Saturday, November 8, 2008

Space Daily, CA - Nov 5, 2008
By the time this object (now designated as 2008 TC3) entered the Earth's shadow 19 hours after discovery, some 570 astrometric (positional) measurements had ...

Video of October 6 asteroid 2008 TC3

We Saw This Asteroid Coming from a Mile Away
io9, CA - Oct 12, 2008
No one yet has a photo of the fireball that occurred as the asteroid (dubbed 2008 TC3) broke up in the atmosphere, and meteorite fragments will be difficult ...
Large asteroid impact may cause serious conflicts on Earth - expert
Manufacturing Business Technology, IL - Oct 19, 2008
The increasingly frequent impact of asteroids of the 2008 TC3 size may be fraught with serious conflicts on the Earth, Planetary Defense Center Director ...
A science news blog from
New Scientist (subscription), UK - Oct 23, 2008
That's no big deal because if such small objects hit the atmosphere, they would have streaked harmlessly across the sky as fireballs, like 2008 TC3. ...
When The Sky Falls
Times of India, India - Oct 16, 2008
Their calculations indicated that the rogue rock, dubbed 2008 TC3, was due to enter the atmosphere at an angle of 20 degrees above northern Sudan last week. ...
Asteroid searcher hopes his discoveries won't produce direct impact
Arizona Daily Star, AZ - Oct 26, 2008
That's what happened with Kowalski's discovery of 2008 TC3 on Oct. 5, shortly before midnight. That's why he woke up around noon to those 100 e-mails. ...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nev, I too keep a watch on the skies. I posted an asteroid would impact earth a day or 2 before it happened. It was only 2 meters wide.

Nev, FALSE FLAG possible on Nov 13th, largest scale quake drill in Cali that day.

I personally don't think it's nothing more than a drill, but it's good to be careful on those drill dates.