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Ron Paul pledges to continue his Internet-organized 'Revolution'
CNET News, CA - 1 hour ago
Rep. Ron Paul kicks off his post-presidential bid Campaign for Liberty, telling crowd of thousands to defend personal freedoms as well as economic liberty. ...
Ventura makes waves at Ron Paul's rally
Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN - 1 hour ago
Jesse Ventura gave a 20-minute speech at Ron Paul’s “Rally for the Republic” at the Target Center on Tuesday. Minnesota's ex-governor, one of many speakers, ...
Day three at the GOP
Indianapolis Star, United States - 2 hours ago
Supporters of Congressman Ron Paul, Texas, shout to passing motorists outside the Target Center in Minneapolis before the start of Paul's Rally For The ...

Part 2 of Ron Paul

Leaders of the old school
MSNBC - 2 hours ago
I got back from Memphis, which was a tremendously moving experience. My first assignment back was to cover the Ron Paul counterconvention. ...
Paul Tops Off Rally For Republic With Fiery Speech
FOXNews - 4 hours ago
by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos MINNEAPOLIS — Ron Paul’s “Rally for the Republic” culminated Tuesday night with a speech from the man himself, who urged his ...
Revolution in Minneapolis
Los Angeles Times, CA - 9 hours ago
The candidate asked for "Universal Soldier" and the singer obliged. "Brothers can't you see/This is not the way we put an end to war. ...
Paul, thousands hold counter rally
Boston Globe, United States - 10 hours ago
Joyous Ron Paul supporters lined the street yesterday in front of the Target Convention Center in Minneapolis. Paul appeared on stage to the roars of ...
Ron Paul holds counter-convention
Los Angeles Times, CA - 11 hours ago
His 'Rally for the Republic' draws as many as 12000 disillusioned Republicans and independents, organizers say. By James Hohmann, Los Angeles Times Staff ...
Ron Paul’s Counter Convention
CBS News, NY - 12 hours ago
Ron Paul supporters outside the "Rally For The Republic," Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sept. 2, 2008. (CBS/Brian Montopoli) Latest news and video from the ...
Scenes from Ron Paul's 'Rally for the Republic'
Washington Post, United States - 12 hours ago
Scenes from Ron Paul's "Rally for the Republic," held on the second day of the Republican National Convention in downtown Minneapolis. ...
Ron Paul plays devil to GOP convention in St. Paul
Chicago Tribune, United States - 13 hours ago
By James Hohmann | Tribune Newspapers MINNEAPOLIS— Ron Paul has no plan to set foot in the Republican convention next door in St. Paul. ...
Thousands rally at Ron Paul convention
CNN - 13 hours ago
By Kristi Keck MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (CNN) -- While Republicans pow-wowed in St. Paul, supporters of Ron Paul threw their own party in neighboring ...
Thousands gather for Ron Paul rally in Minneapolis
The Associated Press - 14 hours ago
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Libertarian-leaning Ron Paul told thousands of supporters at a protest convention Tuesday that true patriots support "liberty and the ...
Ron Paul channeling losing presidential bid into political push of ...
Dallas Morning News, TX - 14 hours ago
By ROBERT T. GARRETT / The Dallas Morning News MINNEAPOLIS — Texas Rep. Ron Paul, shunned by the Republicans because he won’t endorse John McCain, ...
Paul supporters have own rally, applaud Ventura
Atlanta Journal Constitution, USA - 14 hours ago
By KEN HERMAN MINNEAPOLIS — Thousands of Ron Paul supporters — incensed at the state of their country and the two major parties that run it — on Tuesday ...
Paul likely won't attend RNC
MSNBC - 17 hours ago
Texas Congressman and grassroots phenom Ron Paul told reporters this morning he is not likely to attend the Republican National Convention taking place this ...
The Body In 2012?
CBS News, NY - 17 hours ago
By Ryan Grim (The Politico) MINNEAPOLIS - Jesse Ventura, the former governor of Minnesota, just finished addressing a raucous crowd of Ron Paul supporters ...

