Sunday, August 31, 2008

Minuteman CDC DNC border Rally Part 1
Some simple college 'dudes' heckling the Minutemen.
I wonder which one of those Provocateurs is Shiftshapers one of the so called black Block Anarchist the member of

Odd they showed up right after a Denver Riot Squad left. Denver has Squads of 10 patrolling in full riot gear, on foot and riding upon special running boards on SUV's

Sad commentary on our educational system when such 20-somethings have such a goodly command of the English talking, presenting ideas they thunk out real good before they start conversating.

Minutemen Leader Talks Like A Humanitarian at DNC
New California Media, CA - 12 hours ago
... but until today I’d never been to a Minutemen rally. They’ve fashioned themselves as a kind of right-wing citizen militia, recruiting volunteers in ...

Guerrilla DNC Debriefing


One high point was getting to yell at Alex Jones for supporting the Minute Men and also for not paying my friend for using his photos from inside Pier 57 in NY. (Naturally, his response was to accused my masked black-clad ass of being a cop.) I also had a blast harassing the RCP and calling out the World Can’t Wait (who were fucking everywhere) for being an authoritarian RCP front group.

And man we had fun fucking with those “God loves dead fags” Christian fascist fucks. Every time we found them we organized guy on guy and girl on girl make-out sessions right in front of them. “Make Out, Not War!” Bash Back, I love you guys. Pink & Black forever! (PS – I returned that one P&B flag we ended up with to the Convergence Center on Thursday. I hope you all got it.)

(I’d like to extend an invitation to all DNC/RNC protest organizers and organizations to send us any spare literature and agitprop you have left over from the conventions down to our little collective in Durango. Email me for a mailing address. Thanks!)

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