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It's a slithery tale...

When a suspicious fire destroys everything in ten-year old Wil Wychwood’s life, he must leave Toronto to live with his aunts and a cousin he has never met. With nothing but his pet snake Esme and his grandmother’s gift of a mysterious black medallion and a gold ring, Wil boards a train destined for adventure. A magical portal reveals that his new home and family live in the hidden city of MiddleGate, where nothing is as it appears.

Cousins Wil and Sophie become entangled in a case of serpenticide – snake murder – in the ancient caves of Narcisse. They learn to master the magykal power of shadows, but will it be enough? Can Wil and Sophie decipher the mystery of the medallion in time to save the snakes—and themselves?

Book of Spells of Serpents


The Book of Spells of Serpents, a lost work ascribed to St. Paul, would be considered part of the New Testament apocrypha, as it appears in a 6th century list of works that were considered non-canonical, but no known text has survived, although it has been referenced numerous times in other non-canonical ancient books.

From its descriptions, the book appears to be an anti-Ophite work, supporting the orthodox position that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was evil, rather than the Ophites' position that the serpent was a hero who tried to teach Adam and Eve in order to let them escape what the Ophites saw as an evil world created by a demiurge.[1] According to the early church fathers,the work described the beguiling nature of the serpent, and its crafty use of spells, and clever oratory skills, to obtain favour in the Garden and to manipulate the first man for its own gain: the serpent was so wily that it routinely confused Adam about the instructions God gave him, eventually leading to his expulsion.

However, as this is the report of those opposed to the Ophites' views, this description of the text may be somewhat misleading. For example, it was also said that the text briefly touches on the wisdom of the Serpent, and warnings he communicated to Adam, and to Eve, about God's devious nature and fearful admonitions against disobedience. This point of view supported that of the Ophites, and contrasts greatly with the prior description that puts the serpent as the villainous trickster.

^ For more about Ophite theology, see Ophites. See also Ophite Diagrams, Lost New Testament Apocrypha, Non-canonical Pauline Epistles.

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Equinox Ritual of the Serpent-Lord

Upon the floor is a Hexagram composed of two triangles. One triangle is made of rose petals, at each point of which is a Priestess station. The other triangle is made of green ribbon, at each point of which is a candle.

In the East, behind a veil, is an Icon of the Seven-headed Serpent Lord. On either side of it are standing icons of a caduceus and a trident. The veil is closed at the beginning of the ritual.

Flying Serpents and Dragons

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These magicians brought a major magic that placed all who witnessed it in a spell…….and it seemed to the onlookers as if these strings were moving fast all over the compound (perhaps like snakes or serpents), and for a moment Musa AS felt fear in himself, then he was given a direct revelation that ‘do not be afraid and cast down your staff, with your right hand’.

Retribution is a cold mistress
GameZone, MI - Aug 28, 2008
Mithrelle, the serpent-worshipping sorceress, had been behind the evil that hung over the streets like a blanket, smothering the people and starting Ainya ...

Spellbound by monsters of the deep
guardian.co.uk, UK - Aug 23, 2008
And what of the giant squid and sea serpents, which so many whalers claimed to have seen locked in mortal combat with whales? These beasts are here, too, ...


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