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I have been wanting to publish this online for 10 years now and finally I found my tape and recorded a segment of it for the World to see today.
I met these gentlemen back over 10 years ago and they thought that I might be able to expose the UN's Corridor Biodiversity Reserve System, Since I had much Knwoledge into Agenda 21. They made this tape for me to promote and use it to educate American's of the Threat being made by the New World Order and thier NWO Giant Land Grab Conspiracy! This is a Must See Presentation and since I own the copyrights on this, you will not be seeing this full length version anytime soon, so nobody will neverkwo about it unless somebody commits in buying it and uplaoding it on the net. You gotta admit that you could be the first.
The thing to bear in mind is, I assure you is, that this is one of those suppressed pieces of NWO gold info warfare and that will one day. You could be the one they tracked it back to, who you just neverknwo where the original viral conspiracy video clip came from.
You snooze you looze...

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Paul Ganger Indiana Farm Bureau Field Man

Stanley Fora Noble County Farm Bureau vice president

Dave Ely Indiana Farm Bureau from Allen County

Discuss the American Heritage Rivers Initiative the American Heritage Rivers initiative is an innovative response to help river communities that seek federal assistance and other resources to meet some tough challenges. Without any new regulations on private property owners, state, local and tribal governments.
Get the entire Video Report laid out in detail the United Nations Land Grab plan.
A must watch for those who are interested in preserving thier land from the Social Engineers 'Weather Weaponry Warfare'. I have made a full length version onto DVD that is 1 hour 28 min. long .


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Ten years ago, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and the National Park Service held a series of public meetings to develop and write the 1993 Wabash River Heritage Corridor Plan. Goals and action steps were developed in that plan to guide us these last 10 years.

Now, the Wabash River Heritage Corridor Commission (WRHCC) will begin the process of developing a new Corridor Management Plan. This plan will serve as a guide to Heritage Corridor communities and the Commission for achieving their shared vision of the corridor. Public input from communities and residents throughout the corridor will be gathered during this planning effort.
Assisting the Commission with this effort will be representatives from the Indiana Departments of Natural Resources (Outdoor Recreation and Historic Preservation & Archeology), Environmental Management, Commerce (Travel and Tourism), and Transportation. The IN Land Resources Council, Purdue University - School of Landscape Architecture, and Banks of the Wabash will also assist. The National Park Service has been asked to again assist with facilitation of the public meetings.
This new plan will contain the following:
•Inventory of significant resources
•Identification of linkages such as trail, water trail, scenic byway
•Recommendations of approaches for resource management that consider appropriate techniques to manage the historical, cultural, and natural resources, land use, recreation, tourism and compatible economic development opportunities. This will include discussions of the local/regional benefits obtained through implementation of the above approaches
•Identification and prioritization of an action program for implementation of the management plan with a proposed timeline for implementation of some elements.
•Identification of government and private sector programs that can provide assistance in implementation of the plan.
•Examples of “typical” approaches/designs
•Development of an Interpretive Plan defining a graphic image for the corridor and “typical” interpretive approaches
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UN Friendly Fire

This a Presentation on The United Nations Plan to Steal America, it is the Land Grab Plan for the New World Order layed out in Detail. I'm Dusting off the old suppressed militia VHS videos and puttin them up online , this one is really disturbing, if you don't mind the age and low clarity. I don't even have it converted over yet from VHS. So I Don't even knwo this 3.5 hour NWO Presentation will even been needed for those in pursuit of the truth, but it all depends on the interest.

If you are interested in this video from my
Suppressed VHS Militia Training Video Library,
then buy it now, the entire

3.5 hour presentaion on DVD
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