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FedEx Electoral College members now!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 3:54 PM


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WND is offering people an opportunity to send a pre-prepared form letter to each of 470 Electoral College Members (to be received this Friday) prior to their vote for $10.95 - credit card needed. To my way of thinking it's money well spent. If you want to participate click below:

Obama eligibile? FedEx Electoral College members now!

FedEx Members of The Electoral College
Last chance to lobby for constitutional eligibility standard

Despite receiving more than 60,000 of our letters last week, the U.S. Supreme Court announced on Monday that it had refused to review one of the cases challenging the President-elect' s eligibility to hold that office.

"That leaves it up to the Electoral College," says WND Editor Joseph Farah. "If you want to do everything you can, like I do, to see that the letter and spirit of the Constitution are upheld in this election year, this may be your last chance to weigh in before Inauguration Day. I urge you to work with us in sending letters to members of the Electoral College."

Here's Our Next Move:
Following up the campaign last week to FedEx the U.S. Supreme Court, WND today announces a historic first in its quest to establish Barack Obama's eligibility for office - a similar FedEx letter drive directed at individual Electoral College members.

Through Thursday at noon Eastern, WND is providing an opportunity to Americans who would like to contact electors of the next president before they vote Monday to send Obama to the White House.

WND has obtained addresses for more than 87 percent of the 538-member Electoral College. The letters will be sent FedEx to the 470 members for whom addresses are available. They will all be delivered Friday morning, giving each elector the weekend to consider the constitutional issues raised by Obama's presidency.

With the new "FedEx the Electoral College" program, you can reach all 470 with a one-page pre-written letter, with your name and address attached, delivered overnight for less than it would cost you to FedEx one member - if you had the address.

"The idea was to make this very easy and inexpensive for Americans to make their voices heard," explained Farah. "We encourage other creative ways to prevail upon the consciences of the Electoral College members, but these are not high-profile, public figures. They are ordinary Americans who are little known to the public and who lead private lives. It is not easy to find their names, let alone addresses. While we do not feel comfortable making those addresses public, we believe this campaign will allow Americans to offer their opinions and concerns in a controlled way, without violating the privacy of individual members."

Farah personally drafted the letter that will be sent to the Electoral College members above the name and address of all those participating in the program. The letters sent in the "FedEx the Electoral College" campaign will read:
Electoral College Member
123 Main Street
Anytown, PA 12345
Dear member of the Electoral College:
Before you cast your vote Monday to make Barack Hussein Obama Jr. the next president of the United States, please seriously consider the following:
Right now, a dozen lawsuits are pending all over the United States - including one brought by a former presidential candidate and U.N. ambassador, and another suit brought by a former deputy attorney general of Pennsylvania, plus there are many others - all attempting to bring clarity to an issue that will haunt an Obama presidency if it isn't dealt with now.

That issue, as you surely know, is the fact that the U.S. Constitution says clearly and unambiguously in Article 2, Section 1 that presidents must be natural born citizens. But, as is evident not only from lawsuits, but from news stories and the actions of millions of Americans signing petitions, this constitutional issue has not yet been addressed, even at this late hour.

Unfortunately, there isn't enough time for our slow-moving legal process to deal with this before the Electoral College meets next week. Only you, our Electors, have the power and responsibility - and the obligation under the Constitution - to use your authority to establish, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Barack Hussein Obama Jr. qualifies for the office under that standard.

There is grave and widespread concern throughout the American public that this constitutional requirement is being overlooked and enforcement neglected by state and federal election authorities. There should be no doubt whatsoever that America's next president was truly born in the United States.

Remember, if the Constitution doesn't mean precisely what it says, then America is no longer a nation under the rule of law. And a nation no longer under the rule of law is, by definition, under the rule of men.

Therefore I urge you to honor the Constitution in this matter and uphold the public trust - even if doing so may prove awkward or inconvenient.

