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Protesters call for closing of NWO military 'School of Americas'
Let's see how many bloggers are posting videos on this subject or those Anti- Christian Anarchists political traitors?

The Associated Press
Protesters call for closing of Ga. military school
The Associated Press - 15 hours ago
School of Americas Watch protests each November outside Fort Benning to mark the 1989 killings of six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter in ...
Protesters call for closing of Ga. military school KESQ
Protesters call for closing of military school WTTE
Thousands gather to protest Army school Fort Mills Times
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer - Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
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National Catholic Reporter
Vatican Threatens to Excommunicate Catholic Priest for Supporting ...
Democracy Now, NY - 2 hours ago
For the past two decades, he has organized the annual protest against the US Army’s School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia. ...
Q&A: Priest faces excommunication for stance on women priests Atlanta Journal Constitution
Defrocking an Anti-American Leftist FrontPage
Radical Catholic priest and peace activist faces excommunication Ekklesia
National Catholic Reporter - Huffington Post
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Ursuline Sister Arrested for 'Acting on Conscience'
MarketWatch - 18 hours ago
... awareness of and to protest the US Army School of the Americas (SOA), now known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC). ...
Nation Digest Military school's closure sought
Seattle Times, United States - 7 hours ago
School of Americas Watch protests each November outside Fort Benning to mark the 1989 killings of six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter in ...

SPP.GOV Progress ... "Connecting the Dots?"

A back handed way to accomplish the elitist's agenda without
congressional approval.

Collected and Edited by Co-Founders of STOPSPP

On March 23, 2005, President Bush met at his ranch in Crawford, Texas
with Vicente Fox and Paul Martin (then PM of Canada) in what they
called a Summit. The three heads of state drove to Baylor University
in Waco, where they issued a press release announcing their signing
of an agreement to form the Security and Prosperity Partnership of
North America (SPP).

On March 31, 2006, Bush. Fox and new Canadian PM, Stephen Harper met
in Cancun, Mexico. This time their press release celebrated what they
called the first anniversary of the SPP.

The SPP is working out of the NAFTA office of the Department of
Commerce. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was the
precursor to the Security and Prosperity Partnership. A key part of
the SPP plan is to expand the NAFTA tribunals into a North American
Union court system. Under Chapter 11 of the NAFTA Agreement, a
tribunal conducts a behind closed-doors "trial" to decide the cases
dealing with how state and federal laws may damage NAFTA business.

Recently, congressional reaction has come from Senator John Cornyn (R-
TX). He had introduced a bill, "The North American Investment Act"
(S.3622) which requests financing for the NAU. Incredibly the bill
contains near exact language from the book by Robert Pastor
entitled "Toward a North American Community."

The SPP denies that it is planning to create a unique currency -
"Amero." However, on April 6, 2006, the SPP announced the formation
of the Financial Services Working Group. According to its own news
release, the Financial Group will focus on "enhancing processes for
addressing banking, securities, and insurance issues." It goes on to
say, "U.S. financial regulatory agencies will play a critical role in
the SPP."

The NAFTA super highway - construction is planned to begin in 2007.
It would bisect Texas from its border with Mexico to Oklahoma. It
will travel on to Kansas City where an "inland port" is now in the
final planning stages.

The Kansas City Smart Port will be literally the first checkpoint on
a highway that will run all the way from Columbia through the
Heartland of the United States. Mexico will have a facility on the KC
Smart Port site that it now insists will be Mexican sovereign land.

As part of the inland port, a Mexican Customs office is being
established. The Kansas City Council has voted a $2.5 million loan to
KCSmartPort to build the Mexican customs facility in the West Bottoms
near Kemper Area on city-owned land east of Liberty Street and mostly
south of Interstate 670.

Supposedly, SPP's purpose is to guarantee security and prosperity for
the three nations. The NAFTA model has already proven there will be
no prosperity. The NAFTA super highway is proof there can be no
security as we pave the way for more illegals to flood the nation, as
truckloads of illegal drugs fly up the highway and terrorists just
hitch a ride.

CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States)
A federal agency known as CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in
the United States) is supposed to be guarding our national interests
when foreigners seek to buy U.S. properties. CFIUS operates in
secret, so the public is in the dark about its procedures.

Our LAWS (USA) will be secondary
Under Chapter 11 of the NAFTA Agreement, a tribunal conducts a behind
closed-doors "trial" to decide the cases dealing with how state and
federal laws may damage NAFTA business. If NAFTA investors believe
state or federal laws damage their NAFTA businesses, under the
tribunal the investor may sue the government and taxpayers will foot
the bill. The NAFTA tribunal decision trumps the U.S. courts, all the
way to the Supreme Court. Yet, the Bush Administration insists the
SPP will have no effect on our court system.

