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"Terrorism and the Illuminati: A Three Thousand Year History"

Livingstone - Terrorism and the Illuminati - A Three Thousand Year History (2007)

Connecting the Conspiracy Dots Covering a wide array of hot-button, often polarizing subjects such as Zionism, Nazism, radical terrorists factions, and where each fits into this highly controversial picture. Livingstone has delivered an important, albeit highly subjective book that's part history, part ideology/theology and part conspiracy theory. Terrorism and the Illuminati is an in-depth view of secret societies, terrorism and present day conflicts, from the perspective that all are interconnected, related and fueling each other, thus propelling the world towards a "clash of civilizations."

Terrorism and the Illuminati traces and connects individual groups such as the Holy Grail, Freemasonry, the Knights Templar and many others. Lords, legends, myths and elite bloodlines, when analyzed independently appear insignificant and are easily ignored. However, when the dots are connected, a very different picture beings to come into focus. According to like-minded individuals, keeping these connections broken and the lines blurred, has allowed these secret societies and their members to operate in the shadows of a meticulously cultivated public image.
While many dismiss the idea of secret societies and a one world government as mere conspiracy theories run amok, many others would argue that is part of the plan. One should stop and remember the words of the commissioner regarding the catastrophic events of 9-11..."a failure of policy and a failure of imagination..." Thinking outside the box has always been a trait of forward thinking individuals and societies. Analyzing the ridiculous or outlandish has resulted in numerous discoveries and inventions that in retrospect have shaped communities, academics, governments and the world as a whole and their creator's are given the highest, most prestigious recognitions. Although the ideas presented in this book have been discussed for hundreds and hundreds of years, interest in these age-old theories is obviously still alive and well, as was demonstrated by the response to Dan Brown's book "The Da Vinci Code," as well as, the popularity of the subsequent movie, which was an international blockbuster.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy reading books about the occult, secret societies, one world conspiracies and it's possible link to terrorism. Also those who simply enjoy a challenging, thought provoking read that stimulates the mind. Terrorism and the Illuminati offers a strong starting point to begin your own research into this interesting, controversial discussion. Livingstone has included (at the end of the book) an exhaustive resource list that provides readers with lots of information, from a variety of sources.

(I picked up several typographical errors, however, these are not so egregious as to interrupt the flow of the dialogue to any substantial degree. The blame for such errors lands squarely with the editors and proof-readers.) Comment Comment | Permalink | Was this review helpful to you?
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Ghost Troop Maj. Fox interview: NLE 09 / Vibrant Response (Part 2)
Ghost Troop Maj. Fox interview: NLE 09 / Vibrant Response (Part 3)
Ghost Troop Maj. Fox interview: NLE 09 / Vibrant Response (Part 4)
Ghost Troop Maj. Fox interview: NLE 09 / Vibrant Response (Part 5)
Ghost Troop Maj. Fox interview: NLE 09 / Vibrant Response (Part 6)
Ghost Troop Maj. Fox interview: NLE 09 / Vibrant Response (Part 7)
Ghost Troop Maj. Fox interview: NLE 09 / Vibrant Response (Part 8)
Ghost Troop Maj. Fox interview: NLE 09 / Vibrant Response (Part 9)
Ghost Troop Maj. Fox interview: NLE 09 / Vibrant Response (Part 10)
with everything we're looking at: pandemics, mass vaccinations, economic collapse, cyberwars, birthers & the threat of homegrown errorism - the amount of massive military drills currently running are made all the more disturbing. for this special interview episode from media monarchy, we talk to former marine corp major william b fox from ghost troop about these current military exercises: national level exercise '09 & vibrant response. in this wide-ranging 90min interview, we use the terror drills as a backdrop for the bigger picture: the US has been hijacked by foreign interests & globalist elites who are pulling the rug out from under US. put simply, a drill is a practice run and the private military & shadow govt are practicing to take over our cities. only by spreading this information can we hope to determine our own destiny on a grassroots level.

The entire interview is availible a the link below

I am looking forward to listening to the Media Monarchy interview between you and Major William B. Fox, our Ghost Troop executive officer. As we will be writing in our upcoming NLE 09 after action reviews, there were ample signs that this exercise was scripted with a false flag option. There is no reason to expect that the upcoming "Vibrant Response" -- involving a 10 KT nuclear device -- will be any different. I trust that my XO gave due attention to these critical matters, and that all patriotic Americans will benefit from his insight.

Long live Media Monarchy!

Captain Eric H. May
CO, Ghost Troop Cyber Militia

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To whom it concerns, i.e., everyone:

In 2006 Citizen Investigation Team launched an independent investigation into the act of terrorism which took place at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. This exhaustive three-year inquest involved multiple trips to the scene of the crime in Arlington, Virginia, close scrutiny of all official and unofficial data related to the event, and, most importantly, first-person interviews with dozens of eyewitnesses, many of which were conducted and filmed in the exact locations from which they witnessed the plane that allegedly struck the building that day.

Be forewarned: Our findings are extraordinarily shocking and frightening. They are also deadly serious, and deserving of your immediate attention. This is not about a conspiracy theory or any theory at all. This is about independent, verifiable evidence which unfortunately happens to conclusively establish as a historical fact that the violence which took place in Arlington that day was not the result of a surprise attack by suicide hijackers, but rather a false flag "black operation" involving a carefully planned and skillfully executed deception.

If you are skeptical of (or even incensed by) this statement we do not blame you. We are not asking you to take our word for it, nor do we want you to do that. We want you to view the evidence and see with your own eyes that this is the case. We want you to hear it directly from the eyewitnesses who were there, just as we did.

