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Valentine's Day 2009 - The Great Awakening

Saturday, February 14, 2009 12:24 PM

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Greetings in the Spirit of Great Love.

This is not your ordinary Valentine's Day!

On this day, the Age of Aquarius is getting a a jump-start
as you can see at “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”.

You can get more of a feeling for that vision at
The Wave of Love” (short YouTube video)

To envision this with a more in-depth understanding of
the astrophysics and comogenesis involved, see:
Galactic Shift Into Aquarian Love

Check out the
Valentine's Day Show on Cosmic Love at

On the Show will be the two Founders of 2012 Quantum Leap
who have written three books on the 2012 megaconvergence
of galactic and planetary energies transforming our world.

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"Remain Centered in the Eye of the STORM"

These two Founders of 2012 Quantum Leap are currently engaged in offering their new "S.T.O.R.M. Trainings" (Seeing The Oneness; Reclaiming Mastery), presented for the first time in cities across the US, where they teach participants how to ride the wave of the Big Shift to "2012 O-Point" (Oneness), and remain centered in the Eye of the STORM. They are demonstrating “Thrival Skills” throughout this dynamic period of
energetic shift.

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Here's an excerpt from the show introduction:

"Common sense as the prime directive of, by and for Great LOVE
is the dawning of a global rEVOLUTION in Higher Conscience
that is going mainstream in form and frequency, as in frequently.
This is the '2nd Coming' of Common Sense that will finish globally
what Thomas Paine's COMMON SENSE began in America."

"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

"This '2nd coming' is also known as the universal Christ-like virtue
at the heart of the currency of conscience that will naturally
upgrade our core Constitutional freedoms with the first principle of
the Spirit that matters -- the power of love -- as global Netizens
embrace the genesis of true freedom whereby:
'Conscience is the most sacred of all property'."
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution, 4th US President

Earth has now entered the sector of the Galaxy known as the 2000+ year Age of Aquarius that, since ancient times, has been known to represent the "God quality" of divine Love. Add to that the influence on consciousness of the Galactic Photon Belt that Earth enters every 11-12,000+ years, and you see the DNA stimulus of "more light" with a consciousness of more Love. Add to that the resonant influence on the "web of consciousness" as the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet integrates more LOVE into the evolutionary change mix. Consider the full implications.

The synergistic effect of these influences is greater than the sum of the parts and translates to the global PowerShift from "outer" 3-D materialism to the "inner sense" (heart) of innocence -- kind men among mankind:

Photon Belt energies (more "Light"),
stimulating the currency of conscience at the heart of the Next Economy,
enlightening awareness of the "language of light" (conscience)
at the
heart of every Golden Age...
+ (plus)
Energies of Aquarius (more "Love"),
harmonizing the Morphic grids of consciousness and the Earth body with
pure intention of the frequency of holy compassion
at the
heart of the Aquarian Dispensation...
+ (plus)
Cultural DNA for innerNet Reality,
framing core Constitutional freedoms with the angles/angels of G.O.D.~LOVE
at the interactive gateway from cyberspace to innerspace;
the InnerNet at the
heart of the Internet...
= (equals)
A Global rEVOLUTION in Higher Conscience on the 2012 Timeline to "O-Point",
the "spherical-O" conscience representing the spiritual BEING
at the
heart of LOVE centering the mind of G .O.D.

A wholly new Spirit of greater LOVE is matriculating the matrix of matter in non-linear "spherical terms" ("O"-point spiritual) that empowers holy compassion at the HEART of divine order. This is the "Geometrically Ordered Divinity" (LOVE Model) that provides quintessential "pure geometry" thoughtforms for the expansion of consciousness.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention, and ready or not, the Aquarian Dispensation is in the process of rebooting the form and frequency of universal LOVE from the inside out. A new "inner sense" of freedom and opportunity for change is percolating in the grass-roots Net roots of our social networks and social conscience.

Listen in to the Valentine's Day show (5PM Pacific Time) to tune in to the Cosmic Love "soulution"...

... the Valentine's Day Great Awakening in the Spirit of Aquarius,

~ Christopher

PS: There are Lessons from Atlantis that we're all here to get right this time around.

Catch the Wave and Ride the Wave of the Next Big Shift in the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION
from cyberspace to innerspace; the InnerNet at the
heart of the Internet.

Valentine's Day AURORAS

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"As promised by, some nice auroras appeared on Valentine's Day," reports Fredrik Broms of Kvaløya, Norway. "I took these pictures after sunset using my Nikon D3."

Is the break up of the "United States" at hand?

By: Russell_Means

Added: Feb 14 2009 In: news_politics

Recorded on: Feb 12 2009

Is the break up of the "United States" at hand?
From FEMA camps to globalization to Freedom, this hour-long interview covers a lot of ground. What's next for the USA? Is the break up of the "United States" at hand? What is the way forward to True Freedom and Sovereignty?

Stay Tuned for the Truth Liveleak Live - Current Event

By Russell_Means 0 Comments
Location: Porcupine, South Dakota, United States Leaked: 56 mins ago

Oops, now it looks like we’re in WAY over our heads. Twenty-One U.S. States discussing cession! Russ has been warning us for years that this would come, but now that it’s here, it’s so ugly, so ...

