Sunday, September 14, 2008

TV Fakery Update

I want to add that Northwest Ind. is hit hard and reports coming in are reporting roads closed from flooding in N.W. Indiana.

I'm all good,

Got a bunch of limbs in the back yard and did hear one of em hit the roof.

No damage any where so far.

I just rode out a minor portion of Ike and let me say from what I saw on radar a major portion of the country will be effected and have storm damage from Michigan to Texas.

Yesterday I recorded the local news channel tampering with the radar and creating footage that depicted severe storms over town. But no such weather had existed until today.

WTF is so weird is that it was plain as day all day long that the storm wasn't as intense by the color on the chart.

Some yellow areas in the mix but no red or purple colors in the clouds on todays live radar loops.

Tonite during the Jets/Pats half time break the local news ran the fake footage and tried to pass off the bullshit red and purple cells as a live current radar feed loop.

I recorded the fake crap they broadcast yesterday over the local radar channel and missed the chance to get tonites half time weather radar storm coverage.

9/14/08 11pm News Weather update

This is a clip from the 11pm broadcast and Wane 15 removed the fake radar roll
from it's weather spot. I was browsing around the website and discovered the
term 'Weather Forecaster'. It must be some new technology that allows you to
fast forward weather conditions and provide real time like radar images for forecasting.

The problem is now, it is being used to fill in during weather news segments, the fake radar imagery is deceptive when inserted into live radar feeds, since you won't be able to tell it's more TV Fakery. If you watch the clip below you will see the Radar with storms being fast forwarded and rewound in an attempt to track the severe weather. The problem is there was never any severe weather on Sat. in Fort Wayne the Radar is fake and then they switched it back to the live feed at the end, showing what the actual radar feed was displaying on Sat.

9/13/08 5:08pm Live Radar Feed

This clip below is from the exact same time to compare it with an another source ,
how they have manipulated the live radar channel and used their new technology
'weather forcaster' to pin point where future weather will travel.

On the radar clip below can you see where there wasn't any severe weather over Fort Wayne as the Radar clip above is showing on Saturday the 13th of Sept at the same exact time.

They fast forwarded the Radar a full day and then made it appear that Hurricane Ike would produce severe storms over Fort Wayne on Sunday, but made the mistake airing the fake feed live on the local live radar channel on Sat. But they cheated and pulled out the fake clip and inserted into the live news weather forecast during the half time show on Sun. as if to make it appear that the storms were more severe then what the real time radar was showing live on Sunday nite at the 5pm time. So for the most part the severe weather stayed west and north of Fort Wayne for most of the weekend and it didn't play well for those who
were predicting it would hit hard and spoiled there little fear mongering plans for the Fort Wayne Natives during Hurricane Ike.

Intellicast 9/13/08 5:08pm Live Radar Feed

Flooding forces evacuations in Lake County

Associated Press - September 14, 2008 2:34 PM ET

MUNSTER, Ind. (AP) - A second day of heavy rains have sent the Little Calumet River over a levee, closing Interstates 80/94 in Lake County and prompting evacuations in at least two communities.

The Indiana Department of Transportation says all lanes of I-80/94 are closed for a few miles from just west of the Illinois border. It says early reports indicate a levee at the Little Calumet River broke in the area.

The Indiana Toll Road remains open in Lake County.

The Times of Munster reports a mandatory evacuation is underway for one neighborhood in that community and a recommended evacuation for neighboring areas.

Emergency personnel also have evacuated a neighborhood in Schererville after flood waters reached several homes.;nav=menu591_1

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