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Controlled front group engages in ridiculous failed stunts while real activists are seen and heard by millions
While controlled anarchist group “Recreate ‘68″ continue to do their best to shame and tar all legitimate protest at the Democratic National Convention by engaging in ridiculous and farcical antics, real activists were seen and heard by millions of viewers as they usurped control of a live broadcast of Hardball with Chris Matthews yesterday.


Where are all those little spoiled college indoctrinated socialist shiftshapering rebel whores who promised us they wanted to get gassed up the ass, brutalized with night sticks, electrocuted by tazers, plastic handcuffed in cages and thrown into Commie warehouses by all those New World Order fascist Pigs at the DNC, so I could mock, make fun of and and laugh my fat ass off at those Cheap Commie Cannon Fodder Pinko losers?

Not a single headline or article covering the DNC over at and only half dozen even blogging about it. No wonder the place is such a dive since the Elitist powers proved that after the last Election when their Demoncrat reptilian benevolent overlord saviors like Nancy Pelosi who spit em out and made fools of their vote.
They are not capable of producing speed of light news for the masses to consume.
The bump on a log news service they should be called. Because sure doesn't have any gorilla left in them. Now the Reptilian overlord Nancy Pelosi is plotting to suck your brains out and offer you up Obama as a tribute.
Pelosi to protesters: 'Can we drill your brains?'...

Lets not forget that Cynthia Mckinney's green party affiliation is no less then another psyops controlled front group . Look up who is the Green warrior running 'green cross'
a cointelpro operation some time and you will see 'Ole Gorby' the 'Butcher of Afghanistan' in charge of your political 3 ring circus commie dog and pony picture show.

If you rather I not not actually call those a who are puppets of a commie psyops front group then how about me calling them want the fuck they are and that is Anti-american, pinko socialist, pussy whipped, douche-bag, pantywaist liberals?

Alex Jones confronts the Anti-Amerikan Commie Front Group/Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement 8/25

Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement

If Anarchist's didn't want to be treated like assholes, then why the fuck don't they stop acting like assholes with everyone else?

Check out the anarchist principle bullshit and what the fuck is it with these little pimpled faced, snot nosed brats, dirty rag banditos calling another white person a racist?

I hate to see legitimate start-up groups being cast aside because these “bullshit anarchist principles”, as each one is only consisting of three to 12 people. trying to spread their hatred of those who are real Activists.

But instead of rather uniting everyone like Alex has been doing they seem to believe the bullshit propaganda spewed by there benevolent psyop controlled front group and use the exact same tactics that Alex Jones pioneered .

Ever wonder why these nit wits remind me of a snake chasing it's own tail?

Isn't the Global 3rd world goals of these socialist groups promote, expose the hypocrisy of these wide range of anti-Amerikan, anti-White Nation, anti-First World, pro-Third World, pro-revolutionary intellectual morons and who espouse their Anti-capitalist Global ideals to create their form of Anti-capitalist Anti-White International World Order in the eye of the beholder hysterical when they still live off the Evil American, First World, White man's, capital system?

I just love this guy Rev. Manning. This is his latest sermon on those who support
Wickedness, Anti-capitalism, and the Commie Redistribution of wealth
system to create the Classless society. He teaches us why those Commies aren't from GOD.

What doesn't make sense with these Commie Twinkies is that religion has gotten by all theses years taking care of the world and out the love that those Christians who sacrificed giving to others less fortunate?

The Commies have committed more human rights violations under their socialist idealogical fantasy then under Capitalism ran by white people.
What the fuck is the mission of these Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist,
what the fuck have they ever sacrificed, for the all the problems the poor people have, from all those Capitalist, in there short lived days, except spit in the face of those who have?

Maybe if abortion was legal, the world would be rid of Psyco-path Commie Circle Jerk Twinkie provocateurs?

What if they held a riot and no one came?

August 27, 2008 08:33 AM by Michelle Malkin

ABC News
ABC Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of Senators, Big ...
ABC News - 13 minutes ago
By BRIAN ROSS DENVER--Police in Denver arrested an ABC News producer today as he and a camera crew were attempting to take pictures on a public sidewalk of ...
ABC producer arrested
Denver Post, CO - 6 minutes ago
ABC said in a statement that Asa Eslocker and a camera crew were "attempting to take pictures on a public sidewalk of Democratic senators and VIP donors ...
Temp holding area described for RNC arrestees
Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN - 21 hours ago
By Tuesday afternoon, the barrier was in place along the back of the complex and encompassed the sidewalk. Orange and white barriers were being placed along ...
Fletcher outlines plans for RNC arrests Minneapolis Star Tribune
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Scores Arrested at DNC Street Demo
Bay Area Indymedia, CA - Aug 26, 2008
Police eventually released demonstrators on the sidewalk, but many preferred to stay inside the police lines to stand in solidarity with those arrested. ...
Denver police arrest ABC producer photographing contributors
McClatchy Washington Bureau, DC - 38 minutes ago
Eslocker's camera crew was on a sidewalk outside Denver's Brown Palace Hotel, shooting video for a series of reports on the role of corporate lobbyists and ...