COLLIDING SATELLITES: For the first time ever, two large satellites have collided in Earth orbit.
It happened on Tuesday, Feb. 10th, when Kosmos 2251 crashed into Iridium 33 approximately 800 km over northern Siberia. Both satellites were completely destroyed.

New York Times
Sirius XM: Bankruptcy Threat's Real - Feb 13, 2009
While staring down a potential bankruptcy protection deadline, Sirius XM and its CEO Mel Karmazin has been working to thwart an attempt by EchoStar (SATS ...
Sirius XM Preparing Worst-Case Scenario Washington Post
Bids for Sirius XM may be fueled by longtime rivalry Los Angeles Times
Sirius XM in Talks to Refinance, May File Bankruptcy Bloomberg
New York Daily News - MarketWatch
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Bankruptcy a reality for more media firms
Hollywood Reporter, United States - Feb 12, 2009
Meanwhile, Sirius XM Satellite Radio also is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy ahead of a debt repayment deadline next week. Paul Allen's Charter will ...
Wave of Bad Debt Swamps Companies Wall Street Journal
Bankruptcy becomes reality for media and entertainment industry ...
Major US cable, gaming and satellite radio companies consider ... Vancouver Sun
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Buckle up, Fools: Sirius XM's Wild Ride Continues
Motley Fool - Feb 13, 2009
By Rick Aristotle Munarriz Owning Sirius XM Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) these days is like riding a wild rollercoaster. There are sharp ascents, steep drops, ...
This Week's 5 Dumbest Stock Moves Motley Fool
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Second mystery blast
Gold Coast News, Australia - Feb 12, 2009
"It was so loud, just a loud boom and then nothing. It was huge and quite loud, it was a strange explosion," said Mrs Dimmick. "I was in the earthquakes in ...


The MHD (magnetohydrodynamic) generator or dynamo transforms thermal energy or kinetic energy directly into electricity. MHD generators are different from traditional electric generators in that they can operate at high temperatures without moving parts. MHD was eagerly developed because the exhaust of a plasma MHD generator is a flame, still able to heat the boilers of a steam power plant. So high-temperature MHD was developed as a topping cycle to increase the efficiency of electric generation, especially when burning coal or natural gas. It has also been applied to pump liquid metals and for quiet submarine engines.

The basic concept underlying the mechanical and fluid dynamos is the same. The fluid dynamo, however, uses the motion of fluid or plasma to generate the currents which generate the electrical energy. The mechanical dynamo, in contrast, uses the motion of mechanical devices to accomplish this. The functional difference between an MHD generator and an MHD dynamo is the path the charged particles follow.

MHD generators are now practical for fossil fuels, but have been overtaken by other, less expensive technologies, such as combined cycles in which a gas turbine's or molten carbonate fuel cell's exhaust heats steam for steam turbine. The unique value of MHD is that it permits an older single-cycle fossil-fuel power plant to be upgraded to high efficiency.

Natural MHD dynamos are an active area of research in plasma physics and are of great interest to the geophysics and astrophysics communities. From their perspective the earth is a global MHD dynamo and with the aid of the particles on the solar wind produces the aurora borealis. The differently charged electromagnetic layers produced by the dynamo effect on the earth's geomagnetic field enable the appearance of the aurora borealis. As power is extracted from the plasma of the solar wind, the particles slow and are drawn down along the field lines in a brilliant display over the poles.

SDI - EVALUATION - Nuclear Thermal Propulsion

Nuclear reactor magnetohydrodynamic power generator for directed energy weapons

Images: 5 (Deleted)

By neverknwo 29 Comments
7039 Views 1 Vote 0 Recommendations
Leaked: Apr-14-2007

Abstract The SDI electrical power requirements for directed energy weapons (DEW) may range from tens of megawatts to over hundreds of megawatts. For this application, where the power requirement is...

Caution: Satellite debris ahead
The Daily Deal (subscription), NY - Feb 12, 2009
How fitting is it that the crash happened amid a battle on Earth to consolidate nearly bankrupt Sirius XM Radio Inc. into one of the two satellite TV ...

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The Garbage that Smashed to Earth from Space
io9, CA - Feb 13, 2009
As space junk crashing to Earth becomes more and more common, I can't help but wonder who will be liable for damages it causes. If a chunk of a satellite or ...

Readers, if you photographed this event, please submit a report.

Summary: On Friday, Feb. 13th, around 10:00 to 10:15 pm EST, people in central Kentucky heard loud booms, felt their houses shake, and some saw a fireball streaking through the sky. The nature of this event is still under investigation. Possibilities include a small asteroid or a piece of space junk entering Earth's atmosphere. National Weather Service reports that the fireball was debris from the Feb. 10th collision of Iridium 33 and Kosmos 2251 satellites may be premature.

Eyewitness Accounts:

Location: Morehead State University, Morehead, Kentucky
Comments: Daniel Graves, a space science major at MSU: "I was in Morehead at the time of the fireball, we were actually making observations of a distant AGN with our 21m radio telescope, and I had just stepped outside to check on cloud cover in the direction we were observing; clouds can attenuate the radio signal slightly, so we have to know where it is and compensate for it. When I saw the fireball I instantly assumed that it was debris. I've seen other satellite debris before (last years ASAT test in February). The coloring and sound matched nearly dead on. The fireball took about 7 seconds to cross the sky, rather slow compared to other things I've seen. It was definitely ablating material; it looked like a burning bright-white magnesium filament."

Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Comments: Bill Meck, WLEX-TV Chief Meteorologist: "About 10:00 est Friday night we began to receive several calls from people throughout central and eastern Kentucky of a loud boom which was strong enough to shake houses over an area about 30 miles wide centered near London Kentucky. What appeared to be either a fireball or a piece of satellite debris was seen as a blue/green streak across the sky from as far north as Paris and Lexington Kentucky…about 70 miles from London. An Emergency Manager in the area said the FAA confirmed it was satellite debris…but would like to have better confirmation. The reports also say it was on a more vertical trajectory compared to the normal 'shooting star.'"

Location: near Mt. Vernon, Kentucky
Comments: Connie Thompson: "Just to give you an update on the green light in the sky last night shortly after 10:00 I was driving home along US150 E just out of Mt. Vernon (in Rockcastle County), when the world appeared to explode - in green. For 2-3 seconds the enitre night sky was lit up with a strange green light. My first thought was any minute now, I'll see a mushroom cloud, but then I thought that is ridiculous. I kept telling my self that it was just lightening, but I have never seen green lightening. I didn't feel the earth shake, however that just happened to be the song playing on the radio at the time (haha). Please do keep us informed about what caused this strange event. "

Location: Jessamine County, 10 miles south of Lexington, Kentucky
Comments: Holly Heitter: "I live in Jessamine County and I did see a huge flash in the dark sky little bit after 10 pm last night. I was watching TV and then out of the blue, I saw a huge flash of light which made me jump and I was telling myself "what the heck? lightning from a clear dark sky?""

Location: Richmond, Kentucky
Comments: Dean Vencill, Captain, Richmond Fire and Rescue: "We were sitting at the firehouse at station 5 in richmond watching movies when this happened. I had my head laid back in a chair and all the sudden it shook twice like a percussion shock hit the building. I thought it was a earthquake also, so I ask one of the other firefighters if he felt that and he did too."

Location: Versailles, Kentucky
Comments: David Stephanski: "About 9:50 I saw the object streak through the southern sky. It looked like a large meteor or satellite, it did have a greenish tinge. The object was on a [nearly due south] path that looked like it would have taken it to Harrisburg or Danville.

Location: Mayking, Kentucky
Comments: Candace Philpot: "
Tonight, about 10:15 p.m., my son and I saw a blueish-green fireball in the sky. My husband said that it was probably just a shooting star, but it looked very different and did not shoot across the sky, rather it fell from the sky. It landed someone over our neighbor's home, probably somewhere up in the woods. We dismissed it after a few minutes of conversation, but this was definitely something to see. It was large and blueish-green; looked similar to a comet."

Location: Blooming Grove, Kentucky
Comments: Doug and Angie Hacker: "
At 10 pm I was turning onto my street when I saw what appeared to be lightning. I looked out my car window and as I did..I saw an oval shaped, bright white object going across the sky at an incredibly fast pace. I called my husband to tell him what I saw, and as I did..we both heard a loud 'Boom' in the distance. I'm not sure what it was...but we think it could've been a meteor. We live in the Blooming Grove area of Jackson County....."

Satellite Debris Falling Over NorthWestern Mexico, Feb 12, 2009

UPDATE: This incident, which took place on the west coast of North America, is unrelated to the tragic Continental Airlines crash which took place 25 minutes later, on the East coast. Our thoughts and prayers are with those families, and our deepest condolences.

This film is not a joke or prank.

At 6:55PM on February 12, 2009, I was approaching my front porch here in San Diego, and looking SouthEast, I noticed one then two then three burning objects, with tails of sparks behind the two larger pieces, high in the sky. They had to be at least 50 miles to the Southeast, perhaps as much as one hundred miles away. It took about 40-50 seconds, perhaps one minute, for them to dissapear under a very low cloud cover far away to the Southeast of San Diego, CA. They may have, at least two of them, reached nearly to ground level without fully burning up. The two larger pieces to the lower horizon, were still ignited as they dissappeared behind the very low lying cloudcover.

Please do not leave me stupid comments because these objects were confirmed by local 911 operators as having been sighted by other people than just myself. Expert examination can prove these are not manufactured special effects, although I am capable of much better special effects than something as unspectacular and boring as this very real footage is!!!

An FAA official has told me, as of this time, that the objects, according to officials he knows, are most likely debris from two satellites which collided over Siberia on Tuesday (I am told date by CBS) February 10, 2009.

The background sounds are children playing in the driveway below my porch.

Comments are more than welcome from anyone else who saw this, or who knows official information about it and wants to share it.

Curiously, there is a remote chance that at least one object reached ground level, by what I saw. The objects appeared to be roughly two miles above ground at last sighting. Before I was able to find and start my cam, it had been larger and brighter at very high altitude, and was burning down for the 20-30 seconds it took for me to grab and start up the cam. By that time, all three pieces were smaller, so much so that finding them in the small LCD screen was somewhat of a challenge, although they remained visible to the naked eye all the way down. The zoom on my cam, at its fullest point, was pushed to near to the 42 times capability, and thus you see quite a bit of camera shake.

