Sunday, December 21, 2008, NY - Dec 19, 2008
I was chatting with a few of my weight loss clients about the holiday season. Inquiring, of course, how they were going to celebrate their holiday, ...
Winter Solstice 2008 - Shortest Day of the Year
Chiropractic News (press release) - 23 hours ago
By Michael Dorausch, DC The shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere is upon us as December 21, 2008 marks the winter solstice for those living ...
Winter Solstice
Chiropractic News (press release) - 23 hours ago
By Michael Dorausch, DC December 21, 2008 marks the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. It is a time when the Sun’s position in the sky is at its ...
Traditional celebrations brighten darkening times
Sun newspapers, FL - Dec 19, 2008
Advent tapers light the way to solemn candlelight ceremonies marking a long ago eve in Bethlehem. Eight successive days' journey across the menorah recounts ...
Shedding light on a dark season
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By John Burciaga Winter holidays are all about light. There’sa reason, of course: it’sa dark month. And in our hemisphere, the winter Solstice is the real ...
Removing reason from the season
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THERE’S a new seasonal tradition in the west to join the Christmas tree, the Yule log and the festive wreath: liberal concerns about offending ...
Doin’ It With Dr. V: Holiday Special
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Hi, I’m Dr. V. I’m not a real doctor, I just play one on the Internet. What I am is a lady, a lady who is a fool for love! And I love nothing more than sex. ...

No media contact: 'We are doing this because we want to ensure better flow of information', December 20, 2008
Mama Sarah Obama
Gagged: Mama Sarah Obama

The Kenyan government has barred unapproved contacts between the media and President-elect Barack Obama's extended family.

Family members will be required to receive permission from the government before making any public statements about their famous relative, according to the Nairobi Star.

"We are doing this because we want to ensure better flow of information, " Athman Said, an under-secretary in the Ministry of Heritage, told the Obama family in Kogelo.

"The government has decided that you should inform its officers who will be based here if you want to address the media."

Journalists wishing to speak with the family must first be approved by the government.

This is not the first attempt to block press interest in President-elect Obama's African connections.

Prior to the U.S. election, WND senior staff reporter Jerome R. Corsi was detained in Kenya while investigating Obama's close ties to the nation's prime minister, Raila Odinga.

The Kenyan official who reportedly orchestrated the detention was Odinga himself, according to WND sources inside Kenya.

Corsi, whose recent book, "The Obama Nation," raised questions about the Democrat when he was a candidate for president, had scheduled a news conference in Nairobi to discuss his discoveries during his visit this fall.

However, he was detained by immigration officials and held without food for much of a day until he was escorted onto his already-booked flight leaving Kenya with the sendoff, "See you in hell."

Corsi had earlier seen the flow of information stymied by the Obama campaign itself:

"I was able to interview Obama's uncle, Sayid Obama, the brother of Obama's father, when I was doing the research for 'The Obama Nation,'" Corsi said. "But Auma Obama, Obama's half-sister, declined an interview by telephone, telling me that the Obama campaign had advised the Obama family not to speak with me, either from the United States by phone, or in person in Kenya."

Two weeks ago, parliament passed the Kenya Communications Amendment Bill, a controversial measure that gives the state power to raid TV stations and newspaper offices, as well as to control broadcast content. The bill awaits the approval or rejection of President Kibaki.

Kenya's press independence was tested in 2006 when armed and masked police officers raided news offices following a series of exposés about official corruption.

While the latest attempt to embargo news about and from the president-elect' s African family may anticipate passage of the "media gag" bill, economics, tourism and boosterism are also part of the equation.

Under-secretary Said, who informed the Obamas they were muzzled, announced the Obama Cultural Home project, which will include a museum, a gallery and a leadership center in the family's town of Kogelo. A video featuring Mama Sarah Obama, the president-elect' s step-grandmother, will relate the Obamas' family history. Said added that the Ministry of Heritage is negotiating with the U.S. government to display Obama's publications.

The investment in the family's village so far has caused land prices to double in the past several months. Electicity service has been routed to the community and investors are rumored to be planning hotel construction to serve the tourists expected to travel the "Presidential Heritage Tourism Circuit."

The proposed heritage center's siting in Kogelo has not been well received by the entire Obama clan. Some are demanding that the project be built in Kanyadhiang, the ancestral home of Barack Obama's father before the family moved to Kogelo.

