I mean, are you part of any club, or were you -- like, did someone just summons you, like, some organization, I mean, or did you just show up?

LOESCH: I just showed up. I don't have a satin jacket. I don't have a laminated club card, I just showed up like everyone else. And I went to Congressman Russ Carnahan's health care town hall forum just this evening and just, you know, with a bunch of other people. We just showed up. No one told us to show up. No one told us what questions to ask or even to ask any questions at all.

They just -- they have concerns about this health care legislation. And are our elected officials so out of touch with their own districts that they don't even recognize the people in their districts and they can't understand why they would have any kind of questions?

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Protesters greet Congressman Perlmutter as he visits constituents (Includes interview and first-hand account)

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YouTube - Anti-Pelosi protest in Denver
Thursday, 6 AUG 09 Conservative Americans -NOT paid activists- demonstrate outside Stout Clinic, and mainstream media CENSORS them by not filming nor interviewing any anit-Obama, anti-Pelosi, anti-CommunistDeathCare Bill Americans.

Dinah Lord: La Pelosi came to Denver and...moonbat attacks

Dinah Lord: Dinah didn't go down without a fight

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Hats off to Mark Cross and the rest of Florida Campaign for Liberty. About 1,100 people turned out for the rally in Orlando headlined by Dr. Paul last night. The room got so crowded, the hotel had to call the fire marshall - twice! C-SPAN covered the event, so we'll be able to show the whole country just how popular Freedom really is.
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Healthcare Funeral Procession by the Pinellas Patriots

Wow. Just got back from a Health Care Caravan Funeral Procession around the city. We got a fantastic reception from people we passed. So many of them waved at us enthusiastically and when we stopped at light or slowed down in the car park areas they told us how much they appreciated what we trying to do.
It made me feel very patriotic and seemed so much more constructive than just standing on the sidewalk. I think we got peoples attention everywhere and hopefully they will start thinking about the issues we have today.
I encourage every one of you to check out this video of a funeral procession and just go ahead and try one of your own you will not believe how much it will achieve !! We found that this was FANTASTIC for seniors who can't stand very long at a normal rally. It was very easy to setup and fun to do. We went about 25 - 30 miles on the busy streets and it took a couple of hours. Anywhere from 10 to 30 cars work well. Use your imagination to dress them up. We try and do this every week on Saturday or Sunday. The more that groups do this the more attention we will get to our cause. STOP THE TAKE OVER OF HEALTHCARE. We are all in this together and we are getting stronger every day. We must stop the madness. Check out the YOUTUBE video.

Pass the word. Let's get America active. We Surround Them and we need to show them!

South Pinellas 9.12 Patriots ( stage our 3rd 35 mile, 24 car Health care funeral procession through Central Pinellas county on August 1st.

Central Florida's Pinellas Patriots stage their third funeral procession by proclaiming the death of liberty, health care, and every constitutional right we once knew and took for granted.

EVERY COUNTY, EVERY CITY, EVERY MUNICIPALITY should organize a funeral procession of their own. Don your vehicles with flags and signs to "enlighten", your fellow citizens. Simply drive a few miles under the speed limit, put on your lights and hazards, and have fun! This is also another way to promote your Tea Parties, the Washington 9.12 March (, and local 9.12 groups as well !!!

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