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On November 17 and 18, 2008 nine H-Bombs were exploded below the Arctic Ocean near the North Magnetic Pole. I was unable to transfer this info from the IRIS Seismic Monitor, so I copied this information longhand and typed it back onto my computer.


17 Nov 2008 12:55:23 UT 79.66 -116.86 5.7 10.0
17 Nov 2008 13:16:51 79.70 -115.78 4.7 10.0
17 Nov 2008 13:40:11 79.70 -115.36 5.1 10.0
17 Nov 2008 17:17:05 79.70 -115.78 4.7 10.0
18 Nov 2008 03:59:49 79.61 -114.76 5.6 10.0
18 Nov 2008 04:10:35 79.76 -115.70 5.1 10.0
18 Nov 2008 04:52:51 79.74 -115.32 5.3 10.0
18 Nov 2008 05:37:27 79.75 -115.33 4.9 10.0
18 Nov 2008 07:05:12 79.78 -114. 69 4.7 10.0

The North Magnetic Pole is about 80 degrees North and 104 degrees West and follows a circular 50 kilometer path each day. This area is north of Banks Island near the edge of the continental shelf and edging into the deeper waters of the Arctic Ocean . It is within Canadian waters.

Checking IRIS WILBER system of seismographic readings I was able to see the distinctive peaks of underground nuclear explosions. No small tremors leading to the major event and few if any aftershocks. The area is seismically stable. None of the blasts appeared to trigger sympathetic tremors. The explosions were concentrated in an area about 16 kilometers by 16 kilometers (10 miles by 10 miles). The explosions were in the 5 to 10 Megaton range. All were 10 kilometers deep (6.2 miles).

Such a concentration of explosions punched a hole in the crust and will allow petroleum from the bottom of the crust to leak into the Arctic Ocean . This could destroy life in large sections of the Arctic Ocean .

The initial wave recodings start with a large peak wave, indicative of an explosion. As you can see the 11/17 events were followed by some bell ringing and aftershocks.

The initial peaks are much smaller than typical underground atomic blast recordings.

All graphs posted are from the Canadian Seismic station closest to the epicenters.

Note: methane hydrate mining is taking place in that area

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The coasts and continental shelf of the Arctic Ocean are estimated to hold large deposits of oil, natural gas, and methane hydrate (natural gas) clusters ...

The Russians blasted a similar hole in Siberia east of the Urals

and soaked hundreds of square kilometers with crude oil. The forests are covered in oil. Also huge volumes of natural gas were vented into the atmosphere. For many years the flaring of the natural gas was the largest source of light on Earth to the astronauts and cosmonauts who flew over night time Siberia . That same field is now the source of natural gas supplied by pipeline to Germany and France . Deep hydrocarbons from this hole contributed to Russia becoming the largest petroleum exporter in the world ahead of Saudi Arabia .

There is a possibility that the Department of Energy working with the oil companies and the Department of Defence, the likely culprits, were attempting to shift the North Magnetic Pole. Checking my compass I have not seen any shifts during the past few days. The flipping of the magnetic poles is happening as the field strength of the Earth is half of what is was centuries ago. There are other disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field indicating change is coming. Were they trying to accelerate the flipping of the poles? Were they trying to cause such calamity that martial law would be imposed? Were they trying to kill five to six billion people?

( I believe there is a way the poles can shift without causing problems.)

Was there a possibility of nine nuke explosions causing the San Andreas fault in California to slip? There was an earthquake drill in California just prior to the explosions. Over the past decade "drills" appear to anticipate forthcoming terrorist events. There was a full moon on November 13 when the drill ended and there has been evidence published of the moon's tidal pull causing earthquakes in areas where crustal pressures are high. Usually the peak time for earthquakes is a few days before to a few days after the full and new moons. The nine explosions were three and four days after the full moon.

(I believe some form of energy has neutralized many earthquakes. )

Maybe Exxon/Mobil has a ship plying the Arctic Sea and accidentally discovers oil sticking to the underside the sea ice and since it is already leaking maybe the Government of Canada will allow exploration in the environmentally sensitive Arctic ? Oops! Exxon/Mobil accidentally discovered huge reserves of petroleum, they simply ploughed into the stuff!

Maybe Prime Minister Stephen Harper had no idea someone nuked a big hole in Canada ? It would take a lot of effort to drill nine or more holes 10 kilometers deep. It would have taken years. There are large off-shore rigs in the Arctic Ocean . How many knew?

Thousands of seismologists know nukes were detonated and have been very quiet.

Zuerrnnovahh- Starr Livingstone

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