Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sun Will Vaporize Earth Unless We Can Change Our Orbit

NASA To Discuss Conditions On And Surrounding The Sun

NASA ramps up weather research with supercomputer cluster, MA - 17 hours ago
... and our planet’s relationship with the Sun. NASA is deploying a 67-teraflop machine that takes advantage of IBM’s iDataPlex servers, new rack-mount ...

BBC News
Lowdown on the sun
Science News - 14 hours ago
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Conceptual Image Lab Every 11 years, the sun gets the doldrums. Solar storms are fewer and the strength of the solar wind, ...
Solar wind is at a 50-year low New Scientist (subscription)
Solar Wind Getting Weaker, Says NASA Wired News
Sun's wind and output on extended dimmer switch The Associated Press
Reuters - Times of India
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Sunspot emerges on sun
Times of India, India - Sep 23, 2008
Because the year 2008 has brought so many blank suns, some observers have wondered if we are ever going to climb out of the ongoing deep solar minimum, NASA ...
UPI NewsTrack Health and Science News
United Press International - 16 hours ago
"With the solar wind at an all-time low, there is an excellent chance the heliosphere will diminish in size and strength," said Ed Smith, NASA's Ulysses ...
Video: Raw Video: Space Shuttle Crew Arrives AssociatedPress
Atlantis launch date may slip as astronauts recover lost training The Write Stuff

Astronauts set for countdown rehearsal North Florida NewsDaily
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Red Planet MAVEN: New Probe to Scan Martian Atmosphere - 4 minutes ago
A new NASA probe slated to launch in 2013 will take the most detailed look yet at the atmosphere of Mars. A team led by the Laboratory for Atmospheric and ...
Sun's wind and output on extended dimmer switch
WTTE, OH - 14 hours ago
The solar wind is a stream of charged particles ejected from the sun's upper atmosphere. Also, a NASA solar physicist says for the first time in about a ...
NASA's Kepler Spacecraft Baked and Ready for More Tests
MarketWatch - 19 hours ago
One side of the spacecraft -- the side with solar panels -- is then baked as if it were being heated by the sun. The goal is to make sure that the ...
Kepler spacecraft passes extreme-temperature test Xinhua
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New NASA Supercomputer Will Play Critical Role as Scientists ...
MarketWatch - Sep 23, 2008
... a new supercomputer that NASA scientists will use to simulate and better understand Earth's climate and weather, the planet's relationship with the sun, ...
WIBW, KS - 26 minutes ago
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The sun's winds are less blustery than they used to be, NASA said on Tuesday, revealing data from a solar probe that promises new ...
Rubber ducks aid NASA study
CNN International - Sep 22, 2008
One theory is that the summer sun melts ice on the surface of the glacier which creates pools of water which then flow into moulins -- narrow tubular shafts ...
NASA Deploys Rubber Ducks to Track Glacier Water Wired News
Scientists Take Help Of Rubber Ducks To Understand Global Warming TopNews
Rubber Duckie, You’re the One…Who Will Help Us Understand Global ... Discover Magazine - Reuters India
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