Please understand that this information is not being brought to your attention simply for educational purposes. It is presented within the context of a “call to action” accompanied by a detailed step-by-step strategy intended to inspire and empower you to do something about it. But first, please familiarize yourself with the evidence by viewing and paying close attention to the 81-minute video presentation, National Security Alert.

Thank you for your concern and thank you for your action.


Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis

Citizen Investigation Team
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UNO UPDATE: "Operation Millennium Dragon" Phase 3 Outbreak in United States, Massive Movement of US Military Chemical and Biological Forces Reported

(February 28, 2005)

Russian Intelligence sources are reporting today on the massive movement of transportation equipment from the United States Army Combined Arms Support Command, located in Fort Lee, Virginia, to US military bases in their regions of Missouri and Kansas.

The significance of this massive military movement towards Missouri and Kansas cannot be lost upon us as this military region houses the dreaded US Army military unit known as the Dragon Soldiers located at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and who use as their emblem the dreaded dragons head, and their military support unit the 24th Infantry Division, and who are located at Fort Riley, Kansas and say of themselves that they are, "America's Warfighting Center".

These dreaded Dragon Soldiers, and who are actually a part of the United States Army’s 3ed Chemical Brigade, are perhaps the world’s best trained military forces for both chemical and biological attacks.

By these massive military movements within the United States of their vast chemical and biological forces we can only presuppose that an attack upon the United States is about to occur.

Warnings to the American citizens themselves have been made at many times about this attack occurring, but to no response by their citizens to these warnings have been seen. More surprising about this strange response by the American population has been their lack of preparing themselves against these attacks even though their own government has gone to great expense to educate them.

The United States National Homeland Security Knowledgebase has one so far as to even include the titles of When You Are On The Run and How To Build a Log Cabin in their preparedness warnings, while the Homeland Security Forces has issued this warning;

"Unlike an explosion, a biological attack may or may not be immediately obvious. While it is possible that you will see signs of a biological attack, as was sometimes the case with the anthrax mailings, it is perhaps more likely that local health care workers will report a pattern of unusual illness or there will be a wave of sick people seeking emergency medical attention. You will probably learn of the danger through an emergency radio or TV broadcast, or some other signal used in your community. You might get a telephone call or emergency response workers may come to your door."

Photo and Graphic Gallery

These reports are also coming at the exact time that the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) is reporting for the week of February 24th this dreaded news, "During week 7, WHO and NREVSS laboratories in the United States reported testing 4,452 specimens for influenza viruses, of which 910 (20.4%) were positive. Of these, one was an influenza A (H1N1) virus, 128 were influenza A (H3N2) viruses, 594 were influenza A viruses that were not subtyped, and 187 were influenza B viruses."

Of this dreaded and most feared virus, H1N1, we can read from the website titled, Influenza Landmarks in Humans This Century, the following, "1918 Spanish flu (H1N1) Possible emergence from swine or an avian host of a mutated H1N1 virus. Pandemic with greater than 20 million deaths globally."

The reporting of even one case of a Spanish flu like virus (H1N1) is by itself enough to cause great fear, but when added to the vast number of these CDC reported “not subtyped influenza A viruses” one can rightly suppose that a major mutation has occurred, and by either natural or manmade means we do not know.

Most fearful of all the possible scenarios would be the combining of the H1N1 virus with the present threat of the Asian bird flu strain, and as reported by the Reuters News Service quoting the head of the American Centers for Disease Control saying, "Avian flu poses the single biggest threat to the world right now and health officials may not yet have all the tools they need to fight it."

Further information from our American sources will have to be forthcoming prior to our fully understanding, yet again, another series of serious events emanating from this much troubled country.

Photo and Graphic Gallery

H1N1 Pandemic: Pentagon Planning Deployment of Troops in Support of Nationwide Vaccination
Militarization of public health in the case of emergency is now official

By Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, July 31, 2009
According to CNN, the Pentagon is "to establish regional teams of military personnel to assist civilian authorities in the event of a significant outbreak of the H1N1 virus this fall, according to Defense Department officials."

"The proposal is awaiting final approval from Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

The officials would not be identified because the proposal from U.S. Northern Command's Gen. Victor Renuart has not been approved by the secretary.

The plan calls for military task forces to work in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. There is no final decision on how the military effort would be manned, but one source said it would likely include personnel from all branches of the military.

It has yet to be determined how many troops would be needed and whether they would come from the active duty or the National Guard and Reserve forces.

Civilian authorities would lead any relief efforts in the event of a major outbreak, the official said. The military, as they would for a natural disaster or other significant emergency situation, could provide support and fulfill any tasks that civilian authorities could not, such as air transport or testing of large numbers of viral samples from infected patients.

As a first step, Gates is being asked to sign a so-called "execution order" that would authorize the military to begin to conduct the detailed planning to execute the proposed plan.

Orders to deploy actual forces would be reviewed later, depending on how much of a health threat the flu poses this fall, the officials said." (CNN, Military planning for possible H1N1 outbreak, July 2009, emphasis added)

Photo and Graphic Gallery
The implications are far-reaching.

The decision points towards the militarization of civilian institutions, including law enforcement and public health.

A nationwide vaccination program is already planned for the Fall.

The pharmaceutical industry is slated to deliver 160 million vaccine doses by the Fall, enough doses to vaccinate more than half of America's population.

The Pentagon is already planning on the number of troops to be deployed,. with a view to supporting a mass vaccinaiton program.