All Americans should have confidence their president is eligible to serve. In this unique and historic case, you may prove to be the Constitution' s last line of defense.
Click Here to Rush Deliver This Letter to
470 Electoral College Members

The name and address of every participant in the "FedEx the Electoral College" campaign will be displayed for the 470 Electoral College members who receive the letters.
This is an historic opportunity to speak directly to the Electoral College at a critical time in American history.
Sign me up! I want to send my FedEx message to the Electoral College right now for only $10.95.
P.S. Remember, the Electoral College convenes Monday, Dec. 15, to determine who the next president will be. After that, nothing stands in the way of a Barack Obama presidency -- and another nail in the coffin of literal interpretation of our Constitution. So act now!
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With ACORN, La Raza, and Ohio Dem officials sitting on 20,000 suspect voter registrations and other Dept heads releasing Joe the Plumber's confidential information, this has been an incredibly, uncreditable election.

Hope you didn't waste your time and gas to stand in line at one of their polling places hoping the electoral system isn't a fraud.

Rich Martin

Barack Obama Is Qualified To Be President... Isn't He?

By Jim Marrs, December 12, 2008: For

ATS EXCLUSIVE: The "brains" behind Oliver Stone's JFK movie, Jim Marrs, examines the issues and potential conspiracies surrounding the Barack Obama birth certificate controversies.

With a healthy 52.9 percent of the national votes, Illinois Senator Barack Hussein Obama II surely must be qualified to be the 44th President of the United States.

Or is he?

This question has proved worrisome for a growing number of citizens long before the November election and has stirred strong passions on both sides. The controversy finally reached all the way to the Supreme Court, which on December 8 declined to review a suit by New Jersey resident Leo Donofrio questioning Obama's eligibility to hold office. But other suits remained active and the issue had not died despite deafening silence on the part of the "Watchdog" corporate-controlled national news media. Obama supporters see this question as a non-issue and even "pure garbage," as was attributed to an Obama Team spokesman. They view those who question Obama's Constitutional qualification like Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell, who on December 2, 2008, described them as "loonies -- like the skinheads from Tennessee who planned to dress up in coattails and top-hats and go on a racist killing spree before targeting Obama."

But are those who question truly "loonies?"

Gary Kreep, executive director of the United States Justice Foundation (USJF), responded to the Obama Team by stating, "The Constitution of the United States is NOT 'garbage' and furthermore, securing the rights of the people under the Constitution is NOT 'garbage'!"

"The Obama campaign's response is an elitist, condescending slap in the face to patriotic Americans. No one is above the law and Team Obama cannot make the question of Obama's eligibility go away by disrespecting the American people," he added.

The USJF is a nonprofit (501(c)3) public interest, legal action organization active since 1979.

The Obama qualification issue all starts with the Constitution of the United States, which clearly states in Article II, "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;..." This was written as protection against office-seekers who might owe allegiance to people other than Americans and use foreign money to gain power in the new Republic. It was a wise move then and is a wise move today, considering the number of Bush administration officials accused of dual citizenship with Israel.

While no one has accused Obama of being under the control of a foreign power, his heritage, like that of Bill Clinton, does become somewhat murky on close inspection.

For example, according to authoritative sources Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961, reportedly in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Stanley Ann Dunham (1942-1995). Ann Dunham reportedly married Obama's father, Barack Obama Sr. (1936-1982), on February 2, 1961. The senior Obama, an African Muslim by birth, was an avowed atheist and father of two children from a previous marriage to a Kenyan woman named Kezia. It has been alleged that the senior Obama was not legally married to Kezia as their marriage may have been only a tribal marriage and thus, relieving him of any charge of bigamy in his marriage to Dunham. Both Obamas studied Russian at the University of Hawaii partially sponsored by the Laubach Literacy program. Although the Obamas reported divorced in 1964, there are no documents of such and there have been question raised concerning their marriage. President-elect Obama's wife, Michelle, once described Dunham as "very young and very single when she had him." more...

Visit the full topic to read the rest of Mr. Marrs' story, post your reply, or read member replies.

