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Don't believe in the Reptilian Religious Crap about a New World Order yet, then WTF is this?

The Dragon spacecraft is made up of a pressurized capsule and unpressurized trunk used for Earth to LEO transport of pressurized cargo, unpressurized cargo, and/or crew members. Initiated internally by SpaceX in 2005, Dragon will be utilized to fulfill our NASA COTS contract for demonstration of cargo re-supply of the ISS.

The Dragon capsule is comprised of 3 main elements: the Nosecone, which protects the vessel and the docking adaptor during ascent; the Pressurized Section, which houses the crew and/or pressurized cargo; and the Service Section, which contains avionics, the RCS system, parachutes, and other support infrastructure.

In addition an unpressurized trunk is included, which provides for the stowage of unpressurized cargo and will support Dragon’s solar arrays and thermal radiators.

This simulation, developed by Odyssey Space Research, shows Dragon approaching and berthing with the ISS.


Target Date





5 hours

Launch and separate from Falcon 9, orbit Earth, transmit telemetry, receive commands, demonstrate orbital maneuvering and thermal control, re-enter atmosphere, and recover Dragon capsule



5 days

ISS Fly-by. Dragon will approach to within 10 km of ISS and exercise the radio cross-link, demonstrating the ability of ISS crew to receive telemetry from Dragon and their ability to send a command to the spacecraft. After this primary objective is completed, Dragon will leave the vicinity of ISS and perform a comprehensive set of in-space check-outs before returning to earth.



3 days

Full cargo mission profile including mate to ISS, with empty capsule

This simulation, developed by Odyssey Space Research, shows Dragon approaching and berthing with the ISS.

Dragon Highlights:

  • Fully autonomous rendezvous and docking with manual override capability in crewed configuration
  • Pressurized Cargo/Crew capacity of >2500 kg and 14 cubic meters
  • Down-cargo capability (equal to up-cargo)
  • Supports up to 7 passengers in Crew configuration
  • Two-fault tolerant avionics system with extensive heritage
  • Reaction control system with 18 MMH/NTO thrusters designed and built in-house; these thrusters are used for both attitude control and orbital maneuvering
  • 1200 kg of propellant supports a safe mission profile from sub-orbital insertion to ISS rendezvous to reentry
  • Integral common berthing mechanism, with LIDS or APAS support if required
  • Designed for water landing under parachute for ocean recovery
  • Lifting re-entry for landing precision & low-g’s
  • Ablative, high-performance heat shield and sidewall thermal protection

To ensure a rapid transition from cargo to crew capability, the cargo and crew configurations of Dragon are almost identical, with the exception of the crew escape system, the life support system and onboard controls that allow the crew to take over control from the flight computer when needed. This focus on commonality minimizes the design effort and simplifies the human rating process, allowing systems critical to Dragon crew safety and ISS safety to be fully tested on uncrewed demonstration flights.

For cargo launches the inside of the capsule is outfitted with a modular cargo rack system designed to accommodate pressurized cargo in standard sizes and form factors. For crewed launches, the interior is outfitted with crew couches, controls with manual override capability and upgraded life-support.

In fulfillment of the COTS phase I contract, Dragon will perform three cargo demonstration missions:

Draco Thruster Performs Long-Duration Firing and Restart
MarketWatch - 18 hours ago
SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft uses a total of 18 Draco thrusters for maneuvering, attitude control, and to initiate the capsule's return to Earth. ...

Small rocket engines to provide precise control of Dragon spacecraft as it approaches the International Space Station

HAWTHORNE, CA – December 9, 2008 – Just days after the successful full mission-length test firing of the nine-engine first stage of Falcon 9, Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) marked another significant advance with the performance of its smallest rocket engine, Draco. Known as a “thruster,” the new engine fired continuously for ten minutes in a specially constructed vacuum test chamber that simulates the space environment. After a ten-minute thermal soak period, Draco was restarted for an additional minute, simulating its typical use in space.

Performed at the SpaceX Texas Test Facility outside McGregor, this marks the longest firing of the Draco thruster, as well as the longest test on the new vacuum test stand, built by SpaceX and first put into operation in March 2008.

“Draco performed perfectly during the entire test, with expected temperatures and excellent performance,” said David Giger, Propulsion Manager, SpaceX. “We also broke the SpaceX record for longest continuous burn previously held by Kestrel, the Falcon 1 second stage engine.”

SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft uses a total of 18 Draco thrusters for maneuvering, attitude control, and to initiate the capsule's return to Earth.

“The Draco engines are as important to Dragon as the large Merlin engines are to Falcon 9,” said Tom Mueller, VP Propulsion, SpaceX. “They will perform essential maneuvers as the SpaceX Dragon approaches and berths with the International Space Station (ISS) to provide delivery of cargo, and eventually crew transport to and from Station.”

The SpaceX-developed Draco thruster generates up to 90 pounds (400 Newtons) of force using monomethyl hydrazine as a fuel and nitrogen tetroxide as an oxidizer – the same orbital maneuvering propellants used by the Space Shuttle. These storable propellants have very long on-orbit lifetimes, providing the option for the Dragon spacecraft to remain berthed at the ISS for a year or more, ready to serve as an emergency “lifeboat” if necessary.

The first Dragon spacecraft is scheduled for flight in 2009 aboard a Falcon 9 rocket from the SpaceX launch site at Complex 40, Cape Canaveral, Florida.