It is worth noting that this involvement of the military is not being decided by the President, but by the Secretary of Defense, which suggests that the Pentagon is, in a key issue of of national interest, overriding the President and Commander in Chief. The US Congress has not been consulted on the issue.

This decision to mobilise the Armed Forces in the vaccination campaign is taken in anticipation of a national emergency. Although no national emergency has been called, the presumption is that a national public health emergency will occur, using the WHO Level 6 Pandemic as a pretext and a justification.

Other countries, including Canada, the UK and France may follow suit, calling upon their Armed Forces to play a role in support of the H1N1 vaccination program.

US Northern Command

Much of the groundwork for the intervention of the military has already been established. There are indications that these "regional teams" have already been established under USNORTHCOM, which has been involved in preparedness training and planning in the case of a flu pandemic (See U.S. Northern Command - Avian Flu. USNORTHCOM website).

Within the broader framework of "Disaster Relief", Northern Command has, in the course of the last two years, defined a mandate in the eventuality of a public health emergency or a flu pandemic. The emphasis is on the militarization of public health whereby NORTHCOM would oversee the activities of civilian institutions involved in health related services.

According Brig. Gen. Robert Felderman, deputy director of USNORTHCOM’s Plans, Policy and Strategy Directorate: “USNORTHCOM is the global synchronizer – the global coordinator – for pandemic influenza across the combatant commands”(emphasis added) (See Gail Braymen, USNORTHCOM contributes pandemic flu contingency planning expertise to trilateral workshop, USNORTHCOM, April 14, 2008, See also USNORTHCOM. Pandemic Influenza Chain Training (U) pdf)

“Also, the United States in 1918 had the Spanish influenza. We were the ones who had the largest response to [a pandemic] in more recent history. So I discussed what we did then, what we expect to have happen now and the numbers that we would expect in a pandemic influenza.”

The potential number of fatalities in the United States in a modern pandemic influenza could reach nearly two million, according to Felderman. Not only would the nation’s economy suffer, but the Department of Defense would still have to be ready and able to protect and defend the country and provide support of civil authorities in disaster situations. While virtually every aspect of society would be affected, “the implications for Northern Command will be very significant.”

“[A pandemic would have] a huge economic impact, in addition to the defense-of-our- nation impact,” Felderman said. The United States isn’t alone in preparing for such a potential catastrophe. (Gail Braymen, op cit)

Apart from the CNN dispatch and a FOX news report, there has been virtually no mainstream press coverage of this issue. No statement has been made by USNORTHCOM. The Fox New Report suggests that US troops would be involved in organising military quarantines (see videoclip below).

Aerosol Program(Chemtrails) Facilitated Coming Flu Epidemic

Dragon's Peak video
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Attention all Dragon Warriors!

Do you have what it takes to be the Chemical Corps Noncommissioned Officer or Soldier of the Year?

Out of 22,000 CBRN Specialists in the U.S. Army Chemical Corps, one NCO and one Soldier will have the honor of receiving the CSM(R) George L. Murray Leadership Award.

They will earn these awards by enduring three strenuous days of demanding events including a P.T. test, road march, confidence course, and military boards.

Photo and Graphic Gallery

Everything you need to know for the 2009 Dragon's Peak Competition is right here!

Packets need to be submitted by 1 May. Please read the OPORD and Enclosures for detailed information about the event.

'Order Of the Dragon' Program Criteria

The Order of the Dragon (OOD) Program consists of three Awards. These awards are the Ancient Order, the Honorable Order, and the Carol Ann Watson Spouse Award.

The CCRA gives these awards to recognize "Dragon Soldiers” (and their spouses) who have demonstrated the highest standards of integrity and moral character, an outstanding degree of professional competence, and have contributed to the promotion of the Chemical Corps in numerous ways over the course of their career.

For more information on each award, click on the links below:



Photo and Graphic Gallery

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Have You Noticed Anything Unusual? Military Prepares For H1N1 Outbreak

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These photos were obtained by a Fresno, CA resident. The Fresno area currently has 11 known hospitalized H1N1 cases. Another H1N1 patient passed away 7/30/09.
* * * * * * * * * *

It seems the Pentagon is in the process of making troops and equipment available to aid the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) if there is an aggressive outbreak of H1N1 virus, commonly known as Swine Flu, this fall, according to reports by CNN.

The proposal for the troop standby originated from U.S. Northern Command's Gen. Victor Renuart, but according to CNN has not yet been formally approved by Defense Secretary Robert Gates. The plan is for the military to put in place regional teams of military personnel to aid civilian authorities in the event of any serious outbreak.

A senior U.S. defense official told sources that no final decision has been reached on how the military effort would be manned, but would most likely include personnel from all the military branches. At this point, however, it remains uncertain as to whether the personnel would come from the active duty or the National Guard and Reserve. Nonetheless, recent activity at one California National Guard facility in Fresno seems to indicate that the plan is already underway. A new compound (photos above) has been built adjacent to the base that includes massive tents, satellite communications equipment, etc.

In the event of a major outbreak, civilian authorities would be at the head of the relief efforts, according to the source report. The military would be most useful in supplying air transport or testing of large numbers of viral samples from sick citizens.

Recently a special government panel advise that swine flu vaccinations be offered first to pregnant women, health care workers and children six months and over.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices panel also recommended that priority in the vaccination line be given to parents of infants; non-elderly adults who have high-risk medical conditions, and adults ages 19 to 24, the group that has proven to be the most at risk for the infection.

For reference, National Guard websites and locations are listed here. As well, FEMA has established a network of locations under the Rex 84 Program that could possibly be used in case of an H1N1 outbreak emergency.

