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Secrets of the Founding Fathers

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Investigates the history and symbology so prominent in the creation of the United States, and traces the intricate connections of the Founders with Freemasonry, other secret organizations and between each other. How did the trademarks of the highly secretive Masons become integrated into the Great Seal, and on the dollar bill containing the All-Seeing Eye? Did the grid design of the nation's capital--commissioned by George Washington and completed by Pierre L'Enfant--contain occult symbols embraced by the Illuminati in 1776? Did Benjamin Franklin and George Washington deliberately enlist 33 Freemason generals from France to grow the fraternal brotherhood among Masonic nations? Explore the secret (and secretly dark) sides of the men responsible for laying the foundation of the United States.

Rating: TVPG

Running Time: 120 minutes

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Interview with a luciferian/vampyre magickian - Michael Ford

Interview with Michael W. Ford, author of Luciferian Witchcraft, Bible of the Adversary, The Vampire Gate - The Vampyre Magickian, Satanic Magick, Adamu Luciferian Sex Magick, Beginning Luciferian Magick, Liber HVHI - Magick of the Adversary and more.


Part 2:
Part Two of Luciferian Magick - structure and the Book of Dead Names - Yatuk Dinoih.


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Terminator's, Alienware Behind Dragonfly 'Drone', UFOs and Crop Circle

The mid season finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TSCC) threw me something to chew on Monday night that I was surprised to see.

Was TSCC yet one more project that was bitten by the writers strike? When the heck are we gonna stop seeing ramifications from that event? Cripes!

Confused? Good… Keep reading my Tarantino-ish outline of this event.

In Monday night’s episode, Sarah is chasing her “three dots” clue and ends up going to a UFO convention. There, she meets a “woman” who has pictures plastered all over “her” home’s walls. The interesting thing about that is that I recognized those pictures and said, “Hey! I know those pictures! Those are the California Drones that Raji posted in 2007!” Yes, I’m a bit of a UFO non-disbeliever with a freaky memory!

Flashback - Mid 2007:


An internet user by the name of raji (Other surmised aliases: raji1977, Rajinder Satyanarayana) has laid claim to not only observing a UFO, but taking high quality pictures of the thing as it went over himself and some power lines. The pictures were taken in a town called Capitola, CA. which isn’t that far from where I live, and about 3 miles South of Santa Cruz, CA.. The pictures were incredibly detailed, well focused and if this wasn’t proof… well then, what is?

Curious item #1: The photographs were put out on Craigslist of all places. Not a UFO forum, but a public, generic website. After posting the images, “Raji” disappeared. After that, a few other folks posted images of their own of similar craft that have been spotted around CA. These craft have been dubbed the California Drones.

Background event to keep in mind: The writers strike started on November 5, 2007 and ended on February 12, 2008.

January, 2008:

A woman from London contacted a couple of private investigators to try and locate this Raji person. As their quest proceeded, they started working from the presumption that if they found the telephone poles, they might find the area where this “Raji” lives. I don’t buy that. Why? If I took the pics in Capitola, I would have been passing through. I live in Menlo Park, on the other side of the mountain in the Bay Area. I’ll call this Curious item #2.

The two investigators either found or were contacted by a man named Isaac who claimed that he was part of a top-secret government program in Palo Alto, CA - which devised commercial technology from extraterrestrial artifacts confiscated by U.S. scientists. (I guess Isaac has seen Men In Black.) More importantly, he knew about the craft. (Cue the X-Files music please!)

It’s a great story on the LA Times website, but it sure did not say much. There’s even YouTube footage of a Fox news program called America’s Newsroom, which interviewed the two PI’s. Yep, it’s a real program. The PI’s put together a web page on their site for their investigation: TK Davis Investigations.


Despite the fact that I do believe, (just not sure in what), a lot of folk on the internet make a hell of a lot of conjecture about things. They pull facts and conjecture from every direction, pile them in a blender that’s set to stun and turn it on without the lid! I say that because stunned is what I got.

There are so many ideas out there about these “California Drones” that it gets very confusing. I filtered through literally hundreds of images, sites and conjectures to the point of stumbling through the day cross-eyed and even ending up at one of my own sites where I wrote an article about how UFO’s capture our imaginations. From sites debunking the UFO, to sites supporting it, I toiled. Some sites had well presented and lengthy documentation. Other sites had forums with over 100+ pages of premises, conjectures and interpersonal angst.

The Drone Research Team put together some of the original images that raji posted on Craigslist and has a collection of other images from other “witnesses.” That “Isaac” fella put together a pretty comprehensive collection of information about this classified work and has some incredibly detailed images, scans, etc… which I will call Curious item #3! The sites are Isaaccaret.com and a second supporting site. The interesting (should I say Curious Item #4?) is that the Isaaccaret site has a page with the title/name of “Replicant.” Hmm.

I’ve done all this for you, the Screen Rant readers, at the risk of being abducted by government conspirators and the greys. Not to mention I was tremendously curious!


Today I’m exhausted from chasing my own tail!!

