Wednesday, November 5, 2008


lines, bricks, blocks, hands on the ark of history, watchers, castles, palaces sacrifices, summoning spirits, moon, walls, world, connected by science, shared destiny, burning beacons.

What more could you hope for?

RED BLACK WHITE framed with the pyramid as a backdrop and a STAR above the capstone.

Hooray for Obama!

I must admit, I'm a little bit happy about Obama winning the
election. No, it's not because I'm all googly-eyed over his
message, or because I think he's the country's salvation. Quite the
opposite, in fact. I'm glad he won, because I think it will speed
up, if only by a tiny fraction, the demise of the United States
empire. Good riddance.

If you had a dog, and it had rabies--staggering around, frothing at
the mouth, and trying to bite everyone--would your goal be to
prolong it's life as long as possible, or to put the thing out of
its misery? However much you once cared for it, the only humane
thing to do is shoot the dog.

Likewise, a lot of people know full well that the Great American
Experiment has failed. It had a pretty impressive start, but it's
never going back to anything resembling a free country. It is an
empire now, a tyrant's playground. It has nothing to do with
individual liberty, and everything to do with dominion and control.
So why drag out its demise any longer? Even if McCain is a bit less
socialist than Obama, what good would it have done for him to win?
Would he turn things around, and start the country on a steady
swing back in the direction of a limited, constitutional republic?
Not a chance. I don't think I know anyone stupid enough to think
that. So what's the best a McCain presidency could have
accomplished? To maybe delay the demise of the empire another few
months, or even years (to be overly optimistic about it)? Why
bother? Is the goal to put it off until it's your kids' problem, or
what? Our political system has rabies, and there is no cure. Let it
die. In fact, help it die.


I hope Obama passes every socialistic program and wealth
redistribution plan he can think of. And then I hope the American
people refuse to comply. I hope he outlaws private gun ownership
completely, and I hope the American people refuse to give up their
guns. I hope he nationalizes all health care, and I hope a black
market in health care springs up. I hope he outlaws private
possession of gold, and no one hands theirs over. I hope he keeps
the war-mongering going, and Americans refuse to sign up, and
people already in the military resign in droves. I hope he
continues the tradition of the government doing the bidding of the
bankers and the Federal Reserve, keeping everyone in debt, and
constantly defrauded through the fiat currency scam. And I hope the
dollar collapses, and people start using something else (e.g.,
silver and gold). I hope he raises taxes through the roof, and I
hope people refuse to pay them. I hope he pushes his
nationalist/socialist agenda just as fast as he possibly can, and I
hope Congress helps him to do so. And then I hope that the spirit
of resistance comes back to life in this country, and lets the
beast die under its own weight.

Every time I bash the cult ritual of voting, or point out how
crumby one candidate or another is, lots of people ask me, "Well,
what are we supposed to do? You're not giving any solutions!" Let
me say this very bluntly: the way to end tyranny is not by voting,
or petitioning, or running for office. The only way to end tyranny
is by disobedience. Whether by revolution or by passive resistance,
the only thing that has ever reduced oppression is a bunch of
people refusing to do what "authority" told them to do. Of course,
that's risky, and "illegal," and so most people will never dare to
do it, at least not until things get really bad. That's why I WANT
things to get really bad. Maybe then the American people will grow
a spine, and stop all this pathetic groveling to politicians.

Larken Rose

(P.S. There may be some tempted to say, "But Obama will destroy the
country!" Sorry to break it to you, but the country was destroyed
about a century ago, if not earlier. It's just taken really long
for the terminal illness called "collectivism" to run its full
course. Pull the plug. Let it die. Then try for something better.)

(P.P.S. I admit, I was eagerly looking forward to election day. No,
not because I was excited by the election, or because I cared who
won anything. No, I was excited because after today, the constant
stream of absolute bullpoop spewing out of every TV and radio might
slow down a bit. Nothing is more depressing than having to listen
to the biggest crooks on the planet whining, lying, fear-mongering,
playing god, making empty promises, and otherwise lying their rear
ends off--a.k.a. "campaigning.")

(I cannot take credit for the find)

First of all, when I saw it, and the kids dressed that way (one in red, one one in black), I knew it had significance, but I didn't know what it was. It seemed occultish, and I thought of communism. I double checked on the hammer and cycle, and that wasn't it. I found a Baphomet flag, with a black pentagram on a red background. I noted that. It was the black widow stuff that threw me off. I don't think she plans on being a widow. I was on the phone with a friend who spent 20 years in marketing and advertising. She was certain that the bizarre color choice was planned to send a message. Anyway, here is the answer (I found at that other forum).


The red is the red of the communist flag and symbolises material equality, or the principle of "from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs". The black is the black of the anarchist flag and symbolises social freedom, the freedom of each individual to do as they please so long as their actions don't cause harm to others. Together red and black symbolise libertarian communism. It goes diagonally as a negation of nationalism and a reaffirmation of internationalism. (From Flags of the World)


National Geographic, DC - Oct 29, 2008
A 3000-year-old temple featuring an image of a spider god may hold clues to little-known cultures in ancient Peru. People of the Cupisnique culture, ...

Spider god temple found in northern Peru
PRESS TV, Iran - Oct 31, 2008
The 3000-year-old temple, called Collud, features an image of a spider god and is the third of its kind recently discovered in the area. ...

Two 3000-year-old temples discovered in Peru
Times, India - Oct 20, 2008
Alva took Peruvian Education Minister Jose Antonio Chang on a tour of the complex, also highlighting a rare high-relief mural of a spider god. ...

Did strange Images of Obama's Verticle Pupils appear on major news websites?

One looks like an orange orb flying in the air near Obama. Maybe subliminally it represents the Sun (Son of God?) maybe something else, maybe just a lens flare. The other is a distorted face (presumably Obamas) with what looks like a reptilian eye.

3 Numbers come to mind.......911
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Floyd Anderson said...

That black widow symbolism is very interesting....and the Obama family had a red and black theme to their attire last night.

Floyd Anderson said...

Black Widow Symbolism on Election Night