Scientists traced the genetic lineage of the H1N1 swine flu to a strain that emerged in 1998 in U.S. factory farms, where it spread and mutated at an alarming rate. Experts warned then that a pocket of the virus would someday evolve to infect humans, perhaps setting off a global pandemic.

NOTE: this posting is not meant to scare anyone but there seems to be something stirring within the U.S. military. Personally, I have a 21yo son, a 33yo daughter and 4yo grand daughter, so this strain of flu has me somewhat concerned. Have you noticed anything new or unusual at your local national guard armory or base?


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FEMA is using foreign troops these are US and royal air force working together they are landing in the Southern California mountains to refuel and move on to operation N.L.E. 09
i got this from CaliforniaMilitia

FEMA is using foreign troops look here is the proof these are US and royal air force working together they are landing in the Southern California mountains to refuel and move on to operation N.L.E. 09

helicopters identified: Cobra US Military force two, Canadian griffon force one, merlin helicopters British force two.

Total force is Five choppers

Date july 27th 09 Time was 4:30 pm Big Bear Airport airport in socal mountains

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Military police test new vehicles near Springfield – Springfield, IL

A Springfield-based military police company will be training with a new armored vehicle in the area this week.

The Illinois Army National Guard says training with the new Armored Security Vehicles will start Thursday and run through Sunday.

Staff Sgt. Daniel Becker says the vehicles were designed to keep soldiers safe. They have the safety features of other vehicles on the road — like turn signals, brake lights and headlights — but the driver’s view is limited by the armor.

A licensed trained driver will be along for the training this week.

The vehicles are large, but only require one traffic lane.

Becker says people shouldn’t be afraid when they see the armored vehicles on the road.

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Army National Guard Advertises for “Internment Specialists”
Kurt Nimmo, Infowars, July 31, 2009
Doubt the government plans to impose martial law and round up dissidents and other malcontents? Well, the Army National Guard is advertising for qualified personnel to work as Corrections Officers and Internment/Resettle ment Specialists.

“Avenge me, boys!” Fiction becomes fact. In the film Red Dawn, Harry Dean Stanton is put in a communist re-education camp.

“As an Internment/Resettle ment Specialist for the Army National Guard, you will ensure the smooth running of military confinement/ correctional facility or detention/internmen t facility, similar to those duties conducted by civilian Corrections Officers,” a classified ad posted on the web states. “This will require you to know proper procedures and military law; and have the ability to think quickly in high-stress situations. Specific duties may include assisting with supervision and management operations; providing facility security; providing custody, control, supervision, and escort; and counseling individual prisoners in rehabilitative programs.”

The term “rehabilitative programs” is key. Glenn Beck and the corporate media may attempt to discredit the fact there are FEMA camps, but military documents demonstrate the government plans to herd people into internment camps. Army Regulation 210-35, entitled “Civilian Inmate Labor Program,” provides “guidance for establishing and managing civilian inmate labor programs on Army installations. It provides guidance on establishing prison camps on Army installations.”

In Mao’s China, the government established a sprawling system of administrative detention centers — known as Laogai — designed to reeducate dissidents and other social misfits through forced slave labor. In the Soviet Union under Stalin, a network of gulags — a Russian acronym for The Chief Administration of Corrective Labor Camps and Colonies — were established, primarily for political prisoners and as a mechanism for repressing political opposition to the Soviet state.

Rex 84 was created in the United States for basically the same reason. “The Rex-84 Alpha Explan (Readiness Exercise 1984, Exercise Plan; otherwise known as a continuity of government plan), indicates that FEMA in association with 34 other federal civil departments and agencies, along with other NATO nations, conducted a civil readiness exercise during April 5-13, 1984. It was conducted in coordination and simultaneously with a Joint Chiefs exercise, Night Train 84, a worldwide military command post exercise (including Continental U.S. Forces or CONUS) based on multi-emergency scenarios operating both abroad and at home. In the combined exercise, Rex-84 Bravo, FEMA and DOD led the other federal agencies and departments, including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Secret Service, the Treasury, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Veterans Administration through a gaming exercise to test military assistance in civil defense,” writes Diana Reynolds. “The exercise anticipated civil disturbances, major demonstrations and strikes that would affect continuity of government and/or resource mobilization. To fight subversive activities, there was authorization for the military to implement government ordered movements of civilian populations at state and regional levels, the arrest of certain unidentified segments of the population, and the imposition of martial law.”

Rex 84 falls under master military contingency plan, Operation Garden Plot, allegedly developed in response to the civil disorders of the 1960s and now under the control of the U.S. Northern Command. Garden Plot was last activated as Noble Eagle following the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Under National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive (National Security Presidential Directive NSPD 51/Homeland Security Presidential Directive HSPD-20, or called simply “Executive Directive 51″ for short), signed by George W. Bush on May 4, 2007, the government has the authority to declare a national emergency and impose martial law. NSPD 51 grants extraordinary police state powers to the White House and Homeland Security, presumably including detention of a large number of people as established under Rex 84 and other military programs.

On July 30, CNN reported that the U.S. military is gearing up to get involved in the H1N1 swine flu outbreak promised to strike later this year. “The U.S. military wants to establish regional teams of military personnel to assist civilian authorities in the event of a significant outbreak of the H1N1 virus this fall, according to Defense Department officials,” a proposal that is currently on the desk of Sec. Def. Robert Gates, according to CNN. “As a first step, Gates is being asked to sign a so-called ‘execution order’ that would authorize the military to begin to conduct the detailed planning to execute the proposed plan.”

