Sunday, March 1, 2009

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ALERT: West Virginia- military LOCKDOWN an entire city

Saturday, February 28, 2009 6:24 PM

This is very disturbing...In what ways can the military LOCKDOWN an entire city?
Video: US Military Weapon Confiscation Will Happen in VIRGINIA SOON! (simulated

Well It Has Came To My Attention That My Town Will Start Being Searched By The Military, Those Searches Where They Come And Take Guns. They Say It Will Not Be Forced But They Are Encouging People To Sign Up For The "Training For Iraq". I Don't Know When They Will Start Doing So But I Am Assuming Soon. I Live In Berkeley Springs, Morgen County, West Virginia. Now To The Home Invasions, IT'S RUNNING RAMPANT HERE!! My Father Has His Heckler & Koch .45 On His Side Or Litarily Under His Pillow. (edit), This Is How I Know This Infromation. You See, They Are Targeting My Town Because If A "Dirty Bomb" Or "Terrorist Attack" Washington D.C. They Will Flee Here. Back To The Home Invasions, Due To My Fathers Military Experience, (edit). They Are Expanding It Massively. There Are 15 Or So Home Invasions Every 2 Weeks Now An Old Women Was Shot For Refusing The Door While The Police Were On The Way. In The Begining, The Recession Didn't Hit Us Hard But Now The Sand Mine Here Is Laying Off People And It Is Hard To Find Work. This Is A Not So Rich Town In The First Place So People Are Panicing. My Father Is ABout To Pack Us Up And Move Back To Norway, It's Safer There. For Now I Am Stuck Here. Just Letting You Know About West Virginia, No One Is Reporting On Cali Or WV. They Have Bunkers In The Mountions Of Our County And FBI Also Some Other Orgainisation Traning Camps Near By We Are Not "allowed" To Talk About, Well We Are Allowed Just We Don't. So Just Letting You Know Whats Up In The East.
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WV. Natioanl Guard 167th Disaster preparedness

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HOAX Prison box cars New Castle, Indiana

OK I just drove down the street and made this video clip. Then I drove across town to show everyone where these famous boxcars are coming from and going to.
No big surprise here after I just took a Sunday drive across town to the GM plant where at the end of this clip I show you the FEMA boxcar train yard leads to the GM N.E. Indiana truck plant and what it looks like from Google Earth.

you really impressed me spending obviously a lot of time investigating this Hoax...

I guess I'm going to have to get in the car drive down to New Castle and do an investigation on my own since it's seems that nobody else has gotten off their fat asses to verify the WSJ assesment that Empty Vehicle Box Cars are sitting idle because the Car Making industry is not selling cars and that the Empty yellow box cars are not any sinister plot to round you up.

Do you have any federal paper work describing these yellow box cars are intended to be used for hualing prisoners in?

So why do both pictures of the box cars show the doors on the end and not the sides?

If the ones you claim are made to haul humans, why are the doors the height of the box car?

Why does a prison car boxcar need doors that allow large objects to be loaded on them?

Where are the pictures of the Shackles?

Oh and by the way I live in Indiana 3 blocks from the N&W train tracks and have witnessed these exact looking type box cars leaving GM on the other side of town..


Yes it seems like we seem to loose the truth in trying to provide a sell on these rumors about the nwo emerging threats.

I for one have been made a fool more then once falling for unsupported reports.
These FEMA train or Prison Train rumors seems to try and sell you something without all the facts. Until we provide people all the facts we are cheating ourselves.

So far all the FEMA train reports and Prison Boxcars all seem to be proven Enclosed Articulated Auto Carriers. Obviously they can haul anything inside them but
trying use them as prison cars is a little far fetched, it would be like claiming cattle hauling box cars will be used for prison cars too.

It would seem consistant with Emegency Planning just like during WW2 they built Internment Camps for the American Japs on the east side of town and just like everyone fears about the FEMA boxcars could come from, I beleive they could ship people via rail to
Detainment Centers.

But this type of system would need to have that infrastructure in place to meeet the boxcar railraod needs of loading and unloading them.

So to maintain a FEMA camp wouldn't one want to gander on what a railroad yard looks like
already, that use thses wanna be FEMA boxcars?

