Friday, March 20, 2009

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Bob Schulz at the University of Texas 3/17/2009 Part 1

My good friend at Anomoly T.V. was able to tape all of Bob's Lecture on tues. the day after the
wreck on I-10 that almost claimed the life of a great Patriot. Many thanks to Floyd Anderson who I contacted and asked to see Bob speak, since he lives in Austin, Tx. along with Alex Jones.
But I believe Bob was an excellent scoop to make news after the fact he may have died and never been able to finish his mission.

I knew that Floyd would enjoy the meeting and I was completely overwhelmed when I met Bob last year here in town. My local Ron Paul meet up group brought him in to speak and I had one of the best learning experience I will never forget. Finally I found another like minded Patriot like me.

I was fortunate enough to eat dinner after are meeting and sit next to Bob before he had to go back to Chicago. He took time out of his schedule to speak and I am so glad I didn't miss it.

Thanks Floyd for your Coverage.


Bob Schulz of the We The People Foundation speaks at the University of Texas.
Bob Schulz at the University of Texas 3/17/2009 Part 2
Bob Schulz at the University of Texas 3/17/2009 Part 3
Bob Schulz at the University of Texas 3/17/2009 Part 4
Bob Schulz at the University of Texas 3/17/2009 Part 5
Bob Schulz at the University of Texas 3/17/2009 Part 6
Bob Schulz at the University of Texas 3/17/2009 Part 7

The We The People Foundation is committed to educating Americans about their Fundamental Rights and the history, meaning and power of the Constitution, and the essential Principles of Liberty.

Where our servant governments have abused the limited authorities that the People have delegated, the Foundation confronts and holds these governments accountable to the federal and state written Constitutions.

Continental Congress 2009

Later this year delegates representing the People of the fifty states will convene as a national assembly to publicly debate our Government's abuses of the Constitution and to consider practical strategies which can bring about compliance with our Freedom documents, not only in our government at all levels, but in our individual lives.

The Continental Congress 2009 will be an undertaking of historical importance as we follow the example of our Founding Fathers, to gather together and discuss the state of our Nation to restore the Light of Liberty.
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Take a look at what FEMA is up to

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Here is the New World Order's land grab attempts through Flooding as I was documenting at before I was purged. The Earth Charter in Rio laid out by Maurice Strong, the ground work and now with my research also including weather weaponry and Flooding as the results of reclaiming the river basins like displayed in the Agenda 21 maps, which show the Wildland Project and the Humanless buffer zones. Now this is pure proof of how the conspiracy to steal the private property from the citizens and create thier NWO utopia...

Ever wonder yet, why the Federal Government is in the Flood Insurance Business Yet?
Mission Vision About The Rewilding Institute
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Notice more of the Serpent Cult Symbolism Embedded in the photo above?

Fargo community comes together to prepare for flood

KARE - ‎21 hours ago‎
FARGO, ND -- By normal standards of civic pride no one should have come. Not on the day the North Dakota State University Bison played in their first ever ...


Aldermen in Olive Branch hire firm to help challenge FEMA flood ...

Seattle Times - ‎Mar 18, 2009‎
Olive Branch officials have agreed to hire a firm to help the city challenge Federal Emergency Management Agency maps that identify a number of homes as ...

Take a look at what FEMA is up to

The Daily News of Newburyport - ‎Mar 19, 2009‎
I have gathered quite a bit of information about FEMA's new digital flood maps and how it appears to be some shenanigans going on at FEMA. ...

Meeting on March 31 to explain findings of flood insurance study

Newport News Times - ‎Mar 18, 2009‎
A flood insurance study has recently been completed in Lincoln County through a partnership between the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and WEST ...

New Hardin County FEMA Maps Receive a Backlash of Fury

KBMT ABC 12 - ‎Mar 18, 2009‎
The release of a new Federal Emergency Management Agency floodplain map has ignited a furor among some Hardin County property owners. ...

OB challenging FEMA flood maps

DeSoto Times Today - ‎Mar 18, 2009‎
OLIVE BRANCH - Olive Branch will move forward with plans for challenging FEMA flood maps that, upon their revision in 2007, led to more than 260 of its ...

FEMA shows off digital flood maps

2TheAdvocate - ‎Mar 17, 2009‎
By ALLEN M. JOHNSON JR. MARRERO — Loretta Landwehr, of Gretna, and two fellow retirees showed up at a Marrero gymnasium Tuesday, determined to see how ...

Some Hardin County residents react angrily to proposed FEMA maps

Beaumont Enterprise - ‎Mar 17, 2009‎
By LLUVIA RUEDA Angry and confused Hardin County residents bombarded county and FEMA officials with questions about new flood map proposals during a Tuesday ...

OB flood map study shows problems

DeSoto Times Today - ‎Mar 16, 2009‎
By CYNTHIA BULLION OLIVE BRANCH - There still is hope for Olive Branch residents forced to take out additional insurance after FEMA-revised flood maps were ...

Deadline approaching to appeal new flood maps

WLBT-TV - ‎Mar 16, 2009‎
By David Kenney - bio | email MADISON COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Some Madison County homeowners could face big bills protecting their homes from floods in the ...

Flood map hearings March 23, April 1

Daily Democrat - ‎Mar 16, 2009‎
By Daily Democrat Staff A new series of flood maps prepared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency is going to take Yolo County's rural residents on a ...

Olive Branch to contest maps

DeSoto Appeal - ‎Mar 17, 2009‎
By Toni Lepeska (Contact), Memphis Commercial Appeal Olive Branch aldermen voted Tuesday to hire ETI Corp. to help the city contest Federal Emergency ...
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