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UNO UPDATE:Discovery of Planet X is named after the Greek Warrior Goddess Xena

Xena, Warrior … named as Planet X?

Back in 2005, astronomer Mike Brown discovered an object in the outer solar system that turned out to be bigger and more massive than Pluto, and in no small way led to Pluto being booted from the Democratic Order Of Planets.

Tongue in cheek, he and his team nicknamed the planet Xena. When a moon was discovered, of course they named it Gabrielle. Eventually, once the orbit was properly determined, the IAU gave Mike the right to name them officially, so he went with Eris and Dysnomia.

Fast forward to last year. I was at Comic Con, and sneaked into the SciFi channel’s party (which is a whole story in itself). I got to get some interviews with the celebs there, and who did I see but Renee O’Conner, Gabrielle herself! So I caught her attention, and this is the result:

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PLANET X - the facts, the myths

Saturday, March 28, 2009 12:38 AM

The Planet X scam should have died down in 2003.
Hard to believe that people are still warning about it
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The Sumerians saw it. The Russians photographed it. NASA saw it, too. And now, eons after it left our world behind as a smoking, lifeless mess, the dreaded Planet X is about to reenter our solar system and mess up our world all over again. Or is it?

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VOLCANIC CLOUDS: Alaska's Mt. Redoubt volcano has erupted no fewer than 19 times since March 22nd, and several of the larger blasts have hurled plumes of ash and gas into the lower stratosphere. The GOME-2 (Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment) sensor onboard Europe's MetOp-A satellite has been tracking Redoubt's sulfur dioxide emissions, colored red in this March 26th SO2 column density map:
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The animation begins on March 25th and ends on the 28th. One cloud has just crossed North America en route to the Atlantic Ocean and Europe. A second cloud is leaving Alaska on the same east-west track. The last time an Alaskan volcano blew its top (Kasatochi in 2008), clouds like these caused fantastic sunsets around the northern hemisphere. More could be in the offing. If you live along the SO2 ground track, keep an eye on the twilight sky for signs of Redoubt--and stay tuned for updates.
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Straight From the Page Ten Ways the World Will End

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The universe is trying to kill us. In Death From the Skies! our own Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait, counts the ways the world will end. Start worrying in a few million years about a cosmic dust collision, when the sun hits the closest spiral arm of our galaxy. Take your chances with an exploding star. Or manage to escape these threats, and you just get an extra 1035 years before all matter decays anyway.
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In 1970, the famed Dead Sea Scrolls scholar John Marco Allegro published the following series of articles in the London Sunday Mirror, UK. This series of articles was to announce that Christianity is based on a fertility-mushroom/drug cult, and that Jesus was none other than the mushroom itself.

Contrary to popular opinion (Wasson in Forte, 1985; Ott: Pharmacotheon, 1993, 1996), this serialization of John Allegro’s The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross was not run in The News of the World. Wasson and Ott’s contentions against “Allegro’s theory” have likewise been put under serious question. See the following sources:

For more information:
The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross by John Allegro (1970)
The Maverick of the Dead Sea Scrolls by Judith Anne Brown (2005)
Astrotheology and Shamanism by Jan Irvin and Andrew Rutajit (2006)
Wasson and Allegro on Amanita Mushroom Trees in the Bible by Michael Hoffman

This series of articles kindly provided to Jan Irvin by Judith Anne Brown and the Allegro Estate in March, 2005.

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