To get those people unloaded where are these yards located that is already used today from my latest research?

Does these FEMA trains lead to FEMA camps today?

Or do they lead to Car plants?

I just hope people don't lose it when I provide my video coverage of this I just made!

The way I see it right now in the google earth picture below FEMA trains lead to GM that I followed the tracks to today!

So is GM a FEMA camp?

I could show so many similarities to Linda's Beech Grove Amtrax FEMA Crematorium and this GM plant

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RE: HOAX Prison box cars New Castle, Indiana!

Sunday, March 1, 2009 12:00 PM

To: neverknwo


I live in Muncie beside the railroad that runs North and South. These cars come by my house all the time. Sometimes empty and sometimes with autos in them. It angers me when crap like this gets put on the internet. it only serves to discredit the truth when it does get out.

Sure people could be hauled in these cars and hundreds of other wheeled vehicles. Even airplanes are used. When the truth does come out about round up’s no one will believe it but just is another hoax.

Linda Thompson from Indy got things stirred up in the mid 1990’s with her videos showing the Beech Grove train repair station as being a extermination facility equipped with large gas lines and furnaces. Colored zoned parking and storage areas a wind sock for helicopter landing and an old yard engine with ARMY written on the side. Interstate intersection lighting with cameras that were nothing more than support brackets containing pulley’s for supporting the lamps. Now we have cameras every where. Some are for stoplight controllers some viewable on the internet and some certainly to police HQ’s

Any and all of this can be used against us. We just must be aware of what is going on around us and have some friends who are awake and can be trusted.

Watching your south side,

David Costello


765-744-2631 cell

765-289-0550 Home and Fax

Stay prepared!

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From: Sir David
Subject: RE: Prison box cars New Castle, Indiana
To: neverknwo
Date: Saturday, February 28, 2009, 7:08 PM

Excuse me, Doug!

What color are the box cars that you sent to me?


What does it state on the side of the box cars in the pictures, which sent me?


What color are the box cars that you received from me?


What does it state on the side of the box cars that you received from me?

Can't read the writing because the pic is to small.

What you are doing is called bit a switch, offering something that looks like, but is not.

Ya but at least I offered a explanation, where is yours?

Take a good lôôk at the CRAPPY paint job on the box cars in the photograph that you received from me.

Crappy paint jobs don't make it a prison car!

These box cars may have been car transports in 2000, but these box cars are most certainly not now. However, compare windows and window location. These do not match with the car transport in your photos. The paint job appears to be a quick spray paint job and the paint is peeling or washing off.

The pics you showed, show a box car like

Look and the several said marking on the side of the box cars in the photograph which you sent to me.

All box cars are required to be marked clearly on each side with identification? Oops!

There appear to be rail bar code placards and nothing else. Also the last car appears to be placard for Canadian use.

I am a certified crime scene investigator and expert witness. Do not play stupid games with me.

Too, many cars of this type have been seen with shackles mounted in place.

In Indiana, signs have gone up along highways which state, "In case of martial law ride the rail to safety." Yea, right!

Now, tell who is the IDIOT? But then, too, I suspect the you are an AshkeNAZI, as well.

Wake up, the CAMPS await you!

Sir David-Andrew.
David, son of King David.
King of Yisrael.

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Wake up FEMA CAMPS are coming!
APFN clip on message Board, scroll down to article Miles of Box Cars.

++++++++++++ +++++++++ +++


Miles of Idled Boxcars
Fri Feb 27, 2009 08:28

* FEBRUARY 23, 2009


Before February 2008, boxcars were a fleeting sight in this hamlet of 17,500 people 50 miles east of Indianapolis. For decades, no more than one or two trains a day traveled down the sleepy short-haul line that cuts through town.

Then rail cars -- 20-foot-tall yellow behemoths covered with the sort of spray-painted artwork once associated with New York City subway cars -- started rolling in by the dozens and grinding to a halt.

Now an elementary-school playground sits only feet from a line of rail cars covered with curse words. Someone with a paintball gun opened fire on one of the cars but missed, pelting a house instead. The looming cars have been blamed for casting shadows over homes that sit as close as 10 feet from the tracks. One woman says the lack of sunlight has turned her backyard into a mud pit.