Denver Post, CO - 18 hours ago
Roman Catholic priest Fr. Jeremy Paulin, who is assigned to the Holy Ghost parish in downtown Denver, watched from the sidewalk while holding up an ...

Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue, and 12 Others Arrested ...
MarketWatch - 20 hours ago
DENVER, Aug 26, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ -- At 1:45 Tuesday, Aug. 26 in front of the Democratic National Convention Center 13 Pro-lifers were ...
According to Randall Terry, Founder and Director of Operation ...
MarketWatch - Aug 26, 2008
DENVER, Aug 26, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Other groups have talked about civil disobedience; tomorrow Catholic and Evangelical Christians ...
Randall Terry, 12 Followers Arrested Outside Pepsi Center
RH Reality Check, DC - 4 hours ago
The AP is reporting three incidents Tuesday involving anti-abortion protesters raising cain — one event resulting in arrests outside the Pepsi Center, ...
Denver police arrest 31 protesters at convention (Roundup)
Monsters and - 13 hours ago
Denver, Colorado - Denver police arrested 31 protesters outside the Democratic presidential nominating convention on Tuesday, including 13 anti-abortion ...
Report: Anti-abortion protesters arrested in Denver
Monsters and - 14 hours ago
Denver, Colorado - Denver police arrested 13 anti-abortion protesters Tuesday during a sit-down protest near the Pepsi Centre where Democrats are meeting to ...
Convention briefs, MI - 15 hours ago
A Michigan worker about to lose his job drew big applause from Democratic delegates Tuesday night with a simple refrain: "It's time for a change. ...
13 abortion protesters arrested
Denver Post, CO - 19 hours ago
By Mike McPhee A giant protest sign is posted on a bluff west of Denver, on Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2008. The American Right to Life claimed responsiblitly for ...
Pro-Life Advocates Arrested Protesting Abortion at Democratic ..., MT - 23 hours ago
by Steven Ertelt Washington, DC ( -- Following through on their pledge, a group of about a dozen pro-life advocates were arrested for staging a ...
Anti-abortion protestors arrested for blocking gate, CO - Aug 26, 2008
DENVER – A dozen anti-abortion activists were arrested at the security perimeter of the Pepsi Center just before 2 pm on Tuesday. ...
13 anti-abortion protesters arrested
Fox 21, CO - 23 hours ago
DENVER (AP) -- Thirteen anti-abortion activists, including Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry, were arrested after blocking a security gate near the ...

DNC Offers Not-So-Free Speech

Unconventional Guerrillas (GNN @ the DNC/RNC)

Anyone coming to Denver or the Twins? Wanna plug in with other Gs and Indymedia? Well, I’ll be in Denver, and others will be in St. Paul, so let’s meet up and document the action!

(I’ll be leaving later today, so forgive the flood of unconventional postings.)

The peoples’ voices must be heard, and we cannot count on the corporate media to present the counter-narrative that will be occurring in the streets. It is up to the free peoples’ media to provide an independent and alternative perspective to the spectacle presented by the corporate (State) propaganda machine. This is a call to all independent media activists and guerrilla journalists to descend on the conventions and document the voices of the people!

The DNC Denver GNN meet-up will take place at the Indymedia welcoming party, which you can find out about here.

Hope to see you there!

There have been endless comparisons between this year’s Democratic National Convention and the one held in Chicago in 1968 — and not just because one of the primary 2008 protest groups is called Re-create ’68. On the fortieth anniversary of that chaotic convention, we are again immersed in an unpopular war, and the Democrats are again divided after a bruising primary.

But for all those parallels, if political wonks and media types want a real example of what could happen on the streets of Denver, they should be thinking in terms of Re-create ’99. Because you can forget Chicago; it’s the 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle that law enforcement and radical protest groups are using as the reference point for the DNC in Denver this year.

For anti-capitalists and anti-authoritarians, the successful shutting down of the WTO conference nearly a decade ago in Seattle stands out as the most effective mass action ever in the age of globalization. The ’68 melee in Chicago occurred because a huge concentration of activists caused an undertrained and brutish police force to lash out in violence. Seattle 1999, on the other hand, was the result of long-term strategizing by a relatively small group of protesters who trained in direct-action tactics, such as blockades and subversion, for which the city’s police force was completely unprepared.

But things have changed on that front, as well. If 1999 put law-enforcement agencies on alert, 9/11 put them on lockdown. New anti-terrorism laws and programs gave them the ability to successfully quash militant protest groups, pouring millions into security measures that essentially turn cities that host large trade events or political conventions into militarized zones.

