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Alberta Meteor crash better footage Nov,20th 2008
Reports of meteor streaking across Prairies, Canada - 1 hour ago
Meteor footage captured by Alister Ling using equipment at the University of Calgary shows a flash in the sky. (CBC) A bright light lit up the sky around ...
Meteor lights up Saskatchewan sky Vancouver Sun
Possible meteor lights up the skies in northern Alberta The Canadian Press
Star struck: Meteor blazes across the sky in police video Daily Mail
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Hundreds call in spectacular meteor sighting
Edmonton Sun, Canada - 11 hours ago
It turned out to be a meteor seen from across this province and even in parts of Manitoba. "I did hear a boom ... I lifted my eyes and this bright meteor ...
Meteor over Canada lights up Montana sky
Great Falls Tribune, MT - 1 hour ago
The fireball was likely a meteor. According to news reports, a meteor streaked across Alberta and Saskatchewan at about that time, possible crashing down in ...

Meteor lights up the sky
The Times-Picayune -, LA - 18 hours ago
The thing plummeting to earth within view of the air traffic control tower at the Louis Armstrong International Airport in Kenner "apparently was a meteor, ...

Calgary CTV
Meteor Streaks Across Western Sky, Canada - 43 minutes ago
An astronomer at the University of Saskatchewan says the meteor seen over western Canada Thursday night likely never reached the earth. ...
Mysterious fireball may never have touched down
Massive fireball lights up the night sky Calgary CTV
Great ball of fire sighted
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Blazing meteor brings out hunters
Delta County Independent, CO - 22 hours ago
On Based on the flight path, Jensen believes it is possible that a meteorite might be found somewhere between 0-20 miles due west of Cedaredge (possibly in ...

MSNBC - Nov 19, 2008
By Michael Reilly Deep in Mars' past, an asteroid struck the planet with such titanic force that it could've killed off the planet's entire magnetic field, ...
Mars Express Observes Aurora On The Red Planet
Science Daily (press release) - 5 hours ago
They see that the aurorae seem to be located near regions where the martian magnetic field is the strongest. MARSIS had previously observed ...
Martian Atmosphere Shredded By Solar Winds
RedOrbit, TX - 6 hours ago
In 1998, MGS discovered that Mars has a very strange magnetic field. Instead of a global bubble, like Earth's, the Martian field is in the form of magnetic ...
Magnetars Have Extremely Powerful Magnetic Fields Their fields ...
Softpedia, Romania - 13 hours ago
By Dan Talpalariu, Science Editor Magnetars are a specific category of neutron stars that possess an unusually strong magnetic field. ...

China Daily
Major Quake in US Midwest Might Kill 6000, Study Estimates
Bloomberg - 11 hours ago
Tennessee and Missouri would suffer the brunt of the destruction from a 7.7-magnitude earthquake along the New Madrid Seismic Zone, where more than 3000 ...
New Madrid Seismic Zone Catastrophic Earthquake Planning Kansas City infoZine
Government warns of "catastrophic" US quake Reuters
Earthquake scenario would see heavy loss in Miss. Jackson Clarion Ledger
Henderson Gleaner - WZTV
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Earthquake damages in New Madrid zone could be big, KY - 6 hours ago
Federal Emergency Management Agency issued a report Thursday examining the possible impact of a major earthquake in the central United States New Madrid ...
FEMA: DeKalb at high risk for quake
Times-Journal, AL - 22 hours ago
“The information is intended to give us scientific data to plan response and recovery for earthquakes in the New Madrid region,” said Walker. ...
WEIS, AL - 3 hours ago
That study outlines the New Madrid Seismic Zone that includes eight states including Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, ...

'2012' Hollywood is 'Hollywood' -- Not Reality

From Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

Another "we're all going to die" movie titled "2012" is coming out sometime next year. Just as with most of Roland Emmerich films, fantasy and sensationalism is the 'game' -- reality is left to 'shame'. Emmerich is the exact opposite of Oliver Stone --- Don't expect the reality of a "JFK", "Nixon", or "W". No, what you'll get is the falsehoods and wild fantasies of "The Day After Tomorrow" and "Independence Day". Perhaps fun to watch, but don't expect a presence of fact.

