Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Frightening New Footage from The Day The Earth Stood Still

Last night, the new big-budget remake of scifi classic
The Day The Earth Stood Still debuted about 7 and a half minutes of new footage, and it's pretty darn scary. Gone are the subtleties of 1950s acting, replaced with amazing new powers for Klaatu and CG spheres that will blow you away.

First off, they couldn't have cast a better stone-faced, devoid-of-emotion actor. Keanu Reeves, this is your moment. Unless they're re-casting the Borg from TNG. Seriously when did robot-face become this man's signature, and do you believe in him as Klaatu? Also, check out the space man's fancy new powers of mind control. That will certainly mix things up.

It looks like this film has truly been changed from a mere warning for Earth to an all out alien attack. Have we lost the ability to have aliens in movies and make it interesting without all of the CG ridiculousness or did K-Pax ruin that for us?

I will say one thing about TDTESS '08 I'm enjoying the fact that the updates do seem to jive with actual government procedure. I like that they closed down all the streets and shoved him in a super-secret underground bunker.

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The Day the Earth Stood Still-Keanu & DJAmaya said...

Many people are saying this video is "Excellent!" A friend told me to load it on to a site called YouTube. Well to my surprise and delight...It got 158 views in 1 day. This is a surprise to me because I am about as computer illiterate as they come. Then today I was on a site called SmasHits.com and was looking for TDESS vids and...Wow! my video was there, too. So now that someone says to me that they don't want to go see it because Keanu is in it and it is not going to be any good. I loan out a DVD copy of the video. Well lets just say that I have changed a lot of minds. Thanks for making this movie ROCK!

I hope you will enjoy it. I am not profiting from this and just made this for my enjoyment at first but I guess it has done so much more. Enjoy!

A new Keanu Reeves fan
Esther Parrish

Oh and it would make me so happy if you drop me a quick word or two about it.

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