Thursday, December 18, 2008


Holes in Earth's magnetic cloak let the sun in
Reuters - 19 hours ago
Scientists at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco said they had been entirely wrong about how solar particles that cause the storms were ...
Magnetic-Shield Cracks Found; Big Solar Storms Expected National Geographic
Cracks in Earth’s Magnetic Field Let in a Huge Gust of Solar Wind Discover Magazine
Leaks Found in Earth's Protective Magnetic Field
International Herald Tribune - The Tech Herald
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Energy Matters
Clouds on the Horizon for Solar Power Industry
Spiegel Online, Germany - 14 hours ago
One trying to ride out the storm is SolarFun in Qidong, Jianjsu Province. When times were good, the company had expected to produce 175 megawatts to 190 ...
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Holes letting in solar winds
The South African Star, South Africa - 18 hours ago
The magnetosphere is a bubble of magnetism around Earth protecting us from solar winds caused by sunspots. Sunspot activity will peak in 2012. - Reuters.

Ancient Magma 'Superpiles' May Have Shaped The Continents

Ancient Magma 'Superpiles' May Have Shaped The Continents

Magma Discovered In Its 'Natural Habitat' For First Time

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