It looks like the Army National Guard is gearing up to staff camps and “execute the proposed plan” of forcibly vaccinating the public and rounding up and hauling off those who refuse to be injected with a soft kill eugenics weapon as dangerous enemies of the state who need to be interned in forced labor and re-education camps.

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"NC terrorists were supported by CIA"

The terrorist group arrested in North Carolina and its leader Daniel Patrick Boyd received substantial aid from the CIA in the past, says investigative journalist Wayne Madsen.
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US Prepares Major Terrorism Readiness Exercise

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the United States and abroad are preparing to go on high alert as part of a massive terrorism prevention exercise -- the first of its kind here. Beginning Monday, security officials at all levels in the United States and four other countries will scramble into action in the wake of a fictional terrorist attack somewhere outside the United States. The scenario envisions the receipt of intelligence that a follow-up attack is planned inside the United States, forcing agencies inside and out of the country to test their coordination, intelligence and terror prevention skills.

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Air Force To Watch Out for “Subversive” Internet Behavior
The Air Force is seeking an entrepreneurial innovator to develop technology to analyze the conduct of insiders to determine if they pose a threat to government IT systems. In a call for proposals aimed at small businesses, posted on Tuesday, the Air Force is asking outside developers to “define, develop and demonstrate innovative approaches for determining ‘good’ (approved) versus ‘bad’ (disallowed/subversive) activities, including insiders and/or malware.” For their initial efforts, the Air Force will pay up to $100,000. The proposal says current techniques that monitor illicit activities only address the most blatant violations of policy or the grossest deviations from accepted behavior. Most systems concentrate their resources on repelling attacks at the network borders with little attention devoted to threats that evade detection and/or emanate from within.

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Napolitano Reports to CFR on Stasi Snoop Terror Network
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano traveled to New York to deliver a speech to the boss today. She told the Council on Foreign Relations there will be no departure from the Bush administration in regard to homeland security. It will be the same agenda with a few minor changes — for instance, the color-coded threat advisory will be chucked. “Napolitano sang the praises of counter-terrorism intelligence being shared between federal, state and local agencies through arrangements known as fusion centers,” writes Frank James for NPR. Napolitano said she plans “to make them a top priority for this department to support them, build them, improve them and work with them.” Translation: the feds will continue the full-steam ahead effort to federalize state and local law enforcement, an effort that began in earnest under Bill Clinton and picked up critical momentum during the reign of George W. Bush.

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Flu Vaccine Causes Children Nightmares and Nausea
The government's chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson has said Tamiflu should still be given to children, despite more than half of young recipients who take the drug suffering side effects such as nausea and nightmares. The drug being used to fight swine flu can also produce stomach pain, diarrhoea and sleeping problems. Researchers in two studies reported that many children found concentration difficult after taking the drug - which could affect their performance in school tests and exams. The findings will cause deep concern among parents and raise the question of whether the powerful anti-viral should be handed out so widely when the vast majority of swine flu cases involve only a mild illness.

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Scientists Used Mosquitoes as Fying "Vaccine" Needles
In a daring experiment in Europe, scientists used mosquitoes as flying needles to deliver a "vaccine" of live malaria parasites through their bites. The results were astounding: Everyone in the vaccine group acquired immunity to malaria; everyone in a non-vaccinated comparison group did not, and developed malaria when exposed to the parasites later. The study was only a small proof-of-principle test, and its approach is not practical on a large scale. However, it shows that scientists may finally be on the right track to developing an effective vaccine against one of mankind's top killers. A vaccine that uses modified live parasites just entered human testing. "Malaria vaccines are moving from the laboratory into the real world," Dr. Carlos Campbell wrote in an editorial accompanying the study in Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine. He works for PATH, the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health, a Seattle-based global health foundation.

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Fortune Magazine Reports On "5 Cherished Freedoms You Will Lose In Health Care Reform"
If you read the fine print in the Congressional plans, you'll find that a lot of cherished aspects of the current system would disappear. In promoting his health-care agenda, President Obama has repeatedly reassured Americans that they can keep their existing health plans -- and that the benefits and access they prize will be enhanced through reform. A close reading of the two main bills, one backed by Democrats in the House and the other issued by Sen. Edward Kennedy's Health committee, contradict the President's assurances. To be sure, it isn't easy to comb through their 2,000 pages of tortured legal language. But page by page, the bills reveal a web of restrictions, fines, and mandates that would radically change your health-care coverage.

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Officials Increasingly Worried About U.S. Extremists

Antiterrorism officials are increasingly concerned about American-bred extremists who travel abroad for terror training and then return home, sometimes quietly recruiting followers over the years. Federal authorities have issued a bulletin to law enforcement agencies around the country on the heels of the arrest Monday in North Carolina of a man whose devotion to the cause of violent jihad allegedly began 20 years ago. The internal bulletin — reviewed by The Associated Press — says the FBI and the Homeland Security Department are very worried about the danger posed by little-noticed Americans traveling abroad to learn terrorism techniques, then coming back to the United States, where they may be dormant for long periods of time while they look for followers to recruit for future attacks. On Monday, the FBI arrested Daniel Patrick Boyd, 39, charging he was the ringleader of a group of aspiring international terrorists. The charges "underscore our ongoing concerns about individuals returning to the United States after training or fighting on behalf of extremists overseas," said Justice Department spokesman Richard Kolko. "As a general matter, such individuals may be in a unique position to solicit others in the U.S. to follow their example, given their combat experience, their network of overseas contacts and their credibility among young radicals seeking an authority figure," Kolko said.
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National Preparedness Month Gets Support From Survivor Mall: Free Books, Guides, Downloads To Help With Readiness
September has been designated National Preparedness Month by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. is supporting this effort by providing free e-books, reports, booklets and more on how to perform first aid, prepare temporary shelters, build bomb shelters, defend against terrorism, shield against nuclear fallout, survive earthquakes, storms, floods, and dozens of other potentially catastrophic situations. As one of the nation's foremost discount suppliers of emergency survival supplies, also provides military gear and clothing, food and water rations and filters, terrorism and self defense products and related print and media to everyday citizens, government agencies, state governments, public and private schools, civic organizations, care homes and even Hollywood stars. Their products have been featured by news giants NewsMax, WorldNetDaily, and others.

