Monday, September 8, 2008

Fannie & Freddie's Reptilian Friends In High Places, an inside Look At How Influential Reptilian Mortgage Financiers Kept Regulations At A Distance

Just shut the fuck up and see for yourself, this is fucking weird.

skip to 1:45 when they interview baker, pay close attention to his snake ass eyes.

CEO: Makes America 'More Communist than China'...

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Anonymous said...

Another Awesome Post NeverKnwo. You and dnHooligan remind me of Solid Snake, gung ho guys :)

Be on high alert the next 2-3 weeks. Sept 10 and the 14th are days I'll especially be on high alert. I know this past friday they did false flu flags, which will manifest in the following weeks, people breathing in glass and barium. Be careful Nev, I know both you and me are on the Red List. I have my stuff all ready to go if I need to jet in a minutes notice.