One of the more visible manifestations of the global recession is the idling of vehicles used to move everything from scrap metal produced in the U.S. to sneakers made in China. Ocean-shipping companies have taken scores of ships out of service, anchoring them in or near ports around the world. The parking lots of trucking companies are clogged with trailers that in better times were rolling on highways.

Idle Rail Cars Frustrate Residents

People in New Castle, Ind., see a string of rail cars sitting unused in their town as a nuisance and an eyesore.

Railroads, which have seen shipping volumes drop by double-digit percentages in recent months, face a particularly vexing problem. The nation's five largest railroads have put more than 30% of their boxcars -- 206,000 in all -- into storage, according to the Association of American Railroads. Placed end-to-end, the cars would stretch from New York to Salt Lake City.
No Space

The railroads simply don't have enough space in their yards to store all the idled cars. So they look for convenient, out-of-the-way places to park them -- usually dormant tracks and rail sidings that are rarely used.

In December, residents in southern New Jersey were confused by the sight of a two-mile-long line of rail cars resting on a largely unused rail line in Cape May County. Some of the cars were parked only a few feet from houses. Rumors began spreading that the cars were tankers filled with hazardous materials. The mayors of two local townships assured the public that the cars were empty and posed no danger.

In December, Union Pacific Corp. parked a three-mile-long string of cars in the small town of Thornton, Colo. After staring at the idled cars for a month or so, local residents revolted. The railroad eventually agreed to move the cars to a less-populated area.

Dennis Duffy, Union Pacific's executive vice president of operations, says that in a healthy economy, the railroad might have 5,000 to 8,000 cars in storage. At the moment, it has 48,000 idle cars, he says, forcing it to come up with "unconventional solutions." It has parked them on 60 sidings around the country.

Few places, if any, have been forced to endure this spectacle for as long as New Castle, a town of 10 square miles surrounded by sprawling farmland. Scenes from the basketball movie "Hoosiers" were filmed at a high-school gym a few miles down the road.
'Parking All Over Us'

For decades, New Castle was a Chrysler factory town. But in 2002, the auto maker sold its massive machine shop to a new company that immediately slashed wages. Now, New Castle is feeling the full impact of the recession. Unemployment in the county recently reached 9.3%, the highest figure since 1994. A large clothing store, one of the anchors of a nearby mall, is going out of business.

The small rail line running through town is available for rail-car storage in part because one of the railroad's customers, Visteon Corp., a major Ford Motor Co. auto-parts supplier, recently closed a nearby plant.

"This town is hurting already," says Cathy Hamilton, a former high-school principal who runs a consulting company. "Why would you add to the pain by parking all over us?"

Oradean Logan, 70 years old, who lives in a house next to the tracks, recalls waking up one morning more than a year ago to the sight of several graffiti-covered boxcars outside her window. The cars blocked her view, preventing her from seeing the house of her 83-year-old legally blind sister, who lives alone on the other side of the tracks.
Permanent Fixtures

"I didn't think much about it because I thought they'd move 'em," she says. "Then they just kept sitting there."

Days turned into weeks, then weeks into months. Children were spotted climbing to the top of the boxcars with their skateboards. Sherry Coffey, whose home was blasted by paintball-gun pellets, says she assumes the unknown shooter was aiming for the rail cars, not her house, which sits less than 30 feet away.

Residents complained, but were frustrated to learn that the railroad has every right to keep the cars on its tracks, according to a spokesman for the Federal Railroad Administration. "The bottom line is they're rail cars sitting on a railroad," says New Castle Mayor Jim Small. "The two sort of go together."

Spencer Wendelin, an executive with the C&NC Railroad, which owns the tracks, declined to say how much rent the railroad collects for storing the cars, or who owns them. He has little sympathy for the angry residents.

"The railroad, I'll guarantee you, was there a long time before they bought their houses," he says.
Turning to YouTube

A few months ago, Mr. Atkinson, who works for the county and has lived in the area his entire life, became so enraged he began posting YouTube videos of the graffiti-strewn cars to try to draw attention to the situation. "Block after block, lovely yellow cars," he says in one of the videos, shortly before the camera pans to a rail car painted with a picture of a marijuana leaf. "Can you imagine living next to those?"

