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I always forget to tell people to check into the website for upcoming shows and for free downloads. A lot of this stuff is just recorded and passed around and people don't know the website even exists. So pass this around to the people that you know and it's helped people to look at things from a completely different perspective outside of the box. Outside of the low level matrix and this truly is a complete matrix.

The stuff we've been talking about so far even though it shocks some people and I've had people tell me that when they initially listened to my various shows they thought I was absolutely crazy and that's how it appears from someone inside the box. The Plato's Cave where everything's been made along and explained in the confines of that cave and you can make anything appear to be sensible if you've enough indoctrination whether it's a flat earth or a square earth or hollow earth. It's all the same stuff. Indoctrination attached to some imagination can do wonders.

It can take you on trips without the use of drugs and the spoken word and the written word have been used for thousands of years by masters in this field. We are guided through all these labyrinths through authorized authors and every age has them - the famous ones who create mystery and confusion and yet always guide us to the next point where the planners want us to arrive. It's an ongoing process.

The one connection everything has in your entire system is not a Catholic system or a Protestant system or a Jewish system, a Muslim system, a Buddhist system or any other type of system.

IT'S A FREE MASONIC SYSTEM. The one interlinking web between all - even the triads of China is Freemasonry. None other. It's interwoven throughout all the religions. All the creeds. All the peoples from the top of your system at the federal level. In fact, from the United Nations level is a fraternity of Freemasons in there. Their job is to get all the other ones who thought they were fighting each other at one point together.


A good example of this is what's happened for an awful long time since England was tampering into the affairs of Ireland and the troubles as it's called the conflict because they put a Presbyterian crew into Ulster who became the sort of overlords for a while in the 1800s of Ireland and this was guaranteed to cause trouble right up to the present time.

However, there are different factions that fight against them. The official IRA as it was called at one time was actually a communist sect and then you had the provincial group started up and out of all of this as they went through the routine of eventually seeming to disarm and come to terms in the last few years with England, low and behold Ireland is now in the Economic Union. They have the European Parliament over their heads. Well there's a freedom for you. So you come out after fighting all this time for some kind of freedom to find - because you think you're free or getting there you're actually under the EU. That's how clever this system is.

And many people in Ireland for instance are quite happy for the present because under the rules of the EU which is just a branch really of the UN as Karl Marx talked about they give tax monies as grants to start businesses up for the poorer countries. However, along with those grants they've given to Ireland they also have the Russian mob who's moved into Ireland big time to get the free grants. There's always a play here with preordained things going on and organizations that are kept quiet in the background and never connect them until you see them moving in. There are strategies going on all the time.


Recently, we saw an amazing funeral for President Ford and people saw A MASONIC PARADE and saw A MASONIC FUNERAL and to an extent is the exoteric part of it and Joe Public again chomps on his burger and thinks no more about it that FREEMASONRY IS INTERLINKED ALL THROUGH HIS POLICE, ALL THROUGH EVERY BOARD THAT DIRECTS HIS LIFE TO THE POLITICIANS TO THOSE ABOVE THE POLITICIANS. THROUGH THE MILITARY. THROUGH THE SECRET POLICE WE HAVE ALL OVER THE WORLD.

THEY'RE ALL FREEMASONS but we're suppose to just accept it as some kind of natural phenomena because they have this front for being a charitable organizations even though on their own websites these organizations will give you a public library which is rubbish and they will tell you they have the archives for their own members who must prove the membership.

In the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry they gave a tribute to Brother Ford and on their site they even put a picture up with all these guys with their suits on and the little pinafores you know the for of the pina - the pina-fore. At one time pinafores were something that women would use at the kitchen sink and these guys hardly wash dishes especially with those funny gloves on. But they have their pinafore kind of like American Indians only they have their legs covered and the pinafore in front and that's why in "The Pirates of Penzance" the opera that they go through a mock initiation and a lot of Masonic terms in the opera the ship was called "HMS Pinafore". It's flaunted in your face all the time.

Here's a blurb they did on their own website at the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Washington, D.C. for the Southern Jurisdiction. They have jurisdictions, they have regions - that's where regionalization came. It's all Masonic and they also have lodges within those regions and they call they valleys and you'll get that from Francis Bacon's "New Atlantis". He talks about the people in the mountains and the valley people. The valley people were the lowest of the low so however those funny guys with their gloves and their pinafores.