Anarchists in North America see the DNC and the Republican National Convention in Minnesota from September 1-4 as a chance to reinvigorate a global anti-capitalist protest movement, and groups like Unconventional Action have been organizing nationwide “consultas” for upwards of two years with the objective of shutting down or seriously disrupting the conventions. CrimethInc, a kind of anarchist think tank, issued a lengthy analysis earlier this year that predicts far fewer anti-authoritarians will show up on the streets of Denver than in St. Paul, where thousands of anarchist contingents are expected.

[end excerpt]

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Democracy Now
Massive Security Operation Mobilized for DNC
Democracy Now, NY - 1 hour ago
We march to protest the Democratic National Convention, because they don’t represent the interests of the people. They Democratic Party represents the ..., CO - Aug 25, 2008
For the second straight day, organizers of the resistance movement were disappointed with the low turnout. A crowd estimated at only 200 people marched in ...
DNC: First contact, no violence Fort Collins Now
Protesters allege police pepper sprayed 'peaceful' gathering Rocky Mountain News
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Democracy Now
Denver Police Arrest 91, Fire Pepper Spray & Pepper Balls at ...
Democracy Now, NY - 4 hours ago
Then they refused to let anybody out, including people who were just on the sidewalk in the group, who were not actually trying to block the street. ...

Voice of America
DNC Protest Group Threatening Suit Against Police, CO - 3 hours ago
DENVER -- Saying any trust had been lost with police, organizers of the protest group Recreate 68 announced plans Tuesday to sue the City of Denver. ...
Video: Raw Video: Pepper Spray Used on DNC Protestors AssociatedPress
Anti-War Protests At DNC: Two People Arrested HULIQ (press release)
Anticipated DNC Protests Underwhelming - Colorado Springs Gazette
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Vancouver Sun
Boulder man arrested at DNC protest
Daily Camera, CO - 2 hours ago
By Heath Urie (Contact) DENVER — A Boulder man was among 18 people arrested Tuesday at or near the Democratic National Convention in Denver. ...
Video: Delegates Arrive for Opening Night of Convention AssociatedPress
DNC Maze Santa Fe Reporter
SALTER SCENARIO: Tight security, 3 am start worth it for ... Mt. Vernon-Lisbon Sun
Cetennial Citizen - Fort Collins Now
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ABC News
Protesters at Democratic convention fly the ‘cage’
Christian Science Monitor, MA - 6 hours ago
Unlike the “free speech zone” at the Democratic convention in Boston in 2004, where protesters were corraled behind concrete barriers away from the ...
Video: Delegates Arrive for Opening Night of Convention AssociatedPress
Security Headaches Few; Protesters Fewer National Journal

Speaking Out in the Denver Police State OpEdNews
Raw Story
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Police repress protesters at Democratic National Convention
World Socialist Web Site, MI - 12 hours ago
The free speech zone is a small area in a parking lot near the Pepsi Center, surrounded by two layers of steel fence and concrete barriers and topped by ...

Protest zone a lonely place
Denver Post, CO - Aug 25, 2008
"If the purpose is freedom of speech, this is not the place to do it," Gravel said. Protest groups spent months fighting for their right to be heard. ...

Police repress protesters at Democratic National Convention
World Socialist Web Site, MI - 12 hours ago
Footage of the protest and the police intervention can be viewed on YouTube. Police interned the arrested protesters at a makeshift prison composed of wire ...
Four remain jailed after Monday crackdown Denver Post
Weakened protest groups say truce with cops is over
Protesters at the DNC KGWN
Bay Area Indymedia - Denver Post
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Fenced protest area becomes campground - one that's guarded by ...
Rocky Mountain News, CO - 8 hours ago
The area was set aside for protesters to speak their minds during the DNC. Members of Tent State University circle their sleeping bags in the protest zone. ...
Freedom Cage hidden, but not lost Denver Post
JOHNSON: Freedom Zone is a lonely, quiet outpost Rocky Mountain News
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More Evidence Malkin Crew Set-up Alex Jones

Kurt Nimmo | Calling into his nationally syndicated radio show today from the DNC in Denver, Alex Jones provided more evidence that Michelle Malkin and her dirty tricks crew attempted to set-up him up.

Neo-Con Media Whores Still Can’t Get Facts Straight On Malkin Incident

Paul Joseph Watson | Blow hard blogs still parrot lie that Jones advocated violence against Malkin in coordinated defamation campaign.

Malkin Attempts to Spin Confrontation on Fox News

Malkin Stooge Caught On Tape Attempting To Frame Alex Jones

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One of Michelle Malkin’s stooges is caught on tape lying to police in an attempt to frame Alex Jones, claiming that Alex punched her bodyguard and shouted death threats, when in reality Malkin’s bodyguard assaulted Alex and his crew, and the death threats were made by provocateurs completely unaffiliated with Alex Jones.

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