Lately some folks have begun to worry that some of the rail cars appear to be listing and might tip over. Mr. Wendelin, the railroad executive, dismisses the fears as "completely unfounded concerns, based on both history and physics."

Ms. Logan's legally blind sister, Estelle Teel, says it's not uncommon to hear young people banging on the rail cars with sticks in the middle of the night, just outside her bedroom window. "It's kind of scary when you live alone," she says.

Folks who want the cars to be on their way, however, shouldn't get their hopes up. Mr. Wendelin won't predict how long the rail cars will remain in New Castle. "If you can tell me when the economy's going to turn around, then I can give you an answer to that question."

Write to Alex Roth at

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Fri Feb 27, 2009 16:13

One of my most important sources of information about the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST was my personal friend Elaine.

Elaine was a Christian for many years when I met her and interviewed her in Okeechobee, FL. But prior to that, Elaine was not a Christian. She was in fact the satanist high priestess of ALL OF INDIANA for 17 ruthless and bloody years, and was also hired by the CIA as an assassin when Bush SR was over the CIA.

Strangely, Elaine's home town was NEW CASTLE INDIANA. NEW CASTLE INDIANA is a huge stronghold of organized satanism in Indiana. I cannot even begin to relate the grim accounts of horrific human sacrifice in New Castle, IN, as related to me by Elaine personally.( It occurs throughout IN and America also.)

In her Florida home, she poured out her heart and insider knowledge about coming MARTIAL LAW and the NWO agenda.

She admitted that THE SATANISTS/ILLUMINAT I are the backbone of the NEW WORLD ORDER worldwide. And that all percieved opponents, especially THE CHRISTIANS, would have to go. TO THE CAMPS, that is, via PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES.

She shared with me how the NWO satanists in the CIA sat around discussing "HOW THE HECK do you get RID of the CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA who would stand agaisnt their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda."

"We finally came up with the concept of the very concentration camps you are now investigating, " she admitted.

"And although I greatly regret my role in setting up these camps, they stand to this day, and they will be used against Christians and resisters under martial law..."

Pondering all this, I remember then saying to her,

"Well if it's THE SATANISTS/Illuminat i behind this NWO agenda, it won't be a very easy death for the Christians once they get their hands on them under martial law to take them to the camps, will it?" Satanists torture Christians long before they kill them. I looked at her.

I can never forget the intensity with which she looked back into my eyes and said, "I tell you, it will be brutal rape, torture and death when they start taking the Christians away to the camps...." And Elaine was in a position to know exactly what she was saying.

Personally, I believe there IS A REASON for so many "idled boxcars" in the town of NEWCASTLE, INDIANA, at a time when we could potentially be so close to martial law.

There is not a satanist worth their title in NEW CASTLE, IN, who does not KNOW ABOUT THE NWO MARTIAL LAW "KILL THE CHRISTIANS IN THE BOXCARS/CAMPS" agenda, as Elaine admitted to me.

And any satanist from Indiana, reading this, can be counted on to nod their heads and smile wickedly as they read this post.

Elaine further told me her father had worked for the railroad in IN, and she had been to the former AMTRAK repair facility in Beech Grove, and that indeed it had in part been retrofitted to be used in the future as a FEMA DEATHCAMP.

According to CIA source George of Tulsa OK, this FEMA camp of the future will termiante 26,000 political and religious resisters of the NWO every 24 hours UNDER MARTIAL LAW.

This is also the ELAINE of the Rebecca Brown series of books exposing satanism in America. While I do not personally agree with everything Brown stated in her books, I got to know Elaine personally, have been her friend for many years, and I know she is REAL and everything she said is accurate, confirmed by her daughter and other former satanists I interviewed on this NWO subject as well.

So NOW you know what THEY know. I think I understand perfectly WHY THE BOXCARS are lined up in good ol' NEW CASTLE INDIANA.

And here comes the NEW WORLD ORDER! God have mercy on us all.

-Pamela Schuffert

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How does a train make a U-turn?
I just noticed this topic posted on the forum and guess what kind of cars on on this train?

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Make sure to pass this information on to folks who may not be aware.

(Item 1 - Clarity)

It would seem that changes are occurring hand over fist. I sit back and try
to wrap my arms around everything I see on a daily basis and just can't quite
get there.