Emmerich first attempt at "2012" shows 'we are all going to die' by mans hand from nuclear weapons. But I guess he figures a larger audience would support 'we are all going to die' from "natural disasters". According to Emmerich, it really doesn't matter -- as long as "we are all going to die".

First "2012" Trailer: com/watch? v=qkY4NfpsVJ8

As you will see, Emmerich changes his mind in the later produced second trailer. He switches the theme to natural disasters. And of course -- we need a grabbing titillating hook -- and here it is: "How would the government of our planet prepare six billion people for the end of the world? --- they wouldn't". No doubt this will grab every conspiracy freaks attention.

Of course Emmerich and the stars of the show (John Cusack and Amanda Peet) will be coming out just prior to the movie telling us something to the effect of: "well it's kind of based on possibilities - but this was made for "entertainment" . Then of course every credible scientist in the world will come out trying to present some reality to the "fiction". And as a result, the slings and arrows mantra of: "those scientists are just "dis-information agents" will come pouring out.

What the movie misses: Ancient text does indeed say we are in for some difficult and challenging times. What is left out of a true message passed down is: "as we know it". The translation says: "In 2012 life will end as we know it". Not -- 'we are all going to die. Mayan elders tell us the 'transition' has already begun. There is no jumping-off- a-cliff event to occur in 2012, but a gradual shift which may reach its "apex" in late 2011 into 2012.

I guess we are suppose to forget what "real" Mayan elders tell us, and of course we are to believe every debunking scientist is a secret government agent suppressing real information. In fact, in the first 'we are all going to die' trailer, the catch phrase is: "are you ready to believe the lies?" Hmm, perhaps the only lie is the movie itself ---

New '2012' Trailer: com/video/ imdb/vi179948751 3/

As for my personal perspective -- it's a 'two steps forward - one step back' scenario. Our mission here on Earth Changes Media has always been -- to bridge the gap between ancient text (old) and modern science (new) emphasizing were the two roads merge, bringing us a clear view of factual data which tells us of our present and coming future.

My greatest set-backs come when someone grabs an "ounce of truth" creating wild scenarios which ultimately creates a "pound of crap". But we march forward with an open mind and boundless determination to bring you sound information which empowers you to make grounded and important decisions as we prepare for our uncertain future.

Oh, and btw, I'm not aware of even one tribal elder or one single credible scientist who supports this cynical mantra of: "we are all going to die in 2012". But setting this all aside -- what the heck, go and enjoy the movie -- nothing wrong with being "entertained" .

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Gamma-Ray Evidence Suggests Ancient Mars Had Oceans

An international team of scientists who analyzed data from the Gamma Ray Spectrometer onboard NASA's Mars Odyssey reports new evidence for the controversial idea that oceans once covered about a third of ancient Mars.

"We compared Gamma Ray Spectrometer data on potassium, thorium and iron above and below a shoreline believed to mark an ancient ocean that covered a third of Mars' surface, and an inner shoreline believed to mark a younger, smaller ocean," said University of Arizona planetary geologist James M. Dohm, who led the international investigation.

Results from Mars Odyssey and other spacecraft suggest that past watery conditions likely leached, transported and concentrated such elements as potassium, thorium and iron, Dohm said. "The regions below and above the two shoreline boundaries are like cookie cutouts that can be compared to the regions above the boundaries, as well as the total region."

FULL ARTICLE: http://earthchanges secure/3247. 326/article- 9162523354. php

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Floyd Anderson said...

Whoa what a coincidence. I was driving to Dallas last night and I saw 3 meteors streaking across the sky. I saw the first one and thought it was fireworks, then over the next 1 1/2 hours or so I saw two more.

I'm going to film the End the Fed Rally, and go to Dealey Plaza today. Alex Jones, Jim Marrs and many others are in town. 45th anniversary of JFK's death is today.

I was going around town last night and one building has an illuminated pyramid with a flashing capstone on top. lol.

I also plan to check out the Dallas Masonic Lodge and take some photos or video.

Take care nev.