Note: If you are unable to read English at college level speed, please feel free to pause the video to read the commentary. These are NOT UFO's or flying aircraft debris. The FAA has confirmed this.
Also, in the last part of this video where I stated that this video is boring, it is not meant to imply that I wished the object was a falling aircraft. I was pleased to hear the FAA tell me that no aircraft went down. They did suspect that this was indeed falling satellite debris.

UPDATE: This incident, which took place on the west coast of North America, is unrelated to the tragic Continental Airlines crash which took place 25 minutes later, on the East coast. Our thoughts and prayers are with those families, and our deepest condolences.

UNO UPDATE: Comet Tempel1 Debris Threatens Shuttle
Another piece of the puzzle that I remember about also that postponed the Shuttle Launch a few years back...

Satellite collision won't affect launch of space shuttle Discovery ...
Xinhua, China - Feb 12, 2009
"The shuttle launch will not be affected," Michael Braukus, public affairs officer from the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration headquarters, ...

NASA - STS-119

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Space Debris Rains Down On Kentucky Causing Alarm
SecuObs, France - 6 hours ago
The collision generated an estimated tens of thousands of pieces of space junk that could circle Earth and threaten other satellites . ...

Collision sparks space 'dodgeball'
Toronto Star, Canada - Feb 13, 2009
AP PHOTO/NASA This image provided by NASA shows an artist's concept of an Iridium satellite in earth orbit. Two big communications satellites collided in ...

Caution: Satellite debris ahead
The Daily Deal (subscription), NY - Feb 12, 2009
One was a defunct Russian satellite. The other was one of 66 birds operated by Iridium LLC, scaled-down successor to the huge global sat-phone venture ...

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The crash of two satellites 500 miles over Sibera has caused alarm in Kentucky. The collision generated an estimated tens of thousands of pieces of space junk that could circle Earth and threaten other satellites for the next 10,000 years, space experts said Friday. Several of those chunks caused concern in Southeastern Kenutcky Friday night.

The 27 NEWSFIRST Newsroom checked into numerous reports of sightings of blue and white lights in the sky, as well as loud booms that, in some cases, rattled homes. So far, emergency officials in Kentucky believe the falling debris from the satellites has covered a 500-mile area in North America, but has led to no injuries or damages.

One expert called the collision "a catastrophic event" that he hoped would force President Barack Obama's administration to address the long-ignored issue of debris in space. Russian Mission Control chief Vladimir Solovyov said Tuesday's smashup of a derelict Russian military satellite and a working U.S. Iridium commercial satellite occurred in the busiest part of near-Earth space - some 500 miles (800 kilometers) above Earth.

"800 kilometers is a very popular orbit which is used by Earth-tracking and communications satellites," Solovyov told reporters Friday. "The clouds of debris pose a serious danger to them." Solovyov said debris from the collision could stay in orbit for up to 10,000 years and even tiny fragments threaten spacecraft because both travel at such a high orbiting speed.

James Oberg, an experienced aerospace engineer who worked on NASA's space shuttle program and is now a space consultant, described the crash over northern Siberia as "catastrophic event." NASA said it was the first-ever high-speed impact between two intact spacecraft - with the Iridium craft weighing 1,235 pounds (560 kilograms) and the Russian craft nearly a ton.

"At physical contact at orbital speeds, a hypersonic shock wave bursts outwards through the structures," Oberg said in e-mailed comments. "It literally shreds the material into confetti and detonates any fuels."

Most fragments are concentrated near the collision course, but Maj.-Gen. Alexander Yakushin, chief of staff of the Russian military's Space Forces, said some debris was thrown into other orbits, ranging from 300 to 800 miles (500-1,300 kilometers) above Earth.

David Wright at the Union of Concerned Scientists' Global Security said the collision had possibly generated tens of thousands of particles larger than 1 centimeter (half an inch), any of which could significantly damage or even destroy a satellite.

Wright, in a posting on the group's Web site, said the two large debris clouds from Tuesday's crash will spread over time, forming a shell around Earth. He likened the debris to "a shotgun blast that threatens other satellites in the region."

Meanwhile, there's no global air traffic control system that tracks the position of all satellites.

Space Surveillance Radar

LISTEN TO SPACE DEBRIS: The Air Force Space Surveillance Radar is scanning the skies above Texas. When a meteor or satellite passes over the facility--ping!--there is an echo. A swarm of debris generated by the Feb. 10th collision of Iridium 33 and Kosmos 2251 could produce some good reflections in the days ahead. Click on the button to listen:
“Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on….or by imbeciles who really mean it.”
___ Mark Twain

It's a graphical representation of a real time database of all orbiting satellites (the exceptions being military/classified)....and it's "interactive" in that you can set it into motion, zoom in/out, click on a dot (satellite) & it shows the name & the orbit, pan & tilt the whole display, etc. Play with it, it's fun (especially for geeks like me & Bulldog !!)

