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The Obama citizenship evidence is here:

Religious establishment prohibited. Freedom of speech, of the press, and right to petition.

Congress shall make "no law" respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Berg v. Obama: Case Disposition Likely Wednesday

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According to today’s Supreme Court Orders, the disposition of Philip Berg’s case Berg v. Obama is likely to be received on Wednesday, January 21. The Supreme Court web site has the following announcement:

Please note that the Supreme Court Building will be closed on January 19 and January 20, 2009.

Concerning this particular Conference, I would like my readers to take notice of the docket for this aspect of the case (see also “Supreme Court Info” on the sidebar). While the original docket was a petition for a writ of Certiorari before judgment came down on Berg’s currently pending Third Circuit case in the lower court, that petition was denied but the amicus curiae was granted.

It is important to read a very interesting comment that I updated in this posting about last Monday’s disposition concering this granting:

Lawyer from Missouri’s opinion:

I was reading the first couple of pages and one thing written in the amicus brief should show you that the issues are REAL and people should not get discouraged. On page 2 and 3 are the telling paragraphs

1. This Court is not facing a question of the constitutional aspects of standing, but a question pertaining to the prudential considerations only; and

2. The lack of an adequate remedy following the inauguration of Barack Obama, and the potential civil and military crises which could arise therefrom, that could not be readily addressed by the ordinary processes of the law, must be considered in addressing the prudential aspects of standing; and,

3. With respect to the prudential considerations of standing, certain aspects of this case are analogous to the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur.

Okay, looking at these 3 provisions, the Supreme Court granted the brief and denied the stay because there is a bigger problem. This issue (e.g. granting writ of certiorari in Berg v. Obama) will not only affect Obama, but it will likely impact Biden (Vice President Elect) as well since he was involved and current Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi) and any other person who is the successor in line to be President because they have knowledge of the fraud and complied with it (e.g. current democratic leadership). The people supporting Obama know the U.S. has a problem and that is why coup de’tat are so effective, but what is critical is that THE MILITARY KNOWS AND ARE ON GUARD NOT TO FOLLOW ANY ORDERS FROM AN INELIGIBLE COMMANDER IN CHIEF.

That is why the Supreme Court is being extra cautious here in which they should because there is a possibility of another American civil war. The investigations on all levels are going to impact a whole bunch of people who will need to be removed from serving in a federal capacity. This will likely be an Al Capone feat in bringing this down once all of this goes through.

The next thing to notice is that today’s Conference consideration was over whether or not to grant an injunction against the Electoral College — either the voting, per se, or the congressional certification thereof, pending the disposition of the first docket’s petition for Certiorari (I take that to mean that if the Justices would have granted Cert in the first part, the second part — today’s disposition — might have become moot, for the fact that the first part would have been heard). That is, there is no petition for Certiorari in this second Conference; there is merely the consideration by the Justices of whether or not to order this injunction.

Furthermore, we also see in this second docket that the application for an injunction was denied twice by two of the 9 Supreme Court Justices and then subsequently distributed for Conference on the third try. In my non-attorney opinion, I believe this helps to dispel the insinuation of past Court case behavior that the second Justice to whom a given case was ever applied was merely tossing that case into Conference for the intentional purpose of dismissing the case. I therefore believe it can be established that the Court is treating each and every case as its own situation, as well this body should.

What conclusion can we make of these observable behaviors on the part of the Justices? Another anonymous commentary comes from (embedded within the comment is another worthwhile link on this theory):

Obama's British stepmother gets the five-star treatment as she flies out for his big day

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We The People Foundation & We The People Congress



WTP Rocks CO, SRO Crowd

Delegate Nomination System: Hours to go…

Next Week’s Meetings: Lansing, Cleveland/Akron, Rochester

Here's a photo from last night's event:

The CO team arranged for live entertainment, name tags with attendee's county identified to spur personal interaction, and were well prepared to welcome and sign folks in as hundreds entered the standing room only event.

Bob Schulz passed on his delighted thanks for the superb planning and execution of the Denver event and extends his kudos for a “job – very well done,” to the Colorado WTP team.

Online Delegate Nomination System:
Roll-out Imminent

The WTP technical staff is running the new on-line delegate nomination system through its final “tests and tweaks.” Individuals will be able to nominate either themselves or another individual beginning sometime Friday or Saturday. When available, a link to the nomination system will be displayed on both the top of WTP Foundation home page and the CC 2009 meeting schedule page along with a link to instructions on how to use the secure nomination system.

Nominees are again urged to prepare and carefully edit (using a word processor) a short public professional/qualifications statement, a brief public personal statement, and if deemed necessary, a brief (private) personal statement that will not be made public and will only be accessible by a limited number of WTP designees in helping evaluate an individual’s fitness and circumstances as a Delegate Nominee to the Philadelphia proceedings.

Nominees are also reminded that the on-line nomination system requests a small “head and shoulders” graphic of each nominee. Potential nominees should prepare such a graphic or contact someone locally who can be of appropriate assistance.

After a review by WTP, individuals judged qualified to participate in the Nominee election process will have their public information publicly displayed on their state’s main database-driven WTP Congress web page.

During the actual proceedings of the CC 2009, these same state web pages will also serve as a conduit for daily news briefings by the chosen Delegates.

CC 2009 Power Point Available

One of our supporters has made available a short, to-the-point PowerPoint presentation about the Continental Congress 2009 initiative. The presentation provides a relatively minimal, but straightforward exposure to the historical quotations and profound concepts of Liberty driving CC 2009. Supporters are urged to download the .ppt presentation and distribute it and/or exhibit it publicly at supporter gatherings. RIGHT-Click here to save the PowerPoint file to your computer.

Next Week’s Meetings…

After wrapping up this weekend in Des Moines, Minneapolis and Chicago, Schulz heads to points east beginning with Lansing, MI on Monday; Cleveland/Akron on Tuesday and Rochester, NY on Wednesday. Supporters in those areas should begin to round up their friends and family for these important meetings establishing the foundation for the historical CC 2009 assembly.

Please check the
meeting schedule page for local contacts and additional information that may not appear in this email/update:

Mon., 1/19/09, Lansing, MI 7 pm. Best Western Hotel. 7711 W Saginaw Hwy Lansing, MI 48917-1137 (517) 627-8471.

Tues., 1/20/09, Cleveland/Akron, OH 7 pm. Holiday Inn, 240 East Hines Hill Road, Hudson Ohio 44236. 330-653-9191 or (330)-380-8404. The site for details and reservations is:

Wed., 1/21/09, Rochester, NY 7 pm, R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center, located at 5257 West Henrietta Rd. Rochester. Right near the Thruway and Route 390, coming up out of the Southern Tier.

CLICK HERE for the latest CC 2009 promotional meeting schedule.

Thank you for your generous support. Every little bit helps.

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