Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Liveleak video Deleted for Copyright Violation
This is how the NWO will Exterminate us....

Dear Sir

You may not realise this but the interview we produced with George Green is copyright and is contained within a video where you are advertising your site. A reference to this video can be found at http:/


Please remove this from your server and all other places where it has been uploaded that you personally control.

The video interview is freely available on our site for people to watch there, unedited and undoctored by others.

We appreciate your full complaince.

Scott Meredith
Executive Producer
Conscious Media Network Inc.
PO Box 528
Loomis CA 95650-0528

Tel/Fax: +1 866-804-2252

Conscious Media Network recieved full credit for the Interview too.

All the places of my promotional services have been deleted.
The last reference is not in my control.

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Mass Evacuation Bus Cruising Down The Highway

Check this out... While out on the road this morning I came upon a very peculiar vehicle. This "Mass Evacuation Bus" is obviously owned and operated by a local county E.M.S. department and was being relocated to an undisclosed location. An immediate phone call to a local Patriot informed me that this bus was, in fact, heading in the opposite direction of where this county asset is typically maintained and stored. Perhaps, the county was just taking her out for a spin to "clear out the cobwebs". Or, perhaps out on a training exercise over at the local "Emergency Containment Area" (see related video).

In all fairness, I must note that this particular county is rich in potential disaster-related scenarios, including: hurricanes, nuclear power-plant facility issues and a large military munitions loading terminal. Still, the timing of seeing this bad-boy out on the road raises my eyebrow.
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