There's an amazing amount of junk up there, especially in LEO (low earth orbit), & I'm surprised there aren't more collisions. But with the Chinese anti-satellite test last year & this current collision, LEO just got a little more crowded & the chances for more collisions just went up
Watch out for falling satellite debris, seriously - 10 hours ago

Another meteor lights up the sky, Canada - Feb 12, 2009
... was heading north on the Manning Freeway near Gibbons at about 10 pm when he caught quite the sight - what looked like a meteor flashing across the sky. ...

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12:30 am
Click here to email Thomas Dias

A man-made piece of the sky almost fell on Alberta Friday morning. NORAD called the federal government warning space debris from a Russian rocket appeared to be headed for the Calgary area. And a spokesperson for the Alberta Government says they were about to activate the Emergency Response Centre to warn affected areas. But the government suddenly received word the rocket debris had changed course, falling instead into the Atlantic Ocean.

Elsewhere experts say Tuesday's collision of a U-S and Russian satellite in orbit could threaten other satellites for the next ten thousand years. One expert called the collision `a catastrophic event' hoping it would force the U-S administration to address the issue of debris in space. The satellite collision has generated an estimated tens of thousands of small pieces of space junk that are now circling Earth high above the space station.

And NASA is once again delaying the launch of space shuttle Discovery. NASA wants to ensure three valves controlling the flow of hydrogen gas into the external fuel tank will not put the shuttle and its crew at risk if they break. A small piece of one valve cracked off in November during the last space shuttle flight. Discovery is being preparing for a trip to the space station to deliver the last set of solar wings. The launch was originally planned for Thursday, but shuttle are putting the liftoff on hold until at least February 27. (TD, CTV Calgary, The Associated Press)

Washington Post
Satellite Collision Adds to 'Space Junk' Problem
Washington Post, United States - 18 hours ago
The military has a running catalog of more than 19000 pieces of orbital debris. This week, the census of space schmutz suddenly jumped by 600 -- the initial ...

UN News Centre
UN space office calls for preventive steps after satellite collision
Xinhua, China - 14 hours ago
... measures to curb space debris. The appeal came after the collision of an inactive Russian satellite with an operational one from the United States. ...
UN Reiterates the Importance of the Implementation of the Space ... Space Ref (press release)
UN official pinpoints existing guidelines for space orderliness Xinhua
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Reports of fiery objects in sky lead to futile search
San Diego Union Tribune, CA - Feb 12, 2009
Space debris.” Joubert was referring to the collision Wednesday over Siberia, 500 miles up, between a US-based commercial satellite and a derelict Russian ...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

CAS: China begins tracking debris from the US-Russian satellite ...
People's Daily Online, China - Feb 12, 2009
... (PMO) has begun tracking the debris created in the US-Russian satellite collision, Zhao Changyin, a researcher at the PMO, announced on February 12. ...
Debris could pose threat to China orbiters Shanghai Daily
all 2 news articles »

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Another meteor lights up the sky, Canada - Feb 12, 2009
... was heading north on the Manning Freeway near Gibbons at about 10 pm when he caught quite the sight - what looked like a meteor flashing across the sky. ...

This image provided by the European Space Agency shows and artist impression of catalogued objects in low-Earth orbit viewed over the Equator.
Scientists are keeping a close eye on orbital debris created when two communications satellites - one American, the other Russian - smashed into each other hundreds of miles above the Earth.

NASA said it will take weeks to determine the full magnitude of the unprecedented crash and whether any other satellites or even the Hubble Space Telescope are threatened.

The collision, which occurred nearly 500 miles over Siberia on Tuesday, was the first high-speed impact between two intact spacecraft, NASA officials said.

"We knew this was going to happen eventually," said Mark Matney, an orbital debris scientist at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

NASA believes any risk to the international space station and its three astronauts is low. It orbits about 270 miles below the collision course.

A spokesman for the Russian civilian space agency Roscosmos, Alexander Vorobyev, said on state-controlled Channel I television that "for the international space station, at this time and in the near future, there's no threat."

There also should be no danger to the space shuttle set to launch with seven astronauts on Feb. 22, officials said, but that will be re-evaluated in the coming days.

Nicholas Johnson, an orbital debris expert at the Houston space center, said the risk of damage from Tuesday's collision is greater for the Hubble Space Telescope and Earth-observing satellites, which are in higher orbit and nearer the debris field.

The collision involved an Iridium commercial satellite, which was launched in 1997, and a Russian satellite launched in 1993 and believed to be nonfunctioning. The Russian satellite was out of control, Matney said.

Pilots: watch out for space debris!
It’s Friday the 13th, and while the following may sound like an April Fools joke, it’s not. This is for real. The following advisory has been issued by the FAA.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I just got a note from my friend Jim Oberg that the Federal Aviation Administration is warning pilots to be on the lookout for falling debris from USA 193!



Daily Star, UK - 3 hours ago
The Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, flying from Newark, burst into a fireball on impact at 10.15pm local time. Officials said the death toll could have been even ...
Video: Raw Video: Plane Crash Site Still Smoldering AssociatedPress
49 dead in plane crash fireball

Fireball after plane crash...49 killed near Buffalo...Arson arrest ... KXMC
Daily Mail - AFP
all 8,229 news articles » TSE:BBD.B

Raw Aerial Of Crash Site; Continental 3407

bbcworldnews February 13, 2009 Aerial footage taken from a news helicopter shows the full extent of the damage from the plane crash in Buffalo, New York State.

