Friday, November 7, 2008

DNC Riot Sqauds Gas Undercover (Agent Provocatour) Cops Staging Anarchist Protests
They still voted for the Democratic Party that uses Biological Weapons on them, thinking that it will make it a greener world? No wonder no one can stand these double-standard protestors, they preach Tolerance and love. Then they get fucked up the ass by the same 'ole Democrats all over again and then want to kill those who see through there Hypocritical Bullshit. And they wonder why the fuck they don't get any respect?

ACLU wants probe into police-staged DNC protest
Denver Post, CO - 1 hour ago
The protest occurred Aug. 25 at 15th Street and Court Place near Civic Center. Police ultimately arrested 106 people, the highest number of arrests in a ...

Denver jury acquits three DNC protesters
Rocky Mountain News, CO - Oct 30, 2008
By Sue Lindsay, Rocky Mountain News (Contact) Three protesters arrested for blocking the street during the Democratic National Convention were acquitted ...

ACLU: Police staged confrontation amid convention, CO - 3 hours ago
AP - November 7, 2008 10:34 AM ET DENVER (AP) - The American Civil Liberties Union says undercover police officers posing as protesters staged a violent ...

ACLU: Did police escalate tension?
Rocky Mountain News, CO - 12 hours ago
By Hector Gutierrez, Rocky Mountain News (Contact) An undercover detective monitoring protesters during a confrontation with police during the Democratic ...

Observers monitoring DNC protests not above the law, police say
Rocky Mountain News, CO - 17 hours ago
By Sue Lindsay, Rocky Mountain News (Contact) People designated as legal observers to monitor protests and marches during the Democratic National Convention ...

ACLU asks for review of police actions during DNC
Summit Daily News, CO - Nov 2, 2008
BY AP DENVER — The American Civil Liberties Union in Denver is asking for a review of police officers’ actions during the arrests of more than 100 people on ...
LEVIN: Denver should continue green programs implemented during DNC
Rocky Mountain News, CO - Nov 1, 2008
By Josh Levin, Special to the Rocky Denver put on a pretty green face during the Democratic National Convention two months ago, but the reality, ...

ACLU seeks investigation of police officers' actions during DNC
Rocky Mountain News, CO - Oct 31, 2008
By Sue Lindsay, Rocky Mountain News (Contact) The American Civil Liberties Union has asked Denver's independent police monitor to investigate the ...

ACLU wants probe of police conduct at DNC
Denver Post, CO - Oct 30, 2008
The city has said it would prosecute as many as 60 accused protesters who declined to accept plea deals. Some cases already have been dismissed, ...

Unmasking the Man at the DNC and RNC
The Georgetown Voice, DC - Oct 15, 2008
You might have read that protesters, or “vandals,” were extremely violent and threw Molotov cocktails as well as bombs with feces. In reality, protesters ...

DARPA Engineering New “Home Invasion” Technologies
Dissident Voice, CA - Oct 27, 2008
Meaning that “mission execution” may require previous intelligence gathering such as that supplied by infiltrators, provocateurs and other “mission ...

Democracy Now, NY - 8 hours ago
And now, after the Hofstra protest, where you were arrested—is that right? AMY GOODMAN: Sergeant Matthis Chiroux, you face court-martial for not deploying. ...

Top Agriculture Ministry official dismissed - report
Sofia Echo, Bulgaria - Nov 5, 2008
One of the protesters' demands has been the dismissal of Baichev, who told Focus that he did not feel that he had been a victim of the protests.
Zheko Baichev’s dismissal Focus News
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Iraq War Vets Protest at Hofstra University Presidential Debates ...
CollegeOTR, NY - Oct 16, 2008
In the end, fifteen protestors who identified themselves as Iraq War veterans were arrested. A series of Iraq war protests culminated with the arrest of 15 ...

