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Codex Magica by Texe Marrs - part 17 - Triangles Up, Triagnles Down ...

Triangles Up, Triangles Down, Triangles, Triangles All Around

Everywhere one turns today the triangle is seen. On TV, and in art, architecture, product design, advertising, commercial packaging, and in religion it is ubiquitous. I am convinced that this simple, yet profound device, the triangle, somehow has a mystical, mesmerizing effect on men's minds. The never-ending blizzard of triangle designs we encounter daily is intended to induce a trance state in those who are bombarded day and night by it.

Back to Babylon

For an answer why the triangle may be the ultimate satanic symbol for Illuminists we go back in time to uncover its origins. A book on mathematics history called Early Computations tells us that,

"A Babylonian tablet dated around 1900 BC to 1600 BC and called 'Plimpton 322' deals with Pythagorean triplets."

This ancient document detailed an elementary knowledge of triangles and proportions.

The Triangle as Woman's "Holy Door''

Barbara Walker, in her The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, outlines how the ancient Mystery Religions greatly honored the triangle as the sign of deity. She notes that the Hindus, too, borrowed this emblem as their tantric (sexual) female Triangle of Life. It was known as the Kali Yantra, sign of the female vulva.

In Egypt, the triangle was a hieroglyphic sign for "woman." In ancient Greece, the sexual intent is clear in that the triangle represented the Holy Door, genitalia of the All-Mother Demeter, known as "Mother Delta."1

"The triangle was everywhere connected with the female trinity, and a frequent component of monograms of Goddesses," writes Walker.2

It is easily understood, therefore, why the gay homosexual movement adopted the sign of the pink triangle as its emblem. For male homosexuals particularly, the Goddess image and feminine archetype were powerful motivators dictating 328 CODEX MAGICA adaptation of the triangle as symbol of "gay liberation."

To occultists, the triangle pointing upward represents fire and that pointing downward water. To combine, balance, and unite the two brings dualism, or equilibrium, which is a goal of Freemasonry and a cardinal tenet of all Illuminist religious systems.

The Pope's Triceps

The Vatican also got into the triangle act. In some Roman Catholic churches today, behind the altar we find displayed the all-seeing eye inside a triangle. Meanwhile, the Pope can often be seen wearing the symbol of the triceps on his vestments or on his Dagon Fish God hat, which has its own unique triangular design.

The triceps is a Nordic design of three earth diamonds thought to invoke earth energy powers and spiritual magic. By adding straight lines on its three sides to fill in the open spaces, we discover that the Triceps unexpectedly becomes a larger triangle with a concealed Jewish Star of David (six-pointed star) within.

The Triangle and Freemasonry

Many erroneously believe that Freemasonry is a Christian religion and may be misled into thinking that the prominent use of the triangle in its rituals and its display of icons has a Christian purpose. But in his book, A Bridge to Light, an official Scottish Rite publication of the Supreme Mother Council, 33°, Rex Hutchins, 33° explains that the triangle of the Masonic Lodge represents pagan religions as well and he especially cites the Hindu trinity of Gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.3

I have mentioned elsewhere that a triangle symbol containing a letter "Y" inside which divides it internally into three triangles is called the Eye of the Dragon, or Dragon's Eye. Since Freemasonry has its all-seeing eye which represents Satan, the Dragon, again we have a connection.

The Triangle and Astrology

In astrology we find the concept of the grand trine, which is considered very, very lucky. Joan Quigley, astrologer to movie stars and to President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan, says that, "the grand trine is formed by three planets approximately 120 degrees apart. When you see this sign in the planets when forecasting their horoscope, you know they are about to hit (figuratively) a "grand slam home run."4

Quigley illustrates the grand trine in her book, What Does Joan Say?-My Seven Years As White House Astrologer to Nancy and Ronald Reagan.5 As it turns out, the astrological symbol for a grand trine is a triangle inside a circle.

This is the same symbol configuration adapted by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) founder Bill Wilson to be the official logo of AA. My extensive research of Bill Wilson's life documents he was an occultist. He despised Christianity and adopted AA's concept of worship of an unnamed "Higher Power" to substitute for Jesus. Wilson came up with the logo for AA from a dream he had in which he saw the image of the triangle within a circle and knew it was to become the logo for AA.6

Do the Illuminati Secretly Worship the Great Goddess?

It is interesting that in the Jewish Cabala, we again find use of the triangle as a feminine vulva sign. Of the ten Sephiroth, the third Sephira, or Triad, is deemed of feminine potency. Formed as a triangle, it represents the "great productive Mother, who copulates and is united sexually with the Father." In effect, to cabalists she is the feminine form of "God."7

Just as Masons decry the equality of ordinary women, even denying women the opportunity to become a Mason in most orders, so do Orthodox Jews who practice cabalism openly proscribe and limit women's rights. Yet, we see that deeply hidden and imbedded in their secret doctrine, both Masonry and Cabalistic Judaism revere and honor the Great Goddess, just as does Roman Catholicism in the form of Mother Mary.

It may surprise male chauvinists, but the Goddess, the consort of Lucifer, the woman figure whose sign is the downward pointing triangle, reigns side-by-side with Jahbuhlun (Satan) over the Illuminati and its minions.

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