Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The Hyperdimensional Election of Barack Obama and 2012_part 2/4

The Hyperdimensional Election of Barack Obama and 2012_part 3/4

The Hyperdimensional Election of Barack Obama and 2012_part 4/4

The Hyperdimensional Election of Barack Obama and 2012_part 3/4
Based on Hyperdimensional Physics, Hoagland successfully predicted the historic results of this election almost two years ago! In this production, based on further application of this HD Model, Hoagland now presents never-before-seen clues to what America and the world may expect from this incoming, unique "Hyperdimensional Obama Administration" -- including, what Barack Obama may finally do with NASA's decades of classified data on intelligent artifacts discovered on the Moon and Mars, as well as what could be in store for all of us at the end of Obama's first term ... in "2012."

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"Ra Harachte"

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