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9am 12/11 - Alarming Military Escalation by Homeland Security for "Disaster Event"!

What the Fuck "disaster event" are they preparing for?''

Simulation industry prepares for new battles
Orlando Sentinel, FL - Dec 4, 2008
In a sour economy racked by job losses, the nation's simulation-training industry has held its own during the downturn, experts said Wednesday during the ...
Orlando Hosts High-Tech Simulator Conference
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Flight simulator tracks a pilot's brain-wave activity
Orlando Sentinel, FL - Dec 8, 2008
"I was ramping up the speed a little," said the psychologist, who works for the Navy's simulation training agency in Orlando. "I was doing some acrobatics ...LOW

F-18 Crash - Home video footage by resident

Home Video of F-18 Crash Site Before Emergency Response

F-18 Crash Near University High Campus School
F-18 Fighter Jet crashes into house in San Diego - Raw Video of scene

F-18 Fighter Jet crashes into house in San Diego - Raw Video of scene

Local resident captures up close scenes after F/A 18 crash (Files: 1)

Police dash cam video shows car split in half after 100mph crash

Raw video: FA-18 Crashes Into Neighborhood, Destroys Homes

On the ground footage of firefighters minutes after F/A 18 crash

Department of Defense Investing in Simulations for Mass Epidemic Training

November 26, 2008 by Dagpotter · Comment
Filed under: BNET
The US Department of Defense awarded SimQuest a contract to develop a game based training simulator to prepare medical professionals to deal with a mass flu epidemic. has the press release. The contract is part of the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program at DoD. The SBIR program allows DoD, the [...]

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Military exercise in Ariz. nears end, AZ - 4 hours ago
(AP) - The military is nearing the end of a 12-day training exercise in southern Arizona and New Mexico focusing on search and rescue operations. ...

ND Guard helping Ghana military with emergency preparedness
NDPR, ND - Dec 9, 2008
"Then they can actually take care of the disaster event." Tibor says the North Dakotans and the Ghanains talked about such things as incident command ...

US Rangers to conduct training exercise in area
The Times and Democrat, SC - Nov 30, 2008
“Soldiers will use training ammunition and other training devices to make the military exercise as realistic as possible,” states a release from the 75th ...

Raytheon Kill Vehicle and Radars Key to Ballistic Missile Intercept
MarketWatch - Dec 5, 2008
5 test, a Raytheon-built Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle intercepted a ballistic missile target in space over the eastern Pacific Ocean. ...
Missile defense system on target in Friday test The Huntsville Times -
Successful interception during a US Missile... defpro
Orbital’s OBV Rocket Successfully Launched for Missile Defense ... WELT ONLINE
iTWire - Flight International
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Study: Ground-based missile defense adds $330M yearly to Ariz.
Arizona Daily Star, AZ - 5 hours ago
Raytheon makes the Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle — a non-explosive, guided warhead — for the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system, while Orbital ...AMS:BOEI - ORB

BBC News
Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) demonstrates system-wide ...
Defense Update, Israel - Dec 9, 2008
... technologies being demonstrated by the program were advanced stages of the high power airborne laser and exo-atmospheric multiple kill vehicle and, ...
Video: Pentagon Shoots Down Missile in Simulated Attack AssociatedPress
Pentagon Successfully Destroys Dummy Missile AHN
To Hell With 'Howevers,' Fund SDI Investor's Business Daily (subscription)
Faxts News
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Raytheon works to counter multiple-warhead missiles
Arizona Daily Star, AZ - Nov 25, 2008
The contract from the US Missile Defense Agency will build on Raytheon's experience manufacturing the Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle — a non-explosive, ...
Aerojet DACS Critical to Eighth Successful GMD Hit-To-Kill ...
MarketWatch - Dec 8, 2008
company, announced today that its Exo-atmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV) Divert and Attitude Control System (DACS) was essential to the Missile Defense Agency's ...
Raytheon Gets $54M Missile Defense Contract
Washington Post Blogs, DC - Nov 21, 2008
"'Raytheon is the only company that has designed, developed and deployed exoatmospheric kill vehicles for the Ballistic Missile Defense System,' said Frank ...RTN
Aerojet DACS Critical to Eighth Successful GMD Hit-To-Kill ...
International Business Times, NY - Dec 8, 2008
8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Aerojet, a GenCorp(NYSE: GY) company, announced today that its Exo-atmospheric Kill Vehicle(EKV) Divert and Attitude Control ...GY

