Monday, May 11, 2009

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Freemasonic Connections

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Ian Punnett


Peter Levenda

Ian Punnett was joined by esoteric researcher, Peter Levenda, who discussed the connections between Freemasonry and the Knights Templar as well as the group's role in a variety of historic events. "For many people, Masonry is the ultimate secret society," he said about the organization, which his research traced all the way back to the 14th century. However, despite suspicions of the Masons throughout history, Levenda had a positive take on the group, citing their stance of equality amongst members, despite social class. To that end, he noted, "if you joined a Masonic lodge and you were a prince, it was just as likely that you would be initiated by a commoner as you would be by a nobleman."

He put forth the theory that Freemasonry grew out of the remnants of the earlier secret society the Knights Templar. Levenda based this, in part, on the close proximity between the fall of the Templars and the birth of the Freemasons. He explained, "within about 80 years after the death of the grand master of the Knights Templar, we have the first Masonic manuscript in Scotland," a location which has long been the rumoured destination of the last Templars who escaped persecution. Levenda also saw clues in the distrust of the institutions of church and state by the earliest Freemasons which would suggest influence by the remaining Templars.

Much like early Freemasonry may have been influenced by the Templars, Levenda suggested that the Revolutionary War era Masons were inspired by the ideals emerging out of Europe at the time. According to him, this could be seen in the deep involvement of Benjamin Franklin in both the Colonial Masonic lodges as well as with the enlightenment philosophers of France. He opined that the American Revolution was not just a movement from within the United States but also "by all of these thinkers like John Locke, Voltaire, and Rousseau and the others who contributed the ideas that led to what would become this great experiment in this country."


Freemason: Laying of the Cornerstone
(By Myron Fagan)

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Capital "Laying of the Cornerstone


From Norman Mailer's review of Book One—The Nine:

Face-to-face with twenty-five years of research gathered from no less than forty countries, most writers would have looked to come up with any number of spy, horror, and suspense novels suggested by this trove of material. Peter Levenda, however, tackled it head-on. So, he set himself the near-to-impossible task of pulling together such diverse threads as pop culture, archaeology, anthropology, poetry, religion, the occult, and a host of government actions overt and hidden. In return, he has produced the first installment of a thesis that is by turns compelling, cautious, maddening, and intriguing.

This book lives with the premise that there is a Satanic undercurrent to American affairs. Since there is a world of clues and indications to support the thesis, but very little qualifies as hard evidence, the author is enmeshed in a labyrinthine task. Given the bewildering enormity of the attempt, one can forgive Sinister Forces its serious faults for in recompense we are offered astonishing coincidences, improbable but factual interconnections, occasional exposures of buried government history, outright assassinations and inexplicable historic conjunctions that scream out for explanation where none can be provided. Conspiratorialists will drown in new floods of old forgotten material, rationalists will throw this book across the room, then get around to picking it up and reading a little further before they throw it down again in a fury at the uneasy possibility that the Devil could conceivably also be a part of our ongoing and inexplicable American history. Worse! What if it—as Levenda looks to indicate—it all goes back to the earliest American inhabitants, back to the mysterious mound-building Pre-Columbian cultures of Kentucky up through the Salem witch trials on to the Twentieth Century mind-control experiments, the obfuscations surrounding UFOs, and Manson, and Sirhan, and November 22 in Dallas? The first of these three volumes of Sinister Forces is already ten books in one. Depending on one’s reading inclinations, this is either a disaster or a great bargain.

(By Myron Fagan)

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