Friday, October 3, 2008


Rep. Sherman: 'Sky didn't fall' from bailout defeat
The Hill, DC - Oct 1, 2008
Rep. Brad Sherman (D) didn’t call Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson a Chicken Little outright, but he did say the dire consequences Paulson and others warned ...

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President Bush: 'The economy is strong. The economy is strong ... whoops!'

US bailout likely as IMF warns of full-blown crisis in dire report

California hit by National crisis, warns it needs $7 billion US government bailout

US loads $700 billion bailout bill with 'pork barrel' tax breaks

US financial rescue package expanded to $850 billion

US House Approaches Critical Friday Vote on Financial Rescue Plan

US Banks, firms borrow record $44.5 billion a day from Federal Reserve

US Markets Plunge On Weak Economic Data

US weekly jobless claims rise to highest level since September 2001

Report blames US trade gap for 5.6 million lost jobs

US factory orders drop by biggest amount in nearly two years

Oil, Gold, Corn Fall on Slower Economic Growth, Strong US Dollar

registering dead and underage voters in Indiana

Rep. Sherman, Not So Popular On the Playground
Washington Post, United States - 22 hours ago
If the House of Representatives was a playground, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) might be most likely to get beat up. Sherman, who led the House revolt ...
Democrat's criticisms resonate for some party members USA Today
San Fernando Valley area's lawmakers evenly split on bailout plan Los Angeles Daily News
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Boston Globe
Despite sweetening, measure faces stiff fight in House
Baltimore Sun, United States - Oct 2, 2008
Adam Schiff and Brad Sherman - who voted against the plan. Sherman, who led the defection of a group of Democratic skeptics, insisted he would not be ...
Video: House Debates Revised Bailout Bil AssociatedPress
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Sky News
Senate bill would bail out major foreign investors such as China
World Tribune - 20 hours ago
During a time when most pundits and analysts had come to favor the financial bailout package, Rep. Brad Sherman of California was on Larry Kudlow’s CNBC ...
The Bailout Bill's Foreign Aid Program MarketWatch
US congressman: “If we don’t pass this bill, we’re going to have ... World Socialist Web Site
That Giant Sucking Sound
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Ohio woman, 90, attempts suicide after foreclosure...

Foreclosures get serious as desperate homeowners attempt suicide
WalletPop, VA - 19 hours ago
REUTERS/Jim Young (UNITED STATES) US Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (D-CT) (L) and Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) answer questions during a news ...

President Signs Emergency Financial Assistance Bill
HNN, USA - 58 minutes ago
Ironically, a 90-year-old Akron, Ohio, woman’s failed suicide attempt over her home foreclosure was mentioned in a Congressional speech before passage. ...


Bryant Arms said...

The financiers are snookering us again. We, the taxpayers, will never see that money once Congress caves in to special interests, (as usual). If we try to get it back by taxing these businesses, then they will take the good parts of their portfolios and flee to other countries. Suckers!

If we use that money to enhance social security, then all of the retirees that lost their retirement funds in the stock market will at least be guaranteed a reasonably comfortable retirement. (The only ones who will still be unhappy are the ones trying to retire to their mansions.)

Finally! Congress has found the money to make social security work.

Let Congress know that if they get fooled by this bailout, then the only thing for voters to do is punish congress the way it was punished for the gulf war.

Bryant Arms

Anonymous said...

Hi NeverKnwo, that's horrible they started attacking you.

Hey, I saved a copy of that 451 Senate Bailout Bill. You've got my email on yahoo. Let me know if you want me to send it.

I though was disturbing was the CO2 Tax, as well as the fake oversight and disaster funding would be discretionary. Really chaotic stuff in that bill, I'm sure dumb congress was only told the titles in that bill