Here's what they said: http://www.scottishrite.org/ee.php?/scottishrite/internal/local_masons_honor_brother_gerald_r_ford1/

"Masons from the Washington D.C. metro area gathered at Naval Lodge No. 4, located at 330--"

Alan: 33 of course and the zero of course would be your degree.

"Pennsylvania Ave S.E., on Sunday December 31, 2006, to honor Brother Gerald R. Ford, 33rd, Grand Cross. The Brethren processed to the U.S. Capitol rotunda, stopping briefly in front of the Capitol at the statue of former President and Brother James A. Garfield. A brief speech was given by Brother Alan Patterson, Senior Warden of Naval Lodge No. 4. Washington, D.C. and a prayer by Brother Robert W. New, Chaplain for Acacia Lodge No. 16, in Clifton, Virginia. The Brethren waited their turn to show their respect and honor to their fallen Brother. Reporter Laura Marquez of Good Morning America, ABC News interviewed the Brethren, including Jules Tepper, Past Grand Master of the District of Columbia who described the bond Masons share and Brother Ford saying, “He built character. He built integrity."

Alan: He's a builder you see.

"He built honesty. Tepper was among a group of over 80 Brethren who paraded through the Capitol that morning. In his free time, Brother Tepper serves as a Masonic guide at the House of the Temple. People took photographs of the Masons, who were proudly wearing their regalia. The men were often questioned by Capitol Hill Police officers and others who were paying tribute to Ford, which gave them the opportunity to explain who they were and why they were there."

Alan: Yeah, they'd have to tell the police. What a joke. THE POLICE ARE FREEMASONS. EVERY COP KNOWS TO JOIN.

"Masons across the country are paying tribute to Brother Ford in various ways. In his home state of Michigan, Grand Master Walter F. Wheeler ordered the Freemasons to drape the altars in all 335 Masonic Lodges throughout the state for 30 days in memory of the former President and Brother."

Alan: The first photo that they show you on the site was from the Brethren from the Washington, D.C. metro area. The second photo - well there's a whole bunch of people in the back there. They tell you who they are and I'm sure who all are involved in politics and anything that really matters in this particular system. And it should be mentioned here too you see that EVERY PRESIDENT is offered the right to become a 33 degree Mason are these photographs with his - with all the regalia given to him during his little ceremony.

EVERY PRESIDENT IS GIVEN THE HONOR OF A 33 DEGREE IN FREEMASONRY. The reason they're given it is because THEY ALREADY ARE MASONS even some other lodges because all Masonic lodges are connected regardless of what they call it. It's the interwoven system which is all around us and we have the same in the female system with many names for the same thing and I've even seen people locally gathering information on the locals through gossip and you know which ones are doing it and that's how intelligence is gathered on everybody in your little community. Just through plain gossip.

The lower Masons they think they're builders are really rough Masons according to those at the top. They do what they're told to not only keep this system going, but they're told to spread the next part of the agenda amongst the populations. Many editors you find are Freemasons because they get up the ranks much quicker. Anyone who's useful in persuading populations to go in a certain direction - different things are always pulled out and pushed up much quicker. The ones at the bottom just tend to functions, do enough little speculation and participate in little rituals and think they understand it all and of course they wear little aprons to show you that from their loins comes supposedly more perfected beings and these characters at the bottom haven't been given the intergenerational wives to mate with so their children aren't different than anyone else's really. They don't even know what's going on but they're happy with their freebees.

So much mystique has been put out by Freemasonry to attract members in and mystery and fascination and myth. Yet if you go into the actual history of these societies they always called the majority of the public "the profane" those in the darkness their mon and it hasn't changed today. They guide the mob as they say. They are the lights that guide the mob. They take the credit for shaping the educational system. Well we know the brainwashing that's the whole agenda of education and guiding the future always.

During the 1600s and 1700s the pirates and Rosicrucian's with their Skull and Bones flag sailed the oceans just looting and burning ships. Looting and looting and looting and they didn't simply squander the money that they were looting. It went into a big, big kitty in selected places including old selected places which the Templars had been using since they pretended to disappear in North America long before Columbus came here. Then that money was used to raise certain families to the top to become leaders and create the foundations which now guide us.

Carroll Quigley talked about the foundations and how they're totally interconnected with the corporations - international corporations and the new system of the New World Order will be comprised of these big foundations and corporations which will then have a feudal type system with the foundations and corporations being the feudal overlords and that's already happened. It's here in fact.