The end of Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ episode had Sarah laying on the ground stunned, looking up at what looked like a UFO coming down to say hi to our dazed heroine. That’s when I said, HAH! Scared the crap out of my wife. But the craft in the end scene was a combined derivative of the California Drones with identical details.

After some I.P. forensic sleuthing, I can’t add any info about who may own the websites. I’ve left messages with FOX Networks but they’re busy and I haven’t heard back from them. But here’s what I believe to be the conjoined answer to both entities, the CA Drones, Sarah’s three dots and her hovering drone in the final scenes of the mid-season finale:

FOX Networks is run by aliens!


They were getting completely behind their product, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, by ramping up a viral advertising campaign that would draw the public into their show. With the right public momentum, the gimmick would have netted them some serious press coverage and ratings. But the project got snuffed when the writers’ strike hit. That pushed back the airing date of this mid-season finale episode, and Fox moved on. In their wake, they forgot to let on about it and left the hundreds of UFO-ologists spinning up hundreds of thousands of hours combing over the Drones evidence and tossing out their conjectures.

Below, I present the pictures for your review… To all the folks who dropped many an hour into this phenom, I do apologize, but I think you were taken by a pretty cool marketing scheme.

Alienware Behind 'Drone' UFOs?

UFO report draws national attention to Capitola

We have previously covered the 'mystery' surrounding the so-called 'Chad UFO Drone' sightings, and the associated CARET document with its alleged alien glyphs, which have received a fair amount of air time courtesy of journalist Linda Moulton Howe and various 'paranormal radio' shows. Well, it may now finally be solved - and as we thought, it looks like a viral marketing scheme. Computer hardware company Alienware (a subsidiary of Dell) has been running a competition around the release of two new laptop models, where entrants must decode the same 'alien glyphs' as found in the CARET document. The competition page and hint pages also make use of the same vector illustrations found in the document. Yesterday's press conference to unveil the new laptops also made use of the glyphs (which spell out 'Alienware') - the 'logo' is also apparently inscribed on the computers themselves.

However, the 'true believers' out there are still wary of seeing this as the final nail in the 'Drone' case - and they have received some support from Alienware themselves.A query by a member of the Open Minds Forum to Alienware, about their use of the glyphs, received this response from their PR Director:

Thank you for your email. It’s great to hear that our promotion has reach out to you and your Forum group regarding the CARET document. Alienware did NOT create the information regarding this phenomena or the CARAT linguistics. This is NOT an intellectual property of Alienware. The information has anonymously spread throughout the web for some time. We have taken the CARAT linguistics and have applied this as a marketing tool to draw attention to our promotion.

This has led some to believe that Alienware have just 'hijacked' the CARET meme for their own benefit. There may be some grounds to support this, in that the Alienware 'alphabet', when applied to the CARET documents for decoding, only turns up gibberish (on the flipside, the viral marketers may have been wary of someone cracking the alphabet previous to now, giving a reason for the gibberish).

However, I find it very hard to believe that a company like Dell/Alienware would use glyphs and illustrations that are floating around the Internet without any knowledge of the true copyright owner...otherwise they could be looking at a very nasty lawsuit down the track. Some have suggested that they could get away with this due to grey areas in font copyright law, but this would not extend to the illustrations used.

Additionally, in the message from the PR director CARET is spelled correctly once, and then 'CARAT' is substituted afterwards. It is worth noting that Carat is the name of a major advertising and communications company, which has as a subsidiary a digital and viral marketing wing named Carat Fusion.

If it was a viral marketing scheme, it didn't seem to work out too impressively - the glyph decoding competition is already finished, and most of ufology was none the wiser. The CARET meme didn't seem to spread outside of the 'true believer' section of ufology (most serious researchers simply laughed at the whole thing), so the audience was very limited. And those 'true believers' who were aware of it - and thought it was evidence for alien contact - are probably not impressed at all with Alienware for tricking them (apart from those who continue to believe that Alienware have just hijacked the meme).

Perhaps there might be more to come - Alienware computers are aimed at the high-performance gaming market, so there may be a tie-in with an upcoming game which is yet to be revealed. However, at this point - unless an original creator (or aliens) comes out and sues Alienware for breach of copyright - it seems safe to put this one to bed.

Anti-gravity device patent

At least it made for good art - especially the derivative music video "Strange Craft", by Drone

(CGI work by Saladfingers).

 This is a special This is a special and rare picture and rare picture 
of the first prototype. of the first prototype.
The X51 antigravity rotorless helicopter,
rotorless helicopter,
landing on a top secret landing on a top secret
military area. military area.

Why an expensive Why an expensive turbine engine turbine engine
could be replaced could be replaced with a new one, with a new one,
experimental and experimental and a bit hazardous? a bit hazardous?

Because we simply Because we simply have seen that the have seen that the
turbine engine is too turbine engine is too
expensive, too complex,
expensive, too complex,
too fragile and too fragile and basically without
basically without
a good safety to a good safety to carry out the human
carry out the human
life in the sky. life in the sky.

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Guard units train for militia attacks

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