Thursday, May 28, 2009

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Ra’ad Salah: Netanyahu will try to rebuild the Jewish Temple

Ra’ad Salah, leader of the Northern Wing of the Islamic Movement in Israel, believes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will try to rebuild the Jewish Temple.

Speaking at a recent conference organized by website Islam Online in Doha, Qatar, Salah stated his belief that Netanyahu may try to build the Jewish Temple (which the Islamic preacher called “the false temple”) during his current term after allegedly failing to do so in his first term as prime minister in the late 1990s

Jews already tried to rebuild the Temple. In 363 A.D., the opportunist Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate encouraged the Jews to rebuild their Temple and the Jews tore down every remaining stone from the old temple to begin rebuilding it again. But God miraculously halted this work. Jesus predicted that not one stone of the Jewish Temple would remain atop of another. The Romans utterly destroyed the Temple in 70 A.D. What many people don't know is that in 363 A.D. the Jews tried to rebuild it, but God would have none of this. In doing so, Jews themselves took the remaining stones from the Temple Mount. In hindsight, the extraordinary act of Moshe Dayan handing over the Temple Mount to the Mohammedans can actually be seen as an Act of God. This is because, according to the New Testament, as Lightening strikes in the East and flashes towards the West, so shall be the Second coming of Christ called Satguru in Punjabi. This happened in 1469 when Satguru Nanak Dev Ji appeared in the Punjab among the people of Khatri tribe, the most spiritually sick people needing the Spiritual Doctor the most. Whereas the people of Judah tribe were just the Princes of Darkness, in the Punjab we have the Khatris of the Punjab as Kings of Darkness whilst those of the Kashmir, the Emperors of Darkness or Emperor hypocrites, who propagate all sorts of stories that Christ Jesus lived in Kashmir, etc. So, this Jewish Temple would not be re-built forever in this Age, which is ending soon through an Atomic War expected in 2012 when Mayan Calendar touches Zero. Matt.13.24-30 is being fulfilled in the establishment of Israel where the Tares are bundled up for Final Burning. The dual destruction of the two temples, five hundred years apart, marks two central eras in Jewish history: the first marks the beginning of the Babylonian Exile; the second marks the beginning of the Jewish Diaspora. For the last 1900 years, Jews have prayed that God would allow for the rebuilding of the Temple. This prayer is a formal part of the thrice-daily Jewish prayer services. A few, very small, Jewish groups support constructing a Third Temple today, but most Jews oppose this, for a variety of reasons. Most religious Jews feel that the Temple should only be rebuilt in the messianic era, and that it would be presumptuous of people to force God's hand, as it were. Christ Jesus was the Messiah and the hypocrite Temple Priests knew this fact as Jesus stated in the Parable of Winepress, the Jerusalem Temple and the fruit was Scriptures. And these people are right! Conservative Judaism has modified the prayers; their prayer books call for the restoration of Temple, but they do not ask for resumption of animal sacrifices. Most of the passages relating to sacrifices are replaced with the Talmudic teaching that deeds of loving-kindness now atone for sin. The Jewish religion was a temporary dispensation, intended by its divine author, God himself, to prefigure one more complete and perfect, and prepare men to embrace it. That is, morality is the base for spirituality or John, the Baptist came to pave the way for Christ Jesus, who came to preach Gospel. It not only essentially required bloody sacrifices, known as the korbanot, but enjoined a fixed and certain place for them to be performed in; this was the temple at Jerusalem. Hence the final destruction of this temple was the abolition of the sacrifices, which annihilated the whole system of this religious institution. Jesus Himself was made the innocent sacrificial Lamb by the Temple blasphemers or hypocrites and he made the perfect sacrifice for us when He died on that cross atop Calvary. That is, they killed the very Son of the Owner of the Vineyard, God, and that is why the Temple was destroyed for ever and given to the people of the Punjab where the Second anointed Christ Nanak appeared among the people of Khatri tribe, who got the Temple gilded with gold to fleece the simpletons, the stones much more than what the Temple Priests were doing in Jerusalem. The Pool in which this Golden Temple is built is the same as the Bethesda Pool of Mercy in Jerusalem where the sick people waited for the Angel to stir the water. Whosoever jumped first was cured of sickness. Any attempts by the Jews to sacrifice animals again in the Temple can be and was seen by God as a mockery of the Jesus' death. God would not allow this in 363 A.D., and He won't allow it now. They may succeed in rebuilding the Temple by 2012 when the Atomic War is expected to end this era of Dark Age.
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