Standard Industry Classification Codes have been replaced
The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts has issued a letter that
requires the industry to change the business descriptions associated
with tax accounts. Why? Because the Standard Industry Classification
Codes have been replaced by the North American Industry
Classification System (NAICS). Now get this, the NAICS was developed
jointly by the U.S.A, Canada and Mexico to provide new comparability
in statistics.

Currently, the administration is against securing the borders for the
same reason that they are in full progress to implement the NAU.
There are not to be any borders between USA and Mexico or Canada.

Importing cheap labor is the main goal of the NAU plan. No borders
means free travel between USA and Mexico. Therefore, there will be no
need to deal with immigration procedures. This way, the USA will
become a "free for all."

Members of Congress are beginning to become aware of the SPP
activities at the Commerce Department. Representative Tom Tancredo (R-
Colo.) is demanding the Bush Administration fully disclose the
activities of the SPP, which he says, has no authorization from

Awakening Congress
Rep. Virgil Goode Jr., R-Va., has introduced a resolution H. Con.
Res. 487 designed to express "the sense of Congress that the United
States should not engage in the construction of a North American Free
Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Superhighway System or enter into a North
American Union (NAU) with Mexico and Canada."

The resolution introduced by Goode had three co-sponsors: Reps.
Thomas Tancredo, R-Colo., Ron Paul, R-Texas, and Walter Jones, R-N.C.

List of Events:

Dubai Ports World
Suddenly the news hit the fan about the proposed sale of 22 East and
Gulf Coast port operations to Dubai Ports World, a maritime company
controlled by a Middle East government.

Cintra-Zachry consortium ambitious highway construction project
The Texas Department of Transportation signed a contract in April
2005 with the Cintra-Zachry consortium for planning on the project,
the most ambitious highway construction effort since the Eisenhower
administration launched the effort to build an interstate highway
system. The $184 billion plan ultimately calls for a 4,000-mile
network of transportation corridors that would crisscross the state
with separate highway lanes for passenger vehicles and trucks,
passenger rail, freight rain, commuter rail and dedicated utility

Indiana Toll Road
In June `06, an Australian-Spanish partnership paid $3.8 billion to
lease the Indiana Toll Road for 75 years.

Chicago Skyway
Last year (2005), Chicago sold a 99-year lease on the eight-mile
Chicago Skyway to an Australian-Spanish partnership buyer for $1.8
billion, and the tolls are expected to double.

Detroit and Windsor Tunnel
The tolls from the U.S. side of the tunnel between Detroit and
Windsor, Canada, belong to an Australian company.

Texas Toll Road 50-year lease
In June `06, a Spanish firm paid $1.3 billion for a 50-year lease to
operate a 10-lane toll road through the heart of Texas.

Virginia's Pocahontas Parkway
Also, June `06, an Australian company bought a 99-year lease on
Virginia's Pocahontas Parkway.

3,200 terminals
Homeland Security admits that 80 percent of our 3,200 terminals
nationwide are operated by foreign companies and countries.

From: Stop1SPP
Subject: A VERY Bad Omen
Date: Monday, November 24, 2008, 12:26 AM

> This information is brought to you by StopSPP, a non-profit corporation.
> Important articles and videos on the North American Union and New World Order
> Illegal immigration is but a symptom of the NAU disease.

> A VERY Bad Omen
> A Grave Threat to the Nation
> American Patrol Report-- November 23
> Loser Nappy
> Grijalva tramples riparian area.
> Barack Obama is considering Raul Grijalva, an Arizona Congressman, for Secretary of the Interior. Not only is Grijalva not qualified for the job, his main claim to fame is as an enemy of the United States of America.

> A year ago Grijalva showed his absolute disdain for the environment and the law when he and his entourage drove their vehicles into the San Pedro River Riparian area, ignoring signs saying it was prohibited. "Grijalva was there to stop the construction of the border fence," said Glenn Spencer of APR, "he didn't give a damn about the environment, he just didn't want anyone to interfere with the Mexican invasion of the United States."

> Grijalva, who was a member of MEChA in college, once called Americans concerned with illegal border crossers "cockroaches."

> Grijalva has fought against any attempt by the United States to protect itself from the invasion by Mexico. He once called Arizona Gov. Napolitano's plans for securing the border "an insult to Mexican-Americans."

> "Mexicans are now overrunning our national parks to grow marijuana," Spencer said, "and I doubt very seriously that Grijalva would give a damn."

> "If Barack Obama picks Grijalva to run Interior he would send a signal that Americans must become organized to defend against a very real threat to their nation – the President of the United States," he added.
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