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New World Order - WILL DIE

This vid is put up to inform the people of a new world order a centralized one world government, or one world dictatorship. You will see who are puppets for the new world order, who controls it and who is behind it. Open your eyes to the Illuminati the 13 families who control the western civilization. They worship the eye of Horus and this eye can be found virtually everywhere on corporate symbols and logos and even on the American dollar bill. These people are the descendants of the rulers and Pharaos of Egypt. The British Monarchy are the direct descendants of the Pharaos of Egypt, their bloodlines and family history can be traced back to these rulers of the old world. As they prepare for global interdependance, the curtain on these people is slowly coming down and people are awakening to what these people want to do for all of us. I am not spreading fear as there is nothing to fear if you have love on your side. It is time to unite as humans to break down the barriers of religion, race, and politics and come together as one, as this is the only way we can defeat these people who want a global dictatorship, it is all about non-compliance and a willingness to let go and not to participate in the institutions these corrupt people have set up for all of us. So it is time to see through all the crap the corporate mass media want us to buy into, as the mass media is controlled by these people. When are you going to wake up and take control of your life and your destiny, this is our planet we should not have to pay for anything.....we are born and are bondaged to this planet we call Earth and these people play a game of monopoly with our lives. It's time we reaslise that money is not worth more than the toilet paper you wipe your arse with, and we belong to the land and not to these people.

New world order will emerge in 2009, with U.S. plunging

China sails into new world order
Globe and Mail, Canada - Jan 5, 2009
Protecting its shipping is part and parcel of China's participation in the new world order. Frank Ching is author of China: The Truth About Its Human Rights ...

The New World Order of Markets
Seeking Alpha, NY - Jan 7, 2009
Happy New Year everyone! Was it just as simple as the turn of the calendar? Could it be the ugly bear is behind us, conveniently put into hibernation in the ...

By Cliff Kincaid Henry Kissinger made headlines on January 5 by proclaiming Barack Obama to be the architect of a “New World Order. ...

China’s Red Dragon Turns Financial Crisis into Opportunity
Money Morning - Jan 6, 2009
There is an acute shortage of rail capacity to carry raw materials from China’s western provinces to manufacturing centers on the Red Dragon’s East Coast. ...
China’s Red Dragon Turns Financial Crisis Into Opportunity (press release)
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United States of … Africa
RTL, Belgium - Dec 27, 2008
L’Union Africaine réunie sous un même gouvernement fédéral avec une monnaie unique, voilà ce que prépare le Forum des rois, sultans, princes, ...

Confederal gov’t is a precondition to lift Africa out of poverty ...
African Press Agency, Senegal - Dec 31, 2008
Speaking during an interview with APA, Mr. Ali said the advent of the United States of Africa has become a need of our time. This is the globalization era ...
CAR loses rhythm of Africa unity instilled by Barthelemy Boganda
African Press Agency, Senegal - Dec 22, 2008
Raphaël Kopessoua however refuted the idea of a confederal government in Africa and rather proposes a United States of Africa just like the United States of ...
Cameroon commemorating 50 years of Continental PanAfricanism
Westside Gazette - Dec 17, 2008
... and to develop the feeling of one community among the peoples of Africa with the object of enhancing the emergence of a United States of Africa. ...
African Union still fails to keep the peace in 2008
TopNews, Arkansas - Dec 21, 2008
Meanwhile, Libyan leader Moamer Gaddafi got no further in 2008 with his vision for a United States of Africa. The proposal for an AU government was ...
48 Hours Ultimatum for Nana & Mills
Ghana News, Ghana - Dec 18, 2008
... an African Summit to discuss the formation of a United States of Africa"!!!, the Politician complained recently in a published News Story on Ghanaweb. ...
Modern Ghana, Ghana - Dec 19, 2008
His mission is to ensure that Africa Unites and change the name AU to United States of Africa (USA). After he has been accepted to lead the reformation team ...
President Motlanthe: I Am Here to Cement Relations with Libya
Tripoli Post, Libya - Dec 18, 2008
Touching on the formation of the United States of Africa, president Motlanthe said, “In this we started desirable goal, none of the African states can ...
Video: Zimbabwe soldiers' loyalty to Mugabe in doubt - 19 Dec 08 AlJazeeraEnglish
Libyan leader, SA president discuss African Union government African Press Agency

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Senegalese film director harps on the need for an African union gov’t
African Press Agency, Senegal - Dec 26, 2008
"Even if they did not speak about a government or even the United States of Africa, artists always advocated for African unity in songs, films, ...

Environmental Transport Association, UK - Jan 6, 2009
The idea of using “geoengineering” projects, such as the cloud-making ship pictured right) that either reduce sunlight levels or take CO2 out of the air by ...
Plan B may be necessary - experts Legalbrief (subscription)
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07 Jan 2009 Pelicans suffering from a mysterious malady are crashing into cars and boats, wandering along roadways and turning up dead by the hundreds across the West Coast, from southern Oregon to Baja California, Mexico, bird-rescue workers say. Weak, disoriented birds are huddling in people's yards or being struck by cars. More than 100 have been rescued along the California coast, according to the International Bird Rescue Research Center in San Pedro.

Cleaning Away Climate Cobwebs
Kansas City Star, MO - Jan 5, 2009
A number of scientists now believe, because we have not curbed growing CO2 emissions, we may have to consider geoengineering—this time in a serious manner. ...

Desperate enough to contemplate geo-engineering
Grist Magazine, WA - Dec 22, 2008
[I think that as a climate-saving strategy geo-engineering is somewhere between a dead end and a hoax -- why would you choose chemotherapy that might make ...

The Low Carbon Economy
Climate scientists: it's time for 'Plan B'
Independent, UK - Jan 1, 2009
This "geoengineering" approach – including schemes such as fertilising the oceans with iron to stimulate algal blooms – would have been dismissed as a ...
Scientists Back Plan B For Climate Change The Low Carbon Economy
European Scientists: Focusing On Lowering Temperatures Rather Than ... Environmental News Network (press release)
Climate change costs won’t soar: Study Carbon Positive
San Angelo Standard Times - Independent
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Global warming sparks action
The UCLA Daily Bruin, CA - 6 hours ago
Turco’s research finds the geo-engineering solution almost certainly implausible. All signs seem to suggest the primary solution to climate change lies in ...

Science heroes and villains of 2008
New Scientist, UK - Dec 22, 2008
Ken Caldeira, of Stanford University, has been investigating geoengineering claims for years. This year he was brought in by the British government to talk ...
New Scientist Names Liberal Wingnut a ‘Science Hero’ of 2008 NewsBusters
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Gold Hawk Receives Final Permit to Construct Permanent Tailings ...
Market Wire (press release) - 15 hours ago
Chinchan was in the initial stages of geo-engineering and baseline studies prior to ground displacement being discovered in May 2008, ...CVE:CGK - TSE:X
Mirrors in the desert may fight global warming - Dec 23, 2008
The geoengineering scheme would not address other issues associated with the build up of CO2 in the atmosphere including ocean acidification and air ...

More Nuclear Blunder News

Aviation Week
Report: Widespread lack of attention on DOD nukes
The Associated Press - 3 hours ago
It is one of several studies triggered by Air Force blunders, most notably the mistaken shipment to Taiwan of four electrical fuses for ballistic missile ...
Panel: Navy excels at nuke mission, mostly
Panel Faults DOD Nuke Deterrence Posture Aviation Week
US Panel Finds Nuclear Oversight Failings Across Pentagon Global Security Newswire
Shreveport Times - The Associated Press
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