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The Leoff-Vinot collection, made up of more than 8,100 pre-Columbian pieces bought on the black market, was presented here Tuesday by its new owner, Mexico's National Anthropology and History Institute, or INAH. Considered to be the most important antiquities collection in Mexico in private hands due to the number and age of the pieces, some of them more than 3,000 years old, the items will be catalogued and researched in the archaeological zone of Xochicalco, located in the central state of Morelos. Among the pieces in the collection are an offering box with an engraving of the emblem of Aztlan, possibly of Tenochtitlan (modern-day Mexico City), and two Toltec monoliths with the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl emerging from the jaws of a serpent, each of which weighs 500 pounds. The collection belonged to the late Milton A. Leoff, a U.S. dentist who in the 1930s invented an innovative method in his specialty that made him rich.

Escultura monumental en Tapalpa
El Informador - ‎3 hours ago‎
Puede ser una metáfora de Quetzalcóatl hecha en lámina de acero por un escultor brasileño, o un Río Quieto que Corre entre Piedras del francés Leonard ...

The Southern Ledger

Mexico unveils largest donated artifact collection - ‎Feb 25, 2009‎
The full set of 8100 pieces range in size from quarter-tonne statues of the god Quetzalcoatl to tiny figurines. Select pieces were exhibited at the ...
Black-Market Antiquities Turned Over to Mexican Government Latin American Herald Tribune
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Gana San Pedro Cholula la presentación del ritual a Quetzalcóatl ...
E- Consulta - ‎Feb 25, 2009‎
Las autoridades municipales desistieron de presentar el Ritual a Quetzalcóatl en la zona arqueológica el próximo 21 de marzo porque el creador de esta ...
Cocoa beans were linked to the feathered serpent god of agriculture and creation called Quetzalcoatl. If you believe the myth, Quetzalcoatl descended from ...

La Opinión de Michoacán

No debe haber dedazo en la elección de los candidatos
La Opinión de Michoacán - ‎6 hours ago‎
Señaló Quetzalcóatl Ramsés Sandoval Isidro, secretario de Autoridades Locales y Políticas Públicas de Comité Estatal del PRD, no podemos violentar este ...

By Rene Bonsubre, Jr. The ancient Aztecs of Mexico have a legend about a feathered serpent known as Quetzalcoatl. This deity – a combination of a ...

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Randi speaks… about the 'Demon World'

Randi pretty much speaks for all of us here, I think.

He certainly does for me.

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Archeologists in Siberia have discovered an unusual series of ancient, mishapen skulls dating back to the 4th century AD. Researchers are not sure who these people were or why they intentionally elongated their skulls. Similar specimans have been found in ancients South American burials.

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with Mitch Battros

Final Human Mars Mission Crew members Announced

from Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

European Space Agency (ESA) has announced the European prime and backup crewmembers for the 105-day Mars500 study. From 31 March 2009, two Europeans are set to join four Russian crewmembers on a simulated human mission to Mars. After a selection process which started with some 5600 applicants, the final four European candidates began training for the Mars mission simulation last month.

From these four candidates, ESA has now selected the two who are assigned as prime crewmember and the two who will act as their backup, stepping in to replace a prime crewmember right up until the last moment if necessary.

FULL ARTICLE: http://earthchanges secure/3247. 326/article- 9162524214. php

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Ancient 1.5 Million-Year- Old Footprints

Show Earliest Evidence of Humans Walking

The George Washington University professor Brian Richmond and his colleagues have discovered a set of 1.5 million-year- old human ancestor footprints in Kenya that show the earliest direct evidence of a modern human style of upright walking called bipedalism.

The discovery of ancient hominin footprints is an incredibly rare event, and the new prints are the second oldest in the world after the 3.7-million year-old prints in Laetoli, Tanzania, making this one of the most important discoveries in recent years regarding the evolution of human walking. For the first time ever, research establishes a methodology for three-dimensional analysis and comparison of ancient human footprints.