Barack Obama In Bible Prophecy

Dear Prophecy Students,

This coming Wednesday, CMRI will broadcast another installment of our probe of Barack Obama in Bible Prophecy. Many of you missed the television program we produced shortly after the election, but in this new program, we're going to look at the Scriptural evidence pointing to an assassination attempt on the life of the new President.

Prophecy author James Lloyd previously predicted the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin some 26 months before the late politician was killed. Although most of the major prophecy ministries ignored or downplayed this startling prophecy, it was undeniable as it was made in writing.

Now, James Lloyd is boldly predicting there will be an attempt on Barack Obama's life. He has also stated this attempt will fail, and has included significant details in this prophecy. This incendiary material will be covered in The Apocalypse Chronicles television program to be recorded and broadcast this Wednesday December 10th on CMRI.

For those of you who unfamiliar with CMRI, we broadcast 6 hours of underground Bible Prophecy on the Internet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The network is expected to expand to 5 days per week (Monday through Friday) by the end of the year.

The network has two channels, one for broadband or high speed Internet connections, and the other offers a low resolution channel for dial up net connections.

The show runs for 2 hours on Wednesday December 10th at 6 PM Pacific (9 PM Eastern), and because of the importance of this material, we're sending this notice to many email accounts that we have not previously contacted. If we've obtained your name by mistake and you're not interested in Bible Prophecy, we ask that you simply forgive our intrusion, and request removal from our list. We'll promptly delete your email name.

Finally, in the event you'll be unable to catch this amazing Internet Television program, the next print issue of The Apocalypse Chronicles print publication will detail this perspective. We'll be happy to send it to you free of charge if you simply request it. This publication is printed (it's been published continuously for over 16 years), so we'll need a postal mailing address. To request it, just send an email to the email address below.

Once again, please remember, like all shows, The Apocalypse Chronicles only runs at the time listed, and you can use the link below to go the video site to link to the television stream.

I hope you’ll join us Wednesday the 10th, 6 PM Pacific at, for The Apocalypse Chronicles!

P.S. If you like, you can access the stream with the link that follows, but remember, the program only plays at the time listed in this Email.


How Rahm Emanuel Made Mega-Millions and Bought His Way to Power

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 5:59 AM

To: "the_iraqi"

How Rahm Emanuel Made Mega-Millions and Bought His Way to Power

How Rahm Emanuel Made Mega-Millions and Bought His Way to Power

By Ben Protess, ProPublica. Posted December 9, 2008.

New details emerge of Emanuel's days as an investment banker.

Since Rahm Emanuel was appointed the next White House chief of staff last month, ProPublica has been retracing his previous life as an investment banker, which earned him more than $18 million in less than three years.
The New York Times recently shed new light on Emanuel's Wall Street days -- and how they helped send him to Congress.
In late 1998, Emanuel left the Clinton White House to work for Wasserstein Perella, a now defunct investment bank run by Bruce Wasserstein, a major Democratic donor.
"I had this idea that this could work and that it had upside," Wasserstein told the Times. "It worked out better than I could have hoped."
Indeed, as we previously noted, Emanuel used his political connections to broker major deals while at the firm. (One deal was a $16 billion merger that created Exelon Corp., now one of the nation's largest electric utilities. Another involved SBC Communications, the telecommunications company run by William Daley, Clinton's commerce secretary and the brother of Chicago's mayor.)
After leaving the bank in 2001 to run for Congress, Emanuel benefited from the sale of Wasserstein Perella, which gave him an unusually large payout. Russ Gerson, global head of financial markets for A.T. Kearney Executive Search, told the Chicago Tribune in 2003 that Emanuel's compensation would put him "in the top 3 to 5 percent" of investment bankers at that time.
The cash proved helpful when Emanuel found himself in a tough fight for a seat in Congress. He contributed $450,000 out of his own pocket to the primary campaign, and his leading rival accused him of trying to buy his seat, the Times reports.
The financial industry also heavily financed Emanuel's campaign. From the Times:
After Emanuel left banking to run for Congress, members of the securities and investment industry became his biggest backers, donating more than $1.5 million to his campaigns dating back to 2002, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
Mr. Emanuel also leaned heavily upon the industry while he was chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee during the 2006 midterm elections. Financial industry donors contributed more than $5.8 million to the committee, behind only retirees.
Once he reached Congress, Emanuel served on the Financial Services Committee, which handles legislation involving financial markets and banks.
Neither the Times nor anybody else has suggested Emanuel went on to do the bidding of the financial industry. But there's little question his days as a banker have helped shape Emanuel's perspective. From the Times:
Former colleagues said the insight it afforded him on the financial services sector is invaluable especially now. But Mr. Emanuel built up strong ties with an industry now at the heart of the economic crisis, one that will be girding for a pitched lobbying battle next year as the incoming Democratic administration considers a potentially sweeping regulatory overhaul.
Friends of Mr. Emanuel's from his private-sector days said he still checks in with them regularly to plumb their insights on economic issues.
In an interview with the Times, Emanuel said he often acted against the wishes of the financial industry. "I would say I've been as tough on my friends as others," he said. "I call it like I see it."