Raytheon and Northrop Grumman Products Succedd in Missile Defense Test

  1. Dec 9, 2008 ... US companies Irvine Sensors Corp. and Applied Research Associates say their joint aerial sensor project has successfully completed recent ...
  2. Security Industry - International Security - United Press ...

    Towhawk UAS tests successfully. COSTA MESA, Calif., Dec. 9 (UPI) -- U.S. companies Irvine Sensors Corp. and Applied Research Associates say their joint ...

  3. Towhawk UAS tests successfully | Defense Procurement News

    - 7:12pm
    Dec 9, 2008 ... COSTA MESA, Calif., Dec. 9 (UPI) -- US companies Irvine Sensors Corp. and Applied Research Associates say their joint aerial sensor project ...
  4. In-Depth Coverage of the Defense Procurement Industry

    Raytheon and Northrop Grumman Products Succedd in Missile Defense Test .... Towhawk UAS tests successfully · ATK to supply Afghans with ammunition ...

U.S. Marine Corps Bases Japan, Japan - 30 minutes ago
"The Yausubetsu training exercise afforded 3/12 an opportunity to concentrate entirely on artillery-specific skills while conducting live-fire training in a ...

Firefighters' live burn training gives adrenaline rush
Newnan Times-Herald, GA - Nov 24, 2008
... and Chattahoochee Hills recently participated in live fire training to satisfy a portion of the annual fire training requirements mandated by the state. ...
Unit gets battle-tested on Fort Bliss range
El Paso Times, TX - Dec 1, 2008
By Chris Roberts / El Paso Times Soldiers with the 4-6 Infantry take cover behind a plywood structure during a rehearsal for a live-fire training exercise ...

Unit gets battle-tested on Fort Bliss range
El Paso Times, TX - Dec 1, 2008
On live-fire ranges, where weapons are loaded with real ammunition, soldiers from the brigade's battalions use skills they have practiced in less dangerous ...

Pressed for space
Las Vegas Sun, NV - Dec 10, 2008
The Air Force wants to limit the risk of a plane with live ammunition crashing into a populated area, and it wants to spare nearby residents the noise of ...

A week of live fire training at FDM
Saipan Tribune, Micronesia - Nov 30, 2008
The US military will be conducting live fire training on the island Farallon de Mendenilla on Dec. 1-5, 2008, from 3pm to 12am. The general location of this ...
Peacekeeping forces dismiss live-fire exercises in Darfur
Haber 27, Turkey - Nov 15, 2008
"UNAMID categorically denies that it has planned, or will conduct, any live–fire military exercises. Had this been the case, UNAMID would have advised the ...

Army beefs up non-lethal capabilities
United States Army (press release) - Nov 25, 2008
Soldiers can stop a speeding vehicle without ever having to expend live ammunition, Aarsen said. "These capabilities give the Soldiers a lot more tools to ...

Special Forces hone skills, teamwork in Nevada
Kansas City Star, MO - Nov 25, 2008
The training runs in places like Hawthorne - an Army ammunition depot in Nevada's high desert - give new guys like Capuano a chance to prove their worth. ...

Elbit Systems receives Live Training System...
defpro, Germany - Dec 1, 2008
The capability to execute a training activity in the area itself, while utilizing the operational weapons and platforms, without using live ammunition, ...ESLT

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