All those in the military industrial complex all those corporations are part of it. The big companies that make the microchips and especially the ones that we'll all get chipped with eventually for our brains are all supra governmental organizations that even get indirect funding from the taxpayer. There's nothing new at all about public/private - you have the secret services the CIA type organizations involved. They have many front organizations which actually produce things especially in the technological area.

Now a while back I talked about the international science meeting that was held at Loyola University in Louisiana and it was pretty well all about the brain chip and it was discussed openly. The U.S. Department of Commerce - your tax money paid for this international meeting and politics was never mentioned by any scientist or any spokesperson during the entire meeting because they know that politics is just for the people down below. THEY WORK FOR THE REAL GOVERNMENT. THE REAL MOVERS AND SHAKERS OF THE WORLD WHO ARE THE REAL BUILDERS. THE REAL MASONS. THE ONES WHO REALLY BUILD IT, PLUS THE ARCHITECTS an awful lot higher than little guys with their little pinnes on and at that meeting at Loyola they talked about the fact that the chip was ready to go which means it's all tested and perfected and they have regional computers set up which will interface with everyone who gets chipped and will basically program each individual.

The only problem they said was to GET THE PUBLIC TO ACCEPT THE CHIP. One of the spokesman said, "this will be done mainly through propaganda and via entertainment." Entertainment is the easiest method of promoting an idea that becomes fascinating to the public. We get carried away with the tails and the mystique of the story never dawning on the real intent of what we're suppose to be downloaded with. They said that novels and cartoons and movies will not or we hope to but will have the chip in this way somewhere and it would take especially to the young because the young would think they'll be given special powers like the comic book characters.

Well you probably know I guess a lot of you already know that this has been promoted. It's already been out through different movies and cartoons. Now the Public Broadcasting Service the PBS which has been one of the main areas for propagandizing the public through all these wildlife programs et cetera that's never ending and you can find about the sex life of ants after your dinner and stuff like that. While the PBS have all the stations and the PBS by the way is interlinked with the Canadian one and the U.S. are both - we get the same programs. They just move them around because it's all the same propaganda.

They put out a pilot series - an exciting new pilot series and had a lot of the big experts on the futurists societies - now the futurists societies are where various scientists gather with novelists primarily and they dish out grants to certain novelists to write stories around the topics that are given. It's no different from how science itself works. You guide the course of science by handing out the grants to the scientists. THEY LIVE ON GRANTS THEIR WHOLE LIVES. So you direct the course of humankind by who you give the grants to and for what purpose.

A guy that's trying to cure something will not get the grant. The guy who makes the weapon will if that happens to be the agenda. It's the same with novels since that's the main technique of bypassing the sensor part of our brain which would warn us about what's going on because it's weary. It's down when we're being entertained. So you wrap an exciting story with sex and violence to stimulate all the different neurons in the system. Brainwashing is better that way apparently and they know this. This is a fact and you wrap it up with special powers and so on and then you go on a journey and all the children will just love this series coming out and here's the blurb about the show.


"Ever wonder what the world is going to be like in the future?"

Alan: Well gee, I don't know.

"Will people routinely live to see their 250th birthdays?"

Alan: Well maybe Maurice Strong and Rockefellers and Queen's own knight but since they have a Department of Population Control in the UN I doubt Joe Blow is going to see this.

"Will personal computers be smarter than us? "

Alan: Well let's hope so.

"(Or more personable?)

Alan: Well that's also maybe --

"Will machines shrink so small they can make repairs inside a human cell? Science fantasy or futuristic nightmare? 22nd Century takes you to the forefront of technology and hears from people on the cusp of a scientific revolution."

Alan: They're trying to make you think this is all brand new. They've had it sitting waiting in the wings.

"In the first episode we will meet a young man who was rendered unable to communicate with the outside world due to a devastating automobile accident."

Alan: Well there you go. It's going to help the poor and sick and disabled.

"Surgeons implanted an electrode in his brain and it has allowed him to break out of his isolation and communicate just by thinking about what he wants to say."

Alan: Well yeah isn't that nice and charitable and wonderful.

"In another segment a leading neurophysicist tells how he has developed bundles of wires thinner than spider webs that can be inserted into the blood vessels of human brains. The series is hosted by Robin Robinson,"

Alan: That's an interesting term. Robin Robinson. You see in the Middle Ages they had fertility rites and during the orgy part of the rites - this is for populations in Europe and it's all pre-Christian. It actually continued up through the Christian era. They just don't like to talk about it. The drive to lead was eradicated pretty early on but the offspring of that particular night ended up being called Robinson and the man who wore the red outfit was called Robin. Anyway I'm digressing.