the World Fascist Patriarchal Oder is finished. the Corporate State, the Secret Government, aka Capitalism (and Communism).

the "recent bubble" which is responsible for the collapse of World AntiCivilization is the last half-century of the US consuming ten times it's share of the planet's resources, at covert gunpoint.

not to mention the last several thousand years of global rapacity laying waste to women, the indigenous, world culture, and Mother Earth.

our ONLY course available now, for those who wish to live, is that determined by our World Judgement 2008, aka Global Consciousness, the Adi Shakti, the Ma Adi, the Ma Treyah, Maschiak, Messiah --

to reforest the planet, return the rainforests and wetlands and rivers and pure oceans and atmosphere ... to work TOGETHER planetwide, continent-wide, and locally to emplace permaculture everywhere ...

and to honour and respect and empower women, children, the indigenous, the workers and the poor -- and ALL cultures, their nonviolent aspects --

in HER returning, our individual and global divinity.

aka all our sacred relations,

Millennium Twain

soul (less) Monarchist purpose = the death of our sacred Mother Earth ...


Jim Kirwan


A famous line from the 1960’s was “The Revolution will not be televised!” It appears that this ancient bit of folk wisdom was wrong. It was and is being televised each and every day; the problem is that “the Revolution” is not coming from the people but from the government that seeks to own us all.

For the last seven days I’ve been out-of-touch, no news of any kind, except for what one overhears in airports, on trains or in the occasional cab. The world didn’t skip a beat, but when I returned and tried to listen to the sounds and sights of what it has become—I was amazed.

The transition is nearly complete and there are still six weeks until the public inauguration. The transition I’m referring to is the one that uses the news cycles to determine the informal-state of the world each minute of every day, because that’s the only non-fact that really counts. Karl Rove and James Baker have been very busy creating a whole new masterpiece that despite all the massive and continuing crashes, in all the aspects of our lives, are being simply accepted as facts.

Think for a moment about how many times Obama now appears on the tube each and every day – in his continuance of the campaign – apparently there were three separate occasions just yesterday. Why is this chilling? Because he is creating policies, on paper, as if they are real: As if Cheney-Bush is already in the past. They are not, but they are doing their part.

Obama designs a paper policy without actualities, then the Cheney-Bush administration reacts on paper to those policies; confirming for the slower among us that the Bush administration is now history. The result is that the public begins to think of Mr. Obama as the president, with the awesome powers that Bush has added, which has turned that office into the dictatorship that we’ve been living with since Congress gave him their powers: Then withdrew from their own responsibilities for oversight, that enabled both of the illegal and unilateral invasions that were launched in the Middle-East—in our names.