Continental 3407 ATC Radio Recording

Crash occurs just after the 15:00 mark on the audio tape.

Space Debris Rains Down On Kentucky Causing Alarm

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

9/11 Activist Who Sued Government Killed In Buffalo Plane Crash
Widow of Trade Center victim refused to be silenced after attacks
Steve Watson
Friday, Feb 13th, 2009
One of the passengers aboard the plane that crashed into a house 10 miles from Buffalo, New York, airport late on Thursday was a 9/11 widow who had questioned the official account of the attacks, sued the government and consistently lobbied for an Investigative Commission.

Victim doesn't recall his Dunedin home exploding into a fireball, FL - Feb 12, 2009
By Jonathan Abel and Keith Niebuhr, Times Staff Writers DUNEDIN — Duane A. Cole told his wife that he remembers being at home with his dog one minute and ...

Crashed commuter plane was new, had good record

13 Feb 2009 A Pinnacle airlines official says the commuter plane that crashed near Buffalo, N.Y., was new and had a clean safety record, leaving investigators few immediate clues about why it suddenly plunged into a house minutes before its planned landing, killing 50 people. The aircraft crashed Thursday night about five miles from the runway, near the point where a pilot would begin setting the plane up for landing. Skies were foggy and winds were 17 mph, but there was no indication of anything out of the ordinary and no mayday call, according to a recording of air traffic control radio messages captured by the Web site

Records show Colgan flights had been fatality free

13 Feb 2009 Colgan Air, the operator of the Continental Connection turboprop plane that crashed in upstate New York on Thursday, has been flying for Continental Airlines since 1997 and operates propeller-driven planes out of the carrier’s hubs in Newark and Houston. In Colgan's 18-year history, according to National Transportation Safety Board records, Colgan had just one minor injury aboard a passenger flight...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Calgary dodges space junk
Calgary Herald, Canada - 1 hour ago
By Richard CuthbertsonFebruary 14, 2009 8:01 AMComments (2) A piece of space junk the size of a pickup truck hurtling toward Calgary changed course in the ...
Falling space junk strays from Alta. collision course Globe and Mail
Alberta on high alert – briefly – for falling space junk Ottawa Citizen
Space visitor's near miss with Alberta Edmonton Sun -
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Satellite Collision Debris May Affect Space Operations, Cartwright Says

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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The Age
Ground shook as plane hit house and exploded, say witnesses, United Kingdom - Feb 13, 2009
"There was the initial boom, and then these cannon shots ... these loud secondary explosions, and they went on for about 10 minutes. ...
Video: Raw Video: Plane Crash Site Still Smoldering AssociatedPress
Ice buildup reported on US plane before crash Sydney Morning Herald
International Herald Tribune - AVweb
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Seattle Times, United States - 11 hours ago
A military exercise in southern China set off mass panic among local residents who thought an earthquake had struck with about 100000 people fleeing their ...

Zee News
Central China city dispels earthquake fears
Zee News, India - 7 hours ago
Beijing, Feb 14: A military exercise in China's Hunan Province, bordering India set off a panic among local residents with over 100000 people fleeing their ...
Soldiers trigger quake scare Scotsman
Military manoeuvres cause quake panic in China TopNews
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Belgian, Beninese armed forces hold joint exercise
Le Mali en ligne, Mali - Feb 13, 2009
Dassa, Benin – Some 1000 Benin and Belgian soldiers have begun a joint military exercise codenamed “Dassa 2009” in Benin. These exercise, which is taking ...
Benin: Belgian Defence minister wraps up Benin visitLe Mali en ligne

Japan Air Defense Arrive For Military Exercise
Pacific News Center - Jan 30, 2009
Guam - Ten Japan air self defense force F-2 attack fighters arrived on Guam in preparation for cope north a two-week exercise which begins Monday. ...

The Vatican is to go head to head with Nasa over the possibility of life existing anywhere else in the Universe except Earth. The discussion is actually likely to be rather convivial when Lynn Rothschild, astrobiologist at NASA's Ames Research Center, debates the topic with the Vatican Observatory's director emeritus George Coyne at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco next week. The chat is happening under the florid banner of Are We Alone? The Dance of the Fertile Universe. The Catholic Church, perhaps surprisingly, is also somewhat open to the idea of life on other planets, with the current head of the Vatican observatory, José Gabriel Funes, conceding the possibility of extra-terrestrial life just last May. He told the Holy See's in-house rag: "It is possible, even if until now, we have no proof. But certainly in such a big universe this hypothesis cannot be excluded." Of course, the Church's interest in aliens is as much about their relationship with God and sin. It may be that they are in full communion with the creator - having never nibbled any solar forbidden fruit. Alternatively - and perhaps much more likely - they could be sinners, and therefore in need of redemption through the ministrations of the Church. Just like us, in fact. Assuming of course they don't all come and eat us first. Whether the conversation will stray into the likelihood of ET needing redemption is not guaranteed, and it's probably a fair bet neither party will endorse the idea that humans picked up the building blocks of technology from visiting aliens, who will stage a second coming at some point.