Antiwar vets attacked by police outside debate
Socialist Worker Online, IL - Oct 16, 2008
The police continued to drive protesters back, pinning the crowd up against a fence. Riot cops reached past the IVAW members at the front of the crowd, ...
Meet the 'Protestor' Who 'May Have Received a Minor Injury' at the ... OpEdNews
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ABC News
Black and Latino voters critical to same-sex marriage ban's success
San Jose Mercury News, USA - 16 hours ago
However, he noted, some people didn't see gay marriage as their issue. "I think, to be quite candid, some people feel white gay and lesbian people have not ...
Video: Prop. 8 Appears Headed For Passage kcratv
Vote shows we can be tolerant without sacrificing principles St. George Daily Spectrum

Marriage Wins in Three More States Christian News Wire (press release)
North County Times - Daily Breeze
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BBC News
Gay Rights Supporters Challenge California Marriage Ban
Voice of America - 21 hours ago
By VOA News Supporters of same-sex marriage have filed at least three lawsuits challenging a ban on gay marriage in California, after the state Tuesday ...
Voters To Face Vast Array Of State Ballot Initiatives NPR
Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage On Tuesday Ballots About - News & Issues
States take on social questions Boston Globe
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Times Online
Barack Obama asked gay bishop Gene Robinson what it was like to be ...
Times Online, UK - Nov 6, 2008
Bishop Robinson, who received death threats after his election as Bishop of New Hampshire and was advised by police to wear a bullet-proof vest at his ...
Christian Groups Monitor Gay Blogs for Threats Against Churches
EDGE Boston, MA - Nov 6, 2008
by Kilian Melloy Taking their legal victories against gay and lesbian families from injury and into insult, anti-gay Christian groups are now claiming that ...

President-Elect Obama: I Want a Mutt 'Like Me'

- Barack Obama ...

"Post-Racial" Barack Obama Already Using the Race Issue in the General Election Campaign - Video 6/21/08 * 123» 6
His momma needs to bitch slap those bozo ears off that mix bred mutt


Obama: First pooch may be mutt 'like me'
AFP - 16 minutes ago
The more serious burdens facing Obama upon entering the White House -- in particular the slowing economy -- took up the bulk of his first press conference ...
Obama holds first newser as president-elect
MSNBC - 1 hour ago
He also jokingly called himself a “mutt” when referring to wanting to adopt a shelter dog for his children, but wasn’t sure of the practicality of it, ...

CNN International
Top dog will have to watch step
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - 7 hours ago
THIS may be an unusual way of introducing a discussion on president-elect Barry Obama's dog, but it was a horse that made me start thinking about the mutt ...
Barack Obama: All the Presidents' dogs Times Online
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First Press Conference
TIME - 56 minutes ago
And I should add: His self-identification as a "mutt" was just delightful. --No gaffes. Unlike Bill Clinton, who opened the door to the "gays in the ...

New York Times
The Search for the First Puppy
New York Times, United States - Nov 5, 2008
Purebred or mutt? From a shelter or breeder? Puppy or adult? Get it now, or after the family settles in at the White House? Who will take care of it? ...
A science news blog from New Scientist (subscription)
Talk Turns to Potential ‘First Dog’ Dog Channel
How about a mutt for the White House? Palm Beach Post
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Seattle Post Intelligencer
Obama Takes On Big Issue: The First Dog
CBS2 Chicago, IL - 1 hour ago
A mutt would make it tougher to ensure against an allergic reaction for Malia. He added that his wife, Michelle, would scout out schools for Malia and Sasha ...
Cast a vote for first pet Detroit Free Press
The First Dog Chicago Tribune
Choosing the First Puppy BBC News
Politico - CNN Political Ticker
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Obama's First Gaffe
Washington Post Blogs, DC - 1 hour ago
And he had a good line about considering a dog that's a mutt, like him. But did he have to make a joke at the expense of an ailing Nancy Reagan? ...
Obama's first press conference a little dry, with touch of humor
Gary Post Tribune, IN - 17 minutes ago
By Jerry Davich on November 7, 2008 2:43 PM | Permalink | Comments (0) President-elect Barack Obama's first press conference this afternoon since winning ...
Helping elect the first dog
Southtown Star, IL - 11 hours ago
If Obama wants his new pet to be symbolic of his campaign message of unification, he might consider getting a mutt. "Just go to the pound and pick out a ...

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