Saturday, August 16, 2008

Turkish president Abdullah Gül talks to Stephen Kinzer

New world order seen as powers square off on Georgia
Manila Bulletin, Philippines - 10 hours ago
By CHRISTOPHER BOIAN, Agence France Presse MOSCOW – When Georgia attacked South Ossetia late the night of August 7, it was clear that something out of the ...
Inflation and the New World Order by Richard C. Cook
Atlantic Free Press, Netherlands - 13 hours ago
Is this the essence of the “New World Order” that the international elite have seemingly been planning in earnest since the Club of Rome began talking about ...
Globalization is indeed leading to a New World Order
Atlantic Free Press, Netherlands - 15 hours ago
Globalization does not benefit anyone but a few rich people and corporations, and whether or not there is an organization such as a New World Order, ...

BBC News
Turkey's Gul anticipates 'new world order'
Tehran Times, Iran - 3 hours ago
LONDON (middleeast -- Turkish President Abdullah Gul predicted ""a new world order"" of joint international action, in an interview published in ...
Turkish prez says US must share power in 'new world order' Raw Story
Era of unipolar world is over, says Turkey Hindu
Gül denies US pressure in energy deal with Iran Today's Zaman
The Post
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Glimpse at New World Order
Wall Street Journal - Aug 11, 2008
This is a week in which Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama likely are thinking more about Georgia the country than Georgia the state, and for good reason: ...

New new world order?
Palm Beach Post, United States - Aug 12, 2008
The first President Bush spoke of a "new world order." NATO, created after World War II to protect Western Europe from a Soviet invasion, was reconstituted ...
Bloody cost of the new world order
Russia Capitalizes on New World Disorder Spiegel Online
Authoritarian divisions The Australian
Dar Al-Hayat - Ynetnews
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Boston Globe
Plight of Central European Nations in the Wake of Western Order Demise
Atlantic Free Press, Netherlands - 15 hours ago
In summary, one may argue that the plutocratic elite of the Euroatlantic Empire (US/EU) succeeded in achieving its goal of creating “The New World Order”. ...
Georgian roulette Al-Ahram Weekly
Michael O'Hanlon discusses Russia and Georgia. Washington Times
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Voice of America

Raw Story, MA - 21 hours ago
For controversial Turkish President Abdullah Gül, the recent war in Georgia signals a "new world order" that will emerge from the rubble of South Ossetia ...
Ahmadinejad lashes out at Israel and US Turkish Daily News (subscription)
Ahmadinejad visits a wary turkey The National
Special Dispatch Series - No. 2025 Middle East Media Research Institute
The Post - The Post
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Middle East Online
Turkey's Gul anticipates 'new world order': interview
EUbusiness (press release), UK - 10 hours ago
(LONDON) - Turkish President Abdullah Gul predicted "a new world order" of joint international action, in an interview published in Britain on Saturday. ...
[Event of the week] World holds breath as war erupts in Caucasus Sunday's Zaman
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