In his February 2, 2009 article in The Alien Seeker News, New Jerusalem: Mothership’s Holding Pattern, author Peter Fotis Kapnistos, while obviously a learned and articulate man, made the grave error of calling the word of God instead an example of UFO activity which in my mind involves rebellious. Ungodly fallen angels (Genesis 6:2-4, Jude 6-9, 2 Peter 2:4). What does the holy city of God have to do with rebellious fallen angels? He should not have called what is truly divine, possibly demonic instead. A self described journalist, editor and publisher, this fashion photographer turned photojournalist, left America to reside in the islands of the Eastern Mediterranean. He should have stuck with fashion. Kapnistos begins his longwinded nonsensical rant with “the image of a splendid ‘city’ descending intact from the sky over Old Jerusalem to rescue our faulty civilization entices the watchful realism of at least two insights; a transcendental mystical vision from the subconscious or a massive unidentified flying object over several miles long known by modern habit as a ‘Mothership’.” Of course, one does not have to resort to the erroneous mystical visions of a Jungian collective unconscious or the equally erroneous explanation of an UFO mothership to explain what the Bible clearly describes as the City of God, New Jerusalem, which will descend after the old earth and heavens are burned up.

It feels like Armageddon. Part of Australia becomes a raging inferno, killing more than 180 people and perhaps millions of animals, and elsewhere Down Under, floods have forced people from their homes and into watery streets they now share with crocodiles. Costa Rica is still reeling from an earthquake and subsequent landslides last month, which killed more than two dozen people and left hundreds homeless. In parts of the continental United States, ice storms and tornadoes in the last two weeks have caused death and destruction. Meanwhile in Alaska, a volcano near the Cook Inlet appears ready to blow its top and threatens to rain smoke and ash over much of the Pacific Northwest. All of this -- plus a good deal more, I'm sure -- at a time when the economy, thanks to years of corporate greed and consumer naivete, has tumbled into an abyss so deep and gooey it might not climb out for years. Reaction: What is the cause of all this? Can anyone age 50 or younger recall a more depressing or frightening time on this planet? Are all of these disasters some karmic response to man's blight-like existence on earth, or pure coincidence?

Beam me up, Scotty
Baruch College The Ticker, NY - Feb 9, 2009
A team of scientists at the Joint Quantum Institute assembled by the Laboratory for Physical Sciences, the University of Maryland and the National Institute ...

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BEAM ME UP SCOTTY, MA - Feb 9, 2009
We've still got a long way to go before human beings can be beamed from one place to another "Star Trek"-style, but a team of scientists at the University ...
Long-Distance Teleportation Between Two Atoms Achieved
Photonics Online, PA - Feb 9, 2009
College Park, MD -- For the first time, scientists have successfully teleported information between two separate atoms in unconnected enclosures a meter ...

By Ken Silverstein 11 Feb 2009 This is new to me: the Homeland Security Television Channel, "the world’s first online, on-demand television network dedicated to homeland security and global development." ...[T]he editorial board includes Tom Ridge, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security and CEO of Ridge Global of (one of the channel’s sponsors); Rear Admiral David Stone, the former assistant secretary of Homeland Security for the Transportation Security Administration and CEO of the Alacrity Homeland Group; and the savior of New Orleans, former FEMA chief Michael Brown.

Cobra Gold exercise aids Thai security
Stars and Stripes, DC - Feb 11, 2009
Benjamin A. Mixon, US Army Pacific commander and exercise deputy commander. Thailand’s north and west share a long border with Myanmar, led by a military ...
Robotic experiments part of 'Cobra Gold' in Thailand United States Army (press release)
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Dragon Age: Origins to Have Six Main Characters
Softpedia, Romania - 18 hours ago
... you have spent most of your life secluded in the remote tower of the Circle of Magi to be trained and watched closely by the dreaded templars. ...

Signs of Satan?

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This seems like some people are getting worked up over this for little reason.
It's not even a Full Gesture that is being made on purpose to me. But since it is getting attention around the net, I thought I would add the other picture I found and was sitting on, because I didn't think it was all that important of a story to get distracted over.

Deals of the Day: Has Sirius XM Found Its 'White Knight?'

Wall Street Journal Blogs, NY - Feb 12, 2009
[LA Times] Sirius rescue: The satellite radio operator is seeking an investment from Liberty Media, in a last-ditch effort to fend off an unsolicited ...
Deals of the Day: Wall Street Goes to Washington Wall Street Journal Blogs
Deals of the Day: Ergen to Karmazin — You Can Keep Your Job Wall Street Journal Blogs
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Schapelle Corby turns on 'white knight' lawyer
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - Feb 12, 2009
Tampo is defending the charge on the grounds he was hired by Schapelle's so-called "white knight" and financial benefactor, Ron Bakir, and as such privilege ...