Save the Creator, the fact is, there is no single source of information that
can raise their hand and emphatically state that they hold the truth. Everything
is perspective based on goals.

My point is that the forces that be are doing a fantastic job of blurring


If you only seek out information that you agree with, you will not understand
what reality is comprised of. You must see the world through new eyes at
every moment.

I was once stated that, "The more I learn, the less I know." I stand by that

As I look around and see the blurring occurring I can help but revert back to
some of the current issues to gain clarity:

If you want to restore these United States to an acceptable level of liberty,

End the assault on the Second Amendment,
End the favoritism with the government of Israel,
End the Patriot Act and all Acts extended from or to it,
End the United Nations,
End the IRS,
End the Homeland Security Department,
End the Iraq Police Action,
End the Federal Reserve,
End the national ID Card program,
End the 'War on Drugs,
End the Department of Education,
End the sending of jobs overseas,
End the flood of illegal immigrants,
End the preemptive military strikes,
End the 'Green Movement', it is based on myth not science,
End the coming police state,
End the ideology that spreading (mob rule) democracy is a good thing,
End the executive war powers,
End the idea that corporations have rights, like the people,
End the careers of the current Congress, even if the baby goes out with the bath water,
End the North American Union trade goals,
End the 'War on terror', it cannot be won [EVER], therefore it is perpetual,
End the massive regulation on the free market,
End the strangle hold that the one party system has on us. (Republicrats),
End the attempts toward trying to salvage the Republican Party,
End the constant bombardment of federal law that attempts to trump State law,
End the notion that a ruling class is not required. It is required for a functional republic.

This is quite a large list. I can't help but wonder why our Founding Fathers didn't
attempt to change or reform the government in England at the time.

(Item 2 - The Constitution Wasn't for All)

Prelude: I am color blind, I am Cherokee/Viking by blood, I am married to
an Asian woman, I am proud that the electors finally chose a person with brown
skin to assume the responsibilities of the executive branch and it sucks that
I feel the need to provide a prelude to the next section. I do so, because
many people are strung like a piano wire about to snap and where it comes to
race, most are dysfunctional. There is only one race with many cultures.

Moving on...

Let it be shown that Slavery destroyed the republic. Many of our fellow Americans
do not connect with the Constitution. The Constitution didn't provide liberty for
their forefathers. ...and by the time Martin Luther King perished, liberty
(for all Americans) was under attack under the guise of National Security.

God help us all (Shaking my head):

What I took from the whole thing is: Equally as horrid as the 'White Power' movement, 'Black America' is a one way door. People with brown skin can come and go as they please, but aperson with a pale face can knock for all eternity and not enter. (Item 3 - FOX News actually talking the talk?) I sat back after watching the following videos and had to really sit back. I don't know what's going on here. Perhaps Beck has finally broken out ofthe matrix, perhaps Murdoch has new marching orders, perhaps
News Corp needs better ratings, I tend to think that it may be a bit of Beck waking up, but he himself, being used to start conditioning the public to the information. Naturally rule number one to disinformation is to provide a distractionwhile the true information isn't known. I noticed that there is currently a massive distortion in the Earth'smagnetic field, a large hole over the South Atlantic. I noticed that the Sun isacting strange. Following an era of robust sun spots, the sun has now beenspotless for a long period of time In addition, oursolar system is returning to the galactic center. The sun rises above and fallsbelow the plane of the milky way every so often causing physical changes to therealm. If I sit back far enough, I begin to wonder if a polar shift is actually alikely event, what would governments in-the-know do to ensure human life carrieson beyond the effects of a polar shift. Hmm. I suppose it would need trillions ofdollars to build massive underground stores and shelter. The government wouldn't wantto tell majority of the population because the underground shelters simply couldn't hold the masses. At any rate, it was just a fleeting thought. Here are the FOX News videos that shook me a bit. I wasn't shook by the content, but rather that it was onFOX.