Jesse Ventura 2012?
MSNBC - 17 hours ago
In boisterous remarks at today's Rally for the Republic, former Minnesota governor and professional wrestling personality Jesse Ventura suggested that he is ...
Ron Paul throws Republican rally of his own
Reuters - 17 hours ago
By Andy Sullivan MINNEAPOLIS (Reuters) - Thousands of Ron Paul supporters gathered on Tuesday in a show of support for the former Republican presidential ...
Paul Offers No GOP Support at Minn. Rally
ABC News - 18 hours ago
By NITYA VENKATARAMAN and Z. BYRON WOLF Still on a mission to remake the GOP, former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul offered no support for his ...
US Republican "rebel" Ron Paul holds rally near party convention
Xinhua, China - 18 hours ago
ST. PAUL, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who sought Republican presidential nomination earlier this year, led a rally of people unhappy ...
Paul Plays Up Role as Party Outcast, With GOP Counter-Convention
FOXNews - 19 hours ago
by Judson Berger ST. PAUL — Texas Rep. Ron Paul played up his role as Republican Party outcast Tuesday, rallying thousands of supporters of his ...
Ron Paul Goes Birch. John Birch
ABC News - 19 hours ago
ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf reports: There was a hole in the agenda for Ron Paul's "Rally for the Republic." Between anti-war author Bill Kauffman and ...
Paul rallies his troops
Boston Globe, United States - 19 hours ago
By Brian C. Mooney, Globe Staff MINNEAPOLIS -- As Republicans gathered in St. Paul to get their convention on track today, thousands of devotees of Ron Paul ...
Hundreds gather for Ron Paul rally in Minneapolis
The Associated Press - 21 hours ago
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Hundreds of people unhappy with the two major political parties offered a noisy endorsement Tuesday of Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning ...
Hundreds gather for Ron Paul rally in Minneapolis
The Associated Press - 21 hours ago
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Hundreds of people unhappy with the two major political parties are offering a noisy endorsement of Texas congressman Ron Paul. ...
Paul Backing for McCain Not Yet Forthcoming
FOXNews - 21 hours ago
by Talks between former presidential candidate Ron Paul and John McCain’s campaign over allowing Paul to speak at the Republican Convention are ...
Ron Paul Nation: the other convention in town
Christian Science Monitor, MA - 22 hours ago
An army of supporters descends on nearby Blaine, Minn., to push an antiwar, antigovernment agenda. By Ariel Sabar | Staff writer / September 2, 2008 edition ...
Bob Barr Attends Ron Paul Rally to Woo Paul Supporters
ABC News - 22 hours ago
ABC News' Nitya Venkataraman Reports from Minneapolis: In an effort to reach out to supporters of former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, ...
Ron Paul: 'I don't foresee giving any marching orders to supporters'
Dallas Morning News, TX - 23 hours ago
Texas Rep. Ron Paul said in Minneapolis today that he's not urging supporters to fall behind anyone running for president, though he did have nice things to ...

Washington Times
Kidnapping, sabotage was part of anarchists’ plan to disrupt ...
Atlanta Journal Constitution, USA - 14 hours ago
By Pat Pheifer Almost a year to the day before the Republican National Convention began, members of a self-described anarchist group gathered to talk about ...
Pioneer Press
Protesters vow to continue; police hope for peace Minneapolis Star Tribune
Judge Rules Six Arrested Anarchists to Remain Jailed FOX 9 News
FOX 9 News - Pioneer Press
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Republican National Convention Opens With Arrests And Palin ... - 2 hours ago
As delegates began streaming into the Xcel Center around noon, a group of between 50 and 100 anarchists, most with their faces covered and wearing all black ...
Video: President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush at RNC CSPAN
Republican convention opens minus key speakers Radio Australia

Top Local Stories MyFox Birmingham
The Associated Press - Pioneer Press
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Boston Globe
'Anarchists' smash windows on St. Paul streets
CNN - Sep 1, 2008
... National Convention in this city, but a group of self-described anarchists threw park benches into streets and smashed windows Monday, police said. ...
Video: Video Essay: A Look Inside the RNC Protests AssociatedPress
Anarchists damage property, block traffic, attack delegates with Pioneer Press

Pepper spray again perfumes St. Paul streets Reuters
KARE - The Associated Press
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Seattle Post Intelligencer
3 Arrested, Pepper Spray Used as Anarchists Join Poor People’s March
FOX 9 News, MN - 17 hours ago
“Don’t take over our parade,” an organizer told anarchists. “We have a point here about poor people in American The rally started at Mears Park, ...
2000 rally to 'stop war on the poor' Minneapolis Star Tribune
Violence breaks out near RNC as protestors clash with police KARE
Demonstrators voice anger about economic justice issues Minneapolis Star Tribune
Minneapolis Star Tribune
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Clout: Jailtime governs anarchists' behavior
Philadelphia Daily News, PA - 9 hours ago
Last night we sent Clout special correspondent Andrew Reich out to see if the anarchists were better behaved. Apparently, most of them were still in jail. ...

Kansas City Star
Peaceful Protest Marred by Small Band of Anarchists
Washington Post, United States - Sep 1, 2008
The antiwar demonstration was largely peaceful, but a small group of anarchists smashed windows and set a dumpster on fire en route. ...
Land of the free New Statesman
Violent protests in the US? Kansas City Star
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An appropriate show of police force
Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN - 12 minutes ago
After a yearlong investigation that included undercover work, they also were well aware that up to 500 self-described anarchists planned to be here ...

