Wednesday, December 3, 2008


One of my collegues at liveleak is going through some tuff times and needs our help.
You can find more details at the main page of about what we as a
community is in danger of with such trivial trumped charges.

Hayden is deaply upset that one of his top contributers is now going through the worst nightmare any one of us would want to come to.


A Warning for us all, some times life sucks

A Warning for us all, some times life sucks

Yesterday, Sunday my time, I was visited at my home with neighbors watching by the gun wielding “Task Force Argos” the Child Safety and Sexual Crimes Police. My computers were forensically inspected both at home and in my office.

This came about over a video I uploaded in October about a 9 month old baby that was being swung about by his father.

I have been charged with Accessing Child abuse material, downloading Child abuse material and uploading child abuse material with the intent to distribute and have to appear in court on the 18th of December for a judge to decide if I’m to be charged to appear in a higher court. Merry Xmas to me :(

My finger prints and DNA were taken and I was interviewed like a common criminal with tape recordings and video. Apparently this is taken very seriously in Australia.

I’m just trying to warn all the up loaders and Moderators to be very careful of what is posted and approved when it comes to children; no one needs to go through this crap over something that is so petty.

As a matter of fact Hayden did everything possible to report the video to the local authorities in London; Interpol traced the video to Russia. Seems that the police in Britain passed the information on to the Australian Federal police who tracked me down.

I want to thank Hayden and Venus for their kind support over the last 18 hours. I’m sure that sanity will prevail over this matter and that some one in authority will realize the insanity of the charges.


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