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In 2008 the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has continued to concentrate on integrating its new surface combatants into its various fleets, while continuing to introduce new combatants it did in 2007 In particularly, the PLAN has added more of the new nuclear attack and ballistic missile submarines, punctuating the PLAN's continued advance and improvement of its nuclear submarine capability, while continuing to build and add more new diesel electric submarines. In addition, the PLAN has restarted its new guided-missile frigate production and is continuing serial production of the very capable Type 054A frigates. The new Type 071 Landing Platform Dock has completed significant trials and integration and had its pennant number added. More of these modern amphibious assault vessels are expected.

In late 2008, the People's Republic of China officially statetd its intention to build two large, fixed-wing, aircraft carriers during the twenty teens. They will probably be built at the very large and new, Changxing shipyards near Shanghai. This is fueling speculation that the Varyag, continuing to be refitted in the PLAN's Dalian shipyards, will be launched as a trsinging aircraft in the near future.

At the very end of the year, in late December 2008, all of the PLAN planning, logistics, development, and strategy were put to use for when a PLAN task force consisting of two of the People Republic's newest and most capable guided missile destroyers and one of the newer replenishment vessels, was deployed into the Indian Ocean to combat Somali pirates that had confronted and attacked a number of Chinese (and many other nations') commercial shipping in the area. It is the first combat deployment of Chinese Navy vessels outside of its own coastal waters in the China Seas in modern times and will give the PLAN more experience in such foregin, blue water deployments. The current task force is schedule to be rotated with another task force consisting of the same class vessels every three months.

Finally, although no new very large surface combatants were started in 2008, the PLAN nevertheless continues its unprecedented modernization and buildup, integrating into its ongoing operations its new guided missile destroyers, guided missile frigates, fast attack craft, very modern and quiet diesel/electric attack submarines, nuclear attack submarines, nuclear ballistic missile submarines, logisitic support craft, amphibious assault craft, and the infrastructure and aircraft to support them.

A message from the Serpent Cult

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The Great Global Turn-Around Boots Up

by Christos Lightweaver

Prophecy, predictions and portents for the future
are all subject to global humanity’s free will power…

as the Aquarian Dispensation of Universal Love boots up the Great Turn-Around.

HEARTcom Network / Jan. 17, 2009

Two million people are estimated to be attending Obama’s inauguration as President. The whole world is watching – this is HUGE. Will Obama rise to the occasion? Will he assert the full potential of his intelligence as a teacher of Constitutional Law for ten years at the University of Chicago? Will he finally explain to the world that we are experiencing – collectively – what the United States went through 233 years ago?

Texe Marrs discussing his book 'Codex Magica'

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A Great Drama is playing out on the world stage. The “Great Turn-Around of Cosmic Cycles” is now being consummated in global events like clockwork -- the cosmic clockwork in the larger scheme of the 24,800 year “precession-of-equinoxes” - an astronomical period in which our solar system makes a complete orbit through our stellar galaxy. In this vast ocean of vibrational actuality that we subjugate as "reality", there is a frequency band of energies in this sector of the galaxy that repolarizes our DNA, consciousness, and the Morphegenic grids of the Earth as a platform for the evolution of souls. And that frequency of energy has been known since ancient times as the Aquarian Age of freedom in the spirit of Universal Love.

From this perspective of Galactic Shift, global humanity is now awakening with a New Enlightenment as though stirring from a deep sleep. A good analogy for this accelerated shift in consciousness is what has transpired over the last 33 years with the computer/Internet revolution of instant-everywhere-interactive knowledge power. This is the end of the world as we once knew it. A new world is now what we make it.

The wheels of change are spinning faster on the 2012 timeline.
To every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.
The downward spiral of bankster war profiteering is
countered by decentralized global Net reality.
A new world of all-connected capability
for upgrading our core freedoms is
now mediating inner and outer
circles of the Power Shift
via the 1st principle of
spirit that matters
for recreating
our global

This is the time of the “Great Purification”, as was known to ancient Hopi and Mayan calendar systems, and it's now happening spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically in our consciousness, BEING, and world-at-large. The old momentums of the worldly kingdom of outer 3-D reality as we have known it is getting the boot as the inner sense of 4th and 5th dimensional reality reboots our consciousness with the prime directive of the heavenly kingdom at this turning of Great Cycles.


Note: Live call-in talk show on this subject at BBS Internet Radio,
Sat. Jan. 17 from 5-6 PM, Pacific Time

Museum of Natural Dragon History, or Monument to Satan?

The Resident from takes a Young Earth Creationist slant on a visit to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, and the good Dr. Ro Kinzler, the geologist who gave The Resident her private tour, was kind enough to take it. Join them on this blasphemous voyage through the Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth in this video.

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