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Attorney General Says American People Would Be Surprised By Depth Of Terror Threat On US Soil
Holder said the ever-changing threat of terror and the pressure to keep up with it weighs heavily on his mind as he tries to ensure that the government has done all it can to anticipate the moves of an unpredictable enemy. "In some ways it's the most sobering part of the day," Holder said of his morning intelligence briefing, in which he gets the latest report on the landscape of "the organizations, the people who are bound and determined to do harm to our nation." Recent events, such as the arrests of alleged members of a home-grown terror cell in North Carolina, the return of several Somali-American men to their home country under questionable circumstances and the filing of charges against a New York man who allegedly received al Qaeda training in Pakistan and took part in a rocket attack against U.S. forces, bring the threats to national security into sharp focus.

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Security Chief Urges 'Collective Fight' Against Terrorism
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano urged Americans on Wednesday to join a "collective fight against terrorism" that combines the efforts of individuals, companies and local, state and foreign governments. Answering critics who have accused the Obama administration of downplaying the risk of terrorist attacks, Napolitano said the threat has not abated and outlined an approach that emphasizes burden-sharing as federal spending and political support for post-Sept. 11 security measures wane. "I am sometimes asked if I think complacency is a threat. I believe the short answer is 'yes,' " Napolitano said, speaking to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York before visiting the World Trade Center site destroyed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

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Napolitano Unveils New Antiterror Plans
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano outlined Wednesday the Obama administration's domestic approach to preventing terrorist attacks -- a strategy that will rely in large measure on refining and expanding initiatives launched under President George W. Bush. Ms. Napolitano said the U.S. hasn't done everything it can to educate and engage the public in preventing terrorism. Ms. Napolitano spoke Wednesday at the Council on Foreign Relations before heading to ground zero in lower Manhattan. She said the public has been treated as a "liability to be protected," instead of an asset in maintaining the nation's security. Americans, she said, have a role along with local law enforcement, the federal government and the international community. She urged people to prepare their families, volunteer, get free training and join local emergency response teams. In an interview this week, Ms. Napolitano signaled that the Obama administration isn't contemplating a wholesale revision of the agencies or programs created under Mr. Bush to further antiterrorism efforts.

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War On Terror Reaches US Citizens
Washington has called on Americans to aid in counterterrorism activities -- a move seen as a stepping stone to encroach upon civil liberties.
Speaking on national security issues, including the notion of 'radicalized Americans' on Wednesday, the US Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, told a gathering at the key international relations think tank, Council on Foreign Relations, about the US administration's intentions to engage 'ordinary' people in 'scouting' activities against rising 'homegrown terrorism.' The head of the Homeland Security Department urged Americans to join the White House bid in the collective battle against 'terrorism.' The 52 year-old former Arizona governor, who joined President Obama's team earlier this year, said, "The terror threat is even more decentralized, more networked, and more adaptive than on 9/11," adding, "We face a networked enemy, and we must meet it with a networked response."

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Military Officials Given Bigger Role In Shadow Government For Homeland Terror War
A shift in authority has given military officials at the White House a bigger operational role in creating a backup government if the nation’s capital were “decapitated” by a terrorist attack or other calamity, according to current and former officials involved in the decision. The move, which was made in the closing weeks of the administration of President George W. Bush, came after months of heated internal debate about the balance of power and the role of the military in a time of crisis, participants said. Officials said the Obama administration had left the plan essentially intact. Under the revamped structure, the White House Military Office, which reports to the office of the White House chief of staff, has assumed a more central role in setting up a temporary “shadow government” in a crisis. And the office, a 2,300-person outfit best known for flying Air Force One, has taken on added responsibilities as the lead agent in shepherding government leaders to a secure site at Mount Weather in rural Virginia, keeping classified lists of successors and maintaining computer systems, among other operational duties. Many of these types of tasks were previously handled by civilians at other agencies, led by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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Oath Keepers

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US Seizes All Of Its Citizens Computers, Says They Now Belong To Federal System

In a move that can only be described as shocking, the United States has today moved to take control over every single computer system in their country without their own citizens even being aware of what is happening,

Russian legal experts state that the insidious actions of the United States against their own people is “worthy of even the most devout Communist” as the American government has employed a method of seizing their citizens computers that is so Orwellian, even the most hardened of persons should be chilled to their very bones.

To the exact method being employed to capture their citizens computer systems, the United States this past week introduced what they are calling a “Cash for Clunkers” automobile programme that allows Americans to trade in their out-of-date cars for new ones subsidized by their government in an amount up to $4,500.

In order for the American people to ascertain if they are eligible for this “Cash for Clunker” programme they must first go to the US government website Cars.Gov, and where in the “small print” they are informed:

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This application provides access to the DoT CARS system. When logged on to the CARS system, your computer is considered a Federal Computer system and is the property of the US Government.