FULL ARTICLE: http://earthchanges secure/3247. 326/article- 9162524215. php

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I've done some daft things in my time, but inter­viewing someone who wasn't there for the best part of an hour must be in a class of its own. The person in question, Ian O'Connell, director of London-based Musion, wasn't ­invisible. I could follow his every movement, gesture and eye motions: it was just that he himself was somewhere else. I was chatting to one of his company's products, or maybe I should say non-products: a hologram. Up until that moment, I had seen holograms as a bit of technology freakshow used by the likes of Madonna, David Beckham and the Gorillaz band as one-off stunts, but not something that could go mainstream and become part of our daily lives. Now I am not so sure. I was sitting a few yards from a stage on which were O'Connell and Lenny McKinlay, global account director of ­Masergy UK, which provides the ultra-fast fibre-optic infrastructure that enables holograms to come from far away without getting the lag you see on television when someone is being interviewed abroad by satellite. After a short while I simply forgot that one of them wasn't there but in another part of the building (he could have been in Tokyo), just being beamed in for the occasion. And looking back on it, I am not completely sure which was the hologram and which wasn't – so it passes a Turing test of sorts for authenticity.
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Barack Obama signed into law the $787 billion stimulus package, giving the moribund U.S. economy a much-needed resuscitation (or so we all hope), and yet there is a larger crisis looming, one that existed long before our economy tanked and has it no guarantee of recovery. Call it the ailing of the American soul. It's perhaps fanciful to talk of soul and spirit, even as metaphors, at a time when our country is already shrouded under the dense haze of foreclosures and joblessness. But when a country loses its bearings and sense of direction, its soul, too, falters. If not quantifiable, it is at least discernible: in the form of collective insecurity and loss of confidence, and increasingly, through collective anger, cynicism and shame. On a grander scale, Americans, I fear, have lost their sense of centrality, sliding irreversibly toward triviality on the world stage. "Americans have always needed to know the point of it all; that has been part of their peculiar national ‘innocence' and residual Puritan sense of themselves as the new elect of God," essayist Lance Morrow once noted. "They need to possess an idea of themselves, a myth of themselves, an explanation of themselves."
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Eruption an Act of Nature, OR MEN'S MANIPULATION? ??

by Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Christian perspective-

February 27th, 2009



I have previously put out several intriguing reports, based on several years of research on the Yellowstone Supervolcano, including working there one summer.

Military sources I have interviewed, including retired USAF Field McConnell (9/11 truth teller)have steadily admitted that the US military has been anticipating this region to blow, and that they PLAN TO ASSIST IT (even if they have to simulate it blowing) with massive explosives being secretly planted around the Yellowstone National Park region by our own US military.

McConnell told me he got an anonymous phone call from a military source, telling him that the US military were indeed planting high level explosives throughout that region, strangely.

When I worked there, employees with XANTERRA were handed fliers admitting that Yellowstone NP was being barraged with ELF frequencies 24/7 FROM RUSSIAN MILITARY BASES (Project HAARP/TESLA) .

I investigated this, and discovered that whenever ELF HAARP frequencies are beamed into the earth, they tend to SOFTEN UP THE ROCK.

BUT WHY would anyone want to soften the rock...and encourage this thing to blow thereby???

WHY would US military secretly plant HIGH EXPLOSIVES
throughout the YNP region? WHY did I discover through interviewing various US military sources, that throughout this region there are also many underground military facilities as well, including in YNP proper (unknown to tourists)?

One military source I interviewed in Bozeman, (introduced to me by a personal friend of mine, David Macelli who works with law enforcement/ investigators in Bozeman and is former USAF) admitted,

"They have these underground military facilities situated here because IT'S GONNA BLOW..and they are going to HELP it blow..." (Or simulate it.)Underground facilities (Not DEEP) here would protect from resultant rock, debris, etc. when it blows, or if even a simulation occurs.

Pentagon source AL CUPPETT, exposing the NWO agenda, admitted there was a Russian ICBM missile in an old missile silo in the YNP area as well. I suspected then that this may be used as a part of the simulation of "YELLOWSTONE ERUPTING."

ALL for a MARTIAL LAW AGENDA: "ORDER out of CHAOS," only THEY create the CHAOS, and from it's ashes bring forth their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

He had worked in several underground military facilities around and in YNP. He told me also how he and others were allowed to observe as two military microbiologists were executed in one facility, because of what they knew (too much) after having helped to develop top secret military biological warfare agents.

When I asked him about the military guillotines I had been steadily uncovering, he admitted there also were in these underground facilities,and described them to me as being identical to those described by Staff Sergeant Donnie Boysel of Fort Lewis, WA,in my previous report (6 1/2 feet high with hand restraints.)

The purpose of SIMULATING YNP blowing it's top (or actually triggering it IF THEY CAN), is to be used to TRIGGER REGIONAL MARTIAL LAW, and get the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda rolling throughout Montana and Wyoming.

My many years of investigating the NWO agenda in this region, has certainly confirmed that there are LARGE NUMBERS OF GUN OWNING PATRIOTS, MILITIAS AND NWO RESISTERS/SURVIVALI STS throughout this region.

ALL of which are a visible threat to their NWO agenda here...of course.

With martial law being triggered through something like YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO BLOWING ( either simulated or real thing), they can THEN declare "MARTIAL LAW" regionally, force evacuations, bring out the US Marines trained for this hour in MT, commence gun seizures, reveal the foreign troops, begin the FEMA ROUND-UPS of "everyone on the list", start the many PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES I have steadily documented out here ROLLING, taking the NWO resistance to the CAMPS.

As I have been following this NWO scenario
out here for years now, I have steadily been putting this hidden info out about DARK SECRETS OF YELLOWSTONE PARK.

Keep your eyes on this unfolding scenario, and frankly be surprised at NOTHING. And should the controlled news media broadcast, "YELLOWSTONE IS BLOWING," be forewarned of how many of us researchers believe they will use it against the NWO resistance/Patriot community throughout this region in the future for their NWO agenda.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from Northern Montana

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