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EARTH CHARTER SUMMIT: Big Media Won't Touch Agenda 21's blueprint for the NWO

Big Media Won't Touch Agenda 21

By Nancy Levant

I keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting for Bill O’Reilly or Shaun Hannity or Oprah Winfrey or somebody….
.anybody, who has daily access to the multitudes, to say the words, “Agenda 21.” I’m still waiting, and for the life of me, I don’t understand the refusal to talk about the greatest threat to America that has ever existed.
However, it dawns on me that wrapping a brain around Agenda 21 requires time, effort, interest, and a lot diligence.
No one told me about Agenda 21. I found it by accident on the Internet. Then I went to the U.N.’s website and read Agenda 21.
From there I went to Buenos Aires, The President’s Commission of Sustainable Development, my local sustainable development commissions and planners, to local visioning commissions, ecology conglomerates, and then back to the U.N.. After about six months of reading about a whole lot of global, national, and philanthropic organizations, I started documenting and keeping running lists because, I discovered, Agenda 21 was huge, highly developed, and a done deal. “How is it,” I asked myself, “that in 50 years, I never heard of any of this before?
Where were my trusted newscasters? And why hasn’t my President, or the previous Presidents, ever talked about Agenda 21, the meetings in Buenos Aires, and Agenda 21’s connections to the World Trade Organization, World Bank, and a thousand other global organizations?”
So, I kept researching the Net. And lo and behold, I finally realized that Agenda 21 would never be publicized to Americans. It really can’t be.
As my running lists were now becoming encyclopedic, I also realized that there was no way to explain Agenda 21 easily. It’s too big, profoundly sophisticated, intentionally masked and hidden by corporate agendas and ecological ideologies that are, themselves, exploited by corporate agendas. But more than that, I realized that for Americans to understand Agenda 21, they would have to come to terms with a truth that, I fear, they won’t believe. What would that truth be? Let me try to say it in one sentence: Agenda 21 is the end of America.
As I read that sentence I think, “Well, Nancy, now everyone is going to think you are an extremist and no one will believe anything you say from now on. Everyone knows there can be no end to America….”
But unfortunately, my dear Americans, there can be an end to America, for America is a way of life. The place on Earth -
where we are – the beautiful and bountiful lands between Canada and Mexico, might retain the name of “The United States of America,” but I’m not even sure that that is a given. If you believe even half of Agenda 21 and it’s dealings with the World Trade Organization, The World Bank, The President’s Commission on Sustainable Development, The Commission on Global Governance, The World Conference on Global Governance, The Millennium Project, The Court of Criminal Justice, The Nature Conservancy, The World Summit on Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, AND the “visioning” training and manipulation of American people, then you realize what has happened right under our noses over the past 35 years and without one national personality ever mentioning Agenda 21.

So, let me offer a list of website addresses to help readers research for themselves. I suggest you take notes and collect new website addresses. I believe that, as Americans, we owe it to our history and our sense of ourselves, to do the following:
Read Agenda 21. If you read the other information via the web addresses in this article, you will wrap your brain around Agenda 21. It’s unbelievable and it’s dastardly, because not one politician or national media outlet has had the guts to tell us what was being taken from us.

Pass your knowledge on to others. Don’t stew and be paralyzed. Take your knowledge to churches, civic organizations, and any other groups or individuals you can, and resolve yourselves to spread the news. Have an Anti-Agenda 21 Parade or Day to draw attention to the cause. Without fail, it’s the most important thing you will ever do in your lives as patriotic people. Write to your representatives and tell them you know what they have hidden, and that their manipulations of American citizens are shameful. Do it.

Try so very hard to home school your children. Public schools are governmental institutions embroiled in Agenda 21 and its plans for the United States and our children. As you read and study Agenda 21, you will see it alive, well, and operating most obviously in the public schools. You will also see it clearly in the newest communities in all states across the country. Agenda 21 is everywhere, and it wants your children’s intellects and value systems as well as your land and land rights.

Finally, teach your children about Agenda 21, what it is, and what it is doing to their country. Children have unique wisdoms at every age. Teach them truths so that they can faithfully and fearlessly speak truths. They must understand what is happening in their country. They cannot fight hidden and masked manipulations if they don’t understand how and where they operate.
Now is the time for Americans to help Americans. We cannot fight the loss of our rights unless we understand the game, and most Americans are totally unaware of what is happening to them and their communities. However, I do believe that the bulk of American people “sense” that something is amiss. Let’s commit to them, our children, and our futures. Let’s spread the news and make the media and politicians talk. They have counted on our stupidity, our silence, and our laziness. They have even counted on us not really caring.
We have to remember – it’s our government. It does not belong to politicians. They work for us. Unfortunately, they have not done that, and furthermore, they have advanced a worldwide mission without our knowledge, our votes, or even our opinions. So I say, one town at a time, here we come, and any elected official found to be complicit or a silent player in the Agenda 21 game needs to go.
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Nancy Levant is a former high school English teacher who is now a home schooling parent and advocate. She is opposed to exposing children to large campus cultures that are historically and poorly controlled by government employees. Equally, she is a writer for freedom and land rights issues and opposes the United Nation's Agenda 21 implementation in America.

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