Any or all uses of this system and all files on this system may be intercepted, monitored, recorded, copied, audited, inspected, and disclosed to authorized CARS, DoT, and law enforcement personnel, as well as authorized officials of other agencies, both domestic and foreign.

Russian legal experts further point out that even though the language being employed by the US government in seizing their citizens computers appears to limit its “ownership” to only that time period when the Federal application is being used, nothing could be further from the truth as under what is known as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), once the United States Government becomes the owner of anything it retains that ownership forever.

Note: The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC or the Code), first published in 1952, is one of a number of uniform acts that have been promulgated in conjunction with efforts to harmonize the law of sales and other commercial transactions in all 50 states within the United States of America.

Russian legal experts also point out that in seizing their citizens computers, all information on these computers become the property of the United States government too.

And, if this isn’t shocking enough, the United States government openly states that the information they are seizing from their citizens computers will be freely given to foreign Nations in a move unprecedented in violating the human and privacy rights of the American people.

Most disturbing about this shocking new development in the United States is that its propaganda news media is failing to warn the American people about this gross injustice to their freedoms, leading one to openly wonder how entrenched they are in the conspiracy to take away all of the freedoms and rights these once great peoples took for granted.

But, even without their propaganda news media telling them the truth, the American people can never say they weren’t warned about the police state their Nation is becoming, as in his famous book “1984”, George Orwell did exactly that by stating:

“Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date. In this way every prediction made by the Party could be shown by documentary evidence to have been correct; nor was any item of news, or any expression of opinion, which conflicted with the needs of the moment, ever allowed to remain on record. All history was a palimpsest, scraped clean and reinscribed exactly as often as was necessary.”

Upon the outbreak of hostilities against Britain by the American Revolutionaries, the Great Patriot, who became the first US President, George Washington said, “The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.”

Today, as the United States sinks into the abyss of totalitarian rule that will see its citizens enslaved forever, one can rightfully envision tears flowing down the face of George Washington should he have seen how far these American people have fallen.

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More Info

This is what I came up with concerning Alex: It seems that the FBI stopped his show yesterday. He was not arrested, but summoned. I listened to the rebroadcast and he made several comments referring to the FBI "interview" and he was pissed about it.

(Update 1) FBI Forces Alex Jones Off Of The Air Today During Radio Broadcast - July 31st 2009

Ernest Hancock
Website: www.ernesthancock. com
Date: 07-31-2009
Subject: Media: Radio

Developing Story - From I can learn. There was a blog post on Alex Jones' web site by a blogger threatening Law Enforcement. So the FBI come to Alex's studio and pulled him off the air to... not sure why specifically. But they cerrtainly wanted the post taken down. And I'm sure they wanted any additional information about the individual that Alex Jones was able to provide.

I'll post more as I know it but Alex was forced to run pre-recordings while dealing with the demands of the FBI for the actions of another using his site to express himself in an illegal manner as alleged by the FBI.

More to come.....

My good friend Dale Williams is a great talk show host in Salt Lake City and has provided me with the background informatiuon that I am certain that you are interested in....

Alex Jones Interrupted by FBI

Today the Alex Jones Show (prisonplanet. tv) was interrupted by a visit from agents of the FBI. They took Alex from his broadcast booth for a 30 minute “interview.”

When Alex came back on the air, he stated that the “interview” was related to postings, by an unaffiliated third party, on one of his websites, and that the FBI delivered a subpoena related to those postings which will require Jones’ presence at a trial in Virginia .

A call to the Jones studio confirmed that Alex is fine. Highlights from previous shows were played during the initial period of today’s rebroadcast, followed by the show interval which immediately followed the FBI’s intrusion on today’s show.

Please go to Alex’s website and tell him you support his efforts and pray for him and his family’s welfare daily.


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U.S. Signs U.N. Disabilities Pact
The United States signed a U.N. convention on Thursday aimed at ensuring equal rights for the world's 650 million disabled people, a pact that the former Bush administration refused to endorse. In a ceremony at U.N. headquarters, U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice inked the pact, billed by the United Nations as the first human rights treaty of the 21st century. It came into force last year. The 32-page U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities outlaws all forms of discrimination at work on the basis of disability, including in hiring, promotion and working conditions. It requires equal pay for work of equal value. It also calls on signatory states to promote the employment of disabled people, including through "affirmative action" programs that favor them.

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Scientists Drill a Mile Into Active Deep Sea Fault Zone
In the first deep sea drilling expedition designed to gather seismic data, scientists have successfully drilled nearly a mile beneath the ocean floor into one of the world’s most active earthquake zones. Researchers aboard the drilling vessel Chikyu — meaning “planet Earth” in Japanese — used a special technology called riser drilling to penetrate the upper portion of the Nankai Trough, an earthquake zone located about 36 miles southeast of Japan. By collecting rock samples and installing long-term monitoring devices, the geologists hope to understand how stress builds up in subduction zones like Nankai, where the Philippine Sea plate plate is sliding beneath the island of Japan. Riser drilling involves encasing a deep sea drill in a giant metal tube, called a riser, that extends from the ship down to the drilling site, effectively bolting the ship to the sea floor. The researchers circulate lightly pressurized mud down through the drilling tube and back up through the riser.