Qimonda has until the end of Q1 to find 'white knight'
EE Times Deutschland, Germany - Feb 10, 2009
LONDON — Troubled DRAM maker Qimonda AG, a subsidiary of Infineon Technologies AG, has until the end of March to find an investor, or investors, ...QMNDQ - IFX

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - Feb 5, 2009
Despite his characteristically vigorous denials, the allegations threaten his "whiter than white" reputation. Some opposition politicians urged him to set ...
Book Accuses French Minister, Humanitarian of Impropriety Washington Post
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Kaupthing Savers Offered Deal By White Knight ING ; PERSONAL FINANCE (press release), OR - Feb 13, 2009
(Source: Birmingham Post; Birmingham (UK))About 160000 customers of failed Icelandic bank Kaupthing Edge have been offered a new savings deal by ING Direct. ...
Hospitals in crisis: SEEKING WHITE KNIGHT
Queens Courier, NY - Feb 4, 2009
BY TONIA N. CIMINO If Caritas does not receive $6 million in funding from New York State soon, “the hospitals [St. John’s Queens and Mary Immaculate] will ...

Chinese 'White Knight bails out Rio Tinto but investors concerned

ABC Online, Australia - Feb 12, 2009
TONY EASTLEY: It all depends on the Federal Government approving the deal, but Rio Tinto and its Chinese partner Chinalco are promoting Rio's asset sale and ...
China eyes long-term needs with Chinalco's Rio move International Herald Tribune
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Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
Friday the 13th: Cross your fingers today if you're superstitious
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, IA - Feb 13, 2009
On Friday, Oct. 13, 1307, the king of France, Philip IV, ordered the mass arrest of the legendary Knights Templar. The Knights Templar were a military order ...
Feeling un-lucky today? Dickinson Press
Superstitious? Stay home today
I insist on walking under ladders in heroic defiance of ... Irish Independent
Mania - Entrepreneur
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Canton Repository (subscription), OH - Feb 11, 2009
38, Knights Templar. “It isn’t surprising that 14 presidents were Masons,” said Chad Simpson, director of program development for the Grand Lodge of Free ...

My Trip to Logan County...

A couple of my best friends invited me down to their home this last weekend to come visit and checkout his personal family relics of his Grandfather's official Knight Templar "Royal Prince of the 32nd Degree" Documents and his personal Masonic Bible.

Let's call them "CJ" so as to not reveal their true

identity, because they asked to keep the real names private. 'CJ' have been a great friends and we are
very close when it comes to the NWO over the last 10 years. 'CJ's' hospitality is second to none....
They are true friends when it comes to people and I now knwo where they get it from 'CJ's' grandfather were taught the greatest gift we hold as humans as part of being a great human and that was to Love your fellow brother greater then yourself.

'CJ' may not be rich with wealth, but they make up for it with true friendship. This family will give you the shirt off their back and never question it. So let me say they went to a great sacrifice to in order that we all were treated like Honored guests in their home and I publish this for the World to also Discover. Yesterday we went on a road trip and took a tour of Logan County , all to see 'CJ's' discoveries about what he learned growing up at in his home town and they always has wanted share it with me to see what they knew. About 17 years ago I used to do work down in Logan County as a Regional 'Aqua Spa' Sauna Repair Technician through Macdonald Supply, so I kind of knew where many of the major landmark's already were. While we drove around Logan county we stopped by and saw a few "Key" locations in Logan County and from what I have discovered is Totally
Amazing! I have already begun some research in what "CJ' has Illuminated me with and it's like opening a Pandora's box of the NWO..........

If you were to see everything I recorded would feel just like me being the middle of a surreal movie plot, like a
cross between Indiana Jones and National Treasure.

If anyone is interested in my latest exclusive research documentary video footage of the
"Knight's Templar Castles" of Logan County please help 'CJ' and Family and send us a Donation
to them help out.

"Knight Templar Castle Barn Quilt" presently on display /designed and made by 'CJ'
a neverknwo photo exclusive scoop

You can find the "Donation Link" on the left side of this page by scrolling down and clicking the link to paypal.

Secret Tunnels and Secret Societies are both connected to this Knight Templar Castle.

Knight Templar Castle of Ohio
Uploaded by neverknwo

THE SKY ABOVE AND THE EARTH BELOW: Rhode Island Mason studies ...
Warwick Beacon, RI - Feb 11, 2009
The Knights Templar was an order of knights founded about 1118 to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land during the Second Crusade and suppressed in 1312. ...
Friday The Thirteenth
Sofia News Agency, Bulgaria - Feb 13, 2009
The connection between the superstition and the Knights Templar was popularized in the 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code of author Dan Brown. ...

The Australian
There be dungeons
The Australian, Australia - Feb 13, 2009
The first story she tells about the castle dates to 1312, when the remaining 12 Knights Templar, under papal orders to disband, supposedly sought refuge ...
Myths of the Knights Templar fictionalized, again ... tonight with ... - Jan 26, 2009
Both best-selling authors also capitalized on the same sensational views on the Knights Templar, a truly romanticized order of warrior monk sorts who built ...
Friday the 13th based on myths
Nicholls Worth, LA - 23 hours ago
The novel mentions one of the day's believed origins-that the Knights Templar were arrested by the order of King Philip of France on Friday, Oct. 13, 1307. ...

69 computers missing from nuclear weapons lab
--80 computers lost or stolen in 2008, 11 recovered. 12 Feb 2009 The Los Alamos nuclear weapons laboratory is missing 69 computers, but no classified information has been lost, spokesman Kevin Roark said. The watchdog group Project on Government Oversight released a memo dated Feb. 3 from the Energy Department's National Nuclear Security Administration that said 67 computers were missing.


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