Saturday, April 11, 2009

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"Towards a New World Order"

This is a rather amazing video from back at the 1995 International Prophecy Conference by a guy I only knew as Don McAlvany, another amazing speaker on the NWO, and here we have basically another great inspiration like Alex Jones in early nineties, blaming our present America on Clinton, but as we knwo it's much bigger than Democrat vs. Republican nonsense now....

I stumbled across Don on the talk radio circut back in the 90's and found his insight very interesting. So if you want to show your support for all the hard work and time I put in making this project available, you can show your support by getting one of the many exculsive videos I'm offering as a way to get something in exchange for your investment. Have you ever wondered where I am getting all these NWO training video resources from yet?

Get this incredible 1 hour 42 minute
NWO training video
for $20.00 usd on DVD
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1 hour 42 minutes total length
If you are interested in this video from my
Suppressed VHS Militia Training Video Library,
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1.5 hour NWO Takeover Documentary on DVD
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I've decided to wipe off the dust on this old tape and found that some of the dust couldn't be removed. This is another exclusive neverknwo production, a first ever published on the net and will offer it to anyone interested in checking out Don talking about the NWO back in '95 now on DVD. Today being part of the Easter Holiday, this is a must see for those who still have their soul left. As you can tell by the sample above, the Video Quality has Deteriated due to it's age, but the Audio Track is still good enough to capture and preserve. This will make an excellent source to use and compare to today, how accurate Don's analysis was in 95 and how accurate he was back then predicting what we are living in today.

Oh and by the way, the Suppressed
Militia Training Video Library I have collected and had once all posted
on the net was from my first attempt to record them over from VHS to my
Computer and the sound was not a direct feed. Now that I have figured
out how to get a direct feed for the sound, the Videos I am producing
now are improved and better then before.

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