This is a brilliant stroke of genius, perhaps Rove’s finest effort yet to close the door on all resistance and win the revolution that will shut down this country without a fight. But he had a lot of help from both parties. One for instance, is the troubling ‘basic qualification’ for the presidency that seemingly will not go away. Apparently neither party vetted Barack Obama’s qualifications before he was selected: which is too unlikely to be believed.

What is known is that Obama was selected—what remains uncertain is whether or not there will be a constitutional crisis when the Supreme Court fails to be able to do anything about the fact that Obama is not a natural-born American citizen. Practicality dictates, that at this point nothing can be done except to hold another election, which no one believes is possible: But if he is sworn in, and is unqualified, then everything he says or does is illegal from day one. This is part of the need to have the public believe that Obama is already the president—and in six more weeks that will be the literal case—before he is actually sworn in. Of course if this does not work and there is a real public backlash then most likely there will be race-riots and Martial Law to quell them. Either way The Revolution will succeed and we shall no longer be a nation.

Some will dismiss this out-of-hand as just another waste of time: However those are the same people that also missed the three-day occupation and the war that was waged upon Miami , during the Free Trade for the America ’s Agreement (FTAA) talks that were held there just over five years ago today. They missed it because the entire nation was focused on the long-delayed trial of Michael Jackson that was being held on the opposite coast, and there was somehow no time left from the sexual-adventures of Michael, to cover something a meaningful as what was happening to the seniors and protestors in Miami . Government however had diverted many millions for weapons, to arm the Miami PD in preparation for the riots which they started, in Miami , Florida . (1)

This slight by television-news had already proven the theories that had been created by Rove; that the public’s attentions were not sufficient to threaten anything that their new fascism decided to throw at the public. This was already in place and successfully completed under Clinton with the cover-up of the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew that was the precursor for Katrina.

"I was called up to active duty after hurricane Andrew went through South Dade County. I spent nine weeks down there. Now I will certify for the benefit of our audience here that the death figures that were officially published are totally inaccurate. According to the information which I received from my own sources within the National Guard, the figure I was quoted when I was down there was 5,280-something. And they were quietly disposed of in incinerators that were hurriedly put together by both the National Guard and FEMA...

As the Chief Petty Officer stated, "5,280-something" bodies were confiscated by the United States National Guard. In addition to this, the Coast Guard independently confiscated "1,500 bodies" from the lakes and surrounding waters. Neither one of these figures embraces the number of dead bodies confiscated by other branches of federal and state government directly involved in the body pick-up operation. This leaves the number of dead confiscated by various US authorities in South Dade still unknown." (2)

More recently there were the major fires throughout the west, some of them arson that have destroyed such massive amounts of property and played havoc with human life: Or the most recent hurricane in Texas that obliterated Galveston and damaged Houston that held for a few days and then disappeared without a trace. How was this possible? It was conceived a very long time ago along with the advent of television; and several writers warned us about the dangers, among them George Orwell in his novel “1984.” By the early 1970s there was an award winning film called ‘NETWORK’ that dared to tell us all the truth, but it was only “a movie” and was soon forgotten. Here is some of what that film unearthed—the figures were taken from that day and time, but they are far worse today than they were then:

“So a rich little man with white hair died today, what has that got to do with the price of rice and why is that “woe to us”! Because you people and 62 million other Americans are listening to me right now. Because less than 3% of you people read books: Because less than 15% of you read newspapers. Because the only ‘truth’ you know is what you get over this tube! Right now there is an entire generation that never knew anything that didn’t come out of this tube!

This tube is the gospel, the ultimate revelation! This tube can make or break presidents, popes, prime ministers; this tube is the most awesome goddamned force in the whole godless world—and woe to us if it ever falls into the hands of the wrong people! And that is why ‘woe is us’ that Edward George Ruddy died today. Because this company is now in the hands of CCA, the Communications Corporation of America , there’s a new chairman of the board: A man called Frank Hackett sitting in Mr. Ruddy’s office on the twentieth floor. And when the twelfth largest company in the world controls the most awesome propaganda force in the whole godless world—who knows what shit will be peddled for ‘truth’ on this network!