About SpaceX

SpaceX is revolutionizing access to space by developing a family of launch vehicles and spacecraft intended to increase the reliability and reduce the cost of both manned and unmanned space transportation, ultimately by a factor of ten. With its Falcon line of launch vehicles, powered by internally-developed Merlin engines, SpaceX offers light, medium and heavy lift capabilities to deliver spacecraft into any altitude and inclination, from low-Earth orbit to geosynchronous to planetary missions. On September 28, 2008, the Falcon 1, designed and manufactured from the ground up by SpaceX, became the first privately developed liquid fuel rocket to orbit the Earth.

As a winner of the NASA Commercial Orbital Transportation Services competition (COTS), SpaceX is in a position to help fill the gap in American spaceflight to the International Space Station when the Space Shuttle retires in 2010. Under the existing Agreement, SpaceX will conduct for NASA three flights of its Falcon 9 launch vehicle and Dragon spacecraft, culminating in Dragon berthing with the ISS. SpaceX is the only COTS contender that has the capability to return cargo and crew to Earth. NASA also has an option to demonstrate crew services to the ISS using the Falcon 9 / Dragon system. The first Falcon 9 will arrive at the SpaceX launch site at Complex 40, Cape Canaveral within the next few months, in preparation for its maiden flight in 2009.

Founded in 2002, the SpaceX team now numbers more than 600 full time employees, primarily located in Hawthorne, California, with additional locations including SpaceX's Texas Test Facility in McGregor near Waco; offices in Washington DC; and launch facilities at Cape Canaveral, Florida, and the Marshall Islands in the Central Pacific.

Breaking News: Golden Dragon Holdings, Inc. Delivers 1st Order of ...
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'Yellow Dragon' threat could decimate groves
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Florida's citrus crop faces a new threat from a disease called Yellow Dragon in the next decade, agriculture officials say. BY MARC CAPUTO TALLAHASSEE ...
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Top-secret Reptilian NWO research wears its art on its sleeve

Awesome or Off-Putting is a weekly delve into cryptozoology, ufology, aliens, medical marvels, scientific wonders, secret societies, government conspiracies, cults, ghosts, EVPs, myths, ancient artifacts, religion, strange facts, odd sightings or just the plain unexplainable.

AMD Dragon Logo Made Public - The Replacement Platform for Spider

AMD has kept the logo for the Dragon platform very quiet lately, but they recently posted pictures of a banner online that clearly shows the logo. For those that don't know about the Dragon platform it consists of a processor, motherboard chipset and graphics card that have been tuned to give you a better user experience. To be more specific the Dragon platform is a combination of an AMD Phenom II X4 processor, Radeon 4800 Graphics cards and an AMD 7 series chipset based motherboard. This platform is an update of the Spider platform that AMD launched a year ago to the month. The AMD Phenom II X4 processor is built using AMD's new 45nm process technology and as a result has 30-50% better power consumption and higher clock frequencies. If you haven't heard about the clock frequency improvements yet be sure to check out this article we posted yesterday afternoon.

The dragon is a legendary creature of which some interpretation or depiction appears in almost every culture worldwide. The physical description and supposed abilities of the creature vary immensely according to the different cultures in which it appears. However, the unifying feature of almost all interpretations is it being a serpentine or otherwise reptilian monster (or at least possessing a serpentine/reptilian part or trait), and often possessing magical or spiritual qualities.

Awesome Or Off-Putting: The Pinatubo Monsters
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Prehistoric Flying Reptile Was Bigger Than a Car
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Witton estimates the beast would have had a 5.5-yard (5-meter) wingspan. It stood more than a yard (about 1 meter) tall at the shoulder. ...
Fossil provides glimpse of giant flying reptile, UK - Dec 3, 2008
The beast would have had a wingspan of around five metres and stood over a metre tall at the shoulder. Its wide mouth suggests it was able to tackle large ...
New Species of Pterosaur Called The 'Lacusovagus' Discovered
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... blast awakened the slumbering reptilian monster Godzilla, and the fire-breathing, fin-tailed beast has been terrorizing downtown Tokyo ever since, ...

How we can ride out the media storm heading our way
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Meanwhile, the Reptilian Brain also needs taking into consideration. This function - present in our heads since the dawn of time - operates as an emotional ...

Human hair is rooted in reptilian claws
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... first appeared in mammals has been challenged by scientists from the Medical University of Vienna, who claim that our hair is rooted in reptilian claws. ...

The Other Contender In The Minnesota Senate Race: The Lizard People
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Davenport may be getting a kick out of his little joke, but the very real threat of a global takeover of the reptilian super-race of extraterrestrial ...

Rees among the reptiles
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The organisers arranged for a brace or two of live bluetongue lizards from the nearby Australian Reptile Park to be on hand to add some colour to the ...
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... 'Global Elite' of reptilian humanoids from the constellation Draco are trying to take over the world. Dubya, the Queen, Tony Blair — all lizard people. ...
Fear For Sale!
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... reptilian aliens came to earth and mated with female humans and now running our government are the "Reptilian Shape shifting Masters." The Head Lizard ...
An encounter with man who eats live lizards
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"Any part of your body a lizard bites, the place will never heal and will become cancer," the self-styled reptile specialist said. ...

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