Glenn Beck
The War Room (Part 1)
Glenn Beck The War Room (Part 2)
Glenn Beck The War Room (Part 3)
Glenn Beck The War Room (Part 4)
Glenn Beck The War Room (Part 5)

I have found myself in an alternate universe.
Fox News, the same Fox newsthat torpedoed Dr. Ron Paul's bid for President. What is going on? Fox News Kingof NeoConservative National Socialist Propaganda has this to say: J

udge Napolitano Hosts a
Round Table (Part 1)
Judge Napolitano Hosts a Round Table (Part 2)
Judge Napolitano Hosts a Round Table (Part 3)
Judge Napolitano Hosts a Round Table (Part 4)
Judge Napolitano Hosts a Round Table (Part 5)
Judge Napolitano Hosts a Round Table (Part 6)
Judge Napolitano Hosts a Round Table (Part 7)
Glenn Beck average home prices:

Just remember that the
NeoConservatives are not the good guys. They are now morphing into the "Conservative" movement, dropping the Neo. They are nowtalking a great deal about the Constitution, but they tend to throw the Constitution into a drawer when the Collectivists are in power. It is the false left right paradigm and what better way to convoluted thelibertarian, patriot, people movement than to adopt the lexicon of a libertarian. Our message was getting out, but now the NeoConservatives are funneling the people we woke up into their clutches. (Item 4 - WebWar)

The content of this forum will leave you speechless:

(Item 5 - Two Facebook) Facebook Data Mining for the Government?:

(Item 6 - Economicrash)
Jim Rogers on the Economy:

Ron Paul
questions Paul Volker:

(Item 7 - Arms) CPAC May be a NeoCon Hive and the
NRA may ultimately be anti 2ndammendment, but I thought that the content of these videos was pretty darn good.

CPAC Part 1:
CPAC Part 2:

(Item 8 -
Fight or Flight) Founding Fathers did both: The Threat of Tyranny

(Item 9 - Closing)
As you may know, I am Vice President of PyraBang Inc. PyraBang was started due to the mass media bias that Ron Paul had to endure. I would go toGoogle and find their news section knowing that Ron Paul was getting more traffic on the internet than anyone else, I fully expected that plenty of newswould be available in the top stories, headlines section. Nope. Couldn't find even a mention. That meant to me that someone sittingin a desk somewhere was deciding what articles to include in the top stories. It wasn't based on popularity or activity on the internet, it was simply a choice by one or a few. So we started PyraBang as a method of creating a means for independent journalists to fund their work. We opened our doors and we had a very good response, the database of information is massive. Lately though PyraBang has been hit with a massive wave of advertisers.This was expected and indeed required if PyraBang is to be able to ensure that the lone blogger can become a journalist proper and be financed. We fully expect to have over 500,000 members by may or June. I need your help now. The advertisers and marketers are making a home of PyraBang and flooding the posts with ads, what I need is for all of you who receive this email to become members of PyraBang. Help support us, become a Gold member to ensure this revolution is fundedand post news and information so that the content is robust. We are growing, we are competing with the likes of
Digg and Google Adsense and we now knowwith certainty that PyraBang will make millions. The primary need for your helpis to ensure that the news and information we need to get out to the public is seen on the network. Imagine all those 'Ads by Google' that you see all over containedinformation about Ron Paul during the primaries. I guarantee Dr. Paul would have beenmore well known. PyraBang has now provided more than 50 million individual adson an army of websites. Let's get the word out and educate the public and at thesame time - YOU - can earn money. This is not a commercial or an ad at the endof the email here. The folks who have signed up can tell you. Come sign up, it is free to browse and takes 10 seconds to create anaccount. Become a paying member $5.95 per month, this opens your account forearnings. Our pageviews have surpassed that of,, and we are beginning to peak at the trafficlevel. That's big. I urge you to sign up and be a gold member now before the tidal wave of (non-patriot) members join. Consider this the inverted moneybomb. Considerthis a way to funnel profits from the non-patriot who is motivated by greed tothe patriot who wishes to ensure the free market remains. As always PyraBang is also designed to deliver redpill news into a bluepilworld. Another variant of the digit pony express. I invite you! - Eric Nordstrom, Vice President PyraBang Inc.
END OF MESSAGE - DISTRIBUTE AS REQUIRED ----------------------------------------------------------------

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Satanism and heavy metal. Clips from the Geraldo Rivera Show. IMHO I think it's hilarious.

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