"a Chicago-based journalist, who is joined by two virtual co-hosts,"

Alan: Virtual co-hosts hey.

"each with insightful and often conflicting viewpoints about the merits of this new technology. One is an actor playing Aldous Huxley"

Alan: Well my, my, my. I really am surprised. I'm falling off my chair. Aldous Huxley, the man who was only motivated from his perpetual death state really. I think they wound him up towards the end and put him on the stage. But he was animated when we talked about putting wires in peoples brains in Tavistock where he worked.

"the late author of Brave New World, who worried about the dehumanizing consequences of scientific discoveries."

Alan: He didn't worry about that at all. It takes a human to worry about these things.

"The other is Orlanda Bell,"

Alan: Orlanda Bell ooh interesting.

"a time-traveling visitor from the future, who represents the best-case scenario of these technological advancements. Is this a future that will benefit the human race? Or will we lose all sense of individuality? Find out on the premiere episode of the 22nd Century."

Alan: Interestingly enough they have a big sign underneath a part of the increasing disconnected personal relationships bit on their site. It's say sublimate. Isn't it interesting? You will be assimilated and the money that's gone in to this pilot series is big bucks, big, big bucks and you'll find there's big corporations and they've got professors involved in putting this together because it has a purpose - a big purpose beyond like all entertainment does today beyond simply passing your timeframe. This is important. Not surprising they've got Spielberg in unless he's come in to the main series, I don't know and of course they're going to tell the children that they you have telepathic thought. Oh wow. And then there's another about a guy with a computer in his skull and a computer for your eyes just like the borg had. It had one eye red and could see in the dark so that when your wife says have you been drinking again you can say no.

Wire your brain, watch the story. Rewired. I think that Wired Magazine has something to do about his as well. But you find these futurists think tanks as I say since the days of H.G. Wells brought in the scientists as I say with the novelists. Told them to wrap novels around particular stories. It's like smuggling something into a place and putting it there covertly and then walking away. You leave the package behind. That's how they download us with the real intent or the real idea and this will be fascinating to watch the couch potato people and those who get all their information from television and it certainly will be fascinating for the children. They'll want this. They really want it.

I've already had information from someone within the U.S. federal government that they've had think tanks working on giving it snob appeal to get adults to go for it. Now snob appeal you've seen used in advertising through different grades of cars and XL and all this kind of stuff. It gives it a snob appeal or that you'll get the bronze card or the silver card or the gold card or the platinum card. Same idea and like all this they want us to walk into the trap willingly. The willing fool.


Masonichip International
This website is the informational portal supporting Masonic CHild Identification Programs conducted independently and at differing levels of activity by over (22) Grand Lodges of Masons. It is managed by the MasoniCHIP Committee of the Conference of Grand Master of Masons in North America as the hubsite and instructional tool developed by collaborating Grand Lodges.

Well..here's the "problem"... .you are a MASTER MASON husband and father and your EASTERN STAR wife and mother are concerned that your little ORDER of DeMOLAY son might go missing one day or your little RAINBOW GIRL daughter might go missing one day ?...NO PROBLEM !...be part of SATAN's PLAN...get them to accept THE MARK of The BEAST---CHIP THEM !...END OF "PROBLEM"... SATAN will then ALWAYS KNOW where yer kids ARE !..and of course--any good LUCIFER loving MASONIC FAMILY should certainly be concerned about this...is this the epitome' of EVIL or WHAT ! ?..if anyone who is reading this gets a warm and fuzzy feeling about this (or heads for the nearest commode to throw up) actually THINKS this is ONLY for MASONIC FAMILIES...you had all better THINK AGAIN....the world of George Orwell ("1984")-Aldous Huxley ("Brave New World")-and Zgibniew Brzezinski ("The Technotronic Era") is certainly HERE....everyone had better WAKE UP..NOW !
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Attendance is limited to those active in Masonic Child ID from accross North America, and referred by their Grand Lodge. Successful "Best Practices" will be showcase to the benefit of all. Roundtable discussions & break-out training on INTERNET TOOLS, new technology, Publicity & Marketing, and corporate partner fundraising are currently scheduled. We still have a few presentation slots open for your Grand Lodge share your successes ..... Contact Us TODAY.....

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