Republican convention: Police prepare for more protests after ..., United Kingdom - Sep 2, 2008
Self-declared anarchists broke away from the main demonstration and pushed over rubbish bins filled and took down orange detour road signs. ...
Police arrest 300 in anti-Republican rallies AFP
100 arrested at anti-war protest Melbourne Herald Sun
Police hold 280 in anti-Republican rallies AFP
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RNC Glean, Day Two: Anarchist infiltration, 'Daily Show' celebration, MN - 1 hour ago
3, 2008 The PiPress' Emily Gurnon and Mara Gottfried distill a search warrant laying out how three police spies infiltrated local anarchists. ...
Inside the convention: Woolsey unfazed by anarchists at her doorstep
Marin Independent-Journal, CA - 19 hours ago
A march organized by anarchists - calling themselves Unconventional Denver - was close to getting out of control at the delegation's Sheraton Denver ...

Police or Government Hired Provocateur sparks riot at Rage Against the Machine Concert

Rage Against the Machine Prevented From Playing Protest Gig, Go A ...
Exclaim!, Canada - 7 hours ago
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Rage Against the Machine plus Republican National Convention equals trouble. And that’s exactly what police got ...
Rage Against the Machine Rage Against Republicans, Power Failures...
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Rage Against The Machine Ignite Republican National Convention ...
Gigwise, UK - 11 hours ago
by Jason Gregory Rage Against The Machine triggered angry protests in Minnesota yesterday (September 2nd) when authorities prevented them from playing an ...
Video: Some Turn Violent in March to GOP ConventionAssociatedPress
RNC Day Two Diary (part II): Armies of the night Minnesota Independent
RATM protest crowd tear gassed by police - The place for music makers
Washington Post -
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'Why are these cops so afraid of us?', UK - 11 hours ago
The band's original plan was to play an impromptu gig at left-wing rally Ripple Effect. Sadly, the police had other ideas, leaving Zack de la Rocha to ...
Rage Against The Machine, UK - 13 hours ago
Rage Against The Machine sparked a protest march after not being allowed to play at a political rally in Minnesota yesterday (September 2). ...
RATM spark fan rage
TourDates.Co.Uk, UK - 9 hours ago
Rage Against the Machine were denied the opportunity to perform at the Ripple Effect concert on the State Capitol lawn in Minnesota, it has been reported. ...
Rage Against The Machine Lead Political Protest
Showbiz Spy, UK - 10 hours ago
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE led their fans in protest after they were banned from playing at a US political rally on Tuesday (02Sep08). ...

I WAS THERE: The protest march on the RNC in Saint Paul 9-2-08: FULL REPORT

It all began with a concert on the Minnesota Capital lawn in Saint Paul. The concert began at 3pm and went until around 7pm. It hosted a fine line up of anti-war music acts like Dead Presidents, Michael Franti, Anti-Flag and more. As well as a number of fine speakers including Iraq Veterans for Peace.

During the entire event the capital lawn which was the venue for this concert was surrounded by color coded teams of fully equipped riot police. Snipers and spotters were at the tops of nearby buildings. Helicopters circled overhead.

This concert began around 3pm and went until about 6pm. During the afternoon rumor grew that Rage Against The Machine (Rage, or RATM), a rock group who is an outspoken opponent of Bush administration policies, was going to play at the end of the days events.

The crowd at the state capital swelled to number over 5,000 in anticipation for Rage Against The Machine to play.

Rage Against The Machine began to do sound-check when a cadre of MN State Troopers mingled behind stage. The crowd booed and became restless chanting "let them play, let them play" and "if you dont let them rage, we will"

It was during this time that I came shoulder to shoulder with a Provocateur. He came seemingly drunkenly stumbling into the tight crowd of people near me and almost knocking over a number of people. But it was feigned drunkeness as he quickly straightened up and looked around sharply almost shocked that his escapade did not incite some kind of negative reaction which he could use to start a fight and give the riot cops reason to swarm the crowd.

He looked around shocked that no one got mad.... he said: "I really am surrounded by a bunch of pussy hippies". He had on clean new creased black pants and a clean new grey sweatshirt. He had a military haircut and brand new shoes. I knew he was a Police or Government Hired Provocateur!

These are the worst kind of Police in my opinion; the ones who start trouble. I would have confronted him, I wanted too, but he would have started fighting me which was what he wanted and the riot cops would have swarmed the crowd and we would not have been able to march on the RNC and the Excel Energy Center.

Crowd attention was drawn to the side of the stage as a flurry of activity erupted. It was Rage front man: Zack de la Rocha. He came out with a loud speaker and told everyone to sit down. The entire crowd near the man sat and listened and the first hush of the day came upon the crowd.

Click HERE to read the full account, including a stunning first-hand account of police brutality and attempts, by the police, to provoke the protesters to become violent.

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