So you listen to me: television is not the truth—Television’s a goddamned amusement park. Television is a circus, a carnival, a traveling troupe of acrobats, storytellers, dancers, singers, jugglers, side-show freaks, lion-tamers and football players. We’re in the boredom killing business!

So if you want the truth go to god, go to your guru’s go to yourselves—because that’s the only place you’re ever going to find any real truth. Man you’re never going to get any truth from us. We’ll tell you anything you want to here. We lie like hell—we’ll tell you that Kojack always gets the killer and that nobody ever gets cancer at Archie Bunker’s house. ~ We’ll tell you any shit that you want to hear. We deal in illusions man, none of it is true! But you people sit there day after day and night after night; all ages, colors, creeds—we’re all you know! You’re beginning to believe the illusions we’re spinning here. You’re beginning to think that the tube is reality and that your own lives are unreal! You do whatever the tube tells you; you dress like the tube’ you eat like the tube; you raise your children like the tube—you even think like the tube—this is mass madness you maniacs! In god’s name you people are the real thing—we are the illusion!

So turn off your television sets, turn them off now and leave them off, turn them off right in the middle of this sentence ~ ” (3)

Thirty five years after that script was written all of that and more has come true. Clinton passed his Tele-Communications Act which was far more dangerous than a single corporation owning a share of the global market: With the help of congress he successfully blocked alternative media of any real size from being able to reach any audience, until the internet arrived in force. But the net was there from the beginning of Cheney-Bush and so far has not reversed any of the tyranny that we have all suffered with from the day that he stole his first election.

So we’re still there in the “mass-madness” so clearly described by Howard Beale in NETWORK: no wonder that they were able to create this blank-slate that is Obama, who is about to become the total-fiction that became flesh, to end the Revolution with a victory for the bad guys—and they shall have done every bit of this right in front of the world—on television, and in full color!

By the time it comes to this, the owners shall have convinced enough members of the herd that this illusion is reality and that it is we who are the flawed illusions in their grand scheme of greed and international conquest. After all, we have let them steal the entire treasury without so much as a whimper—and without even a nod to the public that “must pay” TRILLIONS for all these bailouts, while we ourselves are being fired, starved, extorted, and lied-to at every possible turn. ‘Transitions’ are coming, just in time to finalize their victory over the Republic that they have fought over for so long. Just six more weeks until they have it all!

Network had an answer for those of you that want one – but it’s not “the answer” it’s only what must happen before we can even begin to ask (4)

1) Huge Police Presence for City of Miami FTAA Protests

2) Deadly Silences – The Hurricane Andrew Coverup

3) Network – We’re in a Lot of Trouble - 4 min video

4) Mad as Hell – 4 minute video

If you think powering cars on compressed air is
far out?

How about building stronger-than-steel auto bodies
from low cost, easy-to-grow plant material.

It's not a theory.

Henry Ford himself did it - and then the technology


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How would like like a building material
that is stronger than cement yet SIX TIMES

Better yet, one of its key ingredients is
the waste product of a plant that literally
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Well, Big Brother says you can't have it
- because it's "dangerous to society."


Brasscheck TV
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The Elephant In The Room: Full Movie
2nd U.S. Revolt
David Icke
Illuminati enslaves Collapse of the $
Jerusalem Rothschilds
Alex Jones Interviews David Icke - One hour & a half video - in 10 minute segments
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008 4:43 AM

First of all Obama is communist, not socialist. His voting record proves it. The two parties have nothing in common with each other.
Second. This is a brand new site so how did they get an even 250,000 signatures already?
Third. Gathering up one million signatures is next to impossible even for the most sincere and honest sites.
Here's what they are really doing. Gathering up address to further their propaganda campaign. Do they have your address now?
Here's the site so that you can see for yourselves.
Forward this information to everyone you know.
Thomas Watts
U.S.S. Liberty Internet Liaison
NSALP Arkansas Chairman

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