Heritage minister William Ole Ntimama confirmed the government's intent to invest in the project.

"This is a great opportunity to open up the western tourism circuit and we have asked Treasury to find us some money so that we can roll out a number of projects that will make this a truly memorable cultural site," Ntimama told the Star.

He took issue, however, with his under-secretary, saying he had not been informed about the press ban.

"It will be surprising if they have done that because it is not right," said Ntimama. "The Obama family should be allowed to say whatever they want to without any bureaucracy. "

"It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ! For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity and freedom to worship here." Patrick Henry

Shortest Day of the Year
MSNBC - 3 hours ago
The mid-December solstice marks the official start of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and summer in the Southern Hemisphere. ...
Solstice science: Why winter starts Dec. 21
Tehran Times, Iran - 1 hour ago
While snow marks the beginning of winter for many people, the first official day of winter is Sunday, Dec. 21, known as the December solstice. ...
Winter’s Here! Solstice Starts Season
ScienceMode - 47 minutes ago
The official transition from Fall to a new season arrived today at 7:04 Eastern time Sunday when the Winter Solstice took place in the Northern Hemisphere. ...
Plants connect us with the winter solstice, the shortest day
Rutland Herald, VT - 15 hours ago
By Leonard Perry Extension Professor, University of Vermont - Published: December 21, 2008 The winter solstice, which occurs on or around Dec. ...
Celebrate the solstice this year, too
Daily Press, VA - 15 hours ago
The winter solstice and the ancient celebrations surrounding it have given rise to much of our modern-day Christmas tradition. In fact, the date on which we ...
Winter solstice brings the cold
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, GA - 17 hours ago
By Tim Chitwood - -- A change in the weather is known to be extreme. This change will be like dreaming of a snow-white ...
Winter Solstice
TheDay, CT - Dec 20, 2008
Ancient cultures all over the world developed various legends, traditions and customs to help them cope with their own particular circumstances. ...
A thin glazing, then sunshine
Baltimore Sun, United States - 7 hours ago
There was a thin glaze of ice this morning out on the WeatherDeck in Cockeysville. The stair railing was icy, too, but the walks and the streets appeared to ...
Winter Solstice has long been time of celebration
Daytona Beach News-Journal, FL - Dec 19, 2008
By AARON LONDON The weather outside may not be frightful, but Sunday marks a change in seasons nonetheless. With the arrival of the Winter Solstice, ...
Q. When will the winter solstice occur this year? -- JC
Winston-Salem Journal, NC - Dec 19, 2008
A. The winter solstice, the beginning of winter, is the time of the sun's minimum elevation and, thus, has the shortest period of sunlight. ...
Winter solstice a time of divination for Pagans
Alexandria Town Talk, LA - Dec 20, 2008
This is the name that Pagans call the shortest day of the year, which means each day after becomes longer till six months after, when the Sun reaches its ...
Winter Solstice marks first moment of winter
Asheville Citizen-Times, NC - Dec 19, 2008
ROSMAN – Astronomers at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute point out that at 7:04 am EST on Dec. 21 the sun will be at its most southern point in ...
The world's tilt and its solstice
Danbury News Times, CT - Dec 19, 2008
By Robert Miller If you have any candles to light, or logs to burn, any bonfires to stoke -- the better to ward off the long, dark nights -- strike the ...
Winter solstice marks official change in seasons
The Times-Picayune -, LA - 9 hours ago
Today marks the official start to winter or the winter solstice. Along with being the shortest day in terms of length of daylight, the winter solstice was ...
All around the world, there is light in the midst of darkness
Register Pajaronian, CA - Dec 19, 2008
At this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, our ancestors noted the increasing darkness from autumn to the Winter Solstice and were frightened by the ...
Environmental Notes: Celebrating winter solstice and the days of ...
Adobe Press, CA - 5 hours ago
All cultures celebrate the winter solstice Dec. 21 — the day of least sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere. Years ago when I was in New Zealand in late ...
Here comes the Sun
Discover Magazine, NY - 23 hours ago
At 12:04 pm UT (5:04 am Mountain US Time) on December 21, the Sun will reach its most southerly declination. Over the past six months, for people in the ...
Happy Winter Solstice Everybody!
Jaunted - Dec 20, 2008
It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Mabon, but the time has now come to commemorate the winter solstice. Sunday morning marks the official ...

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