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Ark of the Covenant Being Unveiled? - update

This clip, out of Belgium, translated from the Dutch by Google doesn’t break any new ground, however it does give a glimpse as to how the world is likely to view this. In perhaps one of the greatest understatements of all time, they write: “the relic has major cultural-historical value”. And that’s all, in their view. The secular world insists on putting God (and His box) in their box. He won’t fit.


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IV Summit of Religious Leaders
"Symbolically, we will be at the top," stresses
Bishop Paglia, the eight Great All'Aquila will be illuminated
In the picture Adnkronos, among others, Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia, president of CEI Pictured Adnkronos, among others, Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia, president of CEI
last update: June 17, ore 18:55
The 129 members of the interfaith summit meeting in Rome, are preparing a document which addresses, said the president of CEI, "themes shared humanity '", and with which launched an appeal to the eight leaders
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Roma, 17 giu. - (Adnkronos) - The G8 All'Aquila an important occasion or a boomerang? The question gave a response representatives and religious leaders of different denominations, from all over the world, who, yesterday and today in a meeting organized by the Ministry Cei and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discussed the topics on the agenda at the G8 dell'Aquila. Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Episcopal Commission for Ecumenism and Dialogue, said:''We the people of the church hope against hope. We are inveterate sowers of hope so 'All'Aquila think that this spark could touch people who have in their hands the destiny of humankind'''.

Given the stakes 129 representatives of interfaith summit meeting in Rome are preparing a document (''The issues are common to humanity'', says Straw) with an appeal addressed to the eight Great. ''In July, at the G8 we will all be present in places of the earthquake through this document says the Bishop-We live in a world that is in a difficult ridge, then''The Great''G8 take into account the religious dimension of political life, also essential for development, for peace and coexistence between peoples''. (Continued)

Meanwhile this morning, after the tour of 129 religious leaders All'Aquila, a small delegation led by Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia has met the Pope at the Vatican. ''Benedict XVI has expressed his gratitude explains Monsignor Paglia-on this initiative for the peaceful and harmonious development of the planet''.

In the Vatican, in addition to the bishop of Terni, were the counterpart of Straw from Regensburg, a representative of the Orthodox Church of Moscow, Rabbi Piron of Jerusalem, Mohammed Smail, a professor in a university 'in Morocco and a Buddhist. The Patriarch of Moscow Kirill did hear their adherence to the reach the summit by an interfaith message.

ll Patriarca d'Etiopia: "Il mondo conoscerà l'Arca dell'Alleanza" (VIDEO)
Frattini, necessaria globalizzazione dei diritti umani
Il ministro degli Esteri, intervenendo al IV vertice dei Leader Religiosi mondiali a Roma, sottolinea: "Il mondo politico ha bisogno delle energie spirituali delle religioni e le religioni possono stimolare il nostro impegno politico"

Berlusconi, da leader spirituali contributo per prosperita' e solidarieta'
"L'Italia vuole fare del G8 un foro capace di rispondere sempre piu', e sempre meglio, alle preoccupazioni e ai problemi concreti dei cittadini"

Religioni: card. Tauran, soldi divinizzati e relazioni umane come rapporti di mercato
Una dura accusa al consumismo e all'eccessiva mercificazione le relazioni umane, l'intervento del Presidente del Pontificio consiglio per il dialogo interreligioso nella sessione di apertura del IV Summit dei leader religiosi

Summit dei leader religiosi si apre con visita a L'Aquila
Si terra' quest'anno in Italia, a L'Aquila dall'8 al 10 luglio e che affrontera' temi di interesse umanitario come quello della crisi economica e finanziaria, della pace e della sicurezza, dell'ambiente e dei cambiamenti climatici.


"I will tell all of the entire situation regarding the Ark of the Covenant."

Ark of the Covenant Revealed June 19th

I want to thank Worshipful Brother Clay for letting me know about this article and translating for me. As is being reported by the Adnkronos in Italy, the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Abuno Paulos, is calling a press conference on Friday, June 19th to reveal one of the great mysteries of our time, what happened to the Ark of the Covenant?

"The Ark of the Covenant," affirms Paulos, "has been in Ethiopia for many centuries. As Patriarch I have seen it with my own eyes, and only a very few qualified people have been able to do this, so far."

The Ark of the Covenant was revered by the Israelites as the container of the sacred tablets on which was written the Ten Commandments as well as holding Aaron's rod and manna. It remains a source of great mystery and wonder. The power of the Ark has been for centuries a search for the power of God on earth and was prominently featured in the movie, "Raiders of the Lost Ark". If you have never seen the movie, you can get a quick synopsis here.

I will be very curious to see what is presented by the Patriarch. Whether it is true or not, skepticism will remain high until serious research is done. A corresponding video, also by Adnokronos, presents more information about the unveiling next week.


WB Clay pointed out to me that it is probably the Friday of this week. Apparently, they are having a religious leaders conclave in Rome before the G8 Summit. The Ark will be placed in a Museum built by the Prince of Ethiopia. Some more key phrasing more closely related to Masonry from the article as translated by WB Clay:

The Ark has inspired the fantasies of archaeologists, writers, religious groups, of every kind. In fact, tradition states that it emanates a certain power, but also that those who touch it are incinerated. It is an object that given its location -- the Temple of Jerusalem -- has from time to time been at the center of stories related to the Masons or the Knights Templar. However, it should be remembered that there are many churches in Ethiopia which kept an "Ark," and that other scholars -- often moving at the boundaries of mystery and legend -- have placed it in various other parts of the world.

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