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Will Krakatoa Rock The World Again? Last Time, It Killed Thousands And Changed The Weather For Five Years, Now It Could Be Even Deadlier...
Bright orange lava spews up into the air, dark smoke mingles with the clouds and the gloomy night takes on an ominous red glow. Towering 1,200ft above the tropical stillness of the Sunda Strait in Indonesia, one of the most terrifying volcanoes the world has ever known has begun to stir once more. Almost 126 years to the day since Krakatoa first showed signs of an imminent eruption, stunning pictures released this week prove that the remnant of this once-enormous volcano is bubbling, boiling and brimming over. With an explosive force 13,000 times the power of the atomic bomb that annihilated Hiroshima, the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa killed more than 36,000 people and radically altered global weather and temperatures for years afterwards. The eruption was so violent and catastrophic that no active volcano in modern times has come close to rivalling it, not even the spectacular eruption of Mount St Helens in the U.S. in 1980. Now, almost a century-and-a-half on, are we about to experience the horrors of Krakatoa once again?

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House Passes Far-Reaching Food Safety Bill
The House has passed a far-reaching food safety bill requiring more government inspections and imposing new penalties on those who violate the law, reacting strongly to an outbreak of salmonella in peanuts that killed at least nine people. The legislation would require greater oversight of food manufacturers and give the Food and Drug Administration new authority to order recalls. It also would require the FDA to develop a system for better tracing food-borne illnesses. Food companies would be required to create detailed food safety plans. President Barack Obama praised the bill soon after it was passed, calling it "a major step forward in modernizing our food safety system." Farm-state members had argued that the bill would be too invasive on farms and had pushed colleagues to vote against it as it was considered under a special procedure that requires a two-thirds vote. It was rejected Wednesday by a few votes.

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1st Space Surveillance Squadron
Emblem Significance: The dragon is the vigilant sentinel mascot of the 1st Space Surveillance Squadron, on guard for deep space satellites. The dragon is tightly holding a black, inverted equilateral triangle of deep space indicative of the unit's surveillance tracking coverage. The four pointed star represents a geosynchronous satellite within tracking coverage of the squadron. The dragon's eye reflects the star and sheds light on the darkness of space through the unit's surveillance mission and contributions to space warning, space control and space force management. The background represents the global aerospace projection of the Air Force. (Source: 1st Space Surveillance Squadron Fact Sheet)
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Search for Bright Mystery Light Shot into Ottawa River called off


Did UFO crash into Ottawa River?

Posted By JON WILLING/Sun Media
Updated 8 hours ago
The Tribune,
OTTAWA — It truly was an unidentified flying object that darted across the night sky over the Ottawa River this week.
There's nothing in the river for us to find in terms of an airplane or helicopter or something that went down (Monday) night, Ottawa police Const. Alain Boucher said Tuesday afternoon.
We're still looking into what could have caused this. There's a number of reasons this could have happened. We'll be looking into that in the next couple of days.

Several residents, both in Ottawa and in Gatineau, Que., reported lights smashing into the water around 10 p.m. Monday, along with a thunderous boom.
The calls prompted police, firefighters, paramedics and a helicopter from CFB Trenton to scour the waters for a downed aircraft.
Problem was, there was no physical evidence pointing to a plane wreck: No debris, no oil slick and no indication from airspace authorities that something fell off the radar. There was also no report of a missing aircraft.
Still, searchers launched their boats on Tuesday morning looking for clues that could confirm witness accounts.
They found a few objects in the water, but nothing significant until around 1:30 p.m., when sonar discovered something bulky more than nine metres below the surface.

An underwater camera couldn't reach it and searchers called off the mission not knowing exactly what the object was.

The size and the shape doesn't lead us to believe it's any piece of an airplane or fuselage or anything like that, Boucher said. It could be a rock, it could be a bunch of logs stuck together, it's hard to say.

No one has come forward with any kind of videos or anything like that at this time, Boucher said. None of the people actually reported seeing a plane go down at the same time.

No wreckage found in apparent plane crash

National Post - ‎Jul 28, 2009‎
Reports of a plane crash on the Ottawa River sparked an extensive search Monday night and yesterday, but no wreckage could be found. ...

Plane rescue that never was keeps all on edge

Ottawa Citizen - Zev Singer - ‎Jul 28, 2009‎
OTTAWA-After 17 hours of searching the Ottawa River for a possible downed airplane — an ...

Ottawa River search called off: police - ‎Jul 28, 2009‎
A helicopter flies over the Ottawa River on Tuesday morning, searching for what rescue workers believed could have been a crashed aircraft. ...

Did something crash in the Ottawa River?

Winnipeg Sun - Jon Willing, Don Wilcox - ‎Jul 28, 2009‎
By JON WILLING & DON WILCOX, Sun Media Rescue workers search the Ottawa River near the Deschenes Rapids this morning after reports of something crashing in ...

Police seek sources of 'lights' hitting the Ottawa River late Monday

The Canadian Press - ‎Jul 28, 2009‎
OTTAWA — Police and fire officials are searching the Ottawa River after reports of "lights hitting the water" near the Britannia Yacht Club in Ottawa's west ...
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Fake or Real: Santa Monica UFO "sighting" on Youtube

From the viewers comments under this video posted on Youtube, it appears a CGI video has surfaced featuring a UFO sighting witnessed by some Santa Monica onlookers in July, 2009.

However, several of the commentors agree that if this video is truly a fake, it is still a fun one to watch.

A transcript of the video would do it no justice, but what the onlookers say does lend to possiblities this was something other than an other-worldly sighting.

It isn't often Santa Monica gets mentioned in UFO sighting reports, so have a view and leave a comment on what you think. Is this bogus, or is there some credibility?

At the time of this reporting, the lack of media mention or miscellaneous details is certainly a good clue, but as sometimes